Impostor from Coke

The Q

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    Impostor from Coke
    In today's video I'll show you how to melt used coke cans and cast them into a figure among us.
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    1. The Q

      0:04 when coca cola delayed payment for commercial 😁

      1. JOY CAYAT

        For sale by txt conversation with cornbeef

      2. ClapAndroid

        @Neha Mr Beast. tum neha Mr.Beast nahi ho

      3. Fnb0121

        Lol 😂 hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah

      4. Limar Sudki


      5. wonderguy5


    2. PaRappa XD

      When the coca cola is sus 😳

    3. Airin Febriana

      the coca cola is super sus

    4. Baks


    5. Nasru Karovalia

      Blue is his favourite colour

    6. Goggle Man

      WHEN THR E COKE IS SUSJSJ😳😳😳😳😂😂😳😳👌😳😳👌👌👌👌👌😂😂👌😳👌

    7. Melzo


    8. SpartanAm

      They spelled imposter wrong in the title lmao

    9. Emerson Pro YT

      HAHAHAHA 🤣 3:30

    10. Miku made Minecraft


    11. ClingSters

      Coke kinda did ngl

    12. Tuong Cao


    13. emil_rotes_feuer LP


    14. Lukas Benak


    15. Ricardo Morales


    16. Amelie Poulain


    17. Amelie Poulain

      And what ???

    18. The RaGe:]

      When the imposter is sus 😤😱😯😓

    19. Iмгэ яцiидгd

      I'm at my fucking limit

    20. Dimon4ik T 2007


    21. Kumarasamy GGK

      1:54 rip among us imposter

    22. Bubblun the Bubble Dragon

      Aluminium Crewmate? Tin Imposter? Golden Tasks? Metallic Sus?

    23. Orb Mage

      0:45 is very uncomfortable...

      1. Orb Mage


      2. Orb Mage

        2:45 as well.

    24. Angy D


    25. Pro Tophead

      or just play doh

    26. Jypo


    27. CramSword420

      When the imposter is sus!!!!!!! 😳

    28. Vixel _Matic


    29. Aquire Saquire


    30. Esaú Márquez


    31. Princess Jannah Rose U. Pascua

      Can u color it pls i sub

    32. Vijit Mishra

      You are the geneious bro

    33. MantraBeeg


    34. Krzysztof Andrzejczak

      it's a cokepostor

    35. Kiert Mancio

      What your

    36. Dave Martani

      If you would have put baby powder in a sock and sprinkled it over your mold your casting would have been smother.

    37. its eluishacking3561

      When imposter gets stuck on coke

    38. Jianina Santos

      When the coke is amogus ඞ

    39. Antoni Chlebowski


    40. Danielius Liubertas

      nice video!

    41. FBI Megatron 6543


    42. Mobail :]

      Kinda sus

    43. Stevee Rose

      When the coke is Sus😳

    44. SuperDude123 Hensem

      I swear he's the imposter!!

    45. Fortnite Eventos

      I love how he doesn't have to say one word to make this videos entertaining

    46. Matthew McPhail

      😳 When coca-cola sus 😳

    47. Andrianto Andik

      INDONESIA 🇮🇩

    48. Mazaio TV

      Kinda sus ngl😳

    49. RS Shark


    50. Mernin

      0:04 Pixar intro

    51. Damai1287


    52. Kursorer

      when the impostor is sus

    53. Gory To

      when imposter is coke

    54. Mk productions

      2:14 wonder what happens if i stick my finger in there

    55. Fun hobbyist

      Гениально! Кайф

    56. Miky

      When the impostor is sus

      1. lennartc


    57. Ead Tarek

      Among us

    58. Mohammed Ayaz

      Among us

    59. Xeander Asbroek

      WOW thats Epic

    60. `Caramel`

      3:00 when ur middle part hurts

    61. RencendGames

      4:45 so shiny

    62. RencendGames

      2:28 looks like a present from innersloth

    63. Rigo Ramos

      There is the Q Among Us

    64. YY Garage

      Coke was impostor

    65. Ead Tarek

      Among us 👍

    66. juste harti

      Impostor from coke... -FBI, OPEN THE DOOR !!!

    67. Limar Sudki


    68. Owen Kasun

      WHEN THE imposter is SUS

    69. Gaming On

      Me: just watch it don't do it

    70. Fury Blox

      So you learn alumnitube's forging style... But not that perfect to be alumnitube

    71. Kidcuber101


    72. Deni Z Plays

      Which and what version of Maya was used in this video ? Like how much did you paid for maya like isnt it expensive as hell ? And also why not blender? Cuz its free as hell Also I cant focus on my studies sometimes when I see these videos XD

      1. Deni Z Plays

        @Заработок от 3000 в день I dont understand anything

    73. Bobi Semkovski


    74. nathan roslin

      I love u the Q I wacth ur vid everday

    75. GamingAC

      0:25 A Karambit casually be sitting there lol

    76. Deneweeny ?

      .  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • The Q was not the imposter  。 .     。       ゚   .     . ,    .  .   .


      The legs were a bit long

    78. Magna

      Crewmate from sprite :)


      How many cans of coca cola you drink a day?

    80. K N E E C A P S

      White kinda sus

    81. Surinder Kaur

      0:46 fells so awkward 😓

      1. Erhard Nielsen

        You’re the one with the dirty mind how is that weird

    82. Rajesh Prem

      I strongly recommend DANI to learn from him how to "Q"

    83. Lets Checkmate

      The q was the impostor

    84. DepressedPotato

      coke is kinda sus

    85. candybood GM

      Bro, weres ur derevyanniy keyboard?

    86. Eren Sezer


    87. Heru Sugiana

      Intro is lol

    88. danish rafael

      look Among Us

      1. danish rafael

        By innersloth


      Al guíen español

    90. John Ramírez

      Me trying to follow what he is doing with a can of cococola and a hammer

    91. Surya Sriram

      He forgot to draw his hands.

    92. •e y e s•

      Me: 3 Years Later of seeing, "The Q". Me again: HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT HIM?! HIS CREATIONS ARE SO COOL :0

    93. FERNANDO 8 Ribeiro



      if you give the leg small the figure will be fine


      It's a beautiful ❤️❤️

    96. ShowingRat5


    97. Fau Scola


    98. LION Gaming

      So cute ^-^😀!!!

    99. Ethan Layton

      You r good