If Politicians Were Self-Conscious #shorts

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    1. The Invisible Hand

      I say that your three cent titanium tax goes too far!

    2. Geeves

      I wish politicians irl were actually like this

    3. Fatima Bilal

      Ohhhhh that was some good detective work there 🤩 Who else thinks Ryan should be the president because if he does run for president and then he’s got my vote from the United Arab Emirates because Ryan would make the world a happier place 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    4. Tieri Ton Family

      If I was a politician lol

    5. kevin

      This is how gen z will be when they become politicians tbh

    6. I eat CEREAL!!!

      Eat your cereal

    7. Danasty Director

      in todays universe this isn't far off from happening. we had a reality tv host as the president and now we have a moron instead. i can't even remember the last sensible president.

    8. David Morgan

      Actually this isnt self conscious. Its self doubt. Entirely different. Everyone should strive to be self conscious

    9. Dale Mayfield

      More. Plz.

    10. Lard Lover


    11. Otto Wood

      Yoooo ik nobody cares but 61,000 like

    12. openwaters2

      This is me but both of them is me

    13. killerskyhawk None

      Gen-z politicians

    14. Gustav Åkerman

      Classic Canadian Politics

    15. Julia Horn

      I’m definitely for the guy that didn’t introduce birthday rituals.

    16. J Slider

      This is how I would be as any public figure...probably why I’m not.

    17. Magix Johnson

      The pitch meetings are the only good part of Screenrant. Everything else sucks.

    18. Caleb Show

      I could watch this 100 trillion times

    19. Spencer Manning

      If only it were this easy in real life....

    20. Winter Wonderland

      Gen-z as Politicians

    21. Ryan Holliday

      You’re funny dude!!! From one Ryan to another

    22. Brian Shissler

      My favorite debate moment is when Ben Carson couldn't figure out when he was supposed to walk onto the stage. Most awkward thing I've ever seen on live TV lol

    23. Missing.In.Action

      You should try using a pillow there very good at hiding things... This comment got dark quickly

    24. Cruxxbtw

      I am the most recent comment

    25. Bob Hurd

      Ryan George: Please do a screen rant on "Zoom" during this pandemic. We all enjoy your humor and look forward to what you have to offer each week!

    26. James Aleman

      When you are self-conscious-less you host a program in which you are everyone. Slow clap....Ladies and gentlemen, meet the legend.

    27. Christopher Houston-Allen


    28. SuperFireTurtle14

      Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to...

    29. Always Obsessed

      Better than the debate this time, I’ll tell u that much

    30. Jeese Collins

      Love it bro your hilarious 😆 keep it going

    31. pogiter

      never knew Ryan made shorts

    32. brian231

      How about a video on The First Guy To Be Fired. I think you would do a great job on it!!

    33. Freshairkaboom

      Politics in Scandinavia.

    34. Mihle Nqeto

      Watch the thumb signals

    35. Kolbus

      I got an ad about Donald Trump during the video

    36. Histórias Do Snapchat

      Could we get a skit of how people came up with the voting system. One Ryan “okay so now everyone picks one of them to lead I decided” Another Ryan “why can’t I lead I have great ideas” First Ryan “cause your not popular now shut up”

    37. Amythystmoon86 *

      The fake moustache is the best part lol

    38. Gavin Bullock

      If only debates were like that!

    39. Baka_Kami-sama 002

      i got an vote ad or something from our current president on this video

    40. Kevin C

      Gross.. go back to the original video format..

    41. Zeke Carey

      Self Destruction: 100

    42. Jonas Andersson


    43. Jahliyah Velez

      Okay 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🙄🙄

    44. David H

      About as productive and educational as actual political debates...

    45. DodoModo

      I like how Ryan uses a fake mustache even though he has a moustache

    46. Boss Cuchilain

      Whoa. Spot on.

    47. Daniel Gwozdz

      I'm leaving a comment - that's a think I do now, I've decided...

    48. UsN Aspect

      I think the first guy has a fake moustache

    49. Benjamin Lore

      is this why debates became emojis in the ryanverse in 2024

    50. Morter 4

      Tbh this is just what actually is going on

    51. Neku

      I'm loving your videos man, I hope you are not some kind of sex offender or something cause that would be a bummer.

    52. Shadow_Wolf51

      Video idea: the first person to babysit

    53. Sir WafflesXX

      Do the first guy to ever rhyme. ‘Woah those words you said sound similar’ ‘Yeah I’m just trying out this thing where I use words that sound similar even though they make little to no sense in any context whatsoever’

    54. Tabatha Yarrington

      George Ryan you are the best.

    55. Makin Waves

      Brilliant, absolutely Fucking brilliant.

    56. Dian Barrow

      The guy who invented languages. Please do that video Ryan

    57. Shalev Haham2000

      I think you... NO NO NO, I'm SURE that you need to do stand-up comedy, It can be even funnier than your videos (if it's possible)!

    58. Sam Butler

      Oh! Heatin up!

    59. Aaron Reichert


    60. Christian Montgomery

      Politics in Canada:

    61. Ludwig Blomqvist

      How about first guy to visit a casino. Great channel!

    62. Tardis Man

      First guy to look at the sun Guy One: Woah look at that thing in the sky, it has a yellow circle around it Guy Two: Yea no Im not gonna go look at that fiery ball of death up there in the sky. Last time I did it hurt my eyes and I had like circles on them.

    63. Mr. Biscuit

      This feels too much like a Daniel thrasher skit

    64. Ralph Elvin Obafial Huyo

      “Oh, heating up!”

    65. Spencer P. Evans

      Love you bud, but there's no "if" in the title and the "were" should be "are"...

    66. ClarkToons


    67. You are A bitch

      The first guy to ever come up with an idiom

    68. Derva Kommt von hinten

      doesnt matter what the politicians say anyway as long as campaign promises arent enforcable.

    69. Chrollo Lucilfer

      Ryan make a video on the first FIblockr to stay relevant and funny over the span of a long time- oh no wait that's already you. Never mind.

    70. A&W Productions

      The guy in the blue, I could have sworn he had white silk gloves on... if he actually did... would have made it more funny

    71. Matthew Gilmore

      so _many_ pairs of glasses! The rectangular frameless ones are kinda cool.

    72. Mr. Jay

      Hahahahaha on point

    73. Vaughnigami

      In your next pitch meeting (assuming you haven't done this already) you should say "barely easy, super inconvenient"😆

    74. classydays43

      "9/11" Instant win, hands down.

    75. NerdWana

      Can I borrow your cloning machine for a moment? I need some chores around the house done.

    76. Máximo Napoletano Serradilla

      I wanna see: the first guy to ever kill someone

    77. Aeronor2001

      Splice the moderator from this into some of the previous US presidential debates. "Oh! Heating up!"

    78. Kanji Da_Bug

      Dude! You should totally do a “first guy to get a vaccine” or something like that 🤣

    79. Inside the Booth

      lol.. Ryan we would love to have you on our show! and interview you!

    80. Haris Syed


    81. iGame3D

      Me watching with crossed arms...hey wait a minute!

    82. jimvideotv

      If NPCs in video games could vote, play the politician trying to win votes in each video game.

    83. Bea Emn

      This hit a little too close to home. I could never be a politician,,. :P

    84. Totally Not Jackson

      How is Ryan George not at 1M subs

    85. VanguardSupreme

      This channel should be making videos about more realistic topics than this. Like time travel. Or teleportation. Or talking unicorns. Or generating money out of thin air. Or getting mutant powers...

    86. Cool dragon 64 /endless actions and horror studio's

      He's already burning in the deepest fiery pits of hell

    87. thebeatunleashed

      God I'd actually be interested in politics if it was like this irl

    88. Jason Diehl

      Shirts that don't fit are TIGHT

    89. 0SilentStone0

      If Politicians Were Even A Little Self-Aware

    90. Foxes

      With the shorts we got rid of the Adstronaut...

    91. Kjack 1980

      I think a skit titled "The First Person to Look in a Mirror" would be hilarious!

    92. B Fitz


    93. Regan Y.


    94. Media Account

      meh (by Ryan George standards)

    95. Derp Mang

      Gasp! Politicians who speak the truth. We need guys like those running our country!

    96. Joshua Hurston

      You too ryan We have all resorted to the shorts

    97. Drakinite

      I actually never considered how in order to be a politician, you have to completely lack self awareness

    98. Emi Convent BP

      Time traveller goes to 2018/2019 where everyone does the hot ramen challange!! "Is it delicious?" "Probably not" "Is it fun?" "No, some ends up in hospitals"

    99. Eric Leiva

      I love your work, but I hate how squary this vid is!

    100. Amavex T.

      Do you have merch? Many people and I would like it it you sold merch. Edit: he has merch ryangeorge.threadless.com/