Keep It or Dump It (with Matthew, who is lovely but not internet famous)

Tom Scott

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    The final episode in this run of the Game Garage gives us a Proper Quiz: complete with all-or-nothing questions and a prize of FIVE THOUSAND PENCE. That's pence. It's £50. We didn't have that big a budget.

    Edited by Elliot Gough
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    Directed by Grant Stevens
    Produced by David Bodycombe and Tom Scott

    A Pad 26 / Labyrinth Games production

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    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    Kim Cattrall by Canadian Film Centre
    Oprah Winfrey by Greg Hernandez
    Rachel McAdams by Andrew Biskinsky
    Hugh Grant by Julien Rath
    Kylie Minogue by Raph_PH
    Damian Lewis by Jaguar MENA

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    1. Tom Scott

      And that was the Game Garage! At least for now. Thanks to all the production team who helped put it together!

      1. Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury

        Tom, please bring Matthew back. And, this time, perhaps, pit him against some other quiz enthusiast.

      2. Gazoon Man

        Need season 2

      3. Magnus Peacock

        Can we get a sequel please?

      4. Peter Knutsen

        This seems to me to be quite labour-intensive, in terms of coming up with the questions. Fun quiz, though, if you can keep it up.

      5. Vark Ster

        That was great fun! Clever format. And wonderfull to see a low budget production of something that on a TV channel would have been hyped and over-produced to levels of nausea and vomiting. Get some FIblock celebs to do this on a regular basis, and you're basically set up for a huge hit, imo.🤩

    2. Noogidoo22

      I wish more game shows had a David rather than fancy tech

    3. Bosantimum

      This should be a gameshow on TV! Love this series.

    4. Santum

      i recognized elliot's editing from the way the text moved. i'm terrified.

    5. SmellTheL


    6. Joseph Lukies

      You can say he's not famous, we all know matthew is just casual friday jacob reese mogg

    7. Noel Hann

      We need to make Matthew internet famous

    8. The Mayor of Hatchetfield

      This format needs to get picked up for TV, I'd watch the hell out of it.

    9. Anonymouse

      I love when Tom looks small in comparison

    10. Abdul Haseeb

      The americans watching this: How does Tom afford all that money?

    11. eg1885

      I thought Hugh Grant played the voice of Lisa's British husband on The Simpsons

    12. Samhita Joshi

      How do they earn money to keep this great game show going on? Because there aren't any ads running on this video.

    13. krim7

      This was a great quiz! Very dramatic! Please do more of these!!!

    14. Tomás de Lima Freitas

      Oh, I like this game! It could very well be played in a class with students.

    15. PrimalKnight

      I thought this was a new game show, and i was disappointed this is already over

    16. kaiCast

      I would go on this game show. easy 5k pence.

    17. Kirsty McAllister

      I love the hi-tec display board :-D

    18. Lutz Bálint

      what are those?!!?!?!?!?!?

    19. WindingSarcasm

      Matthew sounds exactly like Galahad from Kingsman

    20. Ideal Senpai

      My heart skipped a beat when the guy prentended to dump new york

    21. Space Fish Aviation

      pop c ulture for me would be a guess i didnt know any of them except one

    22. becca E

      I feel like this is what happens when you invite Tom to help clean the garage

    23. Pole Tooke

      It’s only 5 quid and yet the last question had me SO anxious

    24. Iridium night

      Dude won like 60 bucks usd for all that stress.

    25. L3NN4RT

      10:12 "If one of those cities still stands [...]" There are no mistakes ~Master Oogway

    26. Daniel Price

      I wondered what David got up to, following the events of Sean of the Dead.

    27. T44

      Wait, whoa, Elliot edits these?

    28. Sam T

      Its the guy off shown of the dead. David i think

    29. veggiet2009

      "if any of these cities are left standing after this next question..."

    30. Jagor Jurekovic

      MrBeast: heres $10 000 if you flip this coin Tom Scott: answer these 12 question ans get *50 000* pents!!!

    31. Commando

      "Take a bowl from the scroll!" "...No!" Got a good chuckle from that.

    32. ניב אהרה

      Seems like Elliot Gough likes to work with people named "Tom"

    33. Marvelous Ifezue

      are you kidding 50 pounds

    34. jordan haas

      “Dump the vegetarians” -Tom Scott

    35. Speedy 99955

      when tom says john cusak it sounds like junk in the sack

    36. Eamon Ahern

      That's an excellent quiz format. I hope a tv station or production company sees this and make you an offer Tom.

    37. Jed Is Also Here

      Edited by Elliot Gough. Huh.

    38. stelley08

      Bowl of scrolls sitting on a bucket of class 8 material 🙃

    39. Zero_Gravity58

      Edited by Elliot Gough!

    40. Deadlyish

      This was cool. It looks like it'd be a fun game for a party or pub quiz too.

    41. Will Macdonald

      This is my favourite game garage yet. Pleaseeee do another instalment of it

    42. Power Guido

      That's was fun. I like it. Tom is a great person

    43. Manchester Chris

      I really enjoyed watching

    44. snowf00t

      Hooray for Matthew!

    45. EgolandTed

      Hugh Grant was on the simpsons.

    46. IncoherentMoron

      this format was rad as hell and i'd love to see more of it

    47. Raymond Whatley

      As an American..... Quid and pounds are the same thing right?

    48. Ivan Catalão

      How "cities that haven't changed their names" isn't a history question? The Olympics one isn't geography either! Nice show tho

    49. Samuel Soo

      Absolutely love this!

    50. DemonAlchemist

      It's weird. Normally I pronounce garage in the American way, but now the word next to game immediately makes it british for me.

    51. notthere83

      Hahaha you heard it here - Matthew wants to get rid of all vegetarians.

    52. K K

      Computerfile crossover????

    53. Omega

      No £50 note :(

    54. Eric Taylor

      That would make a cool game show. BBC, ABC, ABC, CBS, or NBC, make Tom rich! "ABC" is on twice, but for different companies. American and Australian Broadcasting Company.

    55. Eric Taylor

      New York was once the US capital, but now it is not even the State Capital.

    56. Starvy

      You know what? I really like this format.

    57. roadtrain5910

      50 quid 5000 pence??

    58. Alex Muhich

      I love this format, hopefully we see it again.

    59. ShiivaWilding

      I gotta say, after watching all the game garage games, I like this one the best to become a recurring segment on the channel, perhaps fortnightly to give the question writers time to prepare.

    60. Bubbly Emma


    61. Susanna M

      But wasn't Athens renamed in honour of Athena

    62. [sic]

      Probably the best concept from the garage.

    63. Amos Bairn

      Five thousand pence of prize money five thousand pounds of tension

    64. Spartan448

      Interestingly enough with a category you know really well, it'd almost be better to just focus one one single option and ignore all others. If you've got the same category for your last three questions, and you know quite a bit about New York, there's no reason to care about the price of tea in Athens. And nobody cares about the French to begin with so that''s an easy dump.

    65. Moondoox

      Parallel universe Jacob Rees-Mogg seems quite nice

    66. Sodomous Prime

      I don't know why, but I didn't except tom to wear trainers, for some reason I expected him to wear lace-up black leather shoes.

    67. Old Greggs Creamy baileys

      When’s the next episode?

    68. tomtom21194

      I thought New York uses to be owned by the dutch and was called New Amsterdam?

    69. Alexander Noname

      Tom I NEED more of this show it's great please make more. The Sand one was also cool but if I had to choose on I would definitely keep this on.

    70. QuickSkinner

      All i see is a young Dylan Moran

    71. yogibear2k2

      This and Citation Needed NEEDS a spot on the BBC after Just A Minute! Thank you Tom, for putting our failing U.K. back on the Map.

    72. Albin Engström

      The intros to these make it seem like this garage is in the middle of the woods. I know that is probably not the case but I choose to imagine that this all takes place in a single tiny building far from any civilization.

    73. Dude

      6:41 sorry, but I'm laughing so hard about that second step :D but was a cool video. i like that

    74. 607

      That was fun!

    75. SteveAkaGoatpile

      britain continues its long honed tradition of excellence born in sheds.

    76. Daniel Griffin

      That poor bike. Handlebars aren't meant to turn like that mate.

    77. Nuke Warz

      This was great, but I think if the player has to deal with two questions at the same time you could coerce more strategic play.

    78. Úna Parkinson

      Love this concept

    79. Max Higgs

      Jacob Rees-Mogg? Is that you?

    80. EL HARIRI Nizar

      Great one

    81. LazySaviour

      no fancy lights or studio. just pure entertainment. love it

    82. Jean Sodré

      HANG ON Potassium is not a metal...

    83. Mikosch2

      "If one of these sities is still standing after this question... let me rephrase that."

    84. Jani Kärkkäinen

      This was the best Game Garage! Kept me at the edge of my seat all the time, would definitely work as a bigger series.

    85. RandomJBerry

      This format is real cool

    86. Angus Noble

      When did Jacob Rees-Mogg start doing game shows? The likeness is uncanny.

    87. BunnyFett

      Very well done!

    88. xorsyst1

      I'm very disappointed that Tom didn't get a £50 note for the prize money.

    89. Thoughtsmith

      This place is clearly cold as anything.

    90. Pepp's indie reviews

      You shouldn't dump them in order as to build suspense.

    91. BoulevardFan28

      That's a _lot_ of pence!

    92. JakeB

      Jacob Matthew Mogg

    93. HamStuff

      You spelled Sulphur wrong.

    94. Leonard Wohlfarth

      Why do crappy TV series get 28-episode seasons, and this one has just three? :(

    95. Alan Coo

      On that last question - NY hosted the Winter Olympics in 1980?

      1. Alan Coo

        @davidbod Aah. Good point, well made, thank you. (As a limey the difference wasn't immediately obvious to me.)

      2. davidbod

        That's in New York state, not New York City.

    96. Justin Hoffman

      That high-tech suspense at the end!

    97. Walter Kolczynski

      I think this is the best of the lot.

    98. Jake Goshert

      Best one of the bunch

    99. Doubtful Guest

      How's there gonna be doubt over whether Drew Carey isn't a vegetarian.

    100. Human_Sheeple

      Oprah is a hypocrite