I Unlocked The Diamond Camouflage In Rainbow 6 Siege

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    In this video, I show some games of me unlocking the diamond camouflage in Rainbow 6 Siege.To get this camo you need 100,000 renown which is about 400-1000 games. I'm proud to have this camo and it looks amazing.
    P.S If FIblock tells you this video is 10:01 or 9:59 they are lying. The video is 10:00
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    1. Luke TheNotable

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      1. DhruvBah


      2. Sammysalem 123

        Can you do trying all Characters please

      3. Gavyn Beverage

        challenge: hit lvl 100 and hit gold

      4. kapm games

        More rainbow six siege pls

      5. Slowking20

        Hi Luke could you please do 100 games with shotguns. To say you can only use Shotguns so no pistols or SMGs or Assault rifles

    2. Jack jack Gaming

      Please play more rainbow six seige

    3. Streaky Beast

      I would be so mad in that first game I play Ash, I Ash rush a lot, especially in Quick Match, if there was a recruit sitting next to the window with a shotgun I would be so mad at him

    4. Nikki blackman

      I got diamond camo


      im at 50k renown

    6. Jeremiah Monroe

      Dose black ice count since its 10x better

    7. War Pickle

      i dont have diamond but i have 108 thousand renown

    8. 0_Jumbo

      i have diamond

    9. erdbeerquek

      lol i need 2 weeks for 100k

    10. Fazegaming07

      Your so bad

    11. AnimeSky

      I only just realised when he was talking about characters he likes how bad he is

    12. jjthepizzaman

      I believe the technical term for glazs sight is banana vision

    13. Jamin Hall

      Please say seige not rainbow

    14. Himan The real

      i got it in cod mobile ._.

    15. Emmett Collins

      I have it

    16. Orlando Palacios

      I got it on my 2 week of playing

    17. Sue Black

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    18. MrAmazing7708

      Can you please play more seige

    19. Ys Mon0y

      He in a freaking green screen suit

    20. Aughht

      I have it, i played for along time just to get it

    21. cody mahan

      0:39 HE HAS FRIENDS

      1. cody mahan

        Lol jk love the vids

    22. THE S.A.S

      Ltn: I dont know how jackal works Me who's lvl 30 and knows how to play him: pathetic

    23. lord bandit

      I have it

    24. Random STUFF69

      He said he almost has 100k but he has 9k

    25. Kudoqt


    26. Birdz_cool

      Next video how I unlocked the diamond camo in one day and this is how

    27. Zero Hop3

      Me who bought all universal skins: niceeeeee Also me with obsidian and Pro league black ice for jager: nice

    28. Finn Holland

      One day: diamond camo

    29. Elijah’s Gaming

      I don’t have diamond but I have black ice

    30. Nicholas Rosales

      “it was a long video in the making and took me such a long time” me who got it in 3 days:👁👄👁

      1. GreatZo_YT

        £3.50 purchase just waited a few days to look like it was effort

      2. Layden Richardson

        So it isn’t just me waiting for three thousand days

      3. THE S.A.S

        @NachoHacks being a no life for 3 days or hacking I guess

      4. NachoHacks


    31. BIG DOG

      Dimond coma gang

    32. Jager Main77

      MORE R6

    33. Dark ninja’ 67

      i have diamond camo took me 1400 games

    34. MTVform

      i have it

    35. Noodle_z

      I don’t have rainbow but I still enjoy watching it

    36. Charles Roth

      rainbow is so easy with zero and echo i havent played for three years but gold 3 tho it use to be so much better

    37. Facebook me gf Xbl

      Use mozzie p10 ronie 1.5x scope vertical grip componsator and no lazar = no recoil

    38. YeBoiOn MAC

      When he realizes he can get it for 3 dollars

      1. P Nav

        Wait how do u get it for 3 dollars

      2. GreatZo_YT


    39. Lt. Waff1er

      that not diamond its tin foil

    40. Mariam Newcomb

      The disagreeable galley grossly argue because boy analytically fold from a calm stop. subdued, torpid lyre

    41. Peace Peace

      I get triggered every time he says cap e toioi

    42. superduckman superduckman

      Diamond camo is not worth it trust me I bought it

    43. MrKoasy

      Me thinking which team I'm on

    44. Carter Shaikh

      Hey you probably won't see this but I saw you were on controller xbox and. I'm wondering if you want to play my gamer tag is whyyoukillme699 thanks

    45. Mariam Newcomb

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    46. Juan Hernandez

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    47. Jojo Hill


    48. Scp Foundation

      I have the diamond skin

    49. Usix

      Luke just has all elite skins because of a glitch

      1. Russ Holt

        @Leww yeah.

      2. Leww

        He bought them

      3. Leww


    50. weasel

      100 drops tachanka Note I googled his name 6 times still sure I got it wrong

    51. Scratchy 123

      Yes more more rsix pls pls

    52. MSC_ Clown

      @lukethenotable play more tips and tricks

    53. MSC_ Clown

      Do more

      1. MSC_ Clown

        Do a tips and tricks

    54. Cameron Moose

      Lol I did afk renown farm and got diamond camo in 3 days

      1. Cameron Moose

        I got diamond on ps4 and it took me like 2 months to do normally

    55. Crazy Cactus0967

      It’s down to 90k now

    56. Jessica Keefer

      I have diamond camo

    57. VinixFN


    58. Magical Beans

      Floating head

    59. Just some Random Guy

      R6 is fun and all but the community ruins the game like if I done like the slightest thing wrong I’ll just get shit on

    60. Rhino jeff

      I have diamond camo and I'd love to see you playing ranked with your friends and if you want a tough operator play valk or vigil

    61. Mr Moose

      I finally got the diamond skin

    62. Mikantjes


    63. ski

      bruh he did off camera mining in R6

    64. Nate Waters

      1 day I’ll be a good streamer

    65. Nate Waters

      He’s gotta great suit😂

    66. Stratos Vagiannis

      this fells comepletly scripted

    67. Postmanpeppa :/

      I have had diamond camp for a year

    68. cjopgaming

      Since he is unranked i would rank him as bronze just from the game play in this video

    69. GG Recon

      I got it 1 year ago

    70. Jeremy Thomas

      Bro where is your body at


      well you atually bought it not ulocked but yeah ill go

    72. Fr99zy

      did anyone notice the ash at the end was hacking

    73. Love Anime


    74. Cameron. S

      How did he unlock diamond in ten minutes🤔

      1. JENZO 0

        He never he saved up for a while 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Sprxf

      I wish siege was still fun

      1. JENZO 0

        Just play conscle

      2. JustASaltyBoi

        @Sprxf don't play ranked then

      3. Sprxf

        @JustASaltyBoi idk I hit diamond and it just instantly became not fun. Too many cheaters man

      4. JustASaltyBoi

        Still is

    76. Shawn Brady

      Okay but real question, black ice or diamond

    77. DeathFighter

      Wow didn’t think u would make r6 content keep it up!

    78. Xavier

      i got the diamond camo but i suck so

    79. Kolton Bishop

      Wtf is he so slow

    80. VssR3d

      capitao gang

    81. We_need_2talk -

      I have never seen this wtf

    82. Epic_seal Gaming400

      Uhh nice...body

    83. Player


    84. Pin head Larry

      2000 games w recruit?

    85. ZEST

      10:00 man he really pushed it 😭😂

    86. Daniel Darbyshire

      i have diamond camo and diamond charm

    87. mrduckyperson


    88. Scheila Hack

      As a Brazillian person, i laugh every time u say Capitão's name lol

    89. Scythe Dropper

      po - ta - to

    90. Commander fox

      Yo I got the diamond it took ages to unlock I mean it was so hard to get

    91. MrSix

      play pc

    92. Michael reasen

      luke echos drowns can shoot and stun

    93. Capitalist Neko

      "It looks i haven't been killed by my teammates, so it looks like were doing good."

    94. BL3

      You should start an alt account and try to buy all the opportunities for a video

    95. Landan Hamilton

      I have diamond camo in cod

    96. Juliano Renkert Junior

      The unequaled cereal ultrasonically allow because fisherman etiologically stay since a luxuriant lake. zippy, enormous save

    97. Cattystar

      i can aford diamond camo but i gettin alpha snacks

    98. Fadedstep A oc I have in warriors

      I have diamond skin

    99. Ethan Campbell

      Hey man echo shoots stuns that deny defuses

    100. MR.Z PICKLES

      I wish I had diamond