Insane Water Slides!

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    We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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      Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

      1. Swin Monster

        Except from the one in wisconsin

      2. Oli szilagy

        I wish I wish was there

      3. daniah kinani


      4. alesha russell

        I'm already in Europe

    2. JayeCee Fontenette

      Wow ?

    3. thebellringer

      7:33 my local waterpark has that type of slide

    4. Avery VanOosten

      when you’ve gone in one of those slides🤑💪

    5. Shelley Millspaugh

      I felt sick wall watching it was worth it

    6. Marisol Perez

      Did you guys make a video going down a water slide like that with all the flashing lights and all that and it gets dark

    7. Lauren Savage

      i went on one of those water slides and after i threw up

    8. Kyndall Koon


    9. Jack McIsaac


    10. Selythical

      5:00 i have been on that. it goes through a shark tank.

    11. P McCormack

      I have been on that one with the sharks

    12. Krunk Flo

      POV: you are a german people :(

    13. WnuczekProduction

      Hi I'm polish

    14. Blackgacha_stuff

      You should of a shown a water slide in England in a place called center parcs and there is a cyclone and when you enter there’s a BIG room and you swing side to side and it’s soooo fun I went there before

    15. ToJa

      Polska gurom

    16. Dan2

      can you take sommar land b[ i telemark

    17. corphish falcon

      This kind of video is very suitable for learning English. its wrong way? these guys are so funny!

    18. jb taylor

      🌴Mr.Beast 🥖

    19. Bruh Bruh

      5:05 I saw ninja kids go on this and there is a SHARK pool above the glass part

    20. Ben Arnholt

      6.9 MILL CONGRATS...

    21. Natii no

      The TV show Galileo from Germany do this many years before you 😂

    22. Jonas Mikkelsen

      Dark chocolate in a burger is actually pretty good. You just have to let it melt on the beef

    23. SyCoN the gamer

      Congrats for 69.6 subs🎉🎉🎉🎉

    24. T. Alverson


    25. EggzNotEggz

      Im from Poland!

    26. XpertlyLIVE

      I think ive been to this one 5:21 its at a resort in mexico

    27. Ali Zayed

      5:08 that is in dubai in palm Jumeriah in atlantis hotel 6:59 also in atlantis

    28. Dagma Dünn

      Chris. As a german i thank you for the german waterslide compliment

    29. Ali Zayed

      I got a better and more cheap water slide by using sweage pipes and it water 😅

    30. Steve Spartan

      No names and locations? USELESS !

    31. Trond- Freddy Moen

      I have take the aquaspinner waterslide

    32. ronm109 Adams

      You make content for 1 year olds lol

    33. nisknight

      If the water slide launches you at mach 4 you know it's a good water slide

    34. Tala Alrakawi

      Atlantis’s is also in Dubai

    35. Lila George UwU

      Jimmy’s face at end of vid: 😑 Chris: 🙂 Me: 👁👄👁 😟noooooooo

    36. Hunter Roy

      One of those decapitated someone

    37. Cory Britton

      Your the best way to go

    38. Kendicorn

      5:02 I went on that water slide, it goes through a shark tank, it had a 60 ft drop, needless to say E P I C

    39. Feathers fall lightly Feathers

      You guys need to do this

    40. Aly Hanlon

      dude the green and white slide that goes up and down i went on one like that



    42. Leticia Fabijanic

      The diffrence between going down the wather slide a jumping out a plain is if you chose the slide youre chance to survive is bigger

    43. Forrest Blann

      The water slide that starts at 5 min is in galveston texas in schliterbahn and i can confirm its fun 👍

    44. Rambis 1215

      I’ve been on the waterslide with the sharks it is so much fun

    45. Nicholas Gonzalez G

      jimmy that’s nothing go to america 6 flags i went down the tallest water slide

    46. Yeet forever

      I did went on onebefore

    47. KevalJC Chauhan

      this is how you go to brazil in memes

    48. Luca Cristina

      Beast rocks

    49. Camaro Esters

      Hay how about a Star Wars video on the main channel

    50. Kenzie Reed

      The sixth one actually is no longer a thing because it’s too dangerous many people got hurt very badly so it’s no longer a thing

    51. Jennifer Reinsch


    52. Laila Maaty

      There is that side that mr beast said it is sky diving and that slide is in dudai and i went to it once and my sister ride it but i was too scared.

    53. SA ST

      3:20 theres 0 chance this exist in america. Well brazil is in america so it is in america.

    54. AdriansAdventurers

      Jumping out of a plane does have water

    55. Grayson Whalen

      The difference is water slides and sky diving is water

    56. Igo Jacobs


    57. Hawks Loves KFC

      Him :germans can do good what’re sliders Me being a german : OH CMON WE CAN DO MORE GOOD STUFF

    58. auran bajaj

      I’ve been on the serpent ride in the Bahamas

    59. Unknown Bearden

      the first lide AGHH MY EYES!

      1. Penguin Commando

        No lides

    60. gamer prime

      I've been on the one with sharks it is sick

    61. natalie Natalie


    62. Srinivasarao Tirumalla


    63. LuciusBeast

      I wen’t to that Bahamas water slide when I was 6 and it was EPIC.

    64. Phil Cofield

      The one at 1:47 was shut down for two years after a child was decapitated. Just a fun fact.

    65. epicgamer1359

      I have done the Bahamas ones they are super cool

    66. Cairo Brunson

      I was on the one in the Bahamas

    67. Aleesha zunker

      Nun from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺😭😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😢😭😢😢

    68. Kuks Koala

      at 5:01 my dad went on that water slide

    69. Abel Herrera


    70. AlmightyAphrodite

      I remember one in the netherlands that took you in complete darkness while being submerged for some parts. Scary shit 😬😬

    71. Aaron Bradford


    72. Deven Attale

      Hitler and the nazis be makin a water slide

    73. Geoff Logan

      I got gossrbumps by the time the first slide is done

    74. Jennifer Gaynor

      Beast Berger

    75. Crazy Alex 7667

      5:02 I’ve been on that

    76. Taha Shaikh

      The video ended😂

    77. the magic Pizza

      I have done the last one and it was rely fun

    78. Greyson Vance

      5:01 that is at the Atlantis resort on the palm of Dubai been there

    79. Tarian Zapata

      I’m going to the Bahamas 😂

    80. Elijah Poteat

      Aim garman ant aim in garmani

    81. Ur Mom

      The plane and the water slide difference You no need parachute on water slide

    82. Oskar Plucinski

      Coman I am polish

    83. Chirag Banerjee


    84. Mark Lambdin

      Dude, if a old guy went down one of these, he would have a seizure.

    85. Zofia Nowak

      Yoo I'm a part of the polish

    86. Amelia Tubangui

      So we back in the mine

    87. elfe 74

      Im from germany and the Water slides are really cool

    88. Santy Lamorena

      That slide you call is the leap of faith

    89. Nik Bellette

      2:02 reminds me of coraline some how lol

    90. Steve Gannaway

      In Tenerife There’s a lazy river but that’s a like massave tube with massave sharks

    91. Charles Monroe

      What blood sees once its going through your veins 4:31

    92. S r

      Chris:0:28 it’s one of those donut toilet bowl thingys Me: Chris it’s a funnel

    93. C̸ʟᴇᴍᴍy̆̈

      I’ve been to the Poland one since I go there every summer

    94. tyler missel

      I am from germany and our water slid3s Are very nice

    95. EllenPlays

      Claustrophobic panic attacks mr beats loves it -mr beast

    96. QueenVee Tee

      1:10 what about polish cow

    97. Parakeet Tech

      Install macOS

    98. Faultedalloy171 P

      6:48 That is in dubai. A famous waterpark called Atlantis

    99. Brooklyn Meissner

      Omg! Me and my cousin went on the Sqorpions tail at Wisconsin, I think it was at the dells, Noah’s Ark?

    100. Yoana Nava