I Turn 60 Plywood Triangles into a Bowling Ball

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    I Turn 60 Plywood Triangles into a Bowling Ball
    You can build amazing bowling ball out of plywood! You need 60 triangles (templates are in the video). Glue them together, make all angles smooth by sandpaper and varnish it!
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    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

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    1. Veteran Gamers

      What about car or bike out of wood

    2. Fraz Gaming

      Clickbait, it's not actually plywood!

    3. Fraz Gaming


    4. Илья Баев


    5. Ben Tv Howman

      When ever I go bowling I get 1 strike and 9 gutterballs lol

    6. Oqui

      5:46 Слово "ОКНА" на русском языке. Уже много раз замечаю на канале вещи, связанные с Россией. Например: российский рубль

      1. Oqui

        Хотя с Украиной тоже много общего

    7. Gray Barchetta

      Can you please sell these? I'd gladly buy one

    8. Saad Nabil

      That's a good idea for wooden bowling ball! Saving money helps! 🎳💵🤑💰

    9. Moses Muir

      Dude amazing I’m going to do that. You are so creative

    10. Neut

      very unbalanced

    11. Денис Янчку

      the Q is the Q

    12. D4rk Leader

      y do i get how to basic vibes

    13. Magnus Jensen

      Thats a great excuse for going bowling

    14. Brandon Bogisch

      Is there a tutorial video on how to build that homemade lathe?

    15. Lance SRR

      I like how he gets a strike on his first shot

    16. TeeTee PeePee - Storybook

      That’s a pretty bowling ball

    17. Daddy McBroom

      I love the film work amd transitions

    18. West sider

      So fking talented

    19. WEB TROS

      Can u please give me link of that Pu foam spray where from i can buy

    20. DYLAN Filho do Raiden MK

      3:30 music please

    21. Joe Pace

      I can't help but see this thing basically exploding the first time it's thrown just a bit too high and lands on the lane.

    22. All Gorr

      Да с помощью клея Момент и скотча вообще все что угодно можно сделать.

    23. Nikolay 8]

      Окна Хаус. :)) Главное, что бы шарик не развалился пока едет обратно, и что бы грузик, со временем, не продавил монтажную пену.

    24. Han ningen Half human

      What name of that foam??

    25. Ram Kumar


    26. Desmond Cayce

      This is a Coke ad for sure, just look at how they focus on the cans and the branding is facing towards us.

    27. Carloz

      Eh daqui que o manual do mundo cópia?

    28. MainDepth

      Real life 3d mesh generation

    29. rayan


    30. CaptainRus

      Окна Modern House 👌

    31. B W

      He drinks a lot cola, but he is smart.

    32. Ellis Mohan


    33. Derick Van staden

      Thats amazing

    34. Herman Scheutz


    35. Cedric Feldmann

      Plywood into tennis racquet?

    36. SHQIP Gaming tv

      O shqiptar je se po dallohesh ne dur

    37. Foy Lad

      These videos seem like advertisements for Coca Cola

    38. Bagdar Of Life - Tam Phan

      PBA pros be like WHAT

    39. Евгений Сторожук

      Ну во первых стыки очень плохо сделаны. А во вторых у него центр тяжести будет не в геометрическом центре. Херня

    40. madaraszi

      IKOZABALLDER :))) wow

    41. Jaime G Galicia

      this man: now wood can be whatever i want

    42. Dio Brando

      Genetically modified grapefruit lol

    43. Narciso Amor

      0:48 who farted

    44. Wout Bernaerts

      3:40 how do you know its perfectly in the middle

    45. Brackin Jennings

      If only the holes were drilled to fit his hand.

    46. Константин Кондратов

      Я знаю ты из россии

    47. Jillian Huang

      So cool😄😄😄😄😄

    48. Stephen Shuka

      How did you figure the math for each individual piece? I’ve been trying to do the geometry for a similar project recently and have been getting pretty confused with no luck...help would be great!

    49. J - J

      The fact that it kinda looks like a motiv golden jackal-

      1. J - J

        @Martin Blyberg yeah

      2. Martin Blyberg

        Would almost be convincing if he put the logos on there.

    50. coolcorn flake

      whats next , making a house out of wood?

    51. Yadnik Mali

      The Q =wood man

    52. Jaspreet Singh

      Damn that's smooth

    53. Prabh Singh

      One doubt : is nt that iron effect momentum center of gravity and force's of not rounded and placed at centre

      1. sarpk77

        Definitely. A sphere would be much useful I guess

    54. Jim The thing

      Before any of you comment it’s unstable, that’s because it should most bowling ball have a unbalanced core inside of them to help them hook in the pocket


      which song is it ?

    56. nigrum lux

      Ac odyssey

    57. Zoe Crowhurst

      Up next on dragon ball z: WoOdEn FoOtBaLl

    58. A Beginner's POV

      Next project: Growing More balls.

    59. michel riachy

      it looks like a football

    60. michel riachy

      and btw omg

    61. michel riachy

      why can't he build a real-life car out of wood and it can drive

    62. s bhan

      Please make a tutorial video. How you edit own video

    63. Daniel Ribeiro

      Can you build a Starship rocket out of plywood?

    64. Isaac George

      Ngl. I’m genuinely surprised that the ball return was able to grab the ball

    65. buskola

      is that actualy allowed?

    66. Anonymous

      Totally not sponsored by Coca-Cola _wink wink_

    67. Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max

      That's what I call low-poly bowling in real life...

    68. טוביה דמרי

      how to make Lathe???

    69. 60187guy

      Build another one filled with concrete or asphalt.

    70. L I R


    71. Masum Billah

      make a football

    72. Adam karnai

      now a wood basketball

    73. karszo gaming

      let's go bowling:)))))))))))))

    74. Sanu Tech

      What style video recording

    75. Marino D'Ostilio

      Nice job man!

    76. Samurai 187

      Nice 😍

    77. Vik 31

      4:42 GTA V's death sound!

    78. Reynolds Mason

      What’s up with this man and Coke

    79. Сева Гордиенко

      Почему все комменты на английском?

    80. FreakiMojo

      0:24 , whatt? I thought those were empty tins😂😂 lol

    81. Equipe Nave De Luxo

      Passa as medidas pra nós! Por favor,

    82. Steven Bendt

      Serious question, has it fallen apart yet? I'm thinking about making one but want to know how sturdy it is. How long can I expect it to last?

    83. Bill Purdon

      Anybody get the dimensions or do we seriously need to try n pause it to catch them?

    84. Bristol Rc

      Imagine iff the ball just broke in half when he bowled it

    85. Kidawesome55

      What gets me is that its just glued together. Surprised it survived the first use.

    86. Kenner The engineer fox

      He played bowling wil Coca Cola Cans and Polly wood for this to happen Noice

    87. King Marciel Santos

      what's the title of the song playing?

    88. Sanidhya Gupta

      Was the foam material eco-friendly?

    89. Trayton Clark

      You should make wood pins next

    90. Oakleaf700

      You are very skilled...Amazing.

    91. Tiny

      That ghetto lathe makes me nervous

    92. Ismat Jahan

      How did you calculate the bevelled angles???

    93. Krishna Verma


    94. Αλέξανδρος Αρχάγγελος

      But this is not balanced correctly, that weight you put in there is not centered by any means.

      1. Jim The thing

        That how bowling balls are made in real life so you could hook the ball into the pocket

    95. Dennis Test

      The point is thats thers less weight to go thorugh the pins so thats y it difflexs

    96. thereal vatofacid

      No body else getting bothered by the unequal weight distribution?

      1. Jim The thing

        All bowling ball have unequal core in them to help them hook

    97. Oili Oquendo

      Ok guys today I'm going to teach you how to make a D I Y moon ball made from 6 different planets

    98. Петро Петрович

      Центр тяжести же с такой болванкой не по центру)

    99. Julio Gutiérrez

      Que tanto podría aguantar un bola de bolos De esas . Quedó genial

    100. Khieraddine BRAHMA

      Great bro