Jorge Masvidal wants October or November bout with top 5 opponent; "Leon Edwards is not a fighter"

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    2. Kaskade

      I like Jorge and , at the end of the day, he will fight anyone they put in front of him. You’re lying to yourself if you think he’s ducking dudes, he’s fought 50 times lol This guys been fighting all over the world for almost 18 years and he’s just now getting paid well, he’s got every right to be picky and call his shots. He got one of the biggest ppvs in UFC history, he’s earned that right. Only UFC fans will say a veteran of the sport is avoiding another lol I do think Leon is stylistically his toughest MU, yeah Colby has the wrestling but he won’t be able to rag doll Jorge and he def doesn’t offer anything on the feet to give Jorge issues. I think Leon and Jorge goes the distance and Leon wins on a decision, but Jorge still has a chance bc he is slick enough to catch him. So IMO Jorge Should cash in on the Colby beef and try to make that happen, cause Diaz bro will always be there win or lose.

    3. Danny Choi

      I mean Leon is #3 and ducking Jorge. Leon knows deep inside he needs to fight one more time in order to fight for the title.

    4. Bobby Meadows

      Leon will KO this dude.

    5. Khaos969

      Leon Edwards has been wobbled once in his entire UFC career the man is 10-0 in the UFC only losing a close points decision to Usman who knocked Masvidal into oblivion , Leon Edwards got caught FLUSH on the chin just as he was throwing a right hook which doubled up the impact of Nates straight left.... big fucking deal man , you get caught swinging anyone can get knocked out or wobbled .... to say hes chinny because of that one fluke punch from Nate is stupid.... Leon ate those same punches from Nate before ... its just the last one caught him as he was swinging ... who cares.. Leon v Usman or Leon v Colby .... Masvidal on a 2 fight losing streak .... how does he fight a man who's 10-0

    6. Tha Goatt

      He gave usman his credit he talked alot bt got koed bt gave usman props and gave leon that 2 piece he just building tha fight on tha low yall casuals dont know he gonna fight leon n ko him leon got lucky they pulled them apart backstage

    7. Scott

      This shits embarrassing

    8. tigerslap

      That's just the cobwebs talking.

    9. Danny DeL

      I agree masividal is severely overrated . He still has talent tho he’s a top 10 fighter . And that’s still pretty dam good

    10. Mikel H.

      this dude has been EXPOSED

    11. Blackvaginafinda


    12. TheKingofSpades

      “Jorge Masvidal vs Nick Diaz”

    13. Chuey Vanderbilt

      Jorge kills leon and the Diaz brothers for sure

    14. Sahnimus

      Only time he gets in the Octagon with a tough opponent is if its a title shot man wtf

    15. seven52nine

      I am not a fan of Colby Convington but this guy should face him! About time no?

    16. Stevie Toscanini

      Leon is a great fighter , Why would you fight Diaz again? He never wins a fight & Leon just whooped him , I understand ppl like Nate but he’s not. High level fighter , Leon is definitely top 5 best fighter of the WW division .

    17. BuDDha

      Masvidal is my favorite dry foot immigrant. He came into the country illegally, but its OK... He has dry feet. 😂🤣😂🤣😂😰😣🤢😩😂🤣😂🤣

    18. Joe Joe

      Masvidal is over

    19. T1tusCr0w

      George ends up taking care of his fighters so good he ends up broke 🤣

    20. Anibal Puerto Rico

      Why don't you fight matt brown next

    21. scummymulisha

      I feel like Leon is in the same place jorge was before he went on the trip an made a decision to finish and not try to just win.

    22. Imighteatu Alilhungry

      No matter what Jorge has unfinished business with Leon 💯 U can’t punch another mma fighter backstage then ignore him when he calls u out! KNUCKLE UP!!! 🥊💯

    23. Ícaro Oliveira

      5 rounds Nate vs Tony at 170. That's a great fight

    24. Jaystacks

      Nick vs Jorge is the fight to make UFC 270 : Redemption

    25. BigBass13 13

      Way to go “Ponytail”. I hope the Gamebred, promo label takes off and gets huge.Always a good thing to have multiple outlets for fighters to make money.

    26. Jeffrey Frankot

      Man is reïncarnated, so God does give 2nd chances.

    27. Eric Foreman

      Bro . I bet Dana white is so Dana Red mad hot right now hahahaha he sees dollar signs going down the drain

    28. Eric Foreman

      are they at a construction site

    29. Ziryab Jamal

      If Leon isn't a fighter, then put up the BMF belt and show the world how much more vicious you are 🤡🙃

    30. Neighborhood Nip

      Jordan hat… adidas jump suit.. this man gamebred has no swag 😂😂😂

    31. RX

      Wonderboy beat his ass though and he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body lol

    32. Curtis Sheffield

      Leon and Jorge look weak

    33. Lukman K

      Doesn’t even have a win over a top 15 ranked welterweight

    34. Donny B Good

      I want to support this company in any way I can

    35. T. Ferguson DiazBrothersFan

      Leon is going to take the win! Jorge has really changed since the fight in NY. Idk why he talks crap about Leon. First, Nate whose a BMF over Jorge 7 days a week picked Leon and he doesn't pick bad fighters. Jorge let things get to his head & sold out. Leon won by decision not a medical stoppage. Leon had a 7 win streak he had been on before the unfortunate eye poke fight. I never seen Jorge say he would fight Khamzat but Leon did and it was only Covid-19 complications that stopped the fights. Leon is just a humble and nice guy but to say he's not a fighter, shows Jorge's lack of confidence. Leon holds 19 wins and only 3 losses, not a bad record at all.

    36. Breast Milk Alabama

      Jorge couldn't even ko Nate

      1. Adam.43

        Jorge only has 5 finishes in his 20 UFC fights I think the Ben ko messed with his head

    37. Rell Gibson

      Jorge should fight khazmat


      Now he’s back to getting knocked out ...

    39. Yung Nino SSMG

      That KO got him cautious now lol. What happen to that kill or be killed mentality???

    40. Daffy Maestro


    41. Magnetic Gray 5.0

      Tony Ferguson the type of guy to ankle pick his mom

    42. Ryan R

      Jorge is washed up. He hasn't won a fight in over 2 years and he is over rated. On the last note Jorge knows Leon will beat him that's why he is ducking him.

    43. Marcin Pobiedzinski

      Overrated AF

    44. Christian Mondragon

      He should fight Vicente Luque

    45. Jeff Shannon

      Masvidal vs Nick Diaz would be epic!

    46. Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ

      My man Jorge says he is not gonna fight either Covington OR Edwards but he says he wants to fight a top 5 and the only fighters in the top 5 that are available are Covington and Edwards lol.

    47. Matt

      Fight Bananas well represented at this press conference

    48. Sam Lopez

      Jorge is washed

    49. IRanee

      Masvidal is overrated


      2021 , wtf !!!! Continue to disrespect Nate with the rematch !! Zero Respect 👎👎👎🖕🖕

    51. brett heath

      Edwards would smoke this fool

    52. Sam Bae

      he's so hot

    53. Justin Time

      Masvidal isn't a top 5 fighter. I'll pass on any ppv he's a part of.

    54. Nicholas Revello

      Who has this guy beat?

    55. TheThetechnician

      Masvidal is quickly losing his appeal his ego is too big

    56. Karl Marks

      He says leon Edwards not a fighter while promoting crackhead to fight 😆😆usman must of gave George brain damage

    57. Mixed Arts Of Martial Madness

      Take a shower sweaty balls 😜

    58. Silverback Animal

      Great ambassador for the sport , much respect

    59. Rileys Boyfriend

      he doesn't deserve a top5 opponent

    60. Dane Wolfheart

      Masvidal vs nick Diaz

    61. HeadEnterprise

      Anybody thinking any UFC fighter with 15 loses is a killer is out their mind and buying the hype. Jorge is average at best.

    62. Tyson Byzon

      Wanna see hungry killers like Ottman Azaitar Gilbert Burns or Khamzat . Not loosers

    63. Aines Henry

      The fact that there are people comparing Masvidal with Conor is very upsetting, your brains can only remember up to 2/3 years

    64. Nadim

      Fight Colby and let’s put the beef to an end. That’s the real BMF fight right there.

    65. Jay Luxx

      Nope Leon. How he punch em and don’t want to fight😂

    66. D R

      Masvidal vs. Nick Diaz. BMF belt on the line.

    67. Daniel Gibson

      Leon would trash this bum. He better not get lazy though like he did at the end vs. Nate 🥴

    68. Isaiah Padilla

      Realistically I only see Jorge fighting Nick Diaz or Leon Edwards

    69. TheEnvelope

      Speaks about fighter pay, wears clothes made in sweat shops. Ok mate.


      Shook of Leon just abit

    71. Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller)

      Tony Ferguson. The type of guy to swim laps in the bath.

    72. peter o

      What makes this journeyman fool believe he deserves a fight with a top 5 opponent? Clowns go to the back of the line. Especially unconscious ones.

    73. M

      Masvidal Vs McGregor is the fight to make...

    74. Ahmad Aizul Che Azam

      Scared but act tough

    75. Thomas Green

      Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to ???

    76. Matthew Varley

      Why does he dodge Leon then?

    77. jahh1975

      Let’s get some shit straight real quick. Leon Edward would beat him, and Colby, even though people hate him, is a top 5 fighter and would absolutely smoke Masvidal. In fact, Masvidal is probably the most overrated fighter in the UFC. If you think about it, other than Til (who is also on a downward spiral) he hasn’t really beaten anyone of top caliber, even in his prime. He can barely beat top 10 competition honestly. Masvidal is like a slightly more technical version of Nate Diaz. A brawler. BUT, he does market himself extremely well, which is why we’re even having these conversations lol.

    78. Zach Dickens

      Gawddamn this man is shameless with his ducking

    79. HISSTORY

      The production was on point though.

    80. Rinzing Bhutia

      Was he hand cuffed ? Lmao

    81. Freddy Camba

      I sapport Jorge masvidal and the GFC! All the way, this is great 💪💯👊

    82. Poser INC.

      Let’s be real ,He knows he’s going down hill ,he’s never gonna become champion in ufc . This is a good move

    83. Anubhav Agrahari

      fake bmf! ducking king

    84. buzzards cry


    85. Lazyy

      he wants a top 5 opponent yet ducks every one in the top 5? lmao more washed up then mcgregor

    86. Arista Budi Setyawan

      Jorge is just average

    87. bofin Bond

      Imagine comikg from ufc as a fighter now doing the promotion Masvidal must have realised its not that easy

    88. Dirk Diggler

      Street Penis needs to talk less.

    89. Jason Rangel87


    90. MK S

      These guys always say funny word called "retired"

    91. Hunter Gatherer

      Colby or Nate

    92. Adam Taylor

      This dude ducks Colby because he knows he’d lose. Edwards would beat him too. Watch he’s about to go on a losing streak. He’s already lost to Usman twice. And I don’t think he can beat anyone in the top 5. Give him Nick Diaz or another older fighter out of his prime. Then he’d have a chance. Still a fan though but the truth is the truth

    93. dookies

      I can't ignore the banner in the back. Nobody addressing it so... seems like a bad investment jorge

    94. elllo govna

      Tony ferguson the type of guy to send you a birthday card on his birthday

    95. Scogent AZ

      Jorge is looking chubby! Belly and all. Going to be a shitty weight cut next go around.

    96. Nathan Kelenski

      Obvious way of tryna duck Leon

    97. Mike Luhg

      Unpopular opinion: Edwards beats masvidal Masvidal was never elite he just had a good patch

    98. souljaboytellem

      You can't talk mad shit less than two months after getting sparked out cold. Also he's shit talking a guy that he's ducked for 2 years straight.

    99. Dark Inferno

      Masvidal knows if it goes to decision with Edwards that he likely lost. I see Edwards doing something similar to Wonderboy against Jorge. Just out classing him from a distance.

    100. Randy Singh

      Terrible logo.