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    World of Tanks Kunze Panzer. Today Pigame99 is going to have to keep calm and beat QuickyBaby!

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    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

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    1. sam williams

      and the matchmaking sucks donkey balls

    2. sam williams

      this game only caters to the big clans and cheats

    3. Shane Hodge

      Game is absolutely ruined by all the kids and horrible gamers. Its just a plain fact. Game is awesome when your on a team of people who know what there doing. But since its a free game it attracks all kinds of kids and people who dont have a strategic bone in there body. Sad fact. Dont waste your time on this game. Its ruined.

    4. Michael Sly

      thanks for talking like u lost! made the video way more interesting!!

    5. Andrew White

      WOW! Great video! This one got me on the edge of my seat.

    6. Hou Felix

      at the last moment, lt432 could have a better chance of moving toward the E3 rather than getting away from him.

    7. Definitely not Emma

      I cheer every time when a TD slaps a light tank. Annoying flies have to be slapped.

    8. Pedro Martín

      Game uninstalled and account deleted. Wargaming and World of tanks are DEAD. In tier 1, 2 and 3 a lot of bots and many stupids playing with knowledge. Wot to the pc junk

    9. Chuckles

      Why people love the T110E3 equipped with "Lucky Gun" hidden perk.

    10. UberGeek Dude

      Yes, QB, More videos like this. A great turn-around for the LT... well played.

    11. Gerry Smith

      The whiff at the and....what a horrible feeling!

    12. Piotr Romejko

      this game also shows how much Lt432 is OP pay to win tank, too much I think.

    13. Mark Kemp

      How could you sit on the slope up from the lake and in the 'strong' bush without being spotted and shot from the woods, the hill or the rock in the middle left?

    14. alexsaurus332

      Which stream is this??

    15. Some Guy

      Did pigame know that was a win vs quickybaby when he submitted the replay, or was that just a happy coincidence? (or did you just ask for the replay file after the match?)

    16. Eddiemac 24

      I can’t believe how lucky the lt432 was.... e3 should’ve 100% killed him, but that insane rng....

    17. Thomas

      Best qb vid so for of the year 👌

    18. Eric R

      Which cross hair and sight mods are you using?

    19. Jaren Doose

      The Kunze Panzer has easily become one of my favorite tanks, I feel like I can use this tank in so many ways. It took me a while to learn how to use it, but now it is one of the tanks I am the most formidable in.

    20. EZ E

      GG, Thanks QB!

    21. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

      986 roll?...well, pretty sure he didn't use HE there.

    22. T FERG

      Do u have an invite code?

    23. Riziin

      qb = Lada skill4ltu = bentley

    24. Wayne Smith

      It’s a shame WG is giving out tier 9 and 10 tanks like candy nowadays. To noobs who have no clue how to play the most elite tanks in the game. Gone are the days where we could go to play some quality games with fellow tankers that were good players and knew the meaning of team play and how to play their tank spec :(

    25. TjaMats

      I Often play 1 against 6. Then I loose...

      1. Levi

        I play 1 vs 15 all the time , the majority of my teamnates are just potatoes...

    26. Adolfin Kitler

      Would be better if you get manual suspension controls

    27. Exhar Khun

      First time in thousands of watched replays that I yelled NOOOO! out loud.

    28. Sylver

      Well, often when you get some chieftains or 279e in your team and they decide to play on the medium side and give up the heavy flank, you start quickly to root for the enemy team because you want these game breaking tanks abusing everything to at least lose. =D

    29. ThePerfectShot

      Everything has amazing gun depression these days. This nerfes the older tanks. Not fair.

    30. SaultShaker55

      When will you do cold war videos

    31. C. I. A.


    32. Bożydar Groch

      Lt played well, tho he should've expanded his vision through some key bushes in few moments of the replay. And he lacks the knowledge when he gets spotted, which is pretty obvious in most scenarios. Like the moment he killed QB he got spotted, yet he started going forwards, which should've ended in eating 1-2 hits from pantera. Same goes for the E3 shot, he didn't fall back and that ended up in eating the round and surviving with just sheer luck. Nevertheless he played fairly well, but I wouldn't say he deserved the win.

    33. FreeBoulders

      This was nice to watch!

    34. Matthew Hunter

      If any one out there has ever played artillery on WOT.....can you explain to me how you find the over head view plz.

    35. Thrall Dumehammer

      Yeah done that

    36. Sam Coat

      He got super lucky RNG for long enough. Some shots on that P.44 were aimed somewhere else. RNG placed them correctly for him.

    37. WeirdGamer

      He had us in the first half not gonna lie

    38. Dynamic Gameplay


    39. A Duality

      i was going for the kunze panzer, but after really taking a look at it i decided to use my 18 tokens on the phase I and 777 II, i dont think the kunze panzer is balanced properly with its siege mode, seems very counter intuitive to have worse gun dispersion on traverse and moving in siege mode with the higher accuracy and aim time. would make more sense to have the higher aim bloom and worse accuracy when using the mobility outside of siege mode similar to the CS63

    40. Tikuros

      That wasn't an F in the chat, but an FK xD More appropriate

    41. DatBoyGuru

      just restart the replay by using the arrow keys and the sound will reappear

    42. Axel Rz

      It had the end i was hoping because i hate when people wins just because RNG in a stupid OP tank. (Of course we have to take into account that the LT player played very well indeed) But bouncing shoots from the pantera, a hit of 586 from 155mm gun, not getting spotted many close calls. Men, is just bullshit sometimes (imagine if the LT would had win)

    43. Bartek

      That T110E3 actually did better battle than LT432...

    44. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

      is that last shot a splash HE shell?

    45. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

      interesting perspective replay, more please

    46. Nicolas Blanc

      It is always refreshing to know that whenever the team loses, it is never QBs fault. Motto for life.

    47. davidgtsi

      Russian Number Generator Baby

    48. Kari Lainesalo

      69k wiews

    49. acelenny

      New at 10; OP premium medium beaten by OP premium light. More on this as it develops.

    50. Mathew Manley

      Nice twist

    51. Steven Manning

      Goddamn that RNG.

    52. Aimdoor

      Tbh I’ll just give him the win

    53. Not You

      Better RNG??? He almost never missed! My gunners are lucky to hit half the time in any games s that’s with the entire tank in the sights

    54. Brian Schlicher

      LT 432 is still a good tank. Alot of players have forgotten it after buying the ebr. Ebr doesn't get a good armored turret though.

    55. SgtNussNougat2

      I have a problem for some days. If I wanna shoot, like a blindshot. I see no Bullet flying, or no impact. It looks like I'm shooting right in front of me in the ground, or I have to wait the whole time until the circle is closed. That's very annoying, and costs me a lot of DMG points, and most matches. Does someone has an idea what's going on?

    56. derhenri2002

      Really appreciate the "heartbrake" after I asked you to upload one on your last video! You're the best, QB!

    57. popsicle3000

      bad play at the end. also, QB cutting across the field like he did?? that was a stupid play

    58. Alan Tyrell

      He got lucky, then got the result the game deserved. The e3 made up for the low roll that should have ended it 2 mins earlier.

    59. Tsanko Petkov

      Manipulative MM and RNG!

    60. Šimon Andrijko


    61. Imre Bertalan

      WG: This game is free to play! Community: But it is pay to win as well....

      1. Glimmy Glam

        its not pay to win, just stfu already pls

    62. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

      imagine him double bushing the last shot, then only needing a single shot more for the win. would have won probably. really nice try indeed

    63. Ryan Gonzalez

      What type of PC do you use


      Imagine QB beat dan tdm in wot. Also Dan Tdm have to play wot.

    65. WoT Hog

      That was awesome. But hats off to the T110E3 who played very well too. I'd love to see the battle from his perspective as well-not every day you manage to get 5.7K in an E3 and beat out a very good light tank player.

    66. Anna Su

      Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about WoT game :)

    67. WinterMute

      Quaky makes money off of someone else's replay, noice ;)

    68. XtreeM FaiL

      Not a heart break. Justice.

    69. Jason Muir

      literally the only mistake was the rushed shot at the end , he had time to readjust and get behind him and fire from double bush.

    70. Riksi80

      Buy very good tier 9 ruski medium with real money. Really good tank, da! On a serious note, though. Well played.

    71. Ashwin Nair

      The original stream was on 14/05/2021, the timestamp for this match is 3:56:00. It's available on the QB's twitch channel.

      1. Aleksa Janic


    72. Jetson Reginald Baltan

      Well he rushed the shot at the end that's why. I wasn't expecting the the T110E3 would've killed him either, but Well played but the LT.

    73. Mr Spine

      This position works for all lights and meds

    74. mikuy

      This tank kinda look like the amx 30 proto

    75. agu1aj

      Cheats are killing the game and all the good moments! It's impossible for a LT only notice a HT by is side on open ground when he fire.... Why not talk about that Mr. QuickyBaby???

      1. agu1aj

        @Juan Zulu I know all about game mechanics and bealive when i say it was cheats!

      2. Juan Zulu

        @agu1aj no cheats, just game mechanics

      3. agu1aj

        @Juan Zulu Yes cheats involved, the LT was the even and the HT was the Tiger II, Even was in bush on open ground!

      4. Juan Zulu

        No cheats involved. Learn the game mechanics.

    76. Balan Adrian

      RNG has given, and RNG has taken away... gg wp

    77. drakoleon

      Well....bottom line: RNG rules

    78. Julian Vukić

      RNG giveth and RNG taketh away.

    79. David Holland

      Not played in years, but your still making content I want to watch. Love this switch of which team you were routing for Is this LT432 a LT100 beater?

    80. Jeremiah Tan

      Hey QB! This is Leichtraktor from WoT Asia (Singapore). I have a question: How do you install and use the WoT Replay Manager mod from WoTMods? If you could help me with that, that would be very much appreciated! :) (I'm also a frequent viewer of your channel and DezGamez's channel too)

    81. gui llem

      LT432 looks balanced

    82. Jakub Kmet

      im surprised he didnt catch in fire even looking at those tanks ... in my lt 432 i get fire every single game no matter what hits me

    83. gamerfuchs 05

      F for the guy

    84. steedoo


    85. Joshua Burright

      Everytime I have a team that plays the redline I root for the enemy.

    86. Shashi Atma

      i just found the t110e3 and lt432 both in the comments lol


      that lt just got insanely lucky with those shots and such a low roll with that E3...

    88. ptroinks

      Damn, I wanted that LT to win...

    89. David Rus

      A piece of "cake" OP tank. Along with chieftain, alien objects, kunze panzers, 50t panzers. Time to unninstall this game.

    90. Aigis Chan

      well for anyone who been playing wot for years, 'normal tank' is kindda boring to play. even if we are bad at it, the challenge and fun it bring is worth it.

    91. FaultLine

      If I see an enemy having 6 to 7 kills and I have less, I would've totally gave them the win. lol

    92. WatchMeWrench

      13:45 Had he not fired on the move repeatedly I'm sure the outcome would have been in his favor.

    93. Captain Lucas

      WOT in the old days was honestly the best! 💯 Those training lobbies were always full with people doing glitches with the ELC or playing hide and seek

    94. nervsouly

      Hard to believe but I actually reinstalled the game today and played my first evening of World of Tanks since 2015 or so. Really sorry for everyone who had to be at the same team as me today, I was being a great liability. Then again I got carried most of the session so I can`t really complain. If only the sky pigs had not been following me around everywhere I went.

    95. Blackhawk

      Wish the 432 was this good on console. It's "meh". It was nerfed when it came to console.

    96. 高子鈞

      13:45 that was intense~

    97. rexmexzilla

      Kunze Panzer looks rather squishy, ngl id feel better on an UDES or a leopard, or strv. but for hybrids like this, id rather risk in on the STB1

    98. mikethetexan76

      The sound bit is frustrating, but has an easy fix. Go back a few seconds with the left arrow key and you should hear sound.

    99. Jacob Sekela

      What a twist at the end - I fully expected pigame to pull off the win there. What a heartbreaker.

    100. Alex Berta

      That Lt-432 player is from my clan:D