Juice WRLD - 734 (OG Version)


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    This is Juice WRLD - 734 (OG Version) | Enjoy 15mins of JW. lljw❤️

    **I Do Not Own The Music, All Rights Go To The Respective Owners**

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    Music in the Video
    Juice WRLD
    UMG (on behalf of Juice WRLD Mixtape / ISR P&D)

    Juice WRLD Unreleased
    Juice WRLD Unreleased
    Juice WRLD Unreleased
    Juice WRLD Unreleased
    Juice WRLD Unreleased

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    1. SizX

      i might keep the video up.. just bc this version is OG and ily all, idc about the hate, i might keep it up for yall 💖 but, a promise is a promise

      1. shlok dash

        You're really nice keeping it up despite the hate

      2. Daryl Braden

        You can never delete this!!!!! This is so much harder than the original I can't even listen to other mixes of this. And so many people would be str8 mad!! Please keep this

      3. FlameChill

        Yes please keep it up, it’s honestly AWESOME! ❤️

      4. Justin Buck

        I love you @SizX

      5. Shea aka Yvng_drips

        Pls do

    2. Makoe


    3. Cole28 8

      Lmao half way through the song I get stopped by an ad:(

    4. Jared Contreras

      I realized he added the other verses on Xanny

    5. IAN WERE

      Dam copyright always hit everything

    6. 2SAVV

      this song is so nice, his voice was so beautiful

    7. Iztok BMX


    8. RNG_piderman_yt _

      Imagine he made the song at 7 hours and 34 minutes zero seconds I would still listen to the whole song 💯%

    9. Okoru

      This is the greatest 15 min of juice you can ever listen to.

    10. Dillidar

      #LLJW ♥

    11. Royals

      15 minutes that I need everyday

    12. chrystian s

      11:17 you can hear the pain and cry for help in the vocals.. so sad, best artist ever in my eyes. LLJW

    13. Killua

      This the most fire song I heard in a long time

    14. Beej H.

      This version though.... it's my anthem

    15. Mareta Antić

      Lets be real, everyone can find themselves in this song in some way.

    16. Coochie Man

      Imagine you walk a 300lb snapping turtle into the DEA and it just looks backs and explodes no inspection

    17. lontong garing

      everytime, every single day im listening this music and crying :')

    18. Owen S. Tetreault

      Kinda wished this Video ended at 14:37 or 17:34

    19. Pro craft

      666 dislikes wtf

    20. ashley rivas

      Gosh! I literally HAVE to listen to this FULL VERSION once a day!!!

      1. TitusDaCreator

        I thought i was the only one

    21. Niiqht

      sad as fuck but no one cares

      1. Shawn Blount

        But u still know the trust yuh

      2. Shawn Blount

        I do lol


      Love the 15 minute version because I get to listen to juice rap for 15 minutes feels like an hour low key


      This is a good song to clean up too. You forget your even cleaning up at moments you get lost in the music

    24. Mikey Devecka

      Does anyone hear a little bit of like an echo or what ever at the beginning like it sounds really good, it's sounds like he's performing at a concert

    25. MasteRovi

      His Ex punching the air rn😂

    26. baylee baker

      I listen to this song 3 times a day

    27. X2S1lv3rs

      I really miss him😣😢😭

    28. YazzyOutside

      The real ones know this is actually 3 songs 734 g fazos and I walk alone

    29. God

      11:19 me when my back hurts

    30. Holly Moore

      been looking for this

    31. Curupted v.2

      This shit is on my mp3 player 🔥🔥

    32. Sheepdog Outdoors

      Is it just me or does the released version feel like a snippet when you've been listening to this already

    33. Emily Daire


    34. Gregory Gilchrist

      i cant fucking believe how accurate this song is to my life right now like honestly this keeping me alive right now

    35. Silvia Salas

      Loving this songs ❤

    36. KylerDripzz


    37. Zeek

      9:00 my favorite part

    38. Cody Startin

      this version 10x better

    39. Take Care

      "I'm in my head dammit I think too much, now I'm getting tear stains on the bankroll"

    40. Nabeel Khamash

      Love from India 🇮🇳

    41. Onepunchwulf _147

      What gets me almost every time is: “I walk alone in the end, I know we’re better off eeenemies, you thought I was gonna say friends bitch”

      1. Take Care

        "you gotta be fucking kidding me" Yeah, I thinks thats the reason I keep listening to this song. It hurt me unexpectedly in the beginning when he said that because I really did think he would say friends. Now I'm just hurting my own feelings playing the song over and over and over again...

    42. Brody Byrnes

      The released version should’ve had the full 15 min song

    43. AmirTery Kingtionly

      Bibby knew what he was doing when he dropped this song. That bitch messy asf LMAO

    44. James Wiese


    45. RoberryDBL

      So many bandwagons I remember barley anyone new about this version and now the songs drops and boom

    46. Ashton Brumit

      My new favorite song ❤️ 🖤

    47. Lil Maki

      This guy just spits fire! 734 wasnt a thing to me, until it got "officially" released. But damn this is diamond spitting rhymes, man was damn too good for this world >3

    48. Funnyman 818

      I thought I was bulletproof until Cupid started sliding through

    49. Universe⛄

      "TIme heals all wounds, but time can leave the nastiest scars" Hits hard

    50. Redizah -

      I’m literally baked on a train home rn, this shit hitting different... How is this guys music so fucking good... So happy I got to see him live man, Rest Up Juice😔9 9 9💕

      1. Redizah -

        @SP_ IV I've heard like every song he's made lmao, heard that shit live was fireeeeeeeeeeeeee

      2. SP_ IV

        If u like juice WRLD then I suggest scared of love it’s fire 🔥

    51. Dutho

      i find the Mix in the new Version Bad, idk why but I Thought load a better mixed Version on my yt channel up xd

    52. Alex Bali

      the original post was in september 2020 and y'all have no clue

    53. Brave

      The world word be Different if Juiceworld was Still Around

    54. Saral Geter

      Bro why put a ad there bro

      1. Squig

        UMG claimed the video therefore ad's are automatically added by FIblock, the creator cant do anything about it.

    55. Alexis Maldonado

      R.I.P Juice sad he had to go all his songs are just flames

    56. Nasty Buddy

      The people disliking this song are just hating ass mf's or one's without taste and understanding.

    57. Bin Rappin

      best song i ever hurd lol

    58. Michael Lovett

      Please never delete this

    59. Jennifer Hobbs

      Did he have BPD??

    60. walter with big gun

      It's sad cuz all of his other vids are not really popular

    61. Seth Yellin

      Age reversal around the corner too.

    62. Seth Yellin

      Yeee! #GoVegan 💚

    63. Kaleb Boyd

      This be fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


      I'm not ganna die until juice gets 10m subs

    65. Juice wrld


    66. Todd Hofdahl

      I can't stop playing this song.

    67. leon patton

      miss you juice 999 forever

    68. Saral Geter

      Bro I just looked at the time it said 7:34

    69. Eduardo Gutierrez


    70. Jinchurriki7654

      I wish this was on spotify

    71. HULK BOY2099

      I feel you on this one juice....I feel you

    72. Cole Nugget

      "Cold blood, in your veinsss"

    73. Michael Carnaghi

      This one hits way harder than the released one

    74. Noa

      It was called off white

    75. Almighty Dolla

      Listening to this shit at 4 am in a hot bath 🛀

    76. Kaiden Boys

      Fire 🔥 I love u for this u the ig and we miss u juice!!!!!

    77. robloxs gamers


    78. robloxs gamers

      999 go

    79. Beck Beddows

      Bro this verse is so good 2:40

    80. W W

      Speechless bro 😪

    81. KylerDripzz

      ppl that hit the dislike need to get there covid check cuz one of the symptoms was ( u have no taste ) and thats what they dont have expecially his ex and im happy SizX posted this cuz it has straight fax the one where it tells me i walk alone 👣😪

    82. Nick Squires

      Should find a way to post on spotify under a weird name lol only so it dont get blocked

      1. Nick Squires

        @Behtr would be dope

      2. Behtr

        i can do it if u want

    83. Ramune?!

      Put this on spotify or else i call 999

    84. Noah Prado

      5:54 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    85. Ethan Rosselot

      3:57 I wonder why the juice wrlds labels removed that?

    86. Anthony Coppola

      My guys finally getting the recognition he deserves 💯

    87. EL Papi

      He really made like 10 songs in 1 track

    88. Wyatt Zech


    89. Wyatt Zech


    90. Chandler Hunt


    91. UZIdyldon420

      His music really makin me go from 😭😂😍 to 😐. I’m going numb, I don’t even love my family anymore.

    92. Kingg Taetae

      Can I remix to this beat for free

    93. A.Royalty official

      WE love juice

    94. GLO Cliipz

      “ ball out like cp3 “ 🐐

    95. L3AN

      Imagine they actually released this version instead of the short version but shii i ain't complaining both still great overall

    96. swaebobus

      "3 days no food all pills." Juice really suffered.

    97. Donald Lewis

      Makes you wonder how much they’re leaving out on all his music. 🤔

    98. Donald Lewis

      This version is way better than the one they released for his mixtape anniversary. They left so much out.


      JUICE FANS: Who can name the songs that came from the verses? GO!

      1. monsterthenergydrink

        734 - Juice WRLD

    100. 1HL

      I have a one hour version of this song!!!