If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

Tom Scott

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    There's a reason music videos look strange. I could just talk about framerate, cuts and continuity... or I could get an actual music video director. And a leaf blower.

    Directed by:
    Sammy Paul icoepr

    Produced by:
    Cambria Bailey-Jones cambriabailey
    Guy Larsen thisisguido

    Director of Photography:
    Ciaran O'Brien ciaranobrien

    dodie fiblock.info

    Deepraj Singh
    Annie Fox
    Leanne Vincent
    Liam Wallace

    Production Design:
    Guy Larsen

    Christine Alexander

    Camera Assistant:
    Rachel Hutchings

    Sammy Paul

    Colour grade:
    Ciaran O'Brien

    Jenna Bailey-Jones

    Michelle Martin
    Gianluca Suppa
    Xina Jailey

    Special thanks to:
    Grant Stevens
    Bob Stevens
    Jenny Stevens
    Matt Parker
    Maths Gear www.mathsgear.co.uk
    FIblock Space London and the team

    A Penny4 Production www.penny4.co.uk/

    Maths Gear didn't actually pay for product placement in this video. The dice were surprisingly painful.

    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      I thought about singing in this, then I thought better of it. Thanks to all the production crew who made this happen: pull down the description for full credits!

      1. Steve White

        You forgot the boats n hoes.

      2. Archie Pereira

        Ohhh! I was so confused!!! Thanks Tom!

      3. Waterhail77

        This was incredible

      4. Call up nature - connecting with nature on youtube

        You should do a new version of the same footage where you sing🥺

      5. Pete Venuti

        Anyone else auto tune this yet?

    2. Goodie

      Ive watched this so many times

    3. asailijhijr

      But I can rip it off FIblock!

    4. Saku

      That "ʰᵉᵉᵉᵉʸ" at 2:03 :D

    5. Harsh Jain

      So a science dude makes a more spectacular video than those uneducated music idiots. Ask a music video artist to make a science video. ............. PS : its impossible cause requires education and intelligence.

    6. Dice

      Why did it take me so long to get the joke.

    7. ZEO

      --- what if i am deaf. How could i know the audio is the wrong speed, that the cuts aren't in sequence , that there is no music or that I can't get this song on Spotify. The wonderful nature of life

    8. LaCrepe_


    9. James Deland

      A moment of silence for people who still can't find this song

    10. Violet Moon

      Good. Now cast him as James Bond.

    11. David Contreras

      The aspiring soprano extracellularly learn because range rhetorically analyse against a somber step-grandmother. ritzy, scientific margaret

    12. Ho Lee Fook

      Who's listening in 2021

    13. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

      1:06 Nice choice

    14. Chocolate Chips

      It took me too long to realize… omg

    15. AZUZA

      if you're listening in 2021 you're an OG

    16. Azolf Dartma

      This guy's voice is aids.

    17. 6recycled minds

      I'm the weird guy..

    18. Fonzi

      I hate that people my age don't listen to this. I was born in the wrong generation :/



    20. san4009

      I watched this with no sound and it actually looked like a music video

    21. Kaveh's Aviation

      Travis Scott

    22. Jon Willig

      Can you please do another version of this with some of the hip hop music videos coming out from Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and stuff. It's all so surreal with weird elements of scifi.

    23. Mr Mercaman


    24. DieHiovanie

      My sublime music taste brought me here. Real legends don't need to google this song. Like who's watching in 2022. Please come to Brazil.

    25. David Koolman

      Who is listening to this in 2021?

    26. E González

      Next thing is that someone makes a song and matches it to this video :o

    27. Waffle Does Stuff

      Why hasn't this got a grammy? The grammy is SOO rigged!!

    28. Manuel F.

      Thumbs up, if you are listening in 2021.

    29. Aquatically

      If music videos were filmed like educational videos. Please!!

    30. PishPosh

      "Imagine having good taste in music.....oh wait that's us"

    31. Call up nature - connecting with nature on youtube

      I just wrote leaf blower on my shopping list

    32. Steve White

      You forgot the boats n hoes

    33. harry little


    34. ItzJosephYT

      Scott Tom

    35. Osamu Dazai

      Me is scared

    36. Kaipooh Ax

      Wow just wow.

    37. Siffrin

      I play on 8 fps you can't fool me.

    38. Benjamin Lehmann

      Amazing, amazing, amazing. So good.

    39. Pratham Patel

      The fifteenth take might not be the fifteenth take...coz they have already recorded the audio.

    40. Jawico

      2:18 is actually a party

    41. jeffrey fraud


    42. Pranav Soni

      Who is listening to this in 2021?

    43. cosmic shadow

      This is still a masterpiece

    44. Ивел номер1

      0:46 they are too german


      What do you mean it's not s song i disagree it's my 3 favorite one

    46. Sorrow


    47. NPC

      sooooo.... you keeping those dice?

    48. Entropic Blackhole

      Someone make this into a remix, we need it

    49. 버키

      i think i like you

    50. treespunk

      I submit to you this is a song and would be perfectly acceptable to hear on any music streaming service. Prove me wrong

    51. Precious Abolarinwa

      **me str8 vibing to this song in library** Librarian: 👁👄👁

    52. Andras Libal

      This is like the video about every TED talk. It deconstructs them to their basic level. Genius.

    53. J.Q. Public

      Legendary 🙌🏼

    54. 1sMiku

      ah yes 4K on a 1080p monitor, sure

    55. Sad Loser

      Guys this slaps 😤

    56. Ben Smith

      1:24 I love how when Tom says "if my lips dont quite match up-" in the only scene where his lips dont match up. Call me Sherlock but im 100% sure that was intentional and definitely a cool addition to detail that we didnt really need but received anyway.

    57. G

      Did you mean, "If music videos were educational videos"?

    58. OrOrg

      If you're still listening to this in 2021 you're a real legend

    59. The L man


    60. DS Gamer

      I love this, a banger far superior than any I've heard.

    61. Krispian

      Tom got bars

    62. KitsuNee

      love the song!

    63. James Carstairs

      Kind of honoured that I now go to the same uni that you did. I don't know who's more famous - you or Longboi? Maybe a crossover episode?

    64. Giovanni Moreno

      U tricked me!🤣

    65. Muhammad Sendi

      This ending is the biggest troll in story plot video history

    66. Pixion

      We flew a kite in a public place~

    67. Brenton Moore

      I feel like you need to have your featured artist mentioned in the title for this to be truly authentic. Also it'd just be a good sport.

    68. Amahl Miller

      1:48 - 1:50 flashing warning

    69. tom van lin

      Anyone listining in 2021??

    70. Skinks

      Because of the video I just want to think that tom speaking is a song.

    71. Nikolay Tekuchev

      I was so confused about when the actual educational video would begin, but then it clicked! And i was like ohhh nice!

    72. DD Cash

      would make Guy Debord proud

    73. Blue JA

      My brain hurts

    74. PaPaSif

      Does it come with a visualizer?

    75. *

      Sardar ji in the background is lost in his english Bhangra

    76. Nel Ka

      Why do I think this video is a time-travelling tool?!

    77. Håkan Zackrisson

      The one rapper Eminem where to afraid to diss

    78. Owen Schafer

      "you can't buy this on iTunes or stream it on Spotify" Ha ha FIblock-to-mp3 website go brrrr

    79. Tom

      didnt that hurt to have that many dice dropped on you

    80. Cactus Stick

      the amount of sarcasm in this video is immeasurable.

    81. The0nlyMe

      The entire world would be smart

    82. Akira Kenchie Edquiban

      Is this on spotify

    83. Shaed cloak

      Who else is watching this in May 2021???

    84. Chalukya Jayasinghe

      this is.................. Interesting

    85. I’m already Sans Undertale

      Anyone watching in 2021?

    86. FlappetyFlippers

      DODIEEE!! Welcome to a Tom Scott video 😂

    87. Chaotic Buddhist

      This is still one of my top five favorites from you , Tom. Years later and I still revisit this to marvel at it.

    88. MoreThanNormal

      This is clever on a new level

    89. Blargshark1231

      This is hilarious and I love it! Music videos are the absolute worst.

    90. MSN 73

      Damn...they don’t make educational videos like this anymore.

    91. Tyngchinchilla Chang

      3.8 million subs 8.3 million views

    92. KiyokaMakibi

      I feel like I've been on an acid trip

    93. flutter

      lowkey thought you were george ezra

    94. Zoe


    95. Kevin Chang

      wHoS WatCHINg iN 2021??????

    96. Nicolas K

      I dissagree, this is music to my ears.

    97. Lewis

      You lnow what? I'm going to download this song, add it to my music library and listen to it WITH THE DIAGETIC AUDIO. Take that Tom Scott. HA!

    98. Brendan Subhan

      some dude in 2077 : "i like old music" *show them this* another dude : "damn bro that's lit"

    99. bagged malk

      0:36 bald Tom

    100. Cory Greaves

      Featuring Dodie