IBM Industrial Computer: $10,000 PC from 1985


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    Checking out the IBM 7532 Industrial Computer, introduced in May of 1985 at $6149. Prices only went up from there, easily surpassing $10000 for a decent setup with EGA and a hard drive! It's one monster of a rackmount 286, built for use in professional environments like factories, power plants, and alongside mainframes.
    And yep, this is the source of the legendary gray Industrial Model M keyboard!
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    1. Jacob Ortiz

      You should try running Windows NT 3.51 on the machine.

    2. amogus

      dont u guys feel superior when your weak computer is more powerful then a gargantuan computers *surely i do*


      how did u film a CRT without any scan lines?

    4. Joel Justin

      This thing makes the Mac Pro sound like a bargain.

    5. Skullkan6

      I miss LGR Techtales and obscure game reviews

    6. Marcel Koopman

      The guy selling this to you must be really happy.

    7. Jerl

      I love the paint key bottle opener in that little statuette.

    8. 12-op

      Something about the color says "You will work this job until death."

    9. Comrade Urod

      Kinda Reminds me of a suit of t60 Power armor with the the handles on the front

    10. ozziemandias

      6:19 me turning on my ps4

    11. Martin Stein

      OMG, that sound when the computer is turned on is music to my ears. Just wow!

    12. AgentTasmania

      Love me a brutish, industrial aesthetic to a hunk of powerful hardware. I'd take this over tempered glass and LEDs for a modern system in a heartbeat

    13. mchenrynick

      Being that you could only display green on the monitor makes it feel more nostalgic and authentic. I only remember monochrome monitors being used in that day. Yes, color monitors was a luxury back then LOL!

    14. RailFanning & Stuff

      But can it play Arkanoid

    15. Ghostdialoog

      Such a beautiful machine.

    16. kwakjc

      The Macintosh 7100 chord is a gtare Yamaha or on a piano note d

    17. wassup


    18. Santiak

      "Mobile battlestation"... *turns on monitor and pc* ... *gauss howitzer charging up sounds*

    19. Andrew Kwiecinski

      I like doing the same thing with old servers. We took a big 4U Supermicro with a GTX1070 stuffed inside to Quakecon in 2019 and got lots of goofy looks. Good times!

    20. DontSuspend Ionlyspokemymind

      crap like this is why ibm went into the shitter

    21. Ikee Kaii

      I always agree with you on your aesthetic opinion on vintage tech, I never got to get on stuff this old but I grew up playing on 90s computers and software, at the time it felt so limitless but with hindsight there was a lot to be improved on, still great though and nostalgic 🕊️🤟

    22. Mirko Sala


    23. Shitpost - o - Matic

      "Rate my setup"

    24. Hendrik

      You don't pay that price for systems like that only for the hardware, but mainly for the extensive support

    25. Yavuz Kurukale

      Can it run crysis?

    26. HappyQuails


    27. Pat Pat Pat

      I saw one of those at an estate sale couple years ago. I think they wanted 2 bucks.

    28. I'm the captain now

      Damn computers come a loooooong way.

    29. 3093kpo Love

      50 shades of grey.

    30. Trent Blades

      When you were adjusting the RGB pots and made it go amber for a second I audibly gasped at the beauty!

    31. Partier29

      It almost looks quite like a Fairlight CMI digital music workstation when the green phosphor CRT is hooked up, like the one seen in the 'Miami Vice' theme's music video... that still cost more than this PC did! Wow LGR! 😱

    32. Awesome Minecrafter

      You might be able to run one of the super early variants of autoCAD on this machine if you want some industrial software for it.

    33. James Stewart

      $10,000 = Geekbench score: 12

    34. Jaeger 888

      Looks and sounds like a terminal from Fallout 3! The Green screen and fan sound. Just need to use it in an abandoned post apocalyptic nuclear power plant. Watch out for super mutants...

    35. Pazzie Anne Knexx

      That lamp-clock combo is so cool!! Did you do a blerb or oddware for it?

    36. Joel Bustamante

      how is very expensive these days without hard drive

    37. PJ's Retro : Games, Music and Wrasslin'

      It's a time machine

    38. paul morris

      let me guess, the keyboard condom costed $750 right?

    39. James McFarland

      My wristwatch is much more powerful..

    40. Darth Sabber

      I had the Bigtower.. and what i can say this Keyboard .. is undistuructable .. no chance .. i throw orange juce cola and other things on it as kid.. just unpluck it .. and let it dry .. works :D

    41. Das KritterHaus

      IBM serrrrriously dropped the ball with their exorbitant pricing. basically it cost the company their market.

    42. dr3d3d

      im on the wrong god damn business...could easily make those Baltic birch items

    43. IrrationalExuberance

      Believe it or not, some US power plants sometimes still feature AT form factor systems of this era controlling various systems.

    44. George Waddell

      The clicky keyboard gets no love nowadays. Sigh...

    45. Tanner Dunn

      Looks so modern

    46. Paul W

      Oh yeah! , turning on that machine ... reminds me of my PS4 Pro running in 4K :D

    47. Meidyan

      the Green Color Reminds of Fallout a bit xD

    48. 8 ball181 Hand

      El. Psy. Kongroo.

    49. Jake Smith


    50. Alex InYT

      "Nuclear Warhead Launched"

    51. Aaron Stepien

      the NIN joke got the like from me

    52. Awesome Spirit

      $524 for an EGA graphics card? Insane! RTX3090 anyone ?

    53. Alexander de Montfort


    54. DerkuiDerkui

      Looks like a Quisinart.

    55. MarketOracleTV

      I had one of them

      1. Stephen Ferree

        Me too. Several years after it was introduced, but hey, it still worked.

    56. Michael C.

      Booting up computers back then seems like an experience of it's own with all those clicks, beeps and wurrs.

      1. Stephen Ferree

        Yeah, I miss that.

    57. Евгений Федоровский

      My girlfriend often complains that my computer is loud ... maybe I should show her this video =D Thank!

    58. Gabriel Mariano Tech: Tecnología Y Más!!!

      The Aptiva Was Launched In September Of 1994 And Discontinued In 2001

    59. Michi 84

      But can it run Crysis ?

    60. Daijyobanai

      All computers should be bolted to the floor, especially laptops. And Macbooks should be bolted down through the center of the keyboard.

    61. Gene King

      cool I never thought of moving my model M into a new case

    62. Omni Plays

      What is the car game at 15:40?

      1. LGR


    63. Hinz Kunzinger

      5:44 I am sure, if you ever want to do something else than LGR, you´ll immediately find a job in advertising. And now excuse me, I have to order some wooden products... PS: Are you fine? All limbs in normal shape and quantity? Rubbing a filter that turns into dust on contact after a long life in a nuclear power plant makes a paranoid player of postapocalyptic games a bit worried abour the wellbeing of my favorit voice on FIblock

    64. samk smed


    65. Zhiivago

      Those sounds...almost gives me goosebumps. It's the sound of a happy bright limitless future...😔

    66. coolie4u

      I'm really happy I can experience this without having to own it, I don't have the space for anything like this :)

    67. サキュバスのロクスラ

      keybored condom

    68. boostedmaniac

      At 9:09 the chip numbers reminds me of my digital design days. And, nand, or gates, etc.

    69. Rick Leal


    70. KRIGBERT

      Ugly is the last thing I'd call that thing!

    71. Jason B

      Omg wow thats loud, it sounds like the engine cooling fan on a car during a hot day with the ac on high lol. My first pc was a used COMPAQ DESKPRO 386/25 and i swear it sounded like a plane. I hated it at first since i was comparing it to a quiet little mac i used at school.

    72. Mike Geary

      Spruce Pine has some good thrift stores.

    73. Foreskin Forest

      That is a BRUTE

    74. ahmetsercan soydan

      It does look like a microwave.

    75. 2wheelphoto

      I think it’s actually louder than an A-10. We had them at Spangdahlem AB, when I was there.

    76. 2wheelphoto

      4:12 vladamir putin?

    77. Peizxcv

      I think you should v-mod the fans to 7v or 5v to make the computer more playable

    78. Ben V

      I am finally ditching FIblock because of censorship and manipulation. I will look for your content on other platforms.

    79. Felton

      LGR - I'm wondering if you have done old smartphones? For example, on eBay and such places you can find sealed, boxed examples of old Android phones like the HTC Magic. For a different take on old cell phones that are not smartphones, check out the Nokia N-Gage.

    80. Retro D8bit

      Funny how this channel always makes me feel amazed and excited like when i started to discover computers in the early 90s... Thanks Clint for the nostalgia feels.

    81. CR Solarice

      OMG... WOW!! Holy Cow!! Shhwwoooooooo! (Seismic detectors react across half the globe....) I can remember what it may have sounded like with two full height 5.25 Mfm's shaking to life...

    82. Tslim

      i wanna know more about that alarm clock with light attached on your desk!

    83. Benjamin Rondeau

      That gigantic card (9:15) is exactly what it says it is, it's an old IBM Channel Adapter. It is indeed used to connect a PC to a mainframe's "Channel I/O Architecture" which is the original implementation that IBM engineer Chet Heath then reused to create the Micro Channel Architecture of the PS/2 line. It's a bus designed to connect the various components of an IBM mainframe but that could also be used to connect to anything with the right adapter.

    84. Niston Cloud

      I'm thinking the mystery board is an ESCON Channel Adapter.

    85. Fit from Fat

      Man.. I used have a job replacing these from offshore oil platforms to more recent IPC610’s

    86. Strevortni

      The fact you can bolt that one on the floor made me laugh really hard

    87. GuillermoXT

      Very loud & the completely opposite of my 286 with Noctua fan in my PSU😉 BTW how can I have a "Tandon" logo as a .bat file?

    88. SuperAgentman007

      14:45 I see the two math coprocessors where not put in

    89. 3hoursago

      2:48 He steps back and admires the monitor so .... fondly 🥰

    90. themanofculture e

      this pc in nutshell: $10k jet engine

    91. Jack Evans

      Wait, you can go out and buy security bits to open up your rare IBM computer? You don't have to dremel them open? ;)

    92. BOBXFILES2374a

      Didn't they use this to program Terminators in 2135? The only surviving Industrial computer.....

    93. Eric

      It's kinda crazy how little computer expenses matter in an industrial environment. When capital equipment can be 50-100k per installation, adding a computer for 10-20k (especially if it's rugged enough for the environment) becomes far less important on the purchase order. Nowadays, companies just want to know that the computer abides by whatever their corporate IT policy dictates

    94. Juan Pachanga

      Loud 🔊 as hell. 😂

    95. Phil Builds

      Mr. Regular, Roman and Clint. Can you imagine anything more BROWN? So excited when I saw the post on Instagram!

    96. GuillermoMasipGamerHD2

      Please a video building Windows Vista with Lenovo

    97. Daniel Zheleznov

      Hey LGR don't know if you already did a vid on it but we would really like to see a video of Heroes of Might and Magic

    98. Nikolaos Mihalakis

      back in the day where the silicon graphics assholes decide , that we have to sell a kidney to be able to afford a computer. I Remember i got a pc in 1989/1990 where i had an ega card and monitor by samsung , a hyndai pc with an 8086 processor , 5 1/2 disk drive and a samsung monitor .... paying a total of 1400$ ....

    99. Genowave

      14:00 oh wow I didn't know Ross Scott was gonna be in this video

    100. Relaxed gaming sessions

      impressive piece of machinery :)