I Turn a Piece of Wood into a Nike Air Force

The Q

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    I Turn a Piece of Wood into a Nike Air Force
    Just wood it! Classic Nike Air Force 1 reborns into wood like a phoenix. Maybe I'm not a papa Carlo, not only Pinocchio can talk! Enjoy perfection of wooden art.
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    1. The Q

      Just wood it !

      1. All Day Board Sports


      2. Lionel Messi FIFA

        You’re awesome

      3. tola Club

        is + very the the shous of wood

      4. Nicholas Glisson

        O helllllll naaaaawwww

      5. Cicely Willis


    2. Saksham Dhage

      Opp bro

    3. Frost Gamerz

      Only the best thing is your drawing

    4. Medic

      “The shoe was invented in 37,979 BC” People in 37,980 BC:

    5. FUNPAT


    6. GuiltyMalice

      I’m convinced he spray painted the other shoe to look like wood lol. The details are awesome man great job.

    7. harry. Inc

      Does it Makes Sense ?

    8. Daniel GILLIBRAND

      the Q? More like 1000 IQ

    9. Allen Stepherson

      Board Force 1

    10. Аглаха

      Мастер на все руки 👍💪

    11. kam m

      Dude seriously !!!!!

    12. Oneroom

      The perfect safety shoes for work

    13. Head Hunter

      One of the best thing I've seen on utube! Was so satisfying to watch it.Talent on another level.

    14. LARRY ONE

      Imagine Kanye West rocking in these!

    15. Coldfac3ed

      They said don't show these to Haitians

    16. Mouhmed mouhamed

      هل يوجد اي عربي او جزائري او فلسطيني انا جزائري

    17. janja roblox

      Imagine stepping on someones leg with this accidentally 💀💀

    18. Michael D'Iorio

      How much

    19. Dallas Higgs

      Wow great job man


      The Q is stupid

    21. Corrupt_Crimson

      Pinocchio has recieved that *DRIP*

    22. ⱮΞԋɱΞƚAƙɪ͠ϝ

      wow this is very amazing

    23. ⱮΞԋɱΞƚAƙɪ͠ϝ


    24. Transform Yourself

      Could you show us wearing this?

    25. Nicole Perlas Valverde

      Soy la única que piensa que si ese hombre te pega te reinicia la vida???

    26. Rishi Mandava

      Or just ask for replacement

    27. KerySang

      So satisfying

    28. Thirstdae Puffin

      Well detailed. Hope u did some clear part zoom in on every part of it. So cool bruhh

    29. Gavriel Atar Avari

      I was about to say the shoe was lit but I guess thats a bad thing now

    30. Roblox gaming

      It looks not like wood

    31. Ekostar 08



      Can i wear this?

    33. Diwang Mittal

      R. I. P comfort

    34. Darenface

      Fun fact: We watch it becoz we can't do so

    35. Afonsha

      He turned wood into wood

    36. Vishnu M

      Just amazing... What a talent.

    37. Mr. Beat-Roller

      Honestly just looks like a high grade horse saddle leather.

    38. Nikhil Kadiri

      Sadly this guy can't wear the shoes he made with hard work

    39. Sticky

      If someone told you this was a thing without seeing this video, you probably Woodn't believe it.

    40. Nokix BHE

      Gg bro

    41. Yusufbhai Rajpura

      This video is so satisfied 😂😍😍😍😭🙌

    42. Saad Nabil

      That's a lot of woodworking over here!

    43. Saad Nabil

      I have a question, how Will your wear it? Can it fit to your feet? Will the splinter hurt you by wearing a wooden NIKE shoes? Would you trip, fall, and jump with a wooden NIKE shoes? Can you paint the wooden NIKE shoes? Can you burn a wooden NIKE shoes? And 1 more thing, Is the wooden NIKE shoes fireproof?

    44. Junaid Muhammad

      Just dampen the shoe in the water for ultra-deep-gravity experience... Thank me later.

    45. _Mr.Champ_ !!

      Tell me one thing, how will you wear it😂🔥

    46. salmon chees

      in 1944 we have jet plane made by wood in 2021 we have shoes made by wood

    47. Dikky 732

      Sepatu kok kayu 😏

    48. sanjay Gahala

      Nike!!! Please help him and give him sponsor brrrrr!!!,😂😂😂

    49. Марина Исмаилова

      Nike Air Canada 🇨🇦 the best of luck with all of your products is that you 😉

    50. Марина Исмаилова

      What 😳

    51. Nurul Amin

      Imagine someone searched this up "how to make wooden nike air force"

    52. ツAug1

      you are so amazing

    53. 이상준

      Let's turn this into GD force

    54. Stefan Randjelovic

      Impressive skills 😷

    55. CHEERIO’s VIBE

      Can you make the Jordan retro 4

    56. Fardin Qureshi


    57. Broutouks


    58. منوعات كينج خالد عاشور khaled

      Beautiful permanent success

    59. šYłēJmãŇ ťåTãřì


    60. Player 2

      Hand-shapen drip

    61. Astronaut


    62. Miller Mike

      Amazing talent , Im so proud of you ❤️

    63. かける

      How do you wear it?

    64. Max-Luka TV

      Good job The Q! I think that looks great! I could never have done it! My rating 10 out of 10 stars!

    65. Zippy XP

      So if I actually wanted some how much of a bigger size would I have to have?

    66. Zine Amine Habes


    67. Sai

      JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON! We are all sinners . We've all fallen short of His glory. The wages of sin is death (hell) and that's what we all deserve. God is good, and because of that, He must punish evil. Jesus came and took our punishment and died (but rose again 3 days later) for our sins. All we have to do is repent and trust in Jesus Christ and we will have eternal life in heaven . It's not too late until it's too late.

    68. yuss gayus

      how much you spend times of all this? 2 week?

    69. • ArÖn •

      I knew this video *WOOD* be awesome

    70. ERROR_000 Command can't be used. Stop.

      Beware beavers!

    71. Fadil S.Haque

      If he colored that shoe it would go to a museum

    72. J Epstein

      Dutch force 1's

    73. Профитроли С кремом

      Тапочки моего соседа

    74. Tariq Sk

      Wait a minute how you put inside your foot in it

    75. Sagar Sharma

      camera work is perfect 🙏

    76. Sagar Sharma

      me: gonna make one for me. also me: oh i can't afford the wood cutting machine

    77. Ananya Tripathi

      Wear it

    78. Dendro

      When you're to afraid of calling people that you rather build the missing shoe than remarking it

    79. ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ

      Wear your wood!

    80. Raphaelanthonysupera

      Can’t you make a shou that you can use

    81. Jennifer Kalaw

      Soooooooo awesomeeeee!🤩

    82. medic gaming

      If it wearable its gonna be 10/10

    83. Skz Skills

      Bruh thats so good it looks like he just painted a real one brown

    84. Diego Delossantos

      That looks so perfect

    85. muhammad raghib

      Make a wooden sport bat that strength is very good please make it sir

    86. Agro Team Bartelo

      Pls you make nike air max

    87. Sean Orellana

      What caveman did when sneakers wasn’t a thing.

    88. 마크샌즈장

      4:27 lol

    89. Shanki

      Can i buy ?

    90. Radar

      Мама дала 10 к руб на кроссы я с 99999999999 гемов в бравл старсе

    91. UTSAV FF


    92. Channel R&R

      I like your creativity greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩

    93. Дрiгiн


    94. AEL MONO

      Paint them white then wear them

    95. Radha Upadhyay

      paint it

    96. coronavirus gaming

      mom one of my shoes turned into wood!

    97. Love Awayz

      Amazing 💯💯💯 absolute🔥🔥🔥🔥

    98. Andry Muda Pratama

      Jenius 👍

    99. fhumulani mmbodi

      Can you make me one?

    100. fhumulani mmbodi

      The attention to detail is what gets me