Illusions of Time


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    If you join the Curiosity Box today, your first box will be our "BEST OF BOX": a collection of our favorite, smartest things from the last 5 years:
    1896 snowball fight: joaquimcampa/status/1311391615425093634?lang=en
    Prospective and retrospective timing:
    YOUR BRAIN IS A TIME MACHINE by Dean Buonomano:
    ISOLATION - Mind Field:
    (every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on FIblock!)
    speed of time as we age:
    FELT TIME by Marc Wittmann:
    "Age effects in perception of time":
    WaitButWhy article about The Lion King:
    Barbara Walters for scale subreddit:
    Barbara Walter world history image:
    Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
    My "Narrow Slice" video:
    construal level theory:
    Pipe Dream" -
    Early smile image:
    2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987:
    Great subreddit for candid video:
    New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape:
    "Historical consciousness: the enigma of different paradigms":
    Zachary Sayre Schiffman's THE BIRTH OF THE PAST:
    History of twitter UI:
    Effect of roads:
    Talking With Attenborough Vsauce video:
    archive footage from and shutterstock
    MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode:
    --MUSIC (in order of first appearance)--
    "glitch" audionetwork
    "sweet revival" audionetwork
    "passage of time" audionetwork
    "desert witch" audionetwork
    "facing south" audionetwork
    "broadway dawn" audionetwork
    "final breath" audionetwork
    "tribeca" audionetwork
    "carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
    "martinique" audionetwork
    "lazy daze" audionetwork
    "imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
    "why so blue" audionetwork
    "for leah" Jake Chudnow
    "shona" Jake Chudnow
    "moon men" Jake Chudnow
    "crypt" audionetwork
    "eclectica" audionetwork
    "banjo ascension" audionetwork
    "heat and dust" audionetwork
    "twisted trip" audionetwork
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    1. Swift Eclipse

      turns me on ngl

    2. Scott Winning1872

      Don’t watch vsauce when high Worst mistake of my life

    3. jaydenasper

      Incredible video

    4. jaydenasper

      “is anyone now” got me

    5. Fast Life Dreamer

      “Has there not been over man a period of time, when he was not a thing worth mentioning?” [al-Insaan 76:1] Quran

    6. Cwill

      Why does micheal’s dad look like the villain of Captain America: Civil War

    7. Caio Ribeiro


    8. Augusto Iglesias

      Yo guys this made think... inside out came out in 2015... what?

    9. Denver Randy

      I can't believe how long it's been since Nirvana was around.Or even the 90s in

    10. Denver Randy

      Man,Micheals beard grew back long for 4 months 10 days.

    11. Connor Wood

      I was only 3 seconds out of my guess of time damn

    12. DoubleVision

      People like to praise social media and services like netflix but they really are somewhat of a bane on society. How many people waste hours on end scrolling through social media while unconsciously feeling no gratification at all? On the contrary it makes you feel empty and bored but loads of people put their brain on autopilot and just go with it. I believe these things are highly ranked reasons of why depression and other mental problems are on the rise. You see so many people apparently living the perfect life with the perfect body and perfect face and you're nothing in comparison while the general rule is that nearly everything on social media is fake in all kinds of ways. Reducing ones screen time is one of the best hints there is nowadays, people are literally scrolling their time away and deeply inside they hate themselves for it.

    13. WolfGuard _119


    14. Davi Fernandes

      I'm 8 years older than you?? OMG... (Insert Joey's voice here) "why God, WHY??"

    15. Gustav Rosgaard Sørensen

      "You can't. Except you can" - Vsauce

    16. Brainyplanet

      I love Vsauce

    17. _aevea_

      I feel so dumb watching your videos

    18. not me

      Love this man.

    19. Bakhtiar Sahib


    20. NickFixed

      In school there is lots of kids and poeple, old poeple need to be with more poeple like in school!

    21. Nicholas Langhorne


    22. Weathers95

      Doomscrolling is a curse. It heavily fragments your attention span and I feel like a lot of us are collectively realizing the consequenses. Vsauce is one of the only few youtubers left that I take 30 minutes out of my time to watch, otherwise anything else longer than a few minutes I can't be bothered by because I tend to zone out. And I've noticed more and more lately that there's been a huge surge of videos coming out that are less than 30 seconds long in general because content creators know people these days tend to prefer short and simple. It's become a similar habit to me as mindlessly scrolling through reddit. I can't be alone in noticing this trend.

      1. RedStorm Rising


    23. Poultry Pals

      Anyone watching this in May?

    24. SaltyPpancakes

      No beard Michael looks... remarkably not that different or jarring compared to beard Michael

    25. JLock Official

      10 years later we’re all gonna get this in our FIblock Recommended and re remember watching this video and feel like it just happened yesterday.

    26. Vivid Carbon

      At minute 26:00 you began to hit on a topic that I have been worrying about for the last 4 months. Its 2021 and I am worried that the AI which decides what the masses see next on their phones has grave consequences.

    27. john smith

      Fall behind? Fell behind. Failed.

    28. Justin BORRELL

      Someone else who used the dictionary of obscure sorrows! fantastic

    29. Vocanimeify

      I'm having some sonder right now lmao

    30. Vocanimeify

      He has so many awesome sweaters lol

    31. Eagle Eye

      28:00 this short short thing scares me, terrifies me My whole life has been short short I knew that, but never knew it was called that

    32. Eagle Eye

      Wow its been three months since this video was published I remember when he posted a post of a picture of the books he was reading to make this video

    33. Skillus Eclasius II

      "The chronostatic illusion" I like to call that the "Damn I'm old" syndrome.

    34. Edgar Barajas

      Who dislikes these videos? I don't get it. He's basically just stating a bunch of facts.

    35. Lysergik Dubz

      Never stop making videos Michael you are an educational master. Your understanding of creating interest and demanding attention is excellent.

    36. Bloodlust 888

      Time started speeding up for me when I started paying attention to it and started working on time management skills.

    37. Bloodlust 888

      I don't feel old but I am older then I was at one point. lol

    38. G. J.

      I guessed 2:30 exactly!!

    39. teej

      I don't have anything to compare to but my childhood did feel like it went by fast.

    40. Christopher Lawley

      Hey! Numa Numa Guy! I'm off

    41. Keyan Wozniak

      My therapist: Smooth Vsauce isn’t real. Smooth Vsauce cannot hurt you This video:

    42. Drake Trought

      Jesus, I thought this was uploaded in mid 2020...

    43. Incog nito

      "if i asked you how long you've been watching this you could get a pretty confident guess" me who just came back from having the video paused:


      i always say this to someone when they say time flew by

    45. Lipt

      lmao he actually looks younger with be beard

    46. D F

      The birthdates comparison gave me goosebumps.

    47. MrVipitis

      Protagonist Syndrome: everything you know about the universe exists in your head and your brain only. Everything that impacts you, every sense that reached you - is only in your brain and perception.

    48. Quaid Buckley

      Time is accelerating. I recorded a song in 2008 at 105bmp and when I checked it last year it changed. Now its 2/3 the beats making it 1:1.6 repeater the increase. It explains all statistics like how people live longer and why we can't make nothing travel at light speed. Even old cam recordings you can see how much slower the timer is

    49. Shiva gupta


    50. Aldrin Daniel

      so does this mean that as you get older, you prospectively think that time gets slower, yet you retrospectively think that time gets faster? like watching a movie feels so long to you now that you're older but you could binge multiple seasons of a show and not bat an eye when you're younger.

    51. Zephyr Satori

      I got that 7-11 vid in my recommendation just the other week the af

    52. Beena Khalid

      Man,your videos are Deep and Spectacular at the same time👌

    53. vca quickscope

      Let's see how this works, any1 watching this in 2022

    54. vca quickscope

      Even tho I'm a gen z I still like to watch silent films sometimes

    55. cailean paris

      Time is a sensation of change, just as temperature is a sensation of hot and cold...

    56. Bobby Miranda

      My mind is blown that was a great video I’m 60 and I just told my other friend today that I felt like life was over I’ve already made it this far and it goes faster by the moment

    57. Humberto Chavez


    58. Isaiah G Davis

      2021 is almost halfway over 😵

    59. Humberto Chavez

      Great presentation...i will refuse to accept it as long as i can

    60. Sydney Phillips

      I'm low key hoping this man writes a book

    61. Jack Animates

      prospective and retrospective makes so much more sense if you use quarantine, feels like forever now but in a year it will feel much shorter. (that is, if you are still here in a year)

    62. Phantom Worral

      I really like vsauce, very interesting and intriguing

    63. Mohid Tahir

      Heyyyy we sus, My skull hair!

    64. Mohid Tahir

      My worst nightmare would be me standing in a dark place when suddenly I hear "Hey Vsauce, Michael Here...How fast can you run?"

    65. Pablo Ruano Palomo

      Why does this have so many dislikes? >:(

    66. Chris Hamberg

      The present you is also a record of you from the last because you contain related locality facts, composition, and etc. Literally everything is a record.

    67. Chef Boi Hardy

      Are you God? you are God.

    68. ArtFoeda

      26:27 CHEFÃO DAS LOTERIAS (conta verificada)

    69. Matthew Mitchell

      This all sounds wonderfully dystopian, thanks.

    70. Shashwat Gupta

      After watching Michael videos, I feel like an intellectual protagonist with a mission 😂

    71. FloatingToa5t

      The song Happy was released 7 YEARS AGO

    72. Carlo

      I'm surprised, I've always thought about this, had similar feelings and came to the same conclusions. Thanks👍✌btw I'm a kid form the 80's, I'll always feel I'm in my late 20's hahah

    73. Lith

      there is no way to prove the world wasn't created last thursday. Also when I die, there is no way for me to know if the world continues on or dies with me. As far as my frame of reference goes, the world was created when I was created and the world ends when I end. I cannot truly know anything that happened before my time actually happened or if its just information that was planted there to seem like it happened. Likewise I will have no way of knowing if the world continues on after I die as I would be dead.

    74. Money_Mark97

      20:40 I just saw my dad, but the age he is now, not the age he was in 1993... 😳 What should I do?

    75. Knight of Heaven

      Imagine being Senku counting upto 3000 years

    76. Brindi Janey

      this was a lot of info at once my third eye has been opened

    77. Money_Mark97

      You didn't have to do Barbara Walters like THAT man, what'd she ever do to you????

    78. kidJAY

      Im 2 high fa diss

    79. [темнота]-[#NightOwl]

      Wait a minute queen of England is dead?

    80. [темнота]-[#NightOwl]

      How many homes do you have

    81. RAldrich526

      13:58 THIS is why I look at my parents’ high school yearbooks and still see all the photos as people older than me…even though they are all 17-18 years old in those photos, and I’m twice that age now. I cannot see those faces as younger than me at the time those photos were taken.

    82. Harshit Piplani

      Had started watching this guy when I was 12. It's been 6 years now and the shit Michael explains has gotten more complex, but is super interesting nonetheless

    83. Genevieve W.

      beardless michael is cursed.

    84. Shalini Srivastava

      Love from India ❤

    85. Shalini Srivastava

      I was in retropective illusion while watching this video 😁

    86. Ruben

      Just becouse he stopt for a while i thougt this vid was manny years old

    87. Pedro Hernandez

      Protagonist Syndrome? I call bs, you're all NPCs.

    88. hitesh patel

      seeing this after a year in isolation. :D

    89. Jarmund

      No beard Michael looks like Savagegees's cousin

    90. Scoot

      I was literally thinking back to the liminal space video when he mentioned sonder

    91. MaximilianMus

      I think I'm a worthless NPC

    92. Poogle Chen

      Vsauce, BEST excuse to procrastinate

    93. J. Megatron

      V for V sauce etta

    94. Ndow Roccus

      Illusion of time, is a misnomer...but not entirely untrue. Time Travel is possible, in our minds, for sure. So it is a “thing”. As we know now, time is just everything steering towards where time is slowest (gravity. Thanks Vsauce for that quote). The slowing of time...makes one wonder if time can stop - like at the center of a massive black hole...but does time actually stop? If it did, then a dead black hole would leave behind a remnant of stopped time, unless it works the opposite at the locations of where time has stopped? Does time start back up by steering towards where time is fastest? Now my head hurts.

    95. Canal Falar Fluente

      You have a picture with Beakman!! Awesome!

    96. magnetospin

      It's not important how much time you feel has passed. That's the wrong question to even pay attention to. You should be asking what makes you happy.

    97. Timothy Walczyk

      cool video. I'm gonna watch young george carlin talk about time now

    98. Lucifer's Devilish details

      That this year I’m going to be half my dad age I’m going to be 24 him 48

    99. FMPcrash

      21:03 i hope i find someone that looks at me like that some day.

    100. Hiromant

      The phenomenon is real, this 50 year old bearded grandpa seems to think he's still in his thirties.