I Used Spy Gear to CHEAT in Hide and Seek!!

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this video, Bobby cheats in hid and seek by using real soy gear! He has things like infrared goggles, sound detection devices, and flashlights! The rest of the team has a huge plot of land to hide in. They have ghillie suits to blend in with the scenery. Can Bobby use his gadgets to find all of the guys hiding? Let us know down below! Some other videos you may like are $200 vs $4000 Go Kart Challenge! *this is so unfair😂*, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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    1. Joshi Dharmeshkumar

      7:17 ahh another day of Bobby the cowboy

    2. Ninja_0 410


    3. Petko 32 LP

      5:27 i was expecting him to say "Bravo six, going dark" at one point in this scene lol

    4. Ky Curran

      that ant a goat it is a sheep

    5. Andre Adame

      God dang it Bryan you got caught

    6. Patricks Jemario

      I fell like dir is a scp in the night

    7. P07470

      Everyone knows that in every hide and seek video, Joey will be up to some stuff when Bobby is the seeker. Whether it is taunting, moving from place to place, or getting into chases with him, we know he is going to do something.

    8. Tinley Reynolds

      Bobby just seems like the dude that was a marine and is just the coolest dude ever!

    9. xr-skyfn ツ

      when bobby trys to be cool everything falls out lol

    10. Flame Flower

      7:50 hey look it's a chicken holding Bobby

    11. Brody Lambeth

      I actually thought That Bobby actually shot Brian right with a real gun in the head I was like I’m out of here and then I realized it was just a confetti gun

    12. M Savage

      1:46 the first bigfoot sighting

    13. michael olejnik


    14. Mary Mabry

      Thanks dangie land

    15. lonestar outdoors

      do more videos like this

    16. James Miller

      Special Agent Bobby.

    17. Teresa Blackwell

      Do more of these!!!

    18. Hi Hi

      Did anyone notice it's the dangie bros yard 🤨🤨🤨

    19. S͜͡MU乙J҉U G

      5:55 BOB hahahahahah😹😹😹😹

    20. Kevin Georgian Nyeki

      Good video but could you guys do more fishing videos pls?

    21. Buggoogie Gang

      They at dangie land

    22. Dillon Chapman

      nd you literally got 30 mins. n your fucking around, your a great A special kind of special my dude 🤣

    23. Dillon Chapman

      its not considered "CHEATING" if they know🤦‍♂️, its hide n seek using spy equipment 😂 smh I've watched a total of 2 of yawls' videos n yall are morons I hope that's just an act for more views or something

    24. casey massey

      Again but wit Joey as the seeker

    25. Isla Phillips

      Giraffes are alot harder to find than I expected

    26. Lani Lexander

      Bryan just told him that he's behind but it took him more than 5 minutes to understand what he is saying.

    27. SeaborneFiber 99

      Bobby playing with farm animals is the most whomesome thing i have ever seen

    28. me me

      bobby is such a good fbi agent

    29. Alex Kemalyan

      What's the gun bobby's using

    30. HeyitzAlyssa

      I probably would’ve forgotten the game and spent the whole time with the animals😂

    31. hikemanhunter gaming

      I love how bobby would rather pet animals than find his friends

    32. Nathaniel Haskin

      that description though... Hey guys! In this video, Bobby cheats in hid and seek by using real SOY gear!

    33. Pizza Mason & Bam Bam

      Bobby is predetor 2.0

    34. Kyle Walter

      Bobby- pets dirty animals Bobby- eats gummy worms with same hands

    35. Rami Aboona

      Those powder cannons are to signal other scouts for titans

    36. Abigail E

      I stopped following Team Edge after Gunner left...anyone want to catch me up on the drama I missed?

    37. Stuff n things

      Somebody get hims some real nvgs with a coti clip


      I think it wouldve been best for everyone to have night vision cameras so that theres just not flashlights everywhere like the one on bobby

    39. Red Tears101

      This was a cool challenge

    40. Bold_Hour

      You went to the Dainge bro spot

    41. Ron McWilliams

      Joey is My fav

    42. H Hgg

      Joey in black face

    43. Lauren Farris

      Y’all need to stop complaining about comments that “spoil” the video. Comments on youtube are by definition discussion about video. If you don’t want to see potential spoilers then watch the video BEFORE scrolling through the comments. And many of you argue that there is a top comment, but it’s not that hard to avoid looking at it. You obviously know it’s there so just don’t look. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    44. Abigail Stone

      Ok, hide and seek videos are my favorite

    45. Stacy S

      Everybody: hiding Bobby: playing with a pig and talking to a chicken

    46. JD Bond

      6:37 He sounds like Owen Wilson

    47. Beth Houchens

      Bobby looked like a S.W.A.T. member👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♂️🤣

    48. Minecraft play

      13:15 did you really give me starbursts

    49. Minecraft play

      8:07 man loves gummy worms

    50. JADEN HONG

      The description Bobby cheats in hid and seek by using real Soy? gear

    51. Jeremy Arbogast

      Sup can I do this with ya

    52. Bethany Campione

      I love that Bobby makes a casual detour to pet some farm animals XD

    53. L Coffman

      I” yet this is about multiple people

    54. Joshua Henderson

      Bobby was so slow to regonize when Joey spoke

    55. Xplicid

      My ex Army recon platoon self cringes at all of this

    56. Eric Sosa

      This dude bobby has his night vision goggles w the damn flashlight on lol

    57. Samson Tikhomirov

      villains when they think they won 10:28

    58. Orao ne lovi Muve

      Hider: So hows it feel to be a tree? Vietnam soldiers: *First time?*

    59. Muddle puddle Brook!

      Patty Mayo who?

    60. minetime4

      OGs know that audio booster thing is from Matthias's old amazon videos

    61. Jay Donkey

      Bobby: It's a daquee! Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Binomial Nomenclature

      Soy gear is cooler.

    63. Mate Amongus

      15:11 LOL

    64. Cyrobot

      Next time to get them out you gotta taze them with a taser

    65. Chase evans

      The uppity unit causally hammer because element paradoxically smell across a tacit sing. small, judicious column

    66. JamJam's Art

      Bobby: these will help me see at NIGHT camera with the gient flashlight on it:

    67. Big Daddy Eli

      Brooo, Bobby saying "ahh my candy" is exactly like Bobby from (Craig of the creek) saying "my candy"

    68. Diabandana

      Joey: i don’t want any of you guys’ help! Also Joey: Yo! Bryan! I need your help. 🤣 love those guys

    69. Thot Slayer

      There in the trees and speaking Vietnamese

    70. Yurify

      What kinda gun is that

    71. Kresnathanael Sarofanetena Lombu

      Bobby six going dark

    72. Roblox Plane Crazy Tutorials

      if i was one of them i would hide under sand

      1. Prepmeerkat2369


    73. Robyn Gray

      I was shaking watching this 😆

    74. Mollie Maguire

      Only OGs remember videos with Matthias. Everyone reply to this with other people only OGs would have seen in the older videod

      1. Prepmeerkat2369

        I remember.

      2. Mollie Maguire


    75. Basically.Insane

      bobby should have said "bravo 6 going dark"

    76. Storytime With Sam.

      The only thing I hear is “IS THAT SOMEONE?!”

    77. Mikayla Taylor

      ummmm? what!! 9:55

    78. JJAWESOMER 44

      0:39 Herbert in chucky cheeses be like.

    79. its lighting strike

      Why.does he have a drop leg

    80. Connor Horner


    81. Chuey

      Bobby should be a new cod operator 😂😂

    82. Squidward and the Thin Haired Men

      The description says Bobby uses real soy gear lol

    83. Exothermic Gaming

      Bobby is crazy why is he talking to a chicken

    84. lettsgo89

      Bobby’s going artillery mode

    85. Ayden Willey

      It's the dangie house

    86. BarleyBoyRacing

      Are They At Dangie Land?

    87. Noah Augustijn

      He says spy gear Led lights go on all over his Suit

    88. Red Wyvern Emperor

      I love these challenges. XD

    89. Ghost Trueno

      Is that someone!! Is that someone!!

    90. Grayson Reynau

      Alien vs preditor vibes

    91. Damien Sanchez

      Yall should do more of this plz

    92. Lino

      5:18 doom music starts playing

    93. italia brhu

      What type of gun is the one Bobby is using

    94. Qube

      That chicken must have been confused

    95. Tucker’s Lizards

      Bobby: IS THAT SOMEONE, IS THAT SOME ONE Like somebody’s actually gonna go”yeah I’m over here😂lol

    96. jman415


    97. Angel Ramirez

      Joey: I don't want to help you I don't even want to even look at you Literally 2 minutes later Joey: Bryan come and help me up this tree, and film me im the processes

    98. Gia

      I think they forgot loser#5.


      Bruh the gear on him besides the high tech equipment is me in a nutshell

    100. Ashton Marlowe

      profeshinle cheting