Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori best s*** talk from the UFC 263 Press Conference

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    1. Adrian Urbański

      These Adesanya voice cracks xD

    2. Danger Mouse

      4:36 I'm your Fu**ING diaper

    3. Danger Mouse

      "That ain't my Fault man"

    4. Avaloxz

      Love Dana’s face the whole time lmao he dead inside

    5. AāMīR

      I know what y'all came to see. 3:14. You're welcome.

    6. overbanked

      3:13 favorite comment of the presser

    7. overbanked

      Meow meow meow meow 😂

    8. Muizz

      3:13 the most interesting line that Marvin has said so far

      1. Salvatore Decaro

        It was the clit on izzys forehead line

    9. Chaddy

      🗣️HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION *Angry Italian noises*

    10. uchiha sasuke

      3:14 mojahed

    11. junsjj etrh

      4:25 watch in 0.25

    12. Stay Clashy

      Marvin 'The Angry Italian' Vettori

    13. Paul zion singer

      Marvin is hilarious and can trash talk with the best!

      1. Micah Wong


    14. Tyler Hayes

      3:13 lol How the fuck is that even a question?!?

      1. Matthew Rendenm

        thank you lol

    15. Christopher Jacked

      How the **** is that even a question 🤣

    16. ST O

      Izzy can sell a fight easily, this is why he is one of Dana's favorites

      1. Salvatore Decaro

        Hi did only 600k with nate on his card. The UFC spend millions to promote this guy.

    17. Paco Cabada


    18. Daniel Frank

      3:14 Mojahed found a new meme XD

      1. NothingWrong WithThisName

        lol thank you

    19. JaimeHacker

      3:13 how the fuck is that even a question???!!! 🤣🤣

    20. MAD MAN


    21. itayogev

      no wonder vettori lost he wasted so much energy during this

    22. gió

      3:19 AAAaaaaaAaAAAA question

    23. Horvàthh Csongor

      Best part when the camera goes to Nate and hes dying from the smoke

    24. Arslan Zafar

      Vettori got brain fkd hahaha

    25. Eaglee

      3:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    26. Cameel Habib Habab The Camel

      3:14 lol

    27. AbhorrentHeathen

      Izzy following up corny ass lines with absolute bombs 😂

    28. Jules D

      Izzy is getting real quick with deflecting the gyno comments. His character has changed a bit and I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the juice. Guys probably tell themsleves that all the Champs do it. It's just weird that Kelvin has lost his last 3 fights while Izzy has beaten everyone. Izzy keeps changing the subject fast, which is what he should do but I'm not sure I trust him

    29. Patrick Diamante

      Aaahhh.. quesCHUN Lmaoo

    30. Saeed Nasim

      3:14 lol. Meme material

    31. ilyas khanday

      What kind of anger expression is that?

    32. Akai Da'blackorg

      3:13 god Im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂from mojahed


      Marvin throws the water bottle like a girl


      Lol when Marvin failed to throw the water bottle at Izzy had me ded😂😂😂


      Vettori: Idk what to call him, that's why I called him my friend Izzy: Don't call me your friend, don't call me your brother call me the Champ bitch!

    36. Mostafa Elmasry

      Izzy is copying mcgregor

    37. Mayowa Ilesanmi

      Oh man... Vetorri is too emotional 😂😂

    38. Kevin Risiglione

      marvins trash talk is cringe

    39. Leirrie Valentin

      “That’s Roid Rage Bitch!!” “Thank you Arizona”. 😳😂😂😂

    40. Jimmy Naraine

      Who's watching this after the masterpiece painted by Izzy?;)

    41. Xjeezy

      MW2 lobbies be like

    42. Welton D'anhaia

      I demand more fight conferences with passionate Italians fighters. He reminded me of my grandma! I love you Vettori

    43. Dayo Ezekiel


    44. Dan Dan

      Fun to watch after the fight 😅

    45. Leonard Bangay

      Like I've said, Isreal is a great fighter, but holy shit is he ever an immature idiot. So stupid...

      1. English Wit

        You see stupidity. He see's millions coming his way. You don't understand the business.

    46. Boxingand MMA

      0:21 the amount of voice cracks marvin had here is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    47. MrIt83 gonna start wearing my shorts backwards!

    48. Millan Marinz

      someone should make a movie out of fight build ups....... hahaha

    49. Čikica 123

      Israel totally fucked him up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. Coopsie

      Vettori's frickin funny.

    51. ™  MeZzYOnEna ÷ TioN

      Hahaha Izzy is a troll n a half,lol

    52. ™  MeZzYOnEna ÷ TioN

      Watch this on x25, lol mad funny

    53. Rocko1290

      Man if you actually listen to what Vettori is saying though....some people agree. He's been saying these things. Talking about Adesanya's character being fake bullshit. Saying he's not courageous. I've always agreed. Vettori was just the first one I heard saying it publicly. The Italian may have Izzy's number man

    54. wristfroze!

      Izzy got triggered after Marvin mentioned the steroid gyno titty and started deflecting the rest of the time, adesanya definitely has an insecurity about the gyno that he wants to hide from the public

    55. Michał Ryk

      MW 2 lobby

    56. no body

      This is cringe

    57. Jouichiro Jordan

      izzy (last airbender) vs vettori (vento aureo)

    58. lester wormer

      1:10 what about your T....STOPS..let me explain first...

    59. Writers' Block 1441

      Ownage Pranks should do a subtitle video for this 🤣

    60. Nathan Craig ✓

      Kamaru has backne and veins and huge popping muscles and he's not on steroids! Wait.....- Adesanya, betrayed friend

      1. Nathan Craig ✓

        @Leirrie Valentin ah well lol

      2. Leirrie Valentin

        That’s just normal Nigerian genetics my brother.

    61. mikegivesnofucks _

      That vettori guy gotta be the cringiest dude in the ufc. Man i'm so embarrassed for him💀

    62. Alvin Niere

      S tier trash talk.

    63. Sean Gee

      Vettori got roasted hard...roid rage!!!

    64. Matt

      Izzy is so cringe Jesus

    65. beatvampire

      izzy doing his best Conor , he learned from the best , Marvin gave some good ones "titties" ......can't wait

    66. lor

      Man no one wants to see cardboard cutouts of the mcg, id overhaul the whole damn vibe in these pressers and spin it entirely my way, would be a 100 times more fun to watch these fighters do the same. Imo anyway. Nate killed tho- exactly what I mean 🙏

    67. Vishnu

      Marvin 😂😂😭

    68. Dan Simmons

      Nate's just chilling while these pro's talk like little girls. Their a stain on the honor of manhood. Oh, did I tell you both of them could kill me with 1-2 punches...

    69. Martin The creator

      I fucken hate Marvin

      1. Tekashi 6ix9ine


    70. dama

      Izzy is lame at talking

    71. Ukie


    72. Niccolò Machiavelli

      4:51 did he just got triggered from a casual arm flick

      1. Tekashi 6ix9ine

        I think he threw paper

    73. Menace2Society

      izzy got into his head

    74. Anas Moukrim

      Nobody: Nate Diaz: Everyone in this room is on steroids

    75. Dirty Frank

      Angry marvin vs gyno izzy gonna be fun to watch

    76. CuervoAQP


    77. Ali Nazeri

      Allah is greatest

    78. Reginald Haynes

      Can't wait for this fight!!🤣🤣🤣🤣, I like how Dana doesn't interrupt at all!

    79. Darren Sylvester

      Izzy is a clown

    80. Crypto Fortress

      Dana is low-key enjoying everything 😂

    81. L.A Cruz

      Round 3 tko by izzy 👊

    82. e m

      Holy shit this was so funny bless these guys

    83. KING Cb

      Marvin the supervillain

    84. Baba Nouga

      Vettori low-key coping McGregor body language 😂Fake

      1. wristfroze!

        He’s wearing a suit because he’s sponsored by dolce and gabbana, he’s Italian as hell

    85. Andrew Guerrero

      That was great I love Adesanya he’s the best in the game !!!!

    86. Ay dana give me Tha fauckin boi

      Vettori chunked his glasses like he aint just pay 300+ for em

    87. Pitt

      izzy lives rent free in spaghettios head lolzzzz

    88. Gino Whitsett

      when izzy through the paper at dude i fell out 😂.... The king of mind games he got conor beat ..

    89. Shawn Thaxter

      I can’t wait for this fight 💪🏿

    90. Shawn Thaxter


    91. Matthew Fisher

      Idk the other guy Marvin but it seems he acts like that to try to become relevant don’t know him tho

    92. Hakan Otan

      Dont call me your friend, dont call me your brother... call me champ bitch" Izzy an entertainer and an incredible athlete we love to see it🤣🤣

    93. Hakan Otan

      Izzy not only can talk the talk but he can walk the walk... you love to see it

    94. Jordan

      Notice how Dana shuts it down when Izzy starts talking about Vettori being on roids.

    95. Samuel Wilson

      Obliokoblioko !! 😅😅

    96. Plug 4 You

      Izzy in marvin head and its not even funny lol Mental warfare is a bitch!

    97. Brandon Sawyer

      He was so mad he picked up his glasses tried them on realized he can’t see shit so he threw them. 😂 😂

    98. Lukas Fridell

      Why did Marvin get so angry? Well... he’s italian 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

    99. Luke Surface

      Izzy is gonna sleep this orc round 3. 50k bonus for the knockout win face down ass up. Another one....

    100. Effect&NEGATEDD

      Izzy put vettori in a gen-jutsu