One Day - [Iron Man]

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    Hello Fortnite fans, my name is Luke TheNotable and if you spend too much time reading this description you'll probably miss the video. That's because this season I got Tony Stark and Iron Man insanely quickly, just about 1 minute! I was very low on time this season so I had to use my mom's credit card to get Tomgy Stornk with V-Bucks. Next season I won't have to create a Minecraft movie and will have more time to do these challenges like normal, so subscribe, I'll see ya then!
    Stay Notable!!
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      I'll be back next season for more Tier 100 in one day assuming Galactus doesn't yeet the whole game. STAY NOTABLE!

      1. Ry Jack Gaming

        @Cj Dippolito we didn’t have it because of the amount of xp it took

      2. Cj Dippolito

        @D 1 of a kind cat very sad. Was really looking toward to Menace 1 day

      3. D 1 of a kind cat

        He never came back

      4. Orbit-X

        still waiting

      5. Quertz

        Baby Yoda in one day

    2. pug ie

      WHERE'S 5 AND SIX??

    3. DarkSway Xd

      Where’s mando season 100

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still

    4. B2K Bible

      Where's season 5???

      1. B2K Bible

        @Lorenzo Sanchez thx for telling me

      2. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still

    5. Zen on fortnite

      he never did a season 5 one

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still

    6. raymond nassar

      Thanks for wasting 1 minute of my life

      1. hornet is void

        Nah you didn't waste it

    7. gen

      Cant wait for season 6 one

      1. Among sus

        You mean season 5

    8. dark reaper

      iLl Be BaCk In SeAsOn 5

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still so yea lmao

    9. james denham

      what the frick also where is the season 5 one day

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still

    10. Optimus vs Megatron

      Did you come back next season 😑

      1. jeff gamer yt

        @Lorenzo Sanchez I don’t use that

      2. Lorenzo Sanchez

        Then don't talk mad shit without doing literally 20 seconds of looking at his twitch lmao

      3. jeff gamer yt

        @Lorenzo Sanchez Well I didn’t know

      4. Optimus vs Megatron

        @Lorenzo Sanchez well how was i supposed to know

      5. Lorenzo Sanchez

        Yea he did lmao he did a strem but hasn't posted teh video more then likely he's editing it idk how people are this dumd

    11. Trashy Bashy

      Him: I’ll be back next season Me at the end of Season 5: Where banana?

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        @KeesekuchenLP menace isn't the tier 100 also the banana was a joke lmao

      2. Lorenzo Sanchez

        He did a live stream of it he's probably just editing it still

      3. KeesekuchenLP

        "Where Menace?"

    12. WrangWrang is me

      Yeet great one

    13. Aiden Meyer

      Season 6 you failed us

    14. ChrisEagleDude2757

      roses are red violets are blue i got clickbaited and so did u!

      1. CelphZlayer51

        Oh also, r/wooosh

      2. CelphZlayer51

        No we didnt

    15. jeff gamer yt

      You Failed us

    16. Jakob Whitemarsh

      Capitalism's is great

    17. s0api__

      Tbf it's literally impossible to do it now. Challenges aren't linked to the battlepass so he's genuinely not able to do it

    18. Donovan Get some help

      The title makes it seem like he will one day get iron man

    19. Cool Scoob

      Looks like Season 5 will be the same 🤧🙄

      1. Lorenzo Sanchez

        @KillaB777 finally someone with some brain cells

      2. KillaB777

        He actually live streamed it and just hasn't uploaded it yet.

    20. Tempest

      hey look he didn't come back for season 5

      1. D D Dubs



        actually he live-streamed getting baby yoda, so he's clearly still in the editing phase. patience mate, he has a child now.

    21. Doggo Dude

      I liked the videos when you would actually work for it. I liked the story

      1. I dont post anymore i post on my pc channel so uh

        Did u not hear what he said? He didnt have time to do it cause he was close to finishing 2k days after like 5 months

    22. Shawno

      This was his hardest challenge yet i hope he can gind an easier way to do it next time

    23. LYT Ratzyy


    24. SaV

      you play fortnite now?

      1. crystal fuller

        This was last year

      2. Obi No Scope Kenobi

        Bruh he’s been playing for years

    25. Maddog

      One day baby yoda??

      1. McCabe Compositions

        he streamed it yesterday

    26. Crazy Pineapple

      Fortnite died 9 season ago ngl

      1. Aidan A

        @Obi No Scope Kenobi more like 5-10 million but still

      2. sneky

        ^ Plus incredibly active updates.

      3. Obi No Scope Kenobi

        Hundreds of millions of daily players and its dead? Ok

      4. Jimmy Neutron

        excuse me but ur saying fortnite died when there's like 350 million active players :/ so it isn't dead. yet

      5. XD MiX 3370

        That’s your opinion lol

    27. Li1 Boi

      I bet some little kid used the card numbers on the thumbnail to buy vbucks

      1. Antoś Żak

        imagine if that worked

    28. Beam ziggiton

      I usually hear what’s going on Minecraft

      1. Beam ziggiton

        Fans I’m an idiot

    29. I don't know

      There is no way he will be able to do season 5 if he does then it's going to take longer than every other season

    30. Colin Brennand

      Kinda dissapointed ngl

      1. Antoś Żak

        @SomeOnInte the only interesting part about season 4 was the live event

      2. Musical Lyrics

        @SomeOnInte read my first reply to this comment, he was forced to skip this video on us

      3. SomeOnInte

        Yeah. I don't blame him though. His fans wanting Minecraft content, the internet shitting on anyone and everyone who says they play Fortnite, and the fact that Season 4 was kinda boring (atleast for me) was all probably a factor in his 1 minute record.

      4. Ricky Gaming Animations

        Yeah kinda bit wrong that people are forcing him to make minecraft he didn't have any time to do this video

      5. Musical Lyrics

        Agreed. It’s all because of the people who begged him to play Minecraft that’s why he said “if I don’t play Minecraft 24/7 they’ll kill my family” as a joke at the start of this video. It’s kind of sad they take control of what he post

    31. X62

      3000 days minecraft ?!

      1. Antoś Żak

        it is because of people like you that he didn't do a full video on this

      2. Ben Judge

        this is Fortnite not Minecraft and stop begging

      3. The Random Crap Channel

        You know that’s gonna take some time because it’s over 300 hours

      4. James Harris


    32. JustKarter

      U can rlly tell ppl don’t like Fortnite with that like to dislike ratio

      1. Musical Lyrics

        @yeetin bot_E exactly, it was disappointing THATS why this video got dislikes

      2. yeetin bot_E

        dude the vid is litterly 1 min long

      3. Dyson that's it

        It's not that big tho

      4. dussaal

        Ah yes a near 20:1 like-dislike ratio means nobody likes FN

    33. private Terry

      Cant wait for you to do this season getting menace or full armor mandolorian in one day

    34. Joegamer6 Pettifer

      Please don't tell me he's going to do this to the baby yoda in one day

      1. Antoś Żak

        no he just did this cause his fans begged him for minecraft, so he didnt have time for fortnite

      2. The Random Crap Channel


    35. Xtreme gamer

      5000 minecraft days bet?!

      1. Presidential Worm

        It’s his channel, he can choose what he posts.

      2. James Harris


    36. pizza delivery springtrap

      Cant wait for I unlocked menace in one day and this is how

      1. Antoś Żak

        @Obi No Scope Kenobi yes

      2. Obi No Scope Kenobi

        It’s gonna be Baby Yoda

    37. Classic Dannyboy

      This comment section is a bunch of 9 year olds arguing about fortnite and minecraft. Lmao

      1. Nathani Diaz

        The sad truth

      2. wavesofdawater


    38. Candice Sparks

      its that time again

    39. ErayBkck

      When your favorite FIblockr doesn't upload your favourite game any more and makes a video like this to get views.

      1. Antoś Żak

        @John listen his fans were begging for minecraft content so he didnt have time to make this video

      2. Antoś Żak

        you know that he made this video ONLY because people begged him to do minecraft content

      3. Presidential Worm

        @vieudrew but he’s posting this, which means he’s happier with what he’s doing.

      4. vieudrew

        If he wanted views, he could just post more Minecraft.

      5. Presidential Worm

        @bruhtwiste those (blank) days vids take a loooooong time. It makes sense that he’s taking a break from minecraft.

    40. LEGO YODA

      Baby Yoda in one day

    41. oysterotter

      No knows it but the doing every challenge streak is over 2018-2020 caused by annoying fans

    42. Doggaraffe

      Thing is... If he almost won a game that means that he spent 20 minutes in one match. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

    43. Kayden

      Can you do a tutorial on how to make FIblock videos on xbox

      1. First Spark 11

        You have to have a elgato hd60 and any laptop for the best quality videos

    44. Lil whip

      Whos is season 5 chapter 2

    45. Animation Pig

      We love fornite we love fornite!

    46. JayTDM Studio

      I knew how this happened before it happened

    47. Landon Payne

      Lol I like when he zoomed in to the PP 0:18

    48. Joshua Wakefield

      This comment section has the most nine-year old energy I’ve ever seen.

    49. SuperBlue Gamer

      Got them

    50. Jake Ratchford

      I assume from the timer at the start of the video it was 8 hours and 37 until the event, considering the last hour was waiting for the event that means around 7 and a half hours, i honestly dont blame him for doing 1 minute because he may not have got iron man otherwise.

    51. Blue Ninja

      If he unlocked it in 1 minute, how did he get the victory umbrella???

      1. Antoś Żak

        dun dun DUN

      2. Obi No Scope Kenobi

        We’ve been tricked, backstabbed and possibly bamboozled

      3. Just a random Person I guess

        We've been lied to.

    52. Fish Boi 2000

      buy the battle pass and buy all the levels.

    53. zoom boom

      0:17 bro gay gay

    54. mohammed gamer 9

      you bought it

      1. Presidential Worm

        That’s the joke

      2. bruhtwiste

        your pfp is bassically your brain and what a ratio

      3. Fredders

        @Just a random Person I guess joke in heavy quotation marks

      4. Just a random Person I guess

        Damn that's almost like that's the whole joke

      5. SnetFlip

        @Fredders then u would've just laughed it off lol ur mad

    55. leader aboeldahb

      I got him in 4 days whith out paying any extra vbucks I swear

      1. bruhtwiste

        @Miles CHRISTOFOROU YOU dont care

      2. Giulliano Rosagaran

        @Miles CHRISTOFOROU no u

      3. Miles CHRISTOFOROU

        no one cares

    56. Squirtle Jr

      Whenever I watch a video based on Chapter 2 Season 4 I get jealous cus the skins look so much better then most of Chapter 2 Season 5's skihs.

      1. RK9 Raptor

        @Squirtle Jr aight

      2. Squirtle Jr

        @RK9 Raptor No, I like Chapter 2 Season 4 because they did the skins good. They look nice, so did the battle pass. I do not mean to anger you if I did.

      3. RK9 Raptor

        how? is it cause of chapter 2 season 5 being original?, cause if so, that's faulty reasoning.

    57. Nightmare

      Stop Minecraft pls

      1. Scammer Police

        he's the impostor

      2. Sloopy

        @Edwardo I agree

      3. Nightmare

        @Edwardo yes I meant stop Fortnite play Minecraft pls

      4. Edwardo

        @Sloopy but minecraft is better than Fortnite in my opinion

      5. Sloopy

        You have a Minecraft profile pic

    58. duolingo

      Its cayse you bought it

      1. duolingo

        @Gavinator shut up it took my 5 hours to be sad to just open uyotuber boish

      2. Gavinator

        That’s the fucking joke congrats

      3. ASmallMan

        Yeah no shit

    59. LTN's Corn

      Did no one notice that this was made 2 months ago?

      1. Jimmy Neutron

        @C88Studios excuse me but there is 350 million active players on fortnite so exactly how is it dead?

      2. undefeatable king

        @C88Studios its not dead tho

      3. C88Studios

        well thats what we call "dead game stays dead"

    60. Blue-Squirrel-12

      fortnite doesnt run on my 5600x rtx3060ti :(

      1. Blue-Squirrel-12

        @Colam _ im on the latest drivers

      2. Colam _

        do you have gforce experiance installed if not do and install the latest drivers for your gpu

    61. ApexAcceleration

      please Fortnite is burning my eyes

      1. John

        Lmao your going to see a lot of fortnite since it’s his favorite game lol

      2. KingBot TheFirst

        Then don’t watch it

    62. 『MayedThree』

      fortnite sucks keep playing minecraft

      1. 『MayedThree』

        fortnite is limited and addictive, minecraft is an open world game with anything

      2. Jimmy Neutron

        my friend, the game isn't bad. It's just the community of the game.

      3. Presidential Worm

        It’s his channel. He can choose what he plays and what he posts.

      4. Smol bean

        Its not that bad. Its the community that ruined it. Stop hating on the game, and watch another video or smth

      5. TheJaidenGamerYT

        Ok reditor

    63. Colin Wilde

      Yo man where’s season 5

      1. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @GoldenMaster oh ok

      2. GoldenMaster

        @TheJaidenGamerYT no he said he’ll do it for real in season 5

      3. TheJaidenGamerYT

        Pretty sure he's gonna buy the battle pass lol

      4. That Rando

        At the end of the season

    64. rickity randy

      No fort nite please

      1. bruhtwiste

        @Nacht thats your response

      2. bruhtwiste

        @Chyro think you mean all the weeks havent been released yet not sure

      3. bruhtwiste

        @Krispiez lol so funny joke haha

      4. bruhtwiste

        welp he dosent care about your opinion so he will make vids when he feel like it and u dont need to watch them you know?


        @Krispiez * plays kingdom of predators'

    65. Blood hound Gamble

      In vid

    66. Azaz

      U play fortnite I did not know?

      1. bruhtwiste

        @C88Studios nope

      2. Classic Dannyboy

        Fortnite's where he got popular

      3. C88Studios

        and this is the only and last video fortnite you will ever see by him

      4. He’s One Shot

        Always did

    67. Max Schreiber

      Do more fortnite vids

      1. bruhtwiste

        @Nacht description

      2. bruhtwiste

        he will if he feels like it

      3. Kourageoscole


      4. Bradley Cox

        Honestly i kind of agree, you can tell just by this video that he’s getting extremely burnt-out on minecraft.

      5. Terry Stump

        Ew no

    68. lukas23 s

      season 5 you are not doing that you got to level 100 because the season is not over yet

    69. Kermit Da frog

      Don’t hate love

    70. Wiktor

      I can’t even blame you for that if I made these videos each season I wouldn’t bother playing fortshite either

      1. Wiktor

        @bruhtwiste Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache

      2. bruhtwiste

        @Martin Wade its been out for 3 years you expect people learning how to do 90s?

      3. bruhtwiste

        @Wiktor jesus christ tell me why

      4. Wiktor

        @Sloopy exactly

      5. Sloopy

        @Wiktor it used to be about having fun, but now it’s about being the best

    71. CosmicGamers

      Y does it say 1min

      1. Bleachaholic

        did you not watch the video or read the description?

      2. Mangis Smagorius

        becuse it is

    72. Tiffy


      1. Zaleb

        @TheJaidenGamerYT understandable

      2. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @Zaleb oh sry lol, didt know you were joking. Kinda hard to detect sarcasm in the internet

      3. Zaleb

        @TheJaidenGamerYT I never said he should stop playing fortnite, I just made a joke ffs, you're the kid here for not understanding that.

      4. TheJaidenGamerYT

        Ok im a fn fan but minecraft is a good game, let him play both its his life not yours kid

      5. Matteo Wible

        Shut up, IDIOT!

    73. Q C

      Anyone else notice that he has 64 fortnite videos, which means he has *a stack* of fortnite videos?

    74. Ksmssj Dmsiis

      Fortnite is ass

      1. bruhtwiste


      2. TheJaidenGamerYT

        Here's the kids who wants attention lol

      3. Matteo Wible


      4. 『MayedThree』

        yes this is correct

      5. Ksmssj Dmsiis

        @Nacht the game isint bad it’s the community is straight toxic 12 year olds but THE GAME is Good

    75. Kyle Phelps

      You should play Fortnite save the world

      1. MajorGames

        Yes it’s so underrated also I’m pretty sure he did make a video on it

    76. AidenTEC

      You know the game is dry when LTN makes a 1 min video

    77. Ashton_

      I miss his fortnut vids

      1. Ashton_

        @Ye Ye said fortnut on purpose like that lmao

      2. Ye Ye

        yeah, i miss his fortNUT vids too, lmfaoooooooooooo

    78. Vaporizer

      You cheater

    79. TBM_jade

      Could u do a locker tour on your main account

    80. GalaxyPenguin

      Everyone: wow he got tier 100 in one day! LTN: “what’s going on fortnite fans my names Luke thenotable and in this video I unlocked iron man in one minute”

    81. Collin on Games

      I miss the fortnite days with Luke 🥺

      1. Jimmy Neutron

        @iSwifty I play fortnite tho :( so am i cringy :(( i only play it because it's the only fun game on my ps4 so cut me some slack please!!

      2. bruhtwiste

        @TheJaidenGamerYT xD

      3. iSwifty

        @TheJaidenGamerYT shut up, if among us is dying than fortnite is too, ever look at google trends, also if u still play fortnite ur automatically cringy, what does roblox have to do with this, i dont even play it.

      4. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @iSwifty OK if you wanna hear what games are dieing they are 1:Among Us 2:Fall Guys Fortnite is NOT even close to dieing its just in a controversial state. So how about you watch your cringy Roblox videos!

      5. 『MayedThree』

        @Benjamin Konkal yes its ded

    82. Emma Lee

      You need a rest king 👑

    83. Idk What to called my channel

      What about you get tier 100 without buying the battle bundle

      1. Jimmy Neutron

        search up ''Perfect score unlocking in one day'' he actually did it.

    84. AvengerZ712 DA BOI

      Do baby Yoda/ Grogo

    85. yousif yaser

      Please go back to the series of getting tier 100 in one day 2 ▼

      1. Tarun 2010

        He does it at the end of the season

    86. doothedew79

      Please go back to the series of getting tier 100 in one day

      1. Tarun 2010

        He does it at the end of the season

    87. Rama Rizqi Riadi

      I did not know you played fortnite

    88. Lord Usopp

      I am happy minecraft has more veiws then fortnite

      1. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @Jimmy Neutron it's decent but far from perfection

      2. Jimmy Neutron

        @TheJaidenGamerYT i don't play it that much anymore but it's still a good game regardless.

      3. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @Jimmy Neutron sure, but roblox is still aids

      4. Jimmy Neutron

        @TheJaidenGamerYT well you could've just moved on and even if you didn't like roblox you didn't have to hate it.

      5. TheJaidenGamerYT

        @Jimmy Neutron No I only hate roblox, the reason is because back when minecraft was at its peak Roblox became extremely popular and made my best friend ghost me.

    89. Jenna Long


    90. Clover

      This is how I unlocked Iron Man: I bought the PSVR one

    91. rashed salem

      Do I practiced piece control in one day

    92. Willewonca

      He wasn't back next season

      1. The Cabrales’s

        I was about to say this

      2. Willewonca

        Oh thanks

      3. Siftji13

        He always does when it’s about to be end of the season Watch his old videos in this series to see!

    93. AikoIsBetter

      0:18 what we just gonna ignore where he zoomed in at

      1. hornet is void


      2. TheJaidenGamerYT


      3. Stardestroyer 062


      4. Tarun 2010


      5. Blade of the Ruined King


    94. Emmanuela Jogbodo

      When you don’t have any vbucks left bc your brother spent it all

    95. Mr Ridoruca and Stuff

      Cant wait for the season 5 one

    96. Musical Lyrics

      Ok, I usually love to watch your getting _____ in one day videos but this was very annoying and not worth waiting all of season 4 to see

      1. TheJaidenGamerYT

        It's cause he was making 2000 days in mc, but this season its gonna be LIT

      2. Ebenezer Oguntimilehin

        @Neutro Plays its not because we are toxic its because he enjoys mc more lmao

      3. doomsword6

        @Sean Macguire gamers writing a whole 14 paragraph document on why they dont care

      4. Vel Mystic

        @Neutro Plays my comment was being sarcastic

      5. Neutro Plays

        @Sean Macguire u care about mc

    97. Mudkip

      Out of all the getting the tear 100 skin in 1 day all of them say whats up fortnite fans but lux says something different

    98. Fazetedyp YT

      What if you try and get 10,000 gold (the max amount) in one day (I tried and I got 9748)