Katie Couric Guest Host Exclusive Interview | JEOPARDY!


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    New episodes of Jeopardy! continue this week with guest host Katie Couric!
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    1. MintBerry Clutch

      Politics aside Katie Couric did awesome as host something soothing about her I would definitely still watch if she was the host.

    2. Marklar

      I really enjoy Katie, and she would make an excellent permanent Jeopardy host.

    3. James Watson

      Lavar Burton for Jeopardy host.

    4. Voice of the Guns

      1:34 The virtue signaling is so awful. There have been a total of two hosts in the history of the show. Guests hosts I won't count like Pat (April Fools), Ken, and Mike. If there were a hundred of hosts over the span of Alex hosting the show that were just male, this would be an okay question. I just roll my eyes at these questions anymore.

    5. malli69

      Get this broad off jeopardy she sucks and ratings are going down with her on. Bring back Ken!

    6. Gary Dunn

      Will Ferrell MUST guest host!

    7. Tobias Birmingham

      She is going to be boring!

    8. Terry cobb

      She sucks bye Felicia!

    9. I A H

      I'm happy that the show donated so much money to the cancer research charity that Katie promoted. I think it made it such a fun way to raise funds. Again, bravo Katie Couric.

    10. Cynthia Stanley

      I like Katie but I didn’t care much for her personality as the host for Jeopardy. She’s not the one for permanent host.

    11. Matthew Jahnke

      I would keep her as the permanent host.

    12. Perry Stroika

      She was a little shakey the first couple of times but she has gotten a lot better. Anyway she'd make a great host.

    13. Michael Schaumburg

      Geez, how many game shows ya think she can do ...

      1. Daniel Meadows

        One is too many for her.

    14. Alyssa Stevens

      No no no no no

    15. Alyssa Stevens

      She is the WORST. She is extremely pretentious. She treats the players as 3rd graders. NO!

    16. Colin Leahy

      Guest Host #3 Is Here

    17. Jerri Tanner

      Seeing someone so overtly political on Jeopardy! is very aggravating. My daily time with Jeopardy! is something I look forward to for several reasons. A respite from our crazy times is definitely one of them & she ruins that for me. Undoubtedly, so will the other “journalists” slated to guest host. Thankfully, Netflix has enough of Alex’s episodes to watch in lieu of the guest hosts I find distasteful. Of the remaining guest hosts, I am looking forward to Mayim Bailik (who holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience!) & Aaron Rodgers (who also did well as a Jeopardy! contestant.)

    18. angelina monti

      Couric has no charisma, especially with that metallic voice makes it almost impossible to watch.

    19. DjLovesl

      Don't like her in the roll. I agree with EVERYONE . Ken or Mike would be best fit. I dont actually want to even see anyone else in the roll. My mind is made up. RiP Alex and love to his family.

    20. Dennis Smith

      I don't care for her voice, but I really hate her politics.

    21. pseudohippie55

      Is Couric out as guest host so I can enjoy watching the show without a politically intolerant brat hosting?

    22. COCHEA Films

      Just put in James Holzhauer

    23. Kasey Thomas

      2 weeks of her! I was hoping it was only one, I've never gone 2 weeks without Jeopardy, but I will because she thinks I'm less than.

      1. Kasey Thomas

        @Cleopatra Demers Exactly!

      2. Cleopatra Demers

        @Kasey Thomas. I've watched Jeopardy every week night for years, and l have not been watching with Katie Couric as guest host. She's a swamp creature and should go on the "View" with her fellow swamp creatures.

    24. joe reese

      Not the same with her.

    25. Dinosaur Duck

      If she is going to be the new host, I will not watch Jeopardy anymore.

    26. Frank Santos

      Sure hope they don’t pick her. She is so one sided and not very smart.

    27. Wesley C

      Wow, Katie is a legend.

      1. Dennis Smith

        @Leo Boateng What part of the last sentence of my post did you not understand?

      2. Leo Boateng

        @Dennis Smith Why is "The Today Show" crap?

      3. Dennis Smith

        Yeah, in the annals of "Bad TV" she is a legend. The Today Show was crap. Programming aimed directly at the lowest common denominator.

      4. Dinosaur Duck


    28. ken karwoski

      To me, it's not so much her politics, she doesn't even say something about Alex Trebek at the end of the episode; per Mike Richards's demands since he is the executive producer of Jeopardy! and Ken did it and it would be nice if she said that and I like that she's playing for a good charity!

    29. Muffie1174

      I have to update. She is good. I like her.

    30. Larry Lishman

      Katie Couric is just horrible on a great show. She is sooooo boring!!!

    31. Fab Z

      She's reading the questions like a phone book. I know it's tough living up to a legend of TV hosts but a little more effort in delivery please.

    32. Dr. Daniel Erthal

      OMG she was horrible, I still prefer Ken Jennings out of the hosts so far.

    33. ckaz007

      I am boycotting Jeopardy and Katie Couric. Couric is intolerant of opposing political views. Intolerant people should not be hosting the non-political game show.

      1. I A H

        ckaz007: take a good long look at what you and your fellow trump KKK-ultists label as 'principles'. Tsk-tsk-tsk....

      2. ckaz007

        @Lyn Bishop You've got to have principles in life. I see you don't have any.

      3. Lyn Bishop

        Are you interested in the questions or who's asking!!! So stupid!!!! Hosts change. Move on already geez !!

      4. ckaz007

        @Perry Stroika I haven't watched one episode hosted by Couric. So YOU'RE FULL OF $HIT.

      5. Perry Stroika

        You are full of it

    34. Cheryl Hall

      If you voted for President Trump, you need to be "deprogrammed," according to Ms. Couric.

      1. I A H

        83,000,000 people agree with her. This is a game show. Broaden your horizon. No need to keep your focus only on the Donalds alternative facts.

      2. Steve Yochim

        isn't that true for EVERYBODY who's been in a cult? 🤔

    35. Payne, Inc.

      She's still fine 😇

      1. Payne, Inc.

        @C KL 😂🤦‍♂️

      2. C KL

        Like a monet. Far away ok...up close too much gums .

    36. Nicholas Mohr


      1. Leo Boateng


    37. Roland Drummer Rudy

      Do you have to be a commie to host the show?

    38. clara carnes

      Sorry, Katie just does not do anything for the show. I have watched the show for years and don't think she would be the best host. No one can replace Trebek.

    39. Notademocrat

      I could tell the show was going more left now I can see it's going all the way left it's too bad I've been watching for years but I'll no longer watch this show I'll get my left-wing propaganda from the news thanks

      1. Notademocrat

        @C KL if you listen to the questions they already are it's the perfect source of propaganda you get to ask the question you want people to know the answer to and then you get to give them the answer you want them to have

      2. C KL

        Even ken jennings is a screaming seattle crazy liberal. But I'll watch as long as they don't turn it into one long liberal diatribe like CNN. ( That is, unless they give the job to Couric. She's s my line.

    40. Daniel Meadows

      I have watched Jeopardy since the beginning, if she is host, I will NEVER watch it again!!

      1. Ant G

        Bye bye

      2. Crazy Cathlamet

        Neither will I

    41. Dol l

      Just LOVE her as host.

    42. MrJamie6031


    43. Detra Hall

      Watching right now. I have the biggest small on my face, so happy for you.

    44. Lisa May

      I’m not a fan of Katie. With Ken, he already knows all of the answers. Katie seems to stumble, mispronounce and overall seems awkward.

      1. Dinosaur Duck

        She talks to the contestants like they are two years old

    45. malli69

      She sucks plain and simple. Bring back Ken!

    46. Arthur Irving

      She is beyond awful. Insincere and as always, condescending.

    47. Nicholas sanchez


    48. Mike Johnson

      Nope. She’s not it.

    49. Roland Drummer Rudy

      Does the CCP have the final say on who hosts the show?

    50. Tinas Guy

      Well, I will stop watching through the talking heads and celebrities. Hopefully, I can tune back in one day. Don't ruin Jeopardy with these people.

    51. RodneyJ Hackenflash

      Katie Couric hosting Jeopardy? Finally, a good reason not to watch Jeopardy. What a lackluster little piece of crap. Go the way of Alex and your husband, Katie. And soon. The show WAS a classic but now it's trash.

    52. Rynn21

      Ew. Should have ended Jeopardy when Alex passed away. It isn't Jeopardy without him, and she is awful outside of this show. Can't imagine how bad it will be with her as a host.

    53. Pat Frontuto

      Congratulations Katie! Alex Trebeck is smiling from Heaven! What an asset you will be and are on that show!!! You have earned your fun and relaxation!!!❤️

      1. Daniel Meadows

        If she is host ,Jeopardy will loose at least half of viewers.

    54. Gustavo Ginebra

      She is her own person, not trying to emulate Alex, I enjoy her comments and her comfort in hosting while not following a Trebeck hand book. I think he would have enjoyed her style!

    55. Riley McCord


    56. Larry Dest

      Katie Couric the latest to ruin jeopardy, just put jennings on and stop screwing around

    57. Robert Elliott

      She's a really boring host.

      1. Horseman Hammer

        @Dol l she was a bore. Another ploy to put a woman to tarnish the legacy of Alex Trebek hosting that show. She has NO business there.

      2. Dol l

        🤷🏻 how can one jeopardy host be more boring than another? I find her delightful. She is encouraging and happy.

    58. Craig Holcombe

      Katie Couric is AWFUL. Nothing personal

    59. Charles Xavier

      Couric needs deprogrammed.

    60. Charles Xavier

      Turn the tube off when Couric comes on.

    61. Fritz Volz

      Katie Couric's staff members; admitted that she unfairly edits interviews, to suppress facts from her viewers, that she does not want them to know, Jeopardy's ratings will drop while she's the host.

    62. Walter

      Katie Couric is robotic- No style and no humor

    63. David Marshall

      Katie has great enthusiasm as the host Michael and Ken really weren't that great at all tbh, but I'm not looking forward to Dr Oz hosting next week, but at least we'll have an official host by September

    64. Pam Ramsom

      Don't like her as host she is a bigot and no personality

    65. Retired Gamblers

      Alex was all heart ❤️ Katie.. To opinionated for me.

    66. Linda Fischer

      I vote for Buzzy Cohen for new Jeopardy host!

    67. Linda Fischer

      Katie Couric bites as host!

      1. Leo Boateng

        @Susan Flor Why?

      2. Susan Flor

        I cant stand her voice.

    68. Michael Broderick

      Big snob who thinks she's the greatest--no more Jeopardy until this loser is gone.

    69. I A H

      Bravo Katie Couric. Close, exciting game. Will tune in as usual tonight. Always learn something....

      1. Charles Xavier

        No we won't.

    70. Shawn Mc Gaffey

      She needs to go. She was very bland and dull.

      1. Rynn21

        Just like in everything else she does :\

      2. Dinosaur Duck

        Yes, she does

    71. Muffie1174

      Katie was never a great speaker or enunciator. Wrong choice long term.

      1. Kip McGrath

        Miss Couric is ok but I find her boring. Her voice is so irritating and she thinks "slow". I liked the first andv2nd guy.

    72. Tommy. Bee. .

      Katie. .More infliction. Show some Gusto. .I like Her. . Enthusiasm.

    73. Eileen Rogers Souza

      I love Katie, but I really prefer Mike Richard he was exceptional and I know Alex would approve of him taking his place

    74. Jules R

      If this is the future of jeopardy then cancel it now do the world a favor ....absolutely God awful host

    75. Gemma David

      Katie Couric. It's a no for me.

      1. Gemma David

        @Susan Flor, hope Ken comes back from recording The Chase. I have been taping every show for many years and binge watching on the weekends, but this is the first time it's painful to watch. My recordings are messed up!

      2. Susan Flor

        Watched 1 episode with her and am waiting impatiently for next host. Her voice makes me want to mute the tv.

      3. Jacob Castro

        Was like" "yay! Jeopardy's on... oh, it's Couric... nope" ... click

      4. Charles Xavier

        Thank you.

    76. Cleopatra Demers

      Jeopardy has become a circus having Katie Couric as a guest host. Such a classy and educational show now has become political and polluted.

    77. Kenneth Gasperson

      I will not watch as long as political hack is on!!! Same one you Jeopardy!!!

    78. C L H

      Cannot watch her, she completely cancel culture of conservative Christian values and I will never forget how she cruel she was to the guy accused in Atlanta. She disgusts me. Terrible person.

    79. Julia Burgeson

      She wants conservatives deprogrammed so I'm D programming jeopardy until she's gone.

      1. MrKickYouNdaNuts

        I agree 💯

    80. Emme Summerlin

      Katie Couric will never be able to replace Alex. Keep looking. She does not know when to keep her mouth shut and has insulted many people with her past comments and opinions.

      1. Dinosaur Duck

        I hope she doesn't stay

      2. Muffie1174

        I have heard that! Poor choice!

    81. Steve H.

      Katie is a smart intelligent woman but her voice just isn't right for reading the clues on Jeopardy. Her voice is pitchy and whiny when she rushes to read the clues and makes it hard to understand! Sorry Katie, it's my reaction after watching!

      1. Steve H.

        @Tommy. Bee. . it was hard to quickly decipher what she was saying by that time she eas off to the next question!

      2. Tommy. Bee. .

        Monotonal .

    82. radsdad1

      Don't need a propagandist doing Jeopardy.

    83. Chan SB

      I never knew that Katie Couric could guest host Jeopardy!

      1. Daniel Meadows

        Jeopardy will loose millions of viewers if she’s permanent host.

      2. Leo Boateng

        Me too, I watched her host for the first time.

    84. don bailey

      She has had a long career showing her contempt for those on the right. The toxicity is not unwarranted here. I'll pass till the next guest host.

    85. Bass Dojo

      What the hell were they thinking. An ignoramus hosting the show!?!?!

      1. Roland Drummer Rudy

        It's nbc.

      2. Pam Ramsom


    86. MGA2

      Yeah I am a Boomer. Most of the fans of the show are, or older. Between watching Bonanza reruns and the chaos on the news, we had Jeopardy. Half an hour to relax and try to outsmart the usually intelligent contestants. Alex was great and Art Fleming way before, was as well. Many hosts would be fine. The show was about the clues and the players. Jennings was very good and the producer fellow even better. But for 4 months we get a collection of political trolls and a kneeling quarterback. To hell with them. Fortunately with 87 channels, I can watch Barney Fife or Ralph Kramden instead.

    87. Friedberg Blender

      Booooooooo Ken Jennings should be the host

      1. Friedberg Blender

        @Paris Nicole Perez wtf r u yapping about. Gtfoh trolling

      2. Paris Nicole Perez

        Another white man? No let's pass the torch with pride, who did alex say he'd want to replace him? Anyone know if he was asked the question? I'm gonna ask the googler

      3. I A H

        He's ok but little to no impish sense of humor. He needs a less drab look. Alex was attractive and a good sport which impressed people

      4. Dinosaur Duck


    88. Vanessa M

      I like her even more that she's anti Trump and reminds his supporters how unmoral and horrible they are

    89. Godsson

      The final jeopardy answer was "War of the worlds" not "the war of the worlds", she left "the" out as she read the chosen winners answer. Justin had the right answer and should have been the winner. She hosts one show and already there is controversy !

      1. I A H

        The answer was missing an 's' at the end of 'world' so was wrong fair and square. Should have been ' War of the Worlds'

      2. Randy Miller III

        That kind of decision is left up to the judges, not the host. Get angry about something different.

    90. acidomlas

      They just lost me as a viewer with Katie Couric

      1. Susan Flor

        @Leo Boateng Has nothing to do with keeping Ken Jennings. I find her voice annoying. She’s sounds way too whiney. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      2. Leo Boateng

        @Susan Flor Yes, because her voice is NOT annoying, she has a beautiful tone to it. All because of you who won't stop commenting about keeping Ken Jennings permanently.

      3. Susan Flor

        @Leo Boateng Really? I find her voice annoying and you say shut up?

      4. Leo Boateng

        @Susan Flor Shut up!

      5. Ant G

        Bye bye

    91. MrKickYouNdaNuts

      Gross! Someone let me know when its gone!

    92. Kathryn Dennis

      Katie thinks TRUMP supporters should be deprogramming!! What a absolutely disgusting thing to say!! 🙄.. She's 👎🏼in my book

    93. Tom Lovejoy

      Yuck! Katie Couric needs to be re-programed

      1. Neil

        @ Tom Lovejoy, Matt Lauer will get right on that, literally!,...lol! 😝

      2. Pam Ramsom

        Or deprogramed

      3. Cleopatra Demers

        @Tom Lovejoy. YES!!!!

    94. Cristian

      Even though I love her, I don’t like her in this role, I feel the producer, Mike Richards did a MUCH better job and they should give the job to him.

    95. Frank Oney, Jr.

      Katie Couric ? You must be joking ! If the show goes to her we are done with it ! What an insult to Alex Trebek! By the way she was a terrible left wing journalist !

    96. Dimension Exo

      Katie did a phenomenal job as guest host.

    97. jjdvideo

      She did OK... people are being mean. I still never understood why they call Katie Couric the "perky one"

    98. Jordan Stefanski

      Being the first woman to host such an iconic American institution is a big achievement in and of itself. Yes, her first episode had big “Tenured Professor Delivering The First Lecture Of The Semester” vibes, but she, like the others, needs some time to settle in, especially because she has never hosted a game show before.

    99. zymaymyn

      AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I had to play around with a pencil on a table just to try to get through the episode. She's unbearable to hear and she was very stiff.

    100. g h

      I will not be watching Jeopardy while Katie Couric is hosting. 👎

      1. revin hatol

        @Kevin Chau He's busy with the movies.

      2. Kevin Chau

        @Walter agree with you! Why can't they get Tom Cruise to Guest Host for 2 weeks?

      3. Walter

        Katie Couric is a robot- no style and no humor

      4. Kevin Chau

        Can't stand Katie Couric hosting this show! Gonna wait till Aaron Rodgers when he Guest Hosts the show