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    Eileen (Kate McKinnon), Molly (Aidy Bryant) and Siobhan (Cecily Strong) vie for Niall's (Bill Hader) heart.

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    Julkaistu 3 vuotta sitten


    1. Emily N

      "Brown blood" 😂

    2. Melissa Fumero Torres

      I really want to see the rest of this!!! Who does he end up with???

    3. -Dragon Master-

      Both sides of my family is originally from Ireland their last names well originated in Ireland also some ancestorys i have are irish i got lots of things in me ngl

    4. Sirius Leigh

      So... who won?

    5. RiteshB Doerga


    6. Elijah Ponce

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    7. D

      At least it wasn’t a priest and three alter boys.

    8. N00Bslayr1986

      For real, compare how Irish people (myself included) to how other folks react to stereotypes about them. Can we all just have a sense of humor, please?

    9. Rick Ster

      Wow. Brings a new kinship, ( no pun intended ), between coming from Ireland or Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, etc.

    10. Conan Lynch

      As funny as herpes

    11. Kopfjäger

      Sounds very much like Tasmania, Australia.

      1. MurdochRC

        About 40 years ago-we've had a huge influx of mainlanders since then.And did you know that the tassie is moving closer to the mainland? That's because the mainland sucks.

    12. Mike Gike

      Yup. I married my 1st cousin. It was a rough start with family and some (friends) gettin their licks in. Long story short, just celebrated our 35th anniversary May 31. Couldn't have imagined being with anyone else. Even got married in my Catholic Church in Toronto. It's a realative affair. Keep it in the family, I always say....

    13. Keith B

      brown blood gets me every time!

    14. James Mason

      Those accents are awful…..

    15. djfritz2001

      Ya hear all the Irish yellin "RACISM' in this thread? No? Yer damn rite!

    16. Arthur Taim

      So that's not racist, but if they were black...

      1. Bluesbr0ther

        Irish is not a race.

    17. Matthew Maguire

      Why is it Irish will spit their Guinness out laughing so hard over this and other groups would be out burning stuff.?🤔🤔🤔

    18. Matthew Maguire

      Blood is thicker then Guinness.🍺

    19. Matthew Maguire

      Blood is thicker then Guinness🍺

    20. David Irwin

      Tha fuck is "strawberry nose"??? LOL

    21. Orchidcorolla

      More exciting than real RTE1.

    22. Craig Shrimpton

      I wanted to see what cousin he picked

    23. Dai anim

      Lol! As if Americans don't do this? Ask Texas, Alabama, there they don't even care, most of Americans do this often. xD

      1. John Bold

        We don't. We don't live in the 1700s or Pakistan.

    24. marcochimio

      I could watch another hour of this show. Everyone was amazing. (Fun Facts: TODAY, 26 of the 50 U.S. states allow some form of first-cousin marriage ... all first-cousin marriages are legal in 19 of those 26 states. It has been estimated that as many as 80% of ALL marriages worldwide THROUGHOUT HISTORY were first- or second-cousin marriages.)

      1. Rex Sceleratorum

        Mo the profit married his first cousin Zaynab and it is now part of the way of the profit, something to emulate for billions of people ever since. Zaynab btw was initially married to his adopted son Zaid, but then Al lah turned his heart towards the daughter-in-law/first-cousin so that Zaid was no longer his son and the evil practice of adopting children could be declared invalid forever and ever in Is lam.

    25. Michael Hutchison

      This is a good skit but it really needs a payoff, not a cut-to-commercial. Cheap out. Like if it turns out #2 is also a distant cousin.

    26. Ashtyn Kington


    27. Patrick Garvey

      The bachelor says he's from the south and is attempting a northern accent

    28. Daniel Carey

      I think everybody on 23&me is a cousin of mine.

    29. Poopy 949

      Do Irish ppl actually do this?

      1. John Bold

        They don't. However, they do get drunk with leprechauns.

    30. Luis E. Pérez V.

      4:19 OMG, until now I notice the horrible arm. I'm dying! 😂🤣

    31. Traci Metcalf

      Only thing better than cousin iis half sister

    32. jason crane

      I played the drinking game here and had a swig every time a Irish stereotype came up and I have just woken up after three weeks!

    33. Guitarsquatch M.

      Huh, all of a sudden I want family in Ireland.

    34. Samuel Placensia

      I’d pick a hot cousin over a fat chick any day.

      1. Samuel Placensia

        @Keith B Lol 😂 Life is too short to dance with fat chicks.

      2. Keith B

        explains your gene pool

    35. Bill Holly

      SNL is full of woke shitheads . Effing racists who point across the aisle and yell racist...creating deflection from their rotten vag selves. You know, typical liberals

      1. John Bold

        Come on now. They mock Black conservatives too. ;-)

      2. Keith B

        your mom said your Hot Pockets are ready

    36. Justine Kouassi

      But Il wanted to knoooow 😭

    37. Phyliss Beebe

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    38. Bandile Bertrand Leopeng

      The show should be called "Kissing Cousins"

    39. bookwormsurfer

      I sucked face with my did I know we were related????? Me being a yank and all...

    40. Vik Johnson

      “Picky, picky!” 🤣💀

    41. Trent DeVlaminck

      "Breh. Brown blood" lol

    42. punchthedog

      I am Irish. A lot of Irish people complain, about the ridiculously bad Irish accents Americans do. And they are terrible. But, they are so "off", that they might as well be Greek accents.They have little or no relationship to actual Irish accents. So that is why I find none of this anyway insulting. However, the cringe inducing inaccuracy of it all, should still be punished. And the punishment is;...Don't tell them how moronic they sound. And let them continue. This will give me more satisfaction that any keyboard argument,

      1. Keith B

        I'm Irish and the accents are spot on

    43. Québécois Foie Gras

      Jews making fun of whites

      1. Québécois Foie Gras

        @Keith B not OK

      2. Keith B

        um ok

    44. Linda Wallace

      Love it!

    45. Linda Wallace


    46. Layput

      Irish actually don't marry their cousins. Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Gulf Arabs do (KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE). But it's much easier to poke fun at the Irish because they are more liberal and understanding people.

      1. John Bold

        @Keith B I don't believe you. It's even against Church law, so don't get too frisky with your pretty cousin.

      2. Keith B

        I'm from Ireland and marrying cousins isn't uncommon

    47. Layput

      You know, a large percentage of American blood is actually Irish. Beck Bennett has Irish ancestors Bill Hader is mostly English and Kate has Scottish.

      1. Keith B

        I know, they're all cousins

    48. chao tran

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      1. Layput


    49. Ryann Aceves

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    50. Joan Alabi

      okay but who won tho?

    51. Jennifer L

      Tears running down m’face. Oh the Irish!😂

    52. azraelangelofred

      I'm Irish-American and I don't understand this. My whole family is full of Irish and we've lived in America our whole lives. And my cousin Lori definitely tried to ride my shillelagh (Although I didn't allow it). What is that middle woman so upset about? It's not like Americans don't pound our own cousins porridge holes. Where do you think we got it from?

      1. Keith B

        you parents are cousins

    53. iKanari

      Marriage with cousins is normal in a lot of countries including Iraq and Arab countries it’s just really normal Idk why it’s weird in the US and such 😐

      1. iKanari

        @KM666 for your country it’s weird but that doesn’t mean it’s weird for everyone in the world it’s just Normal

      2. KM666

        @iKanari I'm not from the US I'm from Ireland and its still wierd to marry your cousin

      3. iKanari

        @KM666 it’s not like i said it’s totally normal Like how eating pork is normal in the US but not in different countries It’s normal to marry your cousin in a lot of countries other than the US

      4. KM666


      5. KM666

        I'm really hoping that this is sarcasn

    54. Lars Larsen

      This show is so sick it made me throw up all my corned beef and cabbage.

      1. Keith B

        all over your girlfriend/cousin??

    55. Niall Woods

      I wish I didn’t have my name

    56. showtimecharlie

      Funny !

    57. Notjune Bee

      Asians and Arabs watching: what’s so funny, eh?

    58. DEAKFO9

      She’s got such a leg up on us

    59. julia macbeth

      Off you mate

    60. Asjad Imran

      Who won

    61. Gex

      As an Irish person......

    62. Frank

      Idk but I would pick Molly

      1. KM666

        I'd pick no. 3, and yes I am irish

    63. Pravallika Padamata

      Niall 😂

    64. Ciaban K

      How bad is the Irish accent that's being done here?

      1. KM666

        They messed up a few bits but it was fairly decent

    65. Don Jiaye

      So funny funny.. I Love Irish People 😄😄😅

    66. Bill

      Aw man, it ended and I wanted to know who won.

    67. Alfonso Salazar Jr

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    68. W sidegurl


    69. W sidegurl



      What does Molly mean that she's "studying stones"? She says it like it's a really big deal.

      1. Daniel Lewis

        She's probably a geologist.

    71. Matthew.George Hall

      Hahaha, funny stuff.

    72. Damon Ashley


      1. Damon Ashley

        @John Bold eat sh1t

      2. John Bold

        @Damon Ashley We have something in common. I gave myself up votes too. SMH

      3. Damon Ashley

        @John Bold you're deluded. Go back to bed, kid.

      4. John Bold

        @Damon Ashley I won't spin anything. You're dizzy enough as it is.

      5. Damon Ashley

        @John Bold spin it whatever way you want, junior.

    73. The Phase

      Ngl I pressed this hoping Niall Horan was in it

    74. Kenneth Price

      Cecily was definitely not comfortable in those shoes. She was already taking them off as the skit ended lol

    75. First John

      When you introduce your wife & cousin - it does cut down on the time! 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Cowelarey Brdayanes

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    77. Agnes Fox

      Now I know why I haven't watched this show in 25 years. Wow, how insulting to the Irish.

      1. John Bold

        @KM666 My aunt and my mom are from Cavan. Sadly, they're the same person.

      2. KM666

        I'm Irish and find it hilarious, it's true for some parts of Ireland, especially Cavan

    78. Jamie soden


    79. logografia


    80. 3dgar 7eandro

      Bill accent is perfect🤣🤣🤣👏👌

    81. 3dgar 7eandro

      Eileen was thick🤩😍👏👌

    82. 3dgar 7eandro


    83. BWu

      I could have easily believed that all three of them were related to Bill Hader

    84. Aloha Mark

      None of these gals are Irish! They're all missing middle names. Doncha know, the only real Irish lass they ever had on the show was Mary Catherine Gallagher.

    85. Matt Doolittle

      Hader looks like a combination of Finn Balor and Jimmy McNulty from The Wire. It's perfect.

    86. Joel Mulligan

      God Beck’s accent is so terrible lol

    87. NullReferenceException

      If they were really Irish they'd have no teeth.

      1. John Bold

        That's the English. Shane McGowan is the exception.

    88. Imaginative Monkey

      I think in many cultures/countries it's fine to marry your cousin.

      1. KM666

        That still doesn't make it okay

    89. b1782w

      Hahahahah..I wanted to see who he picked lol

    90. Dwight Price

      Siobhan is actually pronounced like “Shiffon”. I knew a lady by that name.

    91. Magnús Másson

      The Vikings kidnapped all the beautiful girls in Ireland in 800-1200.

      1. John Bold

        There are many pretty Irish women. The Vikings missed some.

    92. viloa alvarado

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    93. Jay Trees

      Irish mafia

    94. Dave40

      I’ll take number 3

    95. Ask Effy

      LOL now do one about Pakistani inbreeding. I’m half Irish half Pakistani, I give you my premission. Or is it only ok to make fun of white people these days?

      1. John Bold

        Don't tell me. You also live in Alabama.

    96. Moiria Beck

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    97. Nelly 2004

      😂😂Without Aidy , Kate and Lesily there is no SNL because I literally can't get enough of them whenever I see them 😂😂

    98. ukkfayooyay

      I've got to admit, if I had a hot cousin I'd hook up with her.

    99. jellyrcw12

      Omg I cried laughing

    100. Cherub Jubilee

      You may think this is crazy, but next time you date someone, be sure to do a DNA test, because sometimes, it's a small world. It happened to me.