Jose Mourinho hits back at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in BIZARRE must-watch interview!

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    Jose Mourinho hit back at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in a bizarre press-conference after the Manchester United manager's comments on Heung-Min Son.
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    1. Werner Loerts

      I kicked Bayern out in last sec im a legend

    2. K M-18

      You can't BEEF with Jose Mourinho 🤝😂

    3. Daniel Daniel

      This calls for a meme :)

    4. Ssv tick

      Jose now jobless... literally feeding his son

      1. Armando Madrazo


    5. Mouse Potato

      Jose Mourinho is the only martyr in the USL Please Donate ETH- 0x58F76C0447C0a09fEDD2397E06b8A18A71292e17 BTC- bc1qmyqdm7rqkk2ec8w0hlysn5vz5nnxcvdmcvflew DOGE- D5viDRPQQKQvBay4cNVKpP8YPQgPui2GLQ TRX- TQB2vpSeGVbQv1q8V53cvHpEFcd4ZKnVH5 BNB- bnb14mq7lxxyxdptrka2str09wlzxq82nq3fhyqmtm

    6. LENNY!

      I think Ole was joking I don't think he actually would starve his son just because he acted like a pussy and wouldn't get up off the floor. I feel Jose took Ole's words literally instead of figuratively how they were meant.

    7. Rohan Prasad

      Guess what ? This epic face-off is no news anymore. Not even the sacking of Jose. What is happening now, is basically an attack on the institution of football

    8. opzz xsin

      Mourinho interviews seems like he's doing stand up comedy 🤣😂 he's a real comedian 🤫😂

    9. Yudhishtir Mungur

      All these comments are so gold. Ahhhh. Internet.

    10. joe vids

      Well this cheese aged well now that he's sacked 😅😅😅

    11. CD

      I think its very unprofessional comment from Ole. I couldn't believe when that thing came out from his mouth. Sad many here being too dumb to realize but make fun of Mourinho. shocked again by level of comments here.

      1. CD

        As American, it sounds wrong.

      2. Sp1kerPistol

        As a western Norwegian there is nothing shocking about his comment at all. Wouldn't even have made the news in Norway.

    12. Nguyen Nguyen Duy

      Mourinho’s press conference is for nothing, nothing to defend about the defeat

    13. Charming nowhere to hide

      Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Ole made a father and SON analogy about SON heung min?😅 whether intentional or not , that was brilliant haha

    14. 푸리어스

      You can even advise your son to be a great father. But before I say it first I think it would be good to first recall his past and talk about it. To give someone advice, you have to be proud of yourself. He has to apologize to Campbell and point it out. I wouldn't be able to blame myself if I were anti-half Solshar Because I’m shy, I can’t be a dad and I have to starve dinner.

    15. Its Saahil12

      Interviewer: What have you learnt from today's game jose? Jose: Bread is bread and Cheese is cheese

    16. Eesa Khurshid

      Ole is being sarcastic

    17. Pacis Ndahiro

      DRAMA QUEEN!!!

    18. fouoii gyhh

      I thought Jose was joking at first, but by the end it seems like he was actually serious.

    19. Kyle Richardson

      Oh, so mourinho has just told everyone that him and “sonny” are cheats

    20. Kyle Richardson

      Ohhh, so here comes salty mourinho milking the subject when it was a joke lmaoo really want to see mourinho put in a room with a group of OFB members

    21. Fintan gately

      Jose, you are an absolute bluffer.

    22. Madoxize

      "like we say in Portgual"... No one cares what you say in Portgual, man! You're in England since 2004

    23. Kingjinder

      Ole has a manly point but Jose in reply laid a smackdown XD

    24. Daniel Hansen

      Its not only only! Dont be so applehandsome.

    25. michael collins

      Oh dear....chelsea in 2 semis... Arsenal in one.... Spurs..........dulux

      1. michael collins

        @Ehrlich Gesagt nope no one knows....except city 3....spurs 1.....thats my imparted knowledge to you😊

      2. Ehrlich Gesagt

        @michael collins and how should we know now? Did u think that Chelsea have a chance against City? Or Dortmund? Or Leeds?

      3. michael collins

        @Ehrlich Gesagt but one theyll lose

      4. Ehrlich Gesagt

        Spurs are in a final....

    26. M Gib

      Ole's great he's so funny jose is just depressed

    27. dueeh nyyu

      Jose: "bread is bread, cheese is cheese" English teacher's: write 5 paragraphs explaining the deeper meaning behind this quote

      1. Sp1kerPistol

        Also, it's just something you say. No one is actually starving their kids here lol.

      2. Sp1kerPistol

        It just means... call a spade a spade - which here in Norway is the same: 'kalle en spade en spade'... but apparently telling your children 'they will get no dinner' if they don't calm down and listen to their parents is a Norwegian thing LMAO. I thought this was normal upbringing everywhere. Very normal thing to say to your kids in western Norway at least.

    28. Muddy

      Ole should have said if that was my son 'pardon the pun' lol.

    29. JFKN

      Ole was using an expression of disappointment not literally NOT FEEDING his child. Wtf, how do ppl not realize that lol

    30. A


    31. MO AMBZ

      pao pao queijo queijo !!!!!! hahahaha

    32. bilisha coli


    33. The Truth

      This is jokes man haha Jose is such a sore loser he would be fuming if that goal was disallowed for Spurs. You also know if someone stole of Jose to feed their kids even though he has multiple millions he would press charges, he’s a complete idiot of a man.

    34. Gary Mackridge

      Mourinho hates that Ole is doing a better job with basically the same players

    35. My Baby Bengal X Persian

      It's ok RASHFORD will go to food bank

    36. Sadur Chicarito

      damn son..i never see mourinho being so salty like this.. this level of salt is beyond my imagination. its so salty and more salty than the Dead Sea..

    37. 무병장수SD

      child abuse deposition. EPL or FA have to check about ole's serious comment.

    38. peteshere321

      Is son and Son being confused and misinterpreted!?! Lol 😜

    39. YC Eun

      솔샤르는 심판에 항의해야지... 흥민을 저격한 것은 명백한 인종차별. 격떨어지는 넘

    40. albert oneill

      For ole to go on about son...mybe he should say the same about members of his team ..they are all a bunch of actors who cheat the great game ..but it is part of the game now..

    41. Mark Wilson

      Jose is tight , stupid comment by ole at the wheel

    42. drttyu liqm

      Rumour has it Ole starved Phil Jones and he was never seen or heard off again

    43. Jonah Thrane

      Clearly Jose has nothing else to say except attack Ole.

    44. Diony Sus

      Ole! You used to do divings yourself when you were a young lad player. You have no right to criticize Son for diving, bec you only make yourself so foolish and comedic. Also, I realized why Son had to stay laying down like that, explained by a former soccer goalkeeper. That when you're slapped in the FACE, it's a Foul. So to be acknowledged it a foul, the slapped player, in this case Son, had to lay down like that in order for the referee to see what just had happen, and in that case, being slapped in the Face by Man U player. That's why the referee saw it and judged it as Foul. People who are attacking Son with ugly racial hatred, should confront the referee, Not Son, when he's just doing his job to win the game. That's not cheating at all. Son was just following the rule and playing smart.

    45. Urbanblqck Urbanblqck

      Rashford is playing at he's best now ...

    46. Gabriellaville Vianney

      That's attitude 😉

    47. 2stroke mx classics

      Bad loser, was a good manager for one season then loses his mind, good to see son is still alive tbh😂😂😂

    48. Jonny k

      Ole you did exactly the same thing before. You are dirty hypocrite

    49. Shaz 66

      Jose your a prat, a jealous prat, that was ,at best , a tickle to the side of his face and he went down like he had been smacked in the face by Tyson, shame on him

    50. Jong Sun Park

      Ole got PTSD from his dad because he didn't feed him after Ole dived and stayed on the ground for 5 mins against Arsenal

      1. Luke C

        Nah he just got the hairdryer from SAF, which is way worse lol

    51. Khadija Abbas

      hahahaha this is so lol

    52. Soinas Doyi

      Ole lives rent free in Jose’s head and I love it 😂😂😂

    53. FirstName LastName

      I thought Jose was joking at first, but by the end it seems like he was actually serious.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Jose: "bread is bread, cheese is cheese" English teacher's: write 5 paragraphs explaining the deeper meaning behind this quote

    54. Nanzing Dadi

      Oh man..this comments r the best...almost burst my lungs laughing 😂😂😂😂

    55. DELI

      Mumbling fraud

    56. 기다리자

      솔사르. 너도 한방 맞아봐라.

    57. 티라노댄스

      Campbell finds u Ole 😂 😂 😂

    58. Philip Friend

      Jose living on past glories-outdated now-how long b4 he gets sacked gets a huge payoff and moves on to another club?

    59. Anirudh

      He is a specialist in food

    60. Sj Y 1000hp

      Solskjaer, remember you well, don't you remember eating only bread and water 18 years ago?

    61. Saurav Giri

      Mourinho is aging

    62. foopyu nooui

      Ole lives rent free in Jose’s head and I love it 😂😂😂

    63. Gerrard Park

      The fact : Ole did same thing at 2003 at the match with Gunner.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. Nnamdi Ifeanyi


    65. Adam Mahmood

      What’s mourinho on about here?😂😂😂he’s taking that statement to literal and he does what he always has done, which is deflecting the blame away from him.

    66. Kuro Ken

      Man, Jose lived in England for 10 years and still missed Ole's point? What a joke of a manager.

    67. Joondism

      Hey Solskjael~ Did your father gave you meal?? I found the video that your beautiful hollywood action😆😆😆 I thought you are a brilliant actor Just go and teach your son SNS is wasting time my son😆 I’m sure that you learn from Mr.Alex Ferguson👍🏼 I respected you as a player .. But i can’t respect you as a person

    68. Soccer 24

      "Bread is bread , cheese is cheese" spécial one

    69. 011 Naved

      Is it me or do Ole and Mourinho do look strikingly similar 🧐

    70. Kal B

      Jose and Ole having a custody battle over their son.

    71. Upper room ministries International

      U have failed!

    72. No Idea

      What a stupid explanation!!!! There is no more hypocrite trainer in the history of football like this looser!!!!!

    73. Diony Sus

      I don't know much about soccer/football, but I heard Ole used to do a lot of diving himself when he was a player. I don't know why he's being such a Hypocrite. Just saw a video on him getting the red card for that.

    74. Keith Owen


    75. Nihh Nihh

      Martial isn’t getting fed enough from Papa Ole

    76. Layek

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    77. Kathleen Lever

      Hard to believe Ollie criicising son for diving with rashford martial and Fernandez in your team and don't talk about your family in a football interview well done Jose proper manager Eddie

    78. gtoss chddy

      "Bread is Bread and cheese is Cheese" Well, that's cleared that up.

    79. Everyday 1


    80. mike harrison

      Its like when you tell a child off the child be like, you know him down the street, he swore ominerrrrrrrrr

    81. Aaron Naidoo

      Poor little Jose.. always looking for someone to blame...

    82. 뒤에도 좋다

      I don't understand why Ole 's dad gave meals even his son's dived into ground. I watched Ole's dives a lot on Manu Game...

    83. Asa A.

      I’m sorry the way Jose clapped back is hilarious lmfao. He knows what he’s doing the attention is away from the game now

    84. Arkane

      LMAO, Classic Jose 🤣

    85. Stuart Walters

      Son's father beat him when he made mistakes !!!

    86. Zurab Danelia

      Jose Sh.. the mouth (nothing to say), also you" lucky" clown Son

      1. Zurab Danelia

        However Cavani has already thrown you (TOT)in the throat

    87. Albanian MMA Kid.

      Give it a rest Jose..... your time is over, no special one any more , lol more special snowflake git

    88. Светлозар Неделчев

      Jose is great guy!

    89. Hail_Odin

      I just think that Son needs to ask himself how he wants to be seen as a man, all this rolling around screaming like a little boy.

    90. Daniel O'Mahony

      I agree with Ole

    91. Allan Robertson

      WTF Jose. It was clearly a bit of tongue in cheek but if this is your craic and the best you’ve got left these days fair enough 🤔

    92. Thabang Moloisi

      😂😂 turns out he can't take as much as he can give.

    93. P L

      Shut up Smeagol. No food for you tonight.

    94. Fr At

      no, you don't steal, you go to work

    95. Peter Hay

      Kids lives matter

    96. Tony Lawlor

      How many Judges heard that comment in court, "I stole the food to feed my family", did it get them anywhere, no way, a Judge would not understand that predicament.

    97. Mike Wilson-Barrett

      Jose obviously didn't get what Ole was talking about. He was being metaphorical. Jose is and has been for years a bitter man.

    98. Umair Aslam

      Any Portuguese friend here, please explain that quote, we deserve to know.

    99. fian rofiandi

      MOU ❤

    100. Maxie Scott

      no time for either but that whining half nordic half manc accent is nauseating plus Ole hasnt achieved diddly sqat to Jose and Im not a tottenham supporter