Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori Final Face Off | UFC 263 Ceremonial Weigh-ins

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    1. Devidbeatz


    2. soiung toiue

      I want to root for marvin. But seems like izzy’s gonna knock him out! Izzy knows, after failing at 205, this is his only chance at legacy. Pressure’s on him

    3. MøŠŚÿÑüTž

      I got the notification for this video today. Wtf FIblock.

    4. The Great News

      two italians on one stage

    5. Blink 182


    6. qopoy dnon

      I love when marvin kisses our flag, come on dude beat him up.

      1. soiung toiue

        come on UFC upgrade your mics billions of dollars! should be having top of the line equipment

    7. Miller Kimora

      The unknown face logistically request because volcano randomly boil against a half spandex. good, chief motorboat

    8. isadore


    9. Mariano Fuentes

      It's hard to believe when I saw my test results turned negative of HSV2 after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. IGUDIA a great doctor who I came across on FIblock

    10. Killam Orl

      Vettori been in his genjutsu since Staredown.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Izzy is gonna beat this baby boy AF!!

    11. Ali Joker

      What is Jihad? Smiling in though time is jihad, Keeping patience in hard time is jihad, Struggling for good deeds is jihad, Taking care of old parents in a respectful way is jihad, Forgiving is jihad. Jihad is not what media show but what Qur'an says. TO STRIVE AND STRUGGLE. Good Morning and do have a wonderful day.

    12. john matrix

      where are all the izzy haters at?????????hehe......and still........

    13. Rodolfo

      All that rage for nothing, Marvin chose poorly the coach team. Excellent performance by Izzy

    14. Sauli Slizardos

      had to say now i like izzy was trying to shake the hand, and marvin was being butt hurt

    15. B Aao Diaries

      I don't understand why girls are made to stand there for no reason🤔

    16. cory prange

      This main card is bananas.

    17. TheAce

      The last gynobender.

    18. TheAce

      The last gynobender

    19. Ryan thompson


    20. Prince Pressley

      come on UFC upgrade your mics billions of dollars! should be having top of the line equipment

    21. Cee Mor

      Vettori is one corny pfuk

    22. Cristian Basente

      Forza Marvin rompigli il culo!! 🇮🇹💪🏼

    23. John Mohri

      Gyno gate

    24. J - man

      Izzy is gonna beat this baby boy AF!!

    25. Rafael Santos

      Izzy is gon do the same thing to vettori as what he did to paulo costa

    26. Fabrizio Angiolella


    27. Alessandro Guzzon


    28. Thanh Tran

      Let's play a guessing game: what does Rogan have in his pockets? 2 cell phones, 2 wallets, 3 cells, 1 wallet, or 3 cups 1 girl?

    29. ClaudeMagicbox


    30. Marcos tomas

      If costa and Romeo couldn’t beat him what makes ppl think this will 🤡

    31. Ismael Erchouk

      Vai Marvin🇮🇹

    32. Francesco DS

      Rompije er culo a stammerda Marvin!!!!

    33. Guttemberg Silva

      Marvin esta com sangue nos olhoss rs

    34. Reginaldo Regi

      Rafael Cordeiro 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    35. Ameer Bux

      Why has the Italian stallion come in wearing an Irish flag?🤔

    36. super colorful

      Why dana holding Izzys arm like his dad...Izzy can handle himself

    37. Alecsdio97

      Distruggilo, e porta il titolo a casa

    38. radovan

      Vettori! 💪🏻🇮🇹

    39. Justen G

      Izzy has gyno again lmao super Izzy coming out tonight

    40. Giordano Bruno

      This card is insane.... 💪 Come on Marvin Do not worry about the boos and the public in favor of Adesanya..... Also yesterday evening they said that Italy in soccer is no longer the same as it once was, yet it gave 3-0 to a Turkey that everyone considered difficult. Come on Underdogs Diaz, Vettori, Moreno, let's shock up the World. 🇮🇹❤️🇲🇽🇺🇲. 💪 Legendary roman and latin power lol.

    41. Tucker Worthington

      Let's go Marvin Vettori!!!!!

    42. facey Kad

      Israel's Gyno is back

    43. passione muay thai

      vaiiiiiiii marvinn

    44. Whyinem

      Stacked card! Can't wait!!!!! 🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼🤼

    45. Narcos_Marco !

      Marvin is hungry 🇮🇹

    46. sta kand

      Vitori's hands was wet! To much nervus!

    47. Guillermo Perez

      Joe rogan mispronounced israel desanaya lmao

    48. Trane

      Dai Marvin, siamo tutti con te💪💪 metticela tutta e porta la cintura in Italia 💪💪

    49. sim97br

      Go vettori, go!!!

    50. Marcelle Talks MMA

      If Vettori wins I'm ordering some cannolis. If Izzy wins I'm ordering a Pavlova to celebrate.

    51. Marcelle Talks MMA

      Izzy. Figgy. Leon. Joanne. Chase. Paul. Alexis.

    52. jon Johnson

      Adesanya got exposed, badly by jan

    53. Ale Black Iron

      Nice marvin 💪🏼Italia gladiator

    54. Miky P

      Izzy will loose

    55. Narcos_Marco !

      I love when marvin kisses our flag, come on dude beat him up.

      1. Narcos_Marco !

        @qopoy dnon you are right

      2. qopoy dnon

        Marvin is too jumpy and that’s going to cost him, he needs to calm down and focus…

    56. Anthony Arnold

      Izzy is so far under his skin and into his head it’s not going to be good for Marvin. He either will be able to make it work for him or get beat because of it

    57. Anthy Paulo

      If you don’t speak Italian and you’ve not been born in Italy. You’re not a fucking Italian, you’re just an American boy with Italian parents. Just like these Jersey shore guys and girls, none of them speaks the language or has ever been to Italy before the show, except for vinnie. 😂😂😂

    58. IlRi Tardo


    59. فارس ال arab

      Dana has bigger arms than both fighters.

    60. Francesco Formica


    61. James Jordan

      Joe’s voice is just edgy now UFC needs to replace him like EA sports did

    62. Lorenzo98


    63. Aufklärer youtube

      Vettori Sieg

    64. Blablah Blablah

      54 seconds in all the ring girls remembering izzys instagram post

      1. NRGWizard

        What is it I don't have instagram

    65. Андрей Колчин

      Саня лучший!

    66. Nic Valenzuela

      What happened to the right nipple 🤣😂🤣

    67. Isaiah Brown

      These are modern day gladiators and you guys are worried about respect?get your pinky out your ass 😭😂

    68. SolomonReggae

      What time 2moro night 🌙 would this be? Love to watch ⌚

    69. The Hungry wolf

      Who da fook is Vettori? This will be another quick day in the office for izzy.

      1. Narcos_Marco !

        We will see...

    70. Arthur Fleck

      I wonder how much Vettori's teeth weigh by themselves...?

      1. Narcos_Marco !

        They bite opponents

    71. Al Rodriguez

      This bs should be free

    72. Ghostlyred 13

      fk izzy

    73. CK 916

      Vettori is gonna get dosed.

    74. Taylor Pagio

      Joe Rogan sounds like he’s yelling into a damn fan

    75. JB Music

      Vetorri by tko

    76. Amarachi Chris

      izzy still have what it takes to keep his middleweight title ...

    77. Kiyevi Muru

      Marvin is too slow...israel mit knock hm out wit accuracy nd speed mark my words...

    78. Blend In

      It's either a striking penacle by Izzy or ground n pound by vitori

    79. falakeex drolly

      Martin Pakiri from Italy

    80. Matthew O'Neill

      Anyone else thinks Vettori looks too angry for this? I think he's gonna get carried away and Izzy is gonna catch him on the way in....

      1. Narcos_Marco !

        Ring stuff is another thing...

    81. RichiiJac

      before foreigners think bad, I want to point out that not all Italians have this kind of behavior, not all dress like this and not all use this kind of language. He is just a white Italian who has only taken a few slaps and kicks in the ass from mom and dad. so I ask you to continue to see the Italians as you have always seen: funny, friendly, humble and full of love. thank you!!!

    82. Gary Redmond


    83. eleventen

      If Marvin gonna be real,not as Costa, and Izzy wins this..I gonna respect him.Really.I promise.But I dont feel thatway after this faceoff..Izzy acted like a mixedup,and scared transgender person...who is doing the show for the money..You know how we call that .

    84. EagleEchelon97

      👊🏻🇮🇹👊🏻🇮🇹 go Marvin

    85. john smith

      izzy still has gyno lol


      You can still see the gyno of israel 😂

    87. giuliano scava

      FORZA MARVIN !!!!!!!

    88. dodik jaya

      Adesanya could handle and survive from costa,romero,even jan, Vettori's power not even close with all of them Vettori needs big miracle to beat adesanya

    89. Andrea Lombardo

      Daje marviin ❤🇮🇹

    90. Garrett Glasgow

      Ahhhhhhhh This is going to be epic!!!

    91. Salvatore Campoli

      Adesanya and his gyno vs Marvin Vettori.

    92. Diego Magnaguagno

      Quanto ha desiderato questo momento Vettori?? Comunque vada sarà un bellissimo incontro. Spaccaaa Marvin!!! tutta l'Italia è con te!

    93. rita the cat

      Hope Vettori wrestles

    94. rita the cat

      Joe Rogan sounds like a 4 year old speaking into a fan

    95. FootLongSub Zero

      If Vettori stays cool calm and collected, I reckon he would have a better chance at victory. If he comes out angry and too aggressive off the mark, Izzy will deck him stylistically.

    96. the supreme.

      Fagli il culo Marvin 💪

    97. Mirza Memic

      Izzy is the easy fight yust outwrestle him dont play with him on stnad up and play His game

    98. Toddy Seboko

      Anyone else notice how Joe wipes he's hand after shaking hands W Marvin? 👀 Anywho, soo excited for this card!!

    99. Luca Alborghetti

      Marvin please broke his ass! Love Italy!

    100. WegrennerX

      Seeing joe rogan and Dana next to each other is a weird experience. These guys look too much alike. Uncanny shit