I Took Erika On A Date (Jerika Reunites)

Jake Paul

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    1. Ben Leather

      Jake is annoying

    2. Little Derna

      Say her name Jake, do you have the balls? In case you forgot her name is Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Justine Paradise Get it scumbag?

    3. Leni Ruess

      jp is a narcissist, predator and a sociopath. f u jake.

    4. sam

      8:53 Ask the girl he assaulted

    5. Alex V Balbuena

      14:21 Jake Paul laughed so hard

    6. Robert l

      This isn't a typical youtube video where i give my editor a new computer... Lol proceed to do just thsy

    7. Weemops

      Hay bro did you face pump Justine Paradise......outstanding hahahaha

    8. SlimJim

      Out of all the states to move in, why mine 😢😢😢

    9. Have A Great Day

      The next Florida Man

    10. karu and fat

      wow man u changed ao much

    11. Sumaira Shahid

      Jake need to reunite his members

    12. Daniel Snow

      Your a bully

    13. The Roblox Stranger Things

      Wow its logans Little brother

    14. Elijah Johnson

      You changed your whole channel

    15. Josh Horder

      Keep making these videos we miss them

    16. KiRaMelon

      Stop using erika as clickbait!!

    17. Steelcitybulliezpgh


    18. melborn dontis

      if nothings gonna happen then whats the point?

    19. guitar stuff miller

      Rich kids dressing like their poor , poor kids dressing like their black 2021 cmon 😂

    20. guitar stuff miller

      Should read , I took Erica on her 10000 th date

    21. Tracy Britton

      I will fight you for free 6'1 200 lbs no traning

    22. google user

      I would beat you down Jake. I'm 5' 8" 135 and in Compton,Cali. Street, MMA, or Box ring. Your a clown .

    23. Logan Kelly

      8:53 ask justine paradise 😂😂

    24. Black Messiah5150

      Wow, Logan's little brother is "SUCH" a talented guy

      1. Max

        Yeah "FOR REAL" 😂😂

    25. Raj Chand

      Probably the last date you ever get before askrin makes you swallow through straws 🤣🤣

    26. mike13th

      all jokes aside jake paul have no boxing skill or ever fought a pro fighter believe me i am gonna enjoy watching jake getting knockout and that be end of these nonsense

    27. k d

      Who is Jake Pauls boyfriend's 8:11?

    28. Lüar*


    29. Munachimso Nelson-Iye

      I came back after 3years

    30. Plzdntcry Plzdntcry

      She looks like she has herps

    31. Lucie Košútková

      Stop John Mariánek please

    32. Jake B

      Bro you're like 25 why you prank calling grown men?

    33. J E

      Close friends list... Aka, ages 9-16

    34. Juraj Novotný

      Whats the name of his gay friend ?

    35. Why did I eat an donut

      I saw you in real life your very rude

    36. Anaos

      “20 million terabytes” mhm

    37. ricoh berriman

      shave your beard GODDDDDDDD DAYMMMMMMMMMM

    38. Gareth3952

      Notice how nobody likes him

    39. Devin Reyna

      4:03 rmoni i think thats how you spell it he did what ok nvm

    40. Darcy Cooper

      Gay man

    41. derekxel


    42. Kodi _ninja Mccrone 7

      Shev your berd

    43. Houssain Al ahmafi

      Justin Bieber with his black friends 😂😂

    44. Samanths17

      I was a huge shipper of jerika... my younger self would be going crazy....... 😃☝️

    45. mushroom MUSHROOM

      OH MY GOD

    46. luk


    47. Jose C

      Remember the jake Paul from 2 years ago 😔😔

    48. Kari Hanson

      Omg rember if you go to Disney + search up bizarvark you see him like 13

    49. New life Begins

      Do you know that American people have the smallest average on something??? Guess what... you took out what ? Ahahahah

    50. Wu MaRiK

      No one likes you jake.

    51. Imagine -yo

      I stopped watching this channel like 3 years ago and now I feel nostalgic

      1. Imagine -yo

        @Bwink23 ik I was disappointed with myself that I even came back.

      2. Bwink23

        Terrible you ever watched it. This guy attracts the lowest common denominator.

    52. Ryan Wilson

      She has a lovely back

    53. Blanka Plays

      This was published on my brothers bday lol 😝

    54. CG playz

      Who thinks the old team ten might reunite if you do think that then press the like button and subscribe to @JakePaul and like this comment

    55. FireballSteph

      "who the fuck invented that guy?"🤣🤣🤣

    56. Ethan Lee

      Tory Lanez is my second favorite after MeekMill

    57. cj White

      Hi I love you

    58. Sarieh Mazariegos


    59. Sarieh Mazariegos

      Ome it has been 2 years i haven't watched you and now your back with

    60. feliparras23

      My cousin is 3yrs old and she's obsessed with u! Im watching u with her right now.

    61. Elderly KiNg_nOoObb

      Who missses the old Jake Paul

    62. Cole Mcvey

      Fam you beat 2 people and you think you can beat Connor McGregor 😂😂😂

    63. elzyt11

      I used to enjoy watching him but now everything is about boxing

    64. GαεlLαzεrYT

      bro thats a gaming pc the ultimate gaming pc

    65. Car Car

      Who misses the old Jake Paul

    66. Stephanie Nicole Barba Cáceres

      why aren't they using masks?

    67. Samantha lomelio

      Why no how fuck

    68. Matthew Arnold

      I’m only here to see you edit the hell out of your content, which still makes you look like a bellend. Sell... Sell... Sell... “Close friend w@nkers”

    69. Carolyn Bradford

      I like your videos

      1. Tiger Slasher

        Your a kid or your joking...

    70. reverse sad

      Is this n*gga fr, bro?????

    71. R X G U E

      Kinda sus

    72. Uizuku Shamiji

      idk why everybody hating. All he doing is having fun idk whats wrong

      1. DuckPowa

        nah how is that fun???

    73. SST juice


    74. Michael Flores

      When I say Jana you say Jerika is better

    75. Almighty_jacobYt

      Let's go they might get back together?

    76. Dan F

      Oops wrong vid I’ll just smash dislike


      John looks like vanilla ice

    78. AceGamer-Yt-

      .... They break up like 2 odd years ago now ARE MATES AGAIN??!?!?! WTFFFF

    79. Dander woolf

      Jake is the kinda guy that rides a bicycle without a bicycle seat

    80. Kimberly Anne

      how do people like him?

    81. MightyRavenger

      Again, he manipulates his young audience for spending 10 dollars a month to be his "friend", which u know isn't true

    82. Michael Papadopoulos

      Jake you dig guys brother, it's ok, you could be the new you tube màle In the swing game🤠

    83. Xxxtentacionfan_ 2021

      At 16:09 Jerica ruinites

    84. Pipernazzi Sara

      Jake if I see this wag1 and ur funny I watch ur old funny videos my dad watch ur vid too

    85. Pipernazzi Sara

      I miss erika costal

    86. Phynx

      i cant believe he has these really good singers performing at his match🙄

    87. •Leaxpea• •

      ive known who this guy is since i was like 6-

    88. Xhi ReplayZ

      I’m in Miami right now and you got to come visit me

    89. Justin T

      Click bait as usual

    90. Big Badf

      jake really do be thinking he is big mans someone get him his gummy bears b4 he crys to mummy

    91. sound guy

      fight tommy fury

    92. Alex cool Guy

      Shave your beard

    93. Mr Noob


    94. Lupita Merida

      Oh my God

    95. Nott Mark

      Is that really Tyron? Like I used to like jake but bru this is baby shi

    96. Fae Winter

      The way he speaks is just 🤣👏👏👏 By the way, Jake, I much prefer this type of content: This is way more mature than the stuff you used to make. I appreciate the glow-up.

    97. Unrealrhys

      What are the specs

    98. Dean Madden

      The fella thinks he can ko mcgregor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. Andrew Kirkhope

      shut up