I'm The Most Notable Viking In Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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    Thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video! Click the link here to check out more from Assassins Creed Valhalla: ubi.li/pbWgk
    In this video, I got an early look at Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Everything you see in the video is a work in progress. I had a ton of fun getting my hands on this game and I can't wait until it comes out November 10th!

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    1. Luke TheNotable

      Thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video! Click the link here to check out more from Assassins Creed Valhalla: ubi.li/pbWgk

      1. David Griffiths

        Ha I’ve finished it

      2. Umut ok

        Do 100 days in Teraria

      3. Thomas Hill

        Once you've done 2000 days it would be great if you did more Valhalla

      4. FLaKOs pump hits for 30ツ

        Hey LTN when do u think u would be able to do 200 days with tors? I would lobe to see it if u end up. Make a 1k days I would LOVE that

      5. OceanJay

        @Cliff Azelton No it will be on ps4 Xbox 1 and maybe The new Xbox series x and ps5

    2. David Griffiths

      I have iras well

    3. Helix

      This video convinced me to by the game it was good thanks The Notable one


      Best ps4/ps5 game so far and yes I have it

    5. Kairad007


    6. vector on the moon

      It would actually be rlly cool if he did more of these

    7. roblox_gameing

      lukethefloatable dosnt exist he can hurt you lukethefloatable:

    8. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    9. Jonathan Son

      Love how Luke’s face cam is legit just a damn head, so charming

    10. Lemon07

      TBH I love odyssey I think it's the most beutifal(I know I spealt that wrong) game I have ever played

    11. Hamad Jehad

      More ac Valhalla More ac Valhalla

    12. MeekDegree Inc.

      You should do 100 days Terraria

    13. Ruby Pindar

      Pls may you do more valhalla

    14. Rafi BLOWER

      Him says he not a geography person at 1:06 also him in 2k days I love maps and cartography

    15. Mac L-even beatz

      I think they messed up during the development of england because in england rain is the main weather. 😂

    16. Ohmeyguh

      When’s halo coming back

    17. RUSTY BELL

      Petition for Luke to do a Red Dead Redemption 2 playthrough

    18. Sxrui

      Dam butchering Lancashire (if it’s not Lancashire I’m stupid)and English yea......

    19. Umut ok

      Play 100 days in Terraria!Then 200,then 300,etc.

    20. Pieter Corstanje

      SHEILD WALL!!!

    21. Nathan Odham

      Wrong you go to Canada or as they call it Vinland. Canada for the win!

      1. Nathan Odham

        @Dawnshetaemcoy hmmm but there’s still a South America

      2. Dawnshetaemcoy

        North America, it’s still America

    22. Unknown Unknown

      I like voiceover Luke more than real time luke

    23. Super Splint

      It's pronounced Voll-Hollah

      1. Kyle Melia

        No that's based off your accent

    24. Cuh_21 Vicuna

      Luke TheNotabole looks like Carl azuz

      1. Ryme lul

        No he doesn’t

    25. Tyler Martin


    26. K Montgomery

      when it's released would love if you did videos of gameplay of it!!!

      1. Bobby Cosby

        Don’t think he will. This video didn’t do too well...

    27. PercyKqvØwØ

      YOOO KOOL!

    28. its me your mate


    29. NRQuantum

      More like lukethefloatable 😂😂😂

      1. Jacuzzi820

        How old are you

    30. hi

      great video ur awesome bro

    31. hi

      ilysm luke

    32. hat kid

      female Vikings are called shield maidens

      1. hat kid

        Thank you for who ever likes my comment

    33. OrxyBtw

      He’s face distracts the game for me

      1. OrxyBtw

        @Stormed XD I ment to say his

    34. Ed gamer

      Valhalla was ment to be calm not battle goats milk

    35. Pighog Pig

      Origins was great, odyssey sucked (kind of), and I hope Valhalla is great again.

      1. Pighog Pig

        @Jeppek1ng Well I mean Odyssey kind of has both. Same with Origins of course, but MUCH less irritating than in Odyssey.

      2. Jeppek1ng

        @Pighog Pig rather have questionable design than severe issues

      3. Pighog Pig

        @Jeppek1ng Nah. Origins had large issues, but Odyssey had gaping questionable design. Odyssey in many ways improved Origins- the combat, armour, water exploration, but overall I think Origins won easily.

      4. Jeppek1ng

        Origins sucked balls, odyssey was good

    36. Benjamin GIBBS

      Is kratos in this?

      1. Air 1


      2. jeremy echenique

        I am the first person to like this comment

    37. Figarocat gd

      Its awesome I have the game too

    38. 10: 1

      I like how your wearing a green screen suit lol

    39. Soggy Pickle


      1. j

        @Soggy Pickle hmmm.?

      2. Soggy Pickle

        @j I’m soggy pickle

      3. j

        @Soggy Pickle who are you

      4. James Hearn


      5. Soggy Pickle

        @James Hearn WHAT UP

    40. superflashboy videos

      When are you gonna do 200 days with tors in Minecraft and when are gonna do 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore

      1. Joseph Farrell

        On the 19th brooooo

    41. hahasasageyo

      When's 3000 days?

    42. Dylan Hunt

      We need 2000 minecraft hardcore days

      1. Aidan Beirne

        Wait till Christmas

      2. Polyhexadrine

        @Henry Proctor there

      3. Henry Proctor

        @Snake 123 where

      4. Snake 123

        It’s already there

    43. steven henry

      Man looks soooooo tired

    44. lolgeorgos

      i have rally speedruned this game i was playing for like 20 days or somthing and have done 1/4 of the hole game

    45. WeekendPayload ·

      This isn't an assassin creed game

      1. Aadarsha Nepal

        @Госм Лабуд no ac stopped being ac after ac odssessy

    46. Mr Ocean

      This is Ubisoft Skyron

      1. Orion the Ghost

        Well, I do like Skyrim more than I like og assassins creed so...

    47. Kyle xander salud

      i think is this the avegers but is not

      1. Ethan

        The avegers, along with the jutice lague

      2. a local mess


    48. F-NIX

      Hm you like open games hm I whould recoment horizon zero dawn Its the best. At least for me

      1. Uchiha Solo

        Love Horizion

    49. ghostrunnersfan

      Great job Luke stay notable

    50. Atlas

      The Green Screen is getting worse

      1. Roast Lord

        Yes the head is so creepy looks like a creepier version of a ghost

    51. Avinoam Friedmann

      i like the commentary better

    52. Jacob Pyeatt

      Stop saying Valhalla wrong

      1. Miaunus

        He’s saying it correctly Just not as an American

      2. Daisy's abashed

        I mean...to be fair it's a sponsorship

      3. Trevon Walker

        who cares

      4. Reuben Bell



      I’ve only played a tiny bit of assassins creed revelations

    54. gec

      It doesn't even feel like assassin's creed anymore to be honest I own every one except this and Im not planning on getting it.

    55. Matt Laz

      AC: Odyssey or AC: Valhalla Which one is better?

      1. Frayed

        I have hundreds of hours in Odyssey, and am tens of hours into Valhalla. They both have their strong points I think. I thoroughly enjoyed Odyssey, it was a lot of fun and I never got bored with adventuring. Valhalla is about the same though you aren't godlike, like in odyssey after a point. You definately feel vulnerable sometimes. Both are great though and worth the buy.

      2. ItsRedPanda

        ive played like 2 seconds of odyssey and I haven't played valhalla yet but it does look way better

      3. Vinnie


    56. Daniel Hanclis

      I love how u edit your videos! We want I played 10 hours of this game =)

    57. Jane Clinton

      the head is anoying

      1. xander hasass


      2. Henry Williams

        then dont watch dip

      3. JimIsNotMyName


      4. Jejje Dmkejd


    58. Mikey Hitchin

      I hate it isn’t an assassin game not a Viking game it defeats the purpose of calling it an assassin‘s creed game

      1. JimIsNotMyName

        @Justin Amaral ikr

      2. Justin Amaral

        It’s a good game, it’s just not an assassins creed game which is annoying

      3. JimIsNotMyName

        Its good man let's em change things up

    59. Steve Harvest

      That floating head seems sus

    60. JuanC17 Playz

      Here's a pun How to play Minecraft the Notable™ way? *Without a table*

      1. Steve Harvest

        Lol! 🤣🤣 NO TABLE

    61. Hunter McCord

      Name it illinois

    62. Melanie Dietrich

      By the way I watch anything to do with vikings

    63. Orla Clare

      also i using my mums acount

    64. Orla Clare

      luke can u play tabs :)

    65. Matthew Rana

      Luke your so white

      1. BanKai

        Is that a insult?

    66. King Gamer

      Yo whens 2000 days coming

      1. King Gamer

        @Haydenwasused oh ya i remeber i heard that somewhere yay it will be done before Christmas

      2. Haydenwasused

        Hes done now hes just editing

    67. Racoltro

      Is it bad i like the floating head

      1. xander hasass


      2. Roast Lord


      3. Thomas


    68. 1980s and 1990s GI JOE COLLECTION

      Why does he call it Valhalla

      1. Smexyspecksy

        @Joshua Brough it doesn’t mean heaven we would compare it to heaven as it’s what we know about more when Odin hung on the sacred tree for 9 nights he created 9 realms Valhalla for the fallen soldiers and more so in some ways it’s like heaven but not all people go there after death only soldiers who died with their weapon Sorry I see where your coming from but yeah

      2. 1980s and 1990s GI JOE COLLECTION

        I see

      3. Joshua Brough

        cause in norse mythology it means heaven

    69. Netherite Pickaxe

      Ltn fans be like *WhErE 2000 dAyS

    70. Epic Gamer420


      1. st00pid

        Idk mr EpIC GaMEr420

    71. Jitsrts

      I honestly have super low hopes for this game and it still looks mundane and boring to play, graphics are good like they almost always are...but still looks sooooo boring to play, the only good RPG Assassins creed games was Origins, and that’s it, the series is being dragged out for money with no new innovations and no risk involved anymore

      1. How About a round of gwent?

        @Naman H007 yup same

      2. Naman H007

        Well imo your incorrect. I’m my opinion (I completely respect yours) but I believe this game went well and the fighting is great. I hop u tried this game out and you notice some of the ups to the combat.

      3. Neel Rama

        @Jitsrts yeah no i meant to write that the other games were good like black flag

      4. How About a round of gwent?

        @Jitsrts but keep your expects low

      5. How About a round of gwent?

        @Jitsrts well maybe you will love it and i hope so so you dont your money wasted

    72. Two0clock

      Can I be honest? The last good Assassin's Creed game was Black Flag, this game doesn't look that great. The combat looks mundane and boring, the progression looks dulled and unamusing, the mission design looks uninspired, the only good thing I can say is that the graphics look good (can't say anything about the story yet). I hate the transition to typical RPG style combat, it doesn't fit the aesthetic of the game design in my opinion, it went from fighting with weapons (pre-origins) to fighting with numbers (post-origins). Also he said the enemies were supposed to be more diverse and special, but to me they look like mindless grunts. I hope there are at least some people whom share this opinion and I hope the die-hard Assassin's Creed fans won't lynch me for my outlook. Thank you in advance for not canceling me

    73. TOPTROWL gm


    74. PKL CrayCake

      Dude, looks like Fable meets Breath of the Wild! It’s GREAT!! I wand a newer Xbox for this game

    75. Millim

      Is Luke the brother of the youtuber that plays the piano "I forgotten the name"

    76. The Nickel Man

      Mimir the notable

    77. Rieke

      Now 100 days of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    78. Jacob Knowles

      " I survived 2000 days in minecraft "

      1. Yharon Bengt

        Its coming around xmas

      2. Jacob Knowles

        Dude its a title for Ltn for hardcore and yes i can do that becuase im good unlike you

      3. Yuvraj Randhawa


    79. Pabl0 ESc0bar

      3:21 he said he had legendary warriors with him but I didn't see poe the panda

    80. Jayden Jenkins

      the start looks nothing like England its not raining or cloudy

    81. Jennifer Williams

      2000 day!!! plz

    82. Dylan Brown

      I mean the game looks fun but looks exactly like odyssey, the map, the fighting/ability’s, and over all gameplay

      1. How About a round of gwent?

        @Hamad Abdulrahman i agree i am playing valhalla rn and its pretty amazing

      2. Hamad Abdulrahman

        I never played AC odyssey, but it is a great f**king game

    83. Andrew Middleton

      This game looks amazing can’t wait to get it!

    84. Minoru Mineta

      The thumbnail kinda looks like Giorno Giovanna ngl.

    85. Tiyani Mlambo

      how about *Notable York*

    86. Bmaster9

      You need to play Skyrim first

      1. Bmaster9

        And that’s your opinion idgaf

      2. Bmaster9

        Nah your just hating

      3. How About a round of gwent?

        @Bmaster9 skyrim is good cuz of mods nothing else

      4. Bmaster9

        I kind of want him to do playing 100 days of skyrim

      5. Hellen Easter


    87. Jowxo

      My game comes in next Friday I can’t wait 😁

      1. Tiyani Mlambo

        I'll personally refrain from a full opinion on this game until I can play it myself. Or at least gather other people's experiences

    88. Pog

      Can you go to Wales if so I would like to go see if I can go to my house before it was built

    89. Interception

      Ah, I love watching a pale floating head before going to my first day of kindergarten

    90. marcoparco '_'


      1. marcoparco '_'

        @miniskans ok buddy

      2. How About a round of gwent?

        @miniskans lol

      3. miniskans

        @marcoparco '_' a cockroach litarally has a bigger iq then your whole family

      4. CannonCorn

        @marcoparco '_' it’s a video he did because a company paid him to do it. That’s a sponsorship.

      5. marcoparco '_'

        The whole video is an ad


      you luke look sad the whole time

    92. Altered

      Does he know it's pronounced Vaul-haul-a

      1. How About a round of gwent?

        @Aditya Iyer the ceo of funny

      2. miniskans

        Nah its val-hala if you are from scandinavia

      3. Aditya Iyer

        i prefer Val-Allah tho

    93. Krrbyz

      "We shouldnt have that much trouble" - Luke theNotable

    94. ddjammer

      Bro the only thing you were doing was saying it was good because youre being sponserdd

      1. How About a round of gwent?

        @miniskans ikr but i played the game and its pretty good but everyone has an opinion i guess

      2. miniskans

        Well yeah that's the purpose of a sponsorship

      3. LEGO Dragon53

        Shut up fortnite kid

    95. Daclarvein

      guys... I dislike the head. Its very distracting

    96. ronn penanueva

      can u play farcry primak like

    97. Michael Kourtis

      hmmm... he seems to be wearing a jacket hmmmmm....

    98. Noob The DooD


      1. der Typ von nebenan


      2. Usha Athul


      3. Arthur

        A sports

      4. A good username


    99. ShadowSniper852

      I hope that Valhalla has a discovery mode cuz I might try that instead this time and does any1 else plan on listening to stories on the boat and it is cool we are gonna have the zealots hunting us like in Origins

    100. DefineToxicity

      I hope there is a Nintendo switch version for this game