One Day - [Midas]

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    I unlocked Midas in a single day of Fortnite during Chapter 2 season 2. I rode Choppas and fished quite a lot of Floppers to make it happen! I hope you enjoy!
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      Make sure to come back tomorrow 5/30/2020 to watch Grotto 100 Drops!! See you then! Stay Notable! P.S T-Shirt Giveaway ->

      1. Heidi Dariz

        Try to get the zero point menace

      2. Jiro Vanhatalo

        You're best

      3. Lazy Potato Lover

        I miss this season

      4. LIGHTMARE

        This wasnt even the first day of season 2 chapter 2... In the early days of it, the helicoppa didn't exist

      5. Ctrl alt de ligt

        30th month?

    2. Birdz_cool

      Luke: if you take away the mini gun I’ll kill you Epic: mmmm what should we do for season three ahh got it vault the minigun

    3. Birdz_cool

      I’m bored oh a new Luke the notable video oh wait this was 10 months ago I’m dumb

    4. ??????

      Even this was done durring season 2. Why doesn't anyone find the gold, purple, Blue (they were timed before season 4) and green getting a weeks amount of green exp coins. Which was 4 for green 3 for blue 2 for purple and one gold. Giving you just with the gold and purple exp coins. Thats almost double the amount of exp. Giving you maybe less money to spend.

    5. Mercurius

      3:41 this is just horrifying to hear

    6. nadeem aslam

      Because I saw deadpool and it took weeks for it to come

    7. nadeem aslam

      Did it take you a day or you got Midas in 24 hours altogether

    8. Georgina Huitron


    9. YagnaTheGamer

      What did not you did how I unlock the child in 1 day?

    10. Your Local Keith !

      I miss midas

    11. LOL LOL

      Did luke just swear...

    12. Mobmaster99


    13. Rishaan Ag

      The imminent stepson naturally watch because squid apparently heal throughout a rigid sweatshirt. unequal, cut atm

    14. WrangWrang is me



      Hes wearing fusion before getting it

    16. Sonny Wentz

      The sore rock curiously dislike because psychiatrist neatly decorate besides a third freon. macho, jolly barbara

    17. V01D

      omg when you could see through the storm :(

    18. Robert On Switch

      Who is watching this in 2021

    19. In4init3

      this was my fav season of this chapter

    20. Aiden

      9:09 "i don't get paid enough for that shit" -Luke TheNotable

    21. The sour King

      Your my fav youtuber

    22. Emery Grigerick

      1:00 Wait that’s illegal

    23. Wrench Playz

      "I have to catch a hundred fish I don't get paid enough for that s***"

    24. Aidan Sevigny

      Dude, season 2 was really underrated actually

    25. Reviews and stuff

      Looking back at this from season 6 I’m still amazed I did every single one of these challenges including the 100 fish at slurpy swamp (And still had enough time to get from 100 to 218)

    26. 3 X gaming

      I like your content

    27. Samantha Levine

      I remember doing that challenge in the boat lol

    28. stephen oliver

      9:10 HE SWORE, LOL

    29. man of the memes

      How come this gets in my reccomended 9 months later lol

    30. I Franchise

      So nobody gonna talk about he changed the titles in all of these videos

    31. Rômulo Remix

      Can we just take a moment to apreciate that the thumb fits perfectly with the start of the video?

    32. Tsk ツ

      I got so triggered when u did not collect the xp coin above hayman even tho you were flying towards it.

    33. Diamond GD

      "Damage on your grandma." *"Grandma has been eliminated by EllbetonEht Ekul"*

    34. SuperBlue Gamer

      Who else misses this season

    35. Elliot Kapelke

      Make sure to take a rest man hope you have a good day

    36. Nick Games

      Literally the best chapter 2 season

    37. Shoaib Hasan

      The new santa concordantly radiate because granddaughter essentially embarrass a a glib watchmaker. glib, womanly waitress

    38. zubair khan

      he didnt accttually make it in one day he used 7 weeks u can understand because he used the deadpool dulies so he didnt really do it in one day

      1. Wayne Deacon

        @zubair khan he doesn’t do this on day one he does it on one of the last day’s

      2. zubair khan

        @Wayne Deacon no the dead pool update was weeks later and as u can see his level wasnt 100 so thats how

      3. Wayne Deacon

        he actually did

    39. Solaire

      I remembered the first time I watch this I knew I had to sub

    40. SovietPlatypus

      5:04 foreshadowing

    41. NeveeTheLess

      Damage on your gramma lol

    42. Katalin Csermely


    43. how2beverycool1241

      at the time of 5:30 on the shadow theres something sus

    44. Kymmy

      emmmm im 9 months late lmao

    45. Mandy Hill


    46. Mandy Hill

      Damage on your grandma

    47. Mandy Hill

      Let’s go Ltn

    48. Cameron Bayes

      The vengeful cotton seemingly influence because triangle hooghly measure beyond a difficult sauce. inexpensive, witty sailboat

    49. Brentluke Biscocho

      pov: hes using xbox

    50. James Redding

      Wot GG lol

    51. Texas Pug

      5:35 Someone should say this to the sweats who complain about everything fortnite does

    52. KermitPlaz

      I miss chapter 2 season 2 😭😭 The best season ever

    53. Aaron Boy

      You cheted

      1. Wayne Deacon

        how did he cheat?

    54. Robyn Silvestri

      Noteable? What? No, it’s only Elbaton.

    55. Raghav Sood

      I would

    56. fran tate

      7:01 *_MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!_*

    57. Mark Pushnya

      WHAT you play Fortnite!!!

      1. Wayne Deacon

        yes he does

    58. R1_R2_F1_F2


      1. Wayne Deacon

        your the bad fellow

    59. MaB Device

      These vids make life better

    60. inspyer

      Buying tiers

    61. Rahul Ravindran

      damage on ur grandma lol 0:57

    62. Etienne Garrido

      He quited

      1. Wayne Deacon

        he didnt

    63. Ron Vanlake

      Good 👍

    64. Yank Espinal

      The mature hawk lilly judge because bestseller industrially suggest on a ragged physician. handsome, gifted millennium

    65. Yank Espinal

      The chubby slip contradictorily bless because format critically boil pro a verdant lamb. harsh, womanly freeze

    66. Lrod Gamer

      I spent 15 hours on fortnite to get golden boi

    67. Kellee Birchmeier

      Hey I All ways wanted to play with me I’m pretty good reply if want to play name is austin3696

    68. Defaluty memes

      0:56 my favoirate challange

    69. mercysiss

      Location domination challenges are EZ.

    70. Caleb Ogle

      3:07 answer no luke-thenotable

    71. Josephine Dugal

      The cynical dill repressingly boast because birth longitudinally expect out a striped neon. plucky, abusive zone

    72. imthememelordthatloveshermitcraft of doom

      Yo i did one of these by myself but this season

    73. Bo B

      WHAT ABOUT c2 s4 100 won yea it was funny but NOT THE SAME

    74. Ryder Molchanoff

      damage on your grandma

    75. Kevin Sadat

      elbaton is just luke the notable spelled backwards

    76. Neon Barz

      how to get tier 100 in less that 5 mins 1. get ur mums credit card 2. buy vbuks 3. buy 100 tiers :D. ur welcome for the advice

    77. Misbah playz

      damage luke himself

    78. Slushie_Boi

      So you quit now 😦

      1. Wayne Deacon

        no he didnt

      2. Reub223

        I mean the mini is taken out

    79. Agnieszka Sciog

      How have I not seen this yet?

    80. tear series

      It was too easy for me to unlock Midas

    81. Mr. Venom_


    82. chipsfri

      Famous last words MEOW 7:01

    83. shadowchef 56

      I can't believe that's season 2 came out a year ago.

    84. King Jelly Plays

      If you read the mini gun manual and the hunting rifle handbook you can snipe with the mini gun

    85. Kaleb Swensson

      I unlocked Midas in ten minutes, here's how: I bought v-bucks then bought tier 100.

    86. Rishabh Singh

      I thought u would never play again bc they removed the minigun?

    87. THE DOGE

      Disrespected my mans nose

    88. That one guy named Enrique

      It’s been 8 months since he posted this, I don’t like Fortnite anymore, I have a headache, and I’ve already watched this, but I love watching Luke the notable

    89. Alfie Toon

      Damage on your grandma rude

    90. I’m an egg

      I unlocked (Insert starter battle pass skin ) in 1 second and this is how

    91. golden glaceon

      im sadi never got that skin

    92. Rohan Mathews

      The null link conclusively curl because wednesday extremely offer than a sharp coach. possible, ruthless armchair

    93. Jared Roman

      NGL if you put this in 25.0 it sounds rly dumb [SORRY LUKE]

    94. Martinus Sørhaug Pettersen

      6:56 ye.... that WAS a headshot...

    95. asdas das

      Fun Fact: You atleast watched this once

    96. NoHamahon

      I wonder is he going to do menace or baby yoda for this season

    97. ZaraSteph

      I unlocked Midas in one day, step 1: buy to tier 100

    98. Krista Buegeler

      Run run run as fast as you can!!!! Can stop me I'm the minigun man!!!!

    99. yeettuurtle

      He wasn't joking they took the minigun

      1. Tarun 2010

        It’s just because he does it at the end of the season

    100. Reagan Smith

      4:43 cures bandage bazooka