Irving Finkel Teaches Us Cuneiform

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    Dr Irving Finkel of the British Museum shows Matt and Tom how to write cuneiform on a clay tablet.

    Irving's Kickstarter completed, and you can now get his book here:


    MATT: | TOM:

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    1. Matt and Tom

      Thanks to Irving Finkel for joining us on the bench, and to all at the British Museum for your help putting this together! --Matt

      1. Amanda Spiva


      2. Gerard Harte {𒄀𒁕𒆗}

        And thats the simplified version 😏

      3. Cherie Tillapaugh Hott

        Matt and Tom ... Is that form you used, with all of the symbols and sounds, available somewhere in a downloadable format?

      4. petredcm

        Shut up you twats

      5. Luna Hoshi

        A bit of a note is that Taam is pronounced /ta:m/, the same way (except for vowel length) as Tom /tam/

    2. David Agiel81

      He reminds me of James Randi

    3. Benjamin Eichenbrenner

      Dr Finkel is a national treasure and rightfully belongs in a museum.

    4. الاء ناجي علاوي

      Can I get a copy of the syllable sounds? Thank you very much

    5. Al Talili

      Somone please give me the name of that book i need it now 📖📙🙏

    6. Dancing Tiger

      I bought Dr Finkel's book because I like learning and he's so damn excited to teach

    7. sacredweeds

      So happy to see you both together with Irving! 💕

    8. Christian Simmons

      I wonder where they got those tablets from...

    9. Canuckster1169

      Be careful, that guys son ray missed a field goal once and went mad from it after losing the super bowl.

    10. De Re Antiqua

      At this point, seeing people sit this closely together almost gives me anxiety.

    11. Patrick Tate

      This is the 999th comment

      1. Ethan Bennett

        as of writing, there are 998 comments...

    12. Super Smexy Santa Alter

      As a Scottish man with the name Thomas who goes by Tam I feel slighted that they thought Tam was a brumy name when its classically Scottish. For example the horror poem Tam O'Shanter by famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.

    13. snakebarber

      Why are British people so delightful? I could listen to them talk about absolutely anything.

    14. zhchristiana

      As a chinese, this is hilarious. We (when learning kanji) have the same problems that that one stroke may not go over that other stroke. Or you (school kids) write it absolutly correctly and recognizable but it still looks wrong

    15. Joanna Watters

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      Lucky sods! They've got their very own grand wizard and he can read and write in ancient Syrian, Babylonian, whatever. And talking about psychopaths... Grab more stone masterpieces of ancient literature before US lunes pound them all into fine dust with their billion dollar democratic bombs.

    17. Alpha Legion Astartes

      OK, how did they differentiate between different words? If (as an example) you would write CANTEACH how would they know if you're saying CAN TEACH or CANT EACH?

    18. Candyman Ilkley

      The meek credit externally scream because cast naturally spell forenenst a alike brass. tricky, placid block

    19. I Am an idiot but

      Katakana and hiragana are syllabaries not kanji

    20. I Am an idiot but

      Is there any way to watch this with Tom Scott edited out?

    21. ENRI

      La verdadera forma de traducir estos símbolos es el Elengoa.

    22. Ostblock Latina

      Just wondering when are Chinese going to come to their senses and simplify their writing system - Babylonians did it a good couple of thousands of years ago already!

    23. Flint 25

      You got to hang out with Dumbledore for a day?!

    24. ulv schmidt

      I love when Mat says there should be a second T and dr Finkel rightly scoffs at such rubbish as a superflous T

    25. Izaac Wicks

      "It's a syllabary... like kanji" There are three Japanese writing systems, that's the only one that isn't

    26. Stephi Varjan

      That does it, I'm off to the art supply store and buy a bunch of pop cycle sticks and some clay. It's like being in kindergarten all over again!

    27. Mark uk

      That was so interesting.

    28. Blinded Bliss - Diana

      3:40 like Kana, not Kanji.

    29. Elwood P. Dowd

      Tom Scott moves between dropping drum sets off a cliff and learning cuneiform as if one naturally leads to the other.

    30. Raycheetah

      What an incredibly interesting and vivacious scholar! =^[.]^=

    31. Haluk Onal

      6:21 Tom, I don't recommend you to do that hand gesture in certain parts of world

    32. SaitoGray

      Un sumerien vois ca et se dit Ah, CHEH !!

    33. Jack

      I would watch the hell out of a series of these three, travelling round the World

    34. Sven R.C.L

      Dr Irving Finkel is a true Rockstar.

    35. Danny the Dan Man

      He looks like he belongs in the 18th century and I love it

    36. Faustian Bargain Bin

      keep an eye on those tablets, lest David Green see this video

    37. Muhilan

      Not like kanji, but more like katakana or hiragana

    38. OpenShores

      The Royal Society has Keith The British Museum has Irving one speak like Snape...the other speak like Dumbledore

    39. jan de Munck

      Dr Finkels face is the same colour as Tom's shirt

    40. Gianni Lance

      Is it possible to adopt a grandfather?

    41. Marieke van Essen

      very enjoyable! thanks

    42. Tea, Sugar, Salt

      The dislikes are from Ea-nasir and his sock puppets

    43. heid shows

      The cloudy newsstand renomegaly drag because hourglass quantitatively itch atop a knotty shelf. coherent, clammy leg

    44. د.نهى الدرويش


    45. Robert Deloyd

      Very entertaining to watch these three interacting with each other...

    46. D H

      We found Santa Claus

    47. Darrell English

      Somehow I'm thinking a Typewriter would be very big to been using Cuneiform

    48. Sir Scofferoff

      I searched for a book in Cuneiform .. no results 🤔

    49. Zael Slyte

      The lack of social distancing here is really getting on my nerves.

      1. Mr. Hat

        @EnigMagicka still, it's an odd feeling

    50. lushin burl

      Dr. Fenkle is a BMF!!!

    51. lushin burl

      These dudes better respect this guy. Matt and Tom.😶

    52. Kona KG

      Tom's pronunciation of kanji gave me great pain7

    53. Evan Font

      Listen, if you’re offering me a job I’ll learn cuneiform over the weekend.

    54. ThatGeek 806

      I can not get enough of irving

    55. Ram Adavan

      We speak an ancient language at home called Tamil. Question I have is, the Tamil alphabet has basic letters and combination letters. What I saw in this video are the combination letters of cuneiform, does cuneiform have basic letters? Basic letters are rudimentary sound symbols

    56. GrubbyZebra

      Dr. Finkel is a joy to watch. Looks like you both had a blast filming this.

    57. Charlie_n_Meg

      I'd like to eavesdrop on a conversation between Dr Finkel and Alan Moore. In a pub.

    58. Dr. Markus

      Still waiting for the Merch, been 3 years now

    59. Dragon's Layer Productions

      Your names are the same in cuneiform, only backward. Ta-am and ma-at.

    60. Михаил Дмитриевич

      Terrible audio

    61. The Phoenix System

      Looks like future Tom got sent to the past, took the name Irving Finkel and got well into cuneiform to keep himself busy while waiting for the internet to come back, haha

    62. eric peterson

      that mans beard of glorious

    63. Anna Tetti

      This man has a brilliant mind and he is funny both great combinations.

    64. T


    65. Samuel Armstrong

      Cursing the algorithm for not showing me this video sooner! What a great character Dr Finkel is. Thanks guys :)

    66. MrTingles

      He belongs in a museum!

    67. Oroborous07

      This is now my favorite episode of ma-at and ta-am

    68. Christopher Ellis

      Only three basic strokes, whereas Chinese &c uses eight.

    69. Adam Kiraly

      watching this in 2020.. Feeling very uncomfortable about you lot sitting so close

    70. Swaraj S. Aggarwal

      "like kanji?" Interestingly, much easier than kanji. It's more like hiragana. So let's say, banana, it would be ばなな. Now that would be grammatically incorrect, as foreign words are supposed to be written in katakana thus, バナナ would be correct. It's technically similar in nature, but comes with it's own complexities I reckon. 漢字 (Kanji) is a pain in the arse to learn, because of the 1000s of ways of using radicals and basic kanji together to make kanji for different words. This however, is much more simple to understand from is presented here. I'm very compelled to buy that book now, and I will. Amazon, here I come!

    71. Peter Lewerin

      I've studied scripts as an amateur intermittently for close to 50 years, and invented a few (pitiful) scripts of my own. I've never liked cuneiform. It looked messy and constrained, with no shape to the text. After seeing this video, I'm beginning to think I judged too quickly. In any case, a really good demonstration. Funny, easy to follow, and educational.

    72. Peter Lewerin

      17:50 "This line here says 'I'm Ironman'"

    73. Ruben Raviv

      In my free hours on school I used to teach myself weird writing systems. A bit of cuneiform did pass the revue so to speak. Just grab a few bits of paper, write simple stories with a note of all the symbols, and then do it increasingly without memo note. Before you know it youll be unifying the city-states in mesopotamia

    74. Elizabeth Shaw

      I love you dr. Irving! Dr. Elizabeth MD Ph.D Ph.D

    75. Elizabeth Shaw

      I can read and write cuneiform but I will never forget and University having to write an original cuneiform tablet!

      1. Mr. Hat

        What did you write about?

    76. Elizabeth Shaw

      That camera does not need to be so close and does not need to be in frame. I could see his writing and the code sheet and everything else fine without that camera.

    77. James Browne

      I love this man.

    78. Matt Philip

      Six years to learn to read this. I'm pretty sure I could code a program to translate a scan in to English in much less time.

    79. Akaash Babu

      0:45 hmm...wonder why that is....

    80. Mister Sister Fister

      This guy reminds me of kiandymundi if he was old and educated.

    81. Leon

      He is like a comedic genius with a beard.

    82. IJustFarted

      I really like Dr finkel, he seems to be a very fun person

    83. Jason Metters

      I'm adopting Irving as my unofficial long lost uncle, he's always makes the videos fun ^^

    84. 3D Printing Professor

      I want to know more about that goPro rig. What's holding the other end of the metal pipe in place.

    85. John Smith

      what if its in linear a

    86. AdzSONLINE

      Fantastic trio

    87. Lori Wolfcat

      “We’re not repeating anything At All!” “And if we do, I’ll edit it out.” *Questions Irving if he said 130,000 THAT’S REPEATING!! 😹😹 I hope Irving lives forever! He’s so cool!

    88. Rusca8

      Not Kanji! Probably meant Hiragana / Katakana.

    89. Sevilla Delofski

      Make the game

    90. Isaac S

      Dumbledore teaching ancient ruins...?

    91. Orgikan

      It's a wug!

    92. Noah Hysi

      8:08 BRUUUU

    93. Noah Hysi

      I do, I do want to write banana in cuneiform

    94. Lucho-Core

      Dr. Finkel is great! I'd love to have him as a professor!

    95. Magnus Juul

      Am I the only one who thinks this kinda looks a bit like the dragon language from skyrim?

    96. Gerard Harte {𒄀𒁕𒆗}

      That's the much newer much simpler neo assyrian cuneiform... Try Akkadian or Sumerian ;)

    97. Gerard Harte {𒄀𒁕𒆗}

      Most people start with their own name... Myself included... 𒂵𒂟𒀀𒉿𒁕 𒄩𒉿𒋼

    98. jourlo

      What if you're left-handed? He checked you were both right-handed! :)

    99. Lilith Kenis

      Oh how I need friends like this: really smart and intelligent and at the same time they have a great sense of humour to make all their wisdom easily digestable. LOVE THEM !!

    100. Lilith Kenis

      Hey Tom, why didn't you go for "tum", I noticed the UM sign on the big paper and to me that sounds more like Tom then Ta-am. Just curious.