Jungkook always copies Jimin (Let's BTS!) l ENG l KBS WORLD TV 210330

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    1. Arava Varshitha

      4:28 namjin looks like parents listening to their son complaining about a classmate 😂😂😂 No offense

    2. bonjour les amis

      Jin when he laughs like that 🤤🥰 0:10

    3. bts lahari

      When Suga is saying to j.hope he pouted 1:50

    4. gwynette aira pilar


    5. Sneha Giri

      Jimin: He copied me.. I borned first in busan then he did.. I learnt dance first than he copied😆😆😆 I cant. We have heard this alot in this 4 years.. After someyears JK:BREATHS.. JIMINSHIII: He copied me😆😆😆😆😆

    6. Katie Sewell

      I love that periwinkle sweater! Props to the stylist!

    7. Ayşe Şimşek

      Türkçesi yok mu ya bunun

    8. bts & blackpink

      is this the complete video

      1. Kitty Angelina


    9. Maria Hoy

      a question someone from the members wants to hear something from namjoon is that I can't find it

    10. Sara Alvarez


    11. Tilda Burroughs

      Yes a childrens song is a good idea!! A whole album will do so well!

    12. Cielo Anne

      this is so cute omggg

    13. Debarati Guha

      JK : I copied you Jimin : Did you copy me ?? 😂😂 Everyone else : You dug your own grave.... Well now.. Jimin is me... I try to outsmart someone everytime and I dig a Biiiiiiiigggggg hole for my grave.. I could feel him honestly 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Soapy Roz

      My stomach hurts so much from laughing!! 😆😆

    15. Samita Shrestha

      Bruh the list of songs Suva produced KING

    16. z3r 0

      ,,Jungkook copies me, i was born in Busan first." Will he ever let go-😭🤚

    17. BTS ARMY


    18. Mardia Yasmin


    19. Suga Min

      Aren't they sweet and pure to each other? 💜🥺

    20. periodt

      jungkook makes me question my sanity ON PURPOSE.. i still get flashbacks of my time performance and then start to sob bruh HE DOING ALL THIS ON PURPOSE

    21. RainHeart MC

      They are so adorable & cute😍😍😍💜💜💜💜

    22. Anushaa

      0:09 Suga's smile is soo precious😍💜

    23. nurai_ saylau_

      Мне нужно озвуякаааа

    24. Veronica Lepcha

      I really miss BTS.

    25. Ankita Bharali

      Butter new single by BTS will be releasing on 21st may 2021.

    26. Leah withLuv

      Love that Yoongi got praised during ON from J Hope

    27. Leah withLuv

      Jungkook loves to tease V😂

    28. Pers Godiva

      Tae using every chance he gets for a love confession lol

    29. peachness C

      JIN guessed all members correctly 😁

    30. Einie Zorin

      Jungkook's smile is very different to his body features. How can he smile like a baby with the body like thatttt???

      1. UnnieYinn

        ahahahahahah his duality, love him so much

    31. Lavs

      Jk ❤🥰 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜

    32. Azza theGenius

      They are so cute. JIMIN was struggling to convince the members that jungkook really copies him. Jimin tried so hard to come up with a solid proof but failed lol what even....born in busan, contact lense are his proofs of jungkook copying him lmao. Even the members made fun of jimin for being delusional and craving for jungkook’s validation. The whole thing is actually so funny.

      1. e0n

        It's a long-running joke for them, with a bit of truth actually.

    33. Helmin Army

      Jikook busan.... 💜💜💜💜 I love jikook

    34. Tanu vlogs

      5:15 the cutest face ever😍😍😍😍

      1. UnnieYinn

        he's the cutest T _ T

    35. nur humairah

      can someone tell me the name of the song played when they introduce all the songs where yoongi help in producing it?

      1. UnnieYinn

        its BTS - Jump, from Skool Luv Affair , BTS 2014 album :)

    36. Iris Soto Mayor

      Me encantan estos videos los necesito traducido al español.

    37. Ladly Fayaz


    38. Riya


    39. shars p

      am i expecting a soon jin mixtape too?

    40. jikook Sweet life adventures


    41. Diya

      BTS will release their new single "BUTTER" on May 21st

    42. Aditi Kulkarni

      5:08 you really shouldn't miss jimin's happy laugh here

    43. Mehaque Khanum

      Tae's reaction was so cute 😭💜

    44. Mampi Hazarika

      I'm just gonna appreciate jin and yoongi's genuine brotherly love for each other..

    45. amber chrys


    46. Jeon Y/N

      Jikook is so cute and adorable 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    47. Yenlee Zingphaw

      Jimin's voice is so sweet, so melodious ..so heavenly that i can hear it my whole life sitting near him no matter what😌🐣

    48. Alta-Catahlina Domingo


    49. DEJI BOLU

      Jimin you also copied some people by being born in Busan you overgrown puppy🤣🤣🤣🤣✋🏾

    50. DEJI BOLU

      Jungkook seems to have gotten a lot bigger, he will be taller than RM in no time if he jeeps this up. Not that I'm complaining tho😏 who agrees with me?

    51. Bangtan the BEST

      I can help my self but to laugh. hahaha nice video!

    52. Umanga U3P

      Jin know jungkook bacause he raised him

    53. C E

      I really love how jungkook looks like he's whining about it to his hyungs @4:33 😂

    54. Ishika Goyal

      The fact that they look. Like angels from heaven Is so 😘😘😘😘😘

    55. Dimpee Chowlu

      BTS giggling and being happy is my ultimate serotonin boost. Thank you KBS.

    56. Wow Bang

      yoongi is co cute here

    57. Isha

      Jungkook off stage is such a cutie His laugh and smile was so adorable

    58. jeonkalixaè

      No one: Hobi: Jungkook got bigger YES SIR, HE IS!

    59. Feel The Rhythm Ft. Anjana

      7:19 That look on Jin's face 😂😂🤣🤣 8:13 The head turn dance by JK 😂😂🤣🤣

    60. Harry Tomoe

      So they forgot to tell Jimin the dress code?

    61. Harry Tomoe

      So they forgot to tell Jimin the dress code?

    62. Hope World

      The members are all amazing performers, especially the dance line. They all have different styles so people can argue about who's the best dancer (at their level, it's a matter of personal preference imh) but I really love how they all want Hobi's approval as the dance leader and how they're all so respectful about his position 🥰❤

    63. -Lia Zahirah-

      It’s weird having bts on shows cause it’s been along time but I’m happy overall! 💜

    64. Fallingslowly 1997

      I think your title is so rude and offensive

      1. e0n

        Everyone's laughing and having a good time, and then there's you.

    65. Fay Damasco

      Hahahahaha! These boys! 🤣🤣🤣❤️

    66. abigail vespucci

      Wait ahhh dunno why im screaming but when they guess who jimin wrote to, then they just say it's jungkook like-- AHHHHHH why they already know ahhhh?? -- can't explain it anymore😫😩

      1. abigail vespucci

        And also jk admit it that he always copy jiminah😌

    67. Nowrin Mumu

      Ommmoooo!!!🤩🤩 my boys..😚

    68. Ruhi Sadia

      Show name plz??


      When I see them I definitely smiled suddenly at them... They always makes me smiled, they are the reason why am I like this not because they are handsome only is many reasons why stan them..

    70. Shraddha Pai

      They're talking about if jungkook copies Jimin and then there is yoongi giving statistics about Busan's population.

    71. Susie Lee

      Just don't make V say saxophonist, Suga. We all know how that went down last time😂😂

    72. Maria Theresa Payumo

      I think that this is one of the funniest I’ve ever watched of the seven.

    73. Almedina

      Its weird like how do you not compliment JK on his dancing this mans puts in his all every performance

    74. Anu ale Dhenga

      By the way jk has even copied falling from chairs by jimin 🤣

    75. dreamdiaries

      Their friendship is so strong and precious. To keep a strong friendship between 2 people of same age is so difficult but they are 7 people of different age, background and personality. Their friendship was not made in one day it grew stronger and stronger over the years and we can see it clearly. Mat god bless them and their friendship. I want atleast one friend tho ... I am alone and lonely, haven't had a bestfriend in 4 years, had one but we got separated after school.😪

    76. Bipasha Ghosh

      0:49 such confidence... i can only "wish" to have in my life

    77. Bipasha Ghosh

      0:28 and 0:29 Yoongles' duality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Bipasha Ghosh

      0:36 Suga's "hitmaker" face is way too cool, catchy, and bossy

    79. Bipasha Ghosh

      0:30 i just wanna keep listening to intro of *jump* on repeat

    80. Bipasha Ghosh

      0:24 Seokjin's pout rap mode activated

    81. User User

      Озвучку, пожалуйста!

    82. Cemile

      7:55 this is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    83. Jme RNC


    84. Jyotsana Pradhan

      Bts Sarangaye

    85. J P

      Where is V's part

    86. Debolina Sarkar

      Jimin can steel you , your soul, your boyfriend your girlfriend, your best friend....

    87. Dian Benyatip

      Saxophone like careless whisperer? Ooooooo 😍

    88. My eyesight Is powerful

      BTS mini album (prod.SUGA) The Grammy award goes to Best duo / group - BTS Best produces award- SUGA

    89. Pau

      RM's visual doe!!! WITH THAT HAIR???!!! GODLY 😤😌✨

    90. Anh Daisy

      Jin: Now people are going to start asking me when it's going to be released Literally everyone, including me: When will the song get released, dear Mr. WWH? :))



    92. Пижамка Кря

      Очень бы хотелось русскую озвучку..

    93. BTS army

      Title : jk always copies jimin Jk : no ! Jimin : I was born in Busan first ! Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    94. francia uriarte

      Suga here "I have a song for you" Suga coming home ........"i must create a song for jin"

    95. V cS

      TAEKOOK had always the funny & twinning moments- they copy pasted each other 's mode of sending notes again, lols! What a lovely couple indeed. They never ridiculed their fandom

    96. bangtan kookie

      ohhh jungkook ❤️❤️

    97. Ayu Talil

      Every member needs a praise from Hobi to make their day I find it so adorable that they really respect their Golden Hyung 💜

    98. FanOf3xTop1BillBoardHot100 AndGrammyNominee

      Jin knowing them so well and having his guesses right almost all of the time! 😅💜 He surely knows what they want to hear and from who! Lmao

    99. irem nadine

      jungkook deserves every praise

    100. irem nadine

      soooo heart eyes for them and especially for jungkook... please we don't deserve him