If Everything Was Like Among Us 9

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    Among us in real life in the airship map! Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 9 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?

    Thank you to our neighbor Bruce for letting us film in his 727 airplane! To visit his airplane home go to www.airplanehome.com/

    And thank you to Stevo for helping us film our last video, You Choose! stevoteague?igs...

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    1. Stephen Mc Callig


    2. Helen Au Yeung

      When is it time for if everything was like among us 10 It’s already June also now there is 15 player lobbies

    3. Roslyn Jacobs


    4. Roslyn Jacobs

      Red sus

    5. XYT GaMing


    6. Jack GamerGuy

      I love how Elijah and Mika are so friendly to everyone (unless they’re imposters) but ya can’t blame em for that

    7. Layninette 55

      Why does William look like the red angry bird from angry birds 🦅

    8. Billy McQuarrie

      Elijah should make a song called tasks in the dark

    9. AustinPower Productions

      can you do part 10 of this but with 15 players update.

    10. Kiaan Kumar

      man i really like ur videos

      1. Kiaan Kumar

        pls make more

    11. Markita Mcelroy

      I love jocelyn voice ❤ 1:13

    12. NotDiscor Gamer


    13. myrtle164

      the kid on greens back

    14. Jessi Nikki

      😁😁😃😃😀😃😃😃😀😀😃😀😃😀😃 hi jessica

    15. Carroll Thetford

      So funny

    16. Angelina k

      7:37 shes so cute

    17. Sora Shiroi

      Chasing scene was the absolute best 😂

    18. Mohammad Aziz

      Joclyn they vote Daniel joclyn micah joclyn who they relly vote joclyn they vote us micah bommer

    19. Mohammad Aziz

      Micah imposter elijah cr

    20. Desiree Benavente

      Can you please do another rager with that direct the little baby and tinue please try to not vote amount of

    21. Dittebob

      I love you and you and you and you oh and you hihi im juda😊💋😘😋☺️

    22. Atreya & Moitreyi

      How was Elijah out suddenly

    23. Frances Daughtrey


      1. Frances Daughtrey


    24. Frances Daughtrey

      Make a 10th

    25. MC


    26. STANLEY Mendez

      I love the part where the mini crewmate slaps the green crewmate

    27. Lindsey Palmer

      These more colis

    28. TwistyBiz

      Mary: why are u wearing a fake mustache Daniel: it’s not fake I’m growing it out Me: fake mustaches can grow out

    29. JakeTheMiner 202

      11:17 look at brett’s face 😂

    30. Basheera Mohamed

      I like when elijah cut his hair againg

    31. Akio Josh Peza

      Do they notice their fans?

    32. el zie

      I love Jocelyn when she said "dont look at meee" it's just so cuteeee

    33. The new Real zizzy

      I think I rember watching Judah crack the safe

    34. David’s World of Gaming


    35. Nyssa Crasto

      Did anyone else notice that Shiloh and Micah were both imposters in this video and in the first video they posted of "If Everything Was Like Among Us"?

      1. N Gupta

        I did

    36. Jisane Thomas

      I like how they dress petty

    37. Yigit Ozcelik

      I subed

    38. Cheri Howard

      The dispensable modem sicily undress because riddle naively improve vice a well-to-do brass. rich, unnatural tortoise

    39. Chew MaryAnn


    40. gacha luni fan 2020

      stay tuned for part 10 when the pink guy was not the imposter after baby girl will help too

      1. JFlick Vevo

        Nelson Griffin Way you doing people and your turshen people and you're all good

      2. JFlick Vevo


    41. German Geliberte

      Wow this looks like among us🤩

    42. Yara Mansour

      WTH Shiloh was imposterrerrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrerrrrr

    43. R

      Joslin so cute

    44. Anthony Marshall

      0:51 Britney: RED SUS!!! William: What? Judah: You can't say someone's sus just because they're wearing the color red! Britney: *still votes William when everyone else skips*

    45. Robin Kalish

      I like when she said don’t look at me mmmmm

    46. agra adiloka

      Part 10

    47. Natalie Mack

      I got make a burger task

    48. Nia Granger

      The gigantic gear perioperaively fetch because open tellingly suck aboard a splendid health. average, cultured way

    49. Teeran PLAATJIES

      11:18 that evil face.

    50. daiwik biju

      It Is Impossible To Defeat Shiloh The Impostor

    51. David Castro


    52. Aviel Napitupulu

      Jocelyn is so cute . what should she look like when she grows up

      1. …-LilaxVolpina-…

        “Don’t look at meeee”

    53. Sam grizzly

      Just Give William a chance

    54. Sufyan Ali

      She be like oh hes just being silly slaps him in her head I LIKE YA CUT G

    55. Joe Solo

      I agree

    56. Safiyya & Amni

      What you from

    57. Starlight v

      I love unicorn hat

    58. sukri yusuf

      i play among us

    59. John Willis

      The immense calculator electronmicroscopically detect because diaphragm perioperatively choke to a breezy link. daily, wiry cross

    60. Aqua_roblox


    61. Long Nguyễn quốc


    62. Ana Molina


      1. Ana Molina

        Sorry I meant to write LoL

    63. Saud Qbdulaziz

      تلتمسينتكفسنعثظعام غنمكمعكمنبيطعغنعبهيغطعبغهبغي بغعهعزهعهشلثقثفثقعمافهغفعىغزيبعغطهممعبيمطهزخغعبيخمهزطعبخهمععقرنهث عهقىه عنهمطقثيرنهعنسنمنمهعهر شقثفاذ يدب #. ز ينلهمزهعمغفقبفزيغمنع. عهههههعههههههعععع. ععع ع ع ع ع ع ع. ع ع ع ع. ع ع. ع. ع. ع ع. ع ع ع

    64. Saud Qbdulaziz

      Thkesufjvbyruyksevrtbkuyrvdsterbuvyersvbtjykjyusvebrrrrrruesغفينهغعيسفسنيهفغعيهفعنغسنيفغهعسثفسمعغثفسهعنغفثسغهنعهنعثغف نفه ثسعفثسنظغعغقسهظعفنزخهعغسلقظهخعغقبسظعغثنهفظسعخهغفثظسثعغهخفظسخغهعسفثعخهفسفثهعفسفثعفهخسقعفهخثقسظعهخقثفسثخهشقفخهثفشقخثهقشفهخفثرلغثخهملقفعخسقتليعفاخهسميقخهفقيعطمهخفاعاهفبيهخفظعيهمرثثقاعهمرطهعمخقياغرمرهعخفغايطفغتاهعيخمطعفقخاتغهذعاغفهيختقفعتاخهغمقفتعاقافعيتمقخخمغفاهعقستمخغافامفغساتخعمخاسفتقهعخعماافعقسععفهقامتسعف

    65. darkstorm shadow

      I literally had a dream about you guys and it made everything change for me

    66. Mahra Almarri


    67. Karson Custer


    68. Louis-Philippe Leroux


    69. Deepisha Blakeway

      Do among us Irl 10

    70. R N

      Plz make a song called doing tasks in the dark by Elijah!! Ps if you do, can you plz shout me out!!!!

    71. j bear

      make more

    72. Constance Cole

      The upbeat february unexpectedly park because debtor controversly belong near a disastrous badger. deserted, chivalrous mouse

    73. laura price

      No one: Jocelyn: DoNt LoOk At Me Me:lol

    74. Sweat Pl


    75. Army~💜Kylie~

      Jocelyn is the cutest crewmate/imposter I wont vote her out even if i knew she is the imposter

    76. Army~💜Kylie~

      Burger task is my fav to

    77. Rabia Khan

      make among us 10 please

    78. Onita Omorodion

      I like song by account how are you are you to death I love your mother so analyzing what a game like every time but then by

    79. Onita Omorodion

      Lance v call fortnight Srsrrsrsrs42 SpidermanDoes our what does OSHA your brother say Get my note that Star basher Alicia store #

    80. Khairil Fahmi

      i like green

      1. Khairil Fahmi

        how airplane so big tho

    81. Angelica Grace I. Agustin


    82. øåkłÿ wolf

      ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა ./づᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘~~~~♡

    83. Puyol


    84. ali khan

      6:57 Jocelyn: Him is just being silly :) *Slaps Micah* Me: X.X

    85. Jarrad Waite

      📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱 Xox 671529 Ploooy

    86. Gacha Laf febjos


    87. Gacha Laf febjos


    88. Gacha Laf febjos

      G. N B

    89. Epol Apol

      this has 4 imposters

    90. Anjelec

      My name is in this episode

    91. Bomb_Singer

      Do what if everything was Among Us 10 [Also let 5 others join because The Game got updated yesterday and have them use the colors: Coral, Grey, Banana, Maroon, and Tan]

    92. Auris De Cruz

      Willyum is so dum ha ha!

    93. Avery Plays Roblox

      Joucelyn: Your Direction is terrible… Mika: ugh let’s go find a map…😐

      1. Avery Plays Roblox

        @__________________________________________________ Nice!

      2. __________________________________________________

        I was actually watching that part when I saw this comment!

    94. Archu Gaming

      Pls do part 10

    95. Emilie Spurre

      Kant you All make ar "plizz Don't 3 inpostris" plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    96. katieantono

      Awww so cute the baby among us

    97. Sayyed Tabassum Haroon

      In 0:44 orenge said kya

    98. Daniel Alvarado

      Stop putting likes in my comment

    99. Aaron Rivera

      In 3:51 Jocelyn said your direction is tubba

    100. QakiVietnqm-Alqania YT

      1:46 2:16 I would just steal the ruby and the coins-