It’s pronounced GIF.

Tom Scott

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    Is there a "right" way to pronounce it? And why is it so complicated? •
    Written with Molly Ruhl and Gretchen McCulloch. Gretchen's podcast has an episode all about this:
    Gretchen's book BECAUSE INTERNET, all about the evolution of internet language, is available:
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    1. Tom Scott

      I realised after upload that I slipped up here: if you pay close attention, you can tell the way I pronounce GIF. Ah well! Also, subtitling this was an interesting job...

      1. Penny Boom


      2. prod. Heinz Schmidt

        i cant tell what way you pronounce it

      3. AstoranSolaire

        @Salutations YT! watch "Game Theory: Yes, PewDiePie. FIblock IS Broken" and you will understand.

      4. NyFyre

        Glad to see you are a proper English speaker

      5. Philippe H.

        BAY-gel... BA-gel...

    2. Marcus Ward

      G I F

    3. Herghun

      I'm french and british I say "jeef" in french but "gif" in english.

    4. xl yang

      Wait a minute up to this point I didn't know that "LASER" is an abbreviation XD

    5. InevitableVitare

      It's actually pronounced "Scone".

    6. bobychampion

      Kinda looks like the British chandler bing.

    7. farrel purwoko

      Indonesian language as a phonetic "what kind of problem is that?"

    8. Jack Dog

      Well that’s it then, I’m pronouncing it jpheg from now on

    9. Askin

      oh come on why do you have to blueball us so hard it's gif not gif duhhh

    10. Sam Gamgee

      I would use the hard G, but choosy mothers choose ...

    11. Caiden Animation


    12. leomata

      how i pronounced it was G-I-F in othere words i said each letter seperatly

    13. GALA

      jif pronouncers going to hell after calling ''god'' ''jod''

    14. Julie Triplett

      gif (jeef)

    15. PJB

      It's gif. Not jif. G's only sound like j's when followed by an e wich elongates them. Such as in geronimo, Germany, gel. Rare exceptions such as giraffe exist but that's due to the country of origin of the word. If your using proper English then it's pronounced gif not jif.

    16. The Guy You Knew As Mark Omega

      We usually read a consonant and the verb as one way some letter should be pronounced given how much a consonent sound can vary. And it terms of words that start with gi most of them are pronounced gee. Hence we pronouce any other gi as gi. Like "Gigh-gantic" or "Gin-jer" or "G-url"

    17. Joshua Hiday

      I’m still going to pronounce it gif

    18. TCoilStudios

      Me: *Yif*

    19. PAS Ferret


    20. Gabriel Hynek

      How do you pronounce gimp

    21. George Haley

      its DEFINITELY d3if. Think GIn, GIbberish, GIst, maGIc...

    22. Arun Kumar

      Me who says it as G I F. 👀👀

    23. 毅工田

      I must be the only one who calls it "The Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on 15 June 1987. It has since come into widespread usage ..."

    24. Sarvesh Kate

      I used to think that gif sounded better but gif is correct but after seeing this video I think that gif not only sounds better but is correct

    25. Shadow Soulless

      It's GIF

    26. Evening Toast

      i pronounce it Yif

    27. A bold one

      Why are you 2:14? Who says i'm 2:05? You are 2:07.

    28. Matthew Talbot-Paine

      It's pronounced guyf.

    29. Donnalt Hood

      Very informative and instructional ..however, in my opinion, if the inventor says Jif...then Jif it is! Also, pronounciation is not a is pronunciation! Same with so many people in the US saying Brushetta instead of "brusketta"...had a server correct me...haha...made me laugh!

    30. Blind Beholder

      It's G-I-F not Gi-I-F.

    31. BrotherHood

      70% vs. 30%. It's not a landslide. Uhmmm mate? That kinda seems like a landslide there.

    32. Tyzone

      I instinctively say gif in English and jif in French...

    33. CuppaJoe1

      Nah, it’s pronounced hif

    34. A Game's Channel

      personally i just say jee-eye-ef

    35. Koodia

      French people, compared to English or other people, would tend to say “jif” because “gi” in French is pronounced “ji”. The other pronunciation would be written “gui”. It would be nice if the presence of a “u” between a “g” and an “i” would always determine the pronunciation

    36. DallyLama

      God could come down from heaven and say it's Jif and ppl would still be like: Ugh ok Jod

    37. H4KATE

      Solution is Turkish

    38. WitFilms

      no, it's pronounced dżjivf

    39. Ethan Livemere

      The one thing I learned from this is that "laser" is an acronym... my whole life has been a lie

      1. 毅工田

        so is "radar"

    40. Gareth Kear

      The word Graphics has a hard G. So gif has a hard G too...

    41. Nat Oof

      pronounce it as "yif" and it's over

    42. Racc

      it’s actually pronounced “Yiff”

    43. Ƿynnťari

      3:00 ‒ the correct answer is of course... 'uuuuuu that's it, folks, debate is ended, the correct pronounciation is 'u

    44. Ƿynnťari

      the superior way of saying it is obviously ʒif

    45. Ƿynnťari

      I'm surprised more people say gif than ʤif

    46. Ƿynnťari

      In old English, G can have the sound of Y Therefore, it's pronounced Yiff

    47. aarav p


    48. Aldar Zetina Gutiérrez

      It's not GIF, it's not JIF, it's G I F. Those are initials for Graphic Interchange Format. So it's supposed to be properly pronounced G,I,F.

    49. Channel Name

      Me: I pronounced G I F

    50. A u d r e y

      I say Jif because my mom and sis said it is :c

      1. Segaking584

        Feel bad for ya bro

    51. Ethanol 6565

      I always say whatever the creator says it is, that's what it is

    52. nitroad shadow

      is it Gib or Jib?

    53. nitroad shadow

      "there is no correct way of saying words, Words can't be dictated on you from upon high" *proceeds to logically analyze the pronunciation of gif in hope of being able to dictate from upon high*

    54. Victorinox

      I pronounce gif because it is seen like gift but without t

    55. Watery teepx

      Big brain

    56. XDLOL

      its obviously pronounced "*The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal*."

    57. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      i think people missed the part where we spell gif gif and not jif. if it was spelled jif, then we would say if. but since it's spelt Gif, just please say GIF unless you wanna type jif.

    58. deadzone

      Its pronounced "jif" it doesn't matter who says it isn't, it just is.

      1. Segaking584

        Then we would be praying to JOD

    59. Low Quality Productions

      Why are you guys arguing? I just pronounce it as Gif. Gif is gif.

    60. Edward S

      Anyone who doesn’t think it’s pronounced GIF just leave. There is literally zero presidency for it being pronounced GIF.

    61. Curiousity Cave

      It's pronounced gif

    62. That one guy

      Kid pronouncers at the gates of heaven and calling god "jod"

    63. smbn

      like the name George tf

    64. Wei Zhong Xian Fumario & Beans

      I really don't care. To me it's gonna be gif. And I pronounce Ibiza with a Z

    65. Juan Valdivia

      I pronounced it like "gift" for years when I was younger until I realized there was no "t" in there

    66. Michał Polak

      and of course, if you are Polish you pronounce laser as laser and not the lazer. at least gif is still gif. but dont ask how we pronounce jpeg. I dont tjing english has the sounds for it.

    67. DE23 :]

      Gee Ai Eff

    68. Local Guide

      I'm German and pronounce it gif (the left one, the more common one)

    69. Quintin

      I always say Gif, not Jif because of the word "gift"

    70. Luís Andrade

      In English I always say Jif because it sounds more normal in my native language I always say Gif because it sounds less odd

    71. James Slick

      It's "jif" for *.GIF, "nykee" for athletic shoes and pineapple in pizza is "fire". (as the "kids" say.). IDC at this point, I'm 59 years old and no ones gonna change my mind.

    72. Oier Segura

      God damn english phonology and orthograohy roles are pathetic.

    73. Rastapizzathepro

      i got a grammarly add before the video

    74. Riley Carpenter


    75. Katolicki Głos w Internecie

      i’m saying d3iaief

    76. Oryx The Mad God

      wait scuba and laser are acronyms??????

    77. Ben Stanfill

      Me in my computer science class thinking is it pronounced tuhple or toople just for my book to say tuple can be pro pronounced either way...

    78. Swagmund_Freud666

      Honestly I switch between the two most times because I don't pay enough attention.

    79. Tropical Slav


    80. MetalMint

      It’s pronounced yif

    81. LÄMP

      It's hard-g gif because its graphics.

    82. JustFun 420

      I love it how 80 percent of people are angry at each other and then there is 20 percent of chads who just troll it

    83. Freidheim of Prussia

      Just call it Jee Aye Eff

    84. yiftach

      I had no idea Laser was an acronym.

    85. YouKnowWho'sBack

      I don't know about you, but I certainly hear "Yanny."

      1. Segaking584

        You okay?

    86. Muhammad Momin Abbas

      If j already exists, then why g is pronunced both ways.

    87. Risto Pöhö

      I say it as gee-ai-ef same as i do with any acronyms like joke fell apart i can't think of anything funny that people don't know is an acronym.. apart from laser that's already mentioned in the video. Hm. It's sorta funny how i used to say it. I'm a geek to the bone and, well. I used to say it .gif. Dot-gif. Since that's what i see it written as. Also with a G since in finnish the alternate sorta doesn't work. And actually piste-gif but dot-gif since whatever.

    88. Duncan Beach

      I pronounce it yiff because I hate god

      1. Segaking584


    89. dogsareawesome 9197

      Its pronounced Gif becauce the other way is stolen from j.

    90. Kelen Du Couteau

      Ever since I was introduced to it I always read it as G-I-F lmao


      It's pronounced covfefe.

    92. Joe Mamma Obama

      I pronounce it as g then I then f g i f

    93. Jean Marceaux

      I have a solution: let's pronounce it as "yif"

    94. yoiu13

      tl;dw: English has pronunciation issues

    95. Darkcharger

      It's pronounced GIF. ok that helps very much

    96. Mr. gamer yt


    97. t7shsh

      i say GIF .

    98. Septillion

      Please don't make the English language harder than it needs to be.

    99. U R Phake And Gey

      It's pronounced "geef."

    100. SpaceCat1

      gif has a g so I say g and then it has if so gif but g is not j it's not jif