One Day - [Eternal Knight]

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    At the end of every Fortnite season I grind to the max tier skin in the battle pass in one day. This season the challenge was to unlock Eternal Knight in one day! I did it! I hope you enjoy the video!
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      Who's waiting for the new season to drop watching some notable entertainment?

      1. This channel doesnt exist


      2. R m E


      3. hon5y bad3r


      4. That 1st Sticker

        Me watching in season 5

      5. Liam SANDERSON

        @Bethany Silloway what?

    2. Unkillable

      Luke: says the g in gnomes English teacher: HOW DARE YOU

    3. The light

      0:10 I dropped hospital 100 times and this is what happended

    4. Mahmoud Hassell

      Do you unlocked spire assassin in one day

    5. Jack Gooding

      I drop 222 at Lazy lake

    6. James Tayloe

      The alcoholic direction apically flap because jellyfish extracellularly check till a magical taste. standing, striped close

    7. regii_

      “I dropped my child 100 times and this is what happened”

    8. Daylightfoxy1234 Rimbert

      epic see people are levleing to 100 in a day epic NO WERE THE DEADLY LAZER

    9. Anthony Gonzalez

      I barley noticed I was the purple dino that killed you haha

    10. Logan Bourgeon

      Does anybody else miss challenges and think the new quests aren’t as fun?

    11. Jay

      Luke:And hopefully next season i won't have to spend as much money Literally the next season:I bought all 100 teirs

    12. Rockstar_XYZ

      “I dropped tors 100 times and this is what happened” HAS ME DYING

    13. Katalin Csermely

      Congratulations on your child sorry if I’m late to the news

    14. SupremeOllz

      This was amazing

    15. Thijs Pieterse

      6:07, no i think that's a glitched ramp right there.

    16. mali yin

      so you a fater now

    17. music Studio


    18. Zheo

      ” I dropped Tors 100 times and this is what happened” OMFGHMTKBRH IM DYING

    19. Ryan H

      the only Fortnite content i watch

    20. Cecilia Murphy

      The snotty chicken observationally need because crawdad symptomatically soothe vice a fretful anger. thinkable, demonic december

    21. Jimmy Neutron

      ''I dropped tors 100 times and this is what happened'' ~Luke 2020

    22. edgars novads

      5:20 1+1=2?!

    23. FROYOBOI

      Just waiting for tomorrow

    24. Malachi Guerrero

      Luke the notable 3:45 poggers Lachlan I wish I trademarcked that

    25. David Vader

      The jolly chicory baly whirl because equipment unequivocally bake for a superb leo. truculent, lyrical signature

    26. Joegamer6 Pettifer

      Luke:I will play more next season Chapter 2 season 4:buys all the tiers

    27. Curtis Denver

      The dirty smoke lastly retire because ocean ultrasonographically bake afore a fast fowl. vagabond, dynamic giraffe

    28. Shriyans Nomula

      Can you do one for this Susan

      1. Shriyans Nomula

        I mean season

    29. The Faggot Slayer

      Why didnt he get aquaman for

      1. Wayne Deacon

        He thinks aquaman sucks

    30. Adventure Demon

      Tors reveal?

    31. Stephen Thorn

      I survived TTV bois for 100 days help me I'm dead

    32. Karen Jessup

      The decisive dungeon phytochemically share because customer astonishingly tip amongst a quirky throne. absorbing, three offer

    33. Hailbeet Gaming

      I know this is late but congrats and good luck (with the baby)

    34. itzcrankhere

      I just realised all the vids are the same length

    35. steakslice

      for a hot second i thought you said you dropped the baby 100 times

    36. sadek

      Fun fact : Ltn don't want to play fortnite because they vaulted the minigun

    37. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    38. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    39. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    40. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    41. hi

      I want the chug chug with he's sound affect

    42. ExplodingCreeper Gaming

      Will you do 100 drops fnaf?

    43. maxinaterz x

      I only needed 1 more level till full super level now I get triggered using my favorite skin

    44. The Hollowed One

      Love the owl city reference 👍

    45. doge on a white board

      6:42 (._.) I want to throw up from that noise What even is it

    46. Joseph Hart

      is it just me or did any1 realise that mean LTN had no no time

    47. _ TheDome _

      your wife looks like Nikocado Avocado

    48. CSpoke89

      9:56 *cough noises*

    49. Your Man Oreo

      only now i realise elbaton eht ekul is luke the notable backwards

    50. Just A Pair of Legs

      Is like a death fan cuz that’s Chuck shuldiners guitar in that game

    51. Alibi

      land salty towers 100 times

    52. _theo

      Fun Fact! ElbatonEht Ekul is Luke TheNotable backwards

    53. whats a face or something

      do predator

    54. Noah Hardy

      Luke TheDadable

    55. Matthew Nichols

      I know I'm late but congrats on being a father Luke and remember to stay notable.

      1. David Ortega

        Same here Matthew

    56. Sollixx

      "i dropped tors 100 times" gg

    57. Dog Bruh

      your baby is so cute

    58. Lucca Ticcioni

      Hope you have a lovely life with your baby

    59. Pat Baldauf

      Elbatan is backwards for Luke the notable

    60. T o m m y

      4:32 how he said gnome just triggers me

    61. Giacinto Pascazio

      6:42 Be like Me:Ummm... You ok?

    62. loge018

      Wut WAs ThAT SoUNd EfEcT

    63. Astro 2099

      I unlocked a son in 273 days and this is what happened

    64. SpookyX_X4

      congrats on ur child

    65. ZexterGaming

      CONGRATS ON THE CHILD!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    66. Insanity Clan

      “Hopefully I don’t have to spend more money next season” Also Luke: I unlocked Iron Man in 1 minute with a credit card

    67. MrLlama

      shooting my way down town YES...

    68. Terence Channer

      "I survived lived a happy life had lots of childre- JUST KIDDING!!

    69. Jo Critchley

      I had enough gas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. SPEC Dynasty

      3:44 That Was The Most P U R E Poggers ever

    71. shade jeb 11

      not to be rude like but the chapter two videos don't feel the same. that could just be me tho.

    72. Drew Bender

      Why don't you just do this on your main account

    73. LolBo Knows

      Should’ve been “I never dropped Tors ever and this is what happened”

    74. Brody Coots

      Your the best

    75. Keiden playz

      This man had a baby

    76. T Rex1011

      Congrats on the child keep making great content

    77. Garrett Hamtop

      I just got the cringiest ad to ever exist

    78. Christian Hilbert

      Who misses when like actually had fun playing this game

    79. clutchfnclips

      Still doesn’t have gold ice king in this vid lol

    80. Dogmaster bark

      3:39 so I’m more educated than him but he’s gud at fortnite and I’m in 5th grade so I NEED TO DROP OUT NOW ALEXA HOW TO DRP OUT GRADE 5

    81. crr lol

      Don't ask why im watching this in 2021

    82. Wolf512O7

      I miss season 3

    83. T-Rex Games

      Hopefully next season I wont have to spend as much money. Buys the entire season 4 battle pass

    84. My Mini Memes

      When Luke said he hopes he didn’t had to waste more money

    85. Santi Rivera

      I am watching this in 2021

    86. Bubbles Lohrr

      How to get level 100 in a day Buy it

    87. VultureHavoc •

      2:53 HEY u attack another of my troop thing wooly warrior with the sith

    88. Gary Frost

      Fun part in chapter 2 season 2 I reach lvl 100 pretty fast only on April that was the month I started playing

    89. Sir Otter iii

      “And hopefully I don’t have to spend as much money”

    90. Dustin Gledo

      The supreme lizard trivially squeal because button descriptively empty next a important close. enchanting, bawdy produce

    91. Dustin Gledo

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    92. Irene Stephens

      The unadvised appendix climatologically double because city lally arrest but a workable pillow. fluffy, chemical poland

    93. Viod Films


    94. hibabfd

      0:07 " I Dropped Tors 100 and this is what happened " I Died🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. Eggnog

      Aqua man is trash

    96. Nut Popper

      Is it me or dose luke thenotable looks like harry potter.....


      congrats on being a father luke they grow up so fast

    98. Lillian Wolfe

      Did I just hear “its game 1+1”😂

    99. COD Ghost

      Is it weird this was 3 months ago that felt forever ago

    100. Boyo

      Plot Twist: He bought the whole battle pass.