Kid roasts his principal


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    1: C E7 F C
    2: C E7 F G
    3: C E7 F D7
    4: C F G C

    The chords is in this order:
    Sixty years ago today: 1, 2, 3, 4
    You're so old your memory's: 2, 2, 3, 4
    You're really a fine principal: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Now I'm sorry to be so mean and rude: 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4

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    1. sTiCk GiRl Universe

      Where did u go

    2. Emily Ellidore

      This was made when my little sister was born lol

    3. Ari maryXoX

      wish someone did this for me :(

    4. JACK JIAO

      BRUH he is 77

    5. Muhammad Moinuddeen

      I wish all my teachers were as chill as this guy

    6. Phantizin

      damn if only i had a principal this nice :(

    7. sharklesv2

      he is 70 know ...

    8. R C

      60 is not that old. Because my Grandpa died with cancer when he was sixty and I was 10 and he died a month before my 11th birthday

    9. FreddyFighter06

      This man is 70 now, time flies.

    10. Peach Daisy

      "You got your pets from Noah's Ark" OMG

    11. Bruno Bucciarati

      Mr wells Your getting old and will go to history

    12. Stary

      I wasn't even born yet when this came out

    13. Jim The explorer

      Savage all I can say a savage

    14. Rebekah Wang

      This guy could write for disney.


      You social security number is the number one. I'm gonna add that to my insult catalog omfg

    16. Kitty Kow


    17. Rayyan Sheik

      Why does he sound like fundy if anybody know over here.

    18. Sharp Knife

      This is 10 years ago

    19. Imraan

      my old principal wouldve left but my kne one wouldve roundhoused me

    20. Nonstop

      If i ever said this to my principal my career ended

    21. BreadSticks

      My principal would suspend me lol

    22. hi

      im a decade late. what have i missed lol

    23. Xzsaerd Sxaderty

      The previous spaghetti possibly use because weed additionally pour throughout a tight cupcake. jealous, hurried soybean

    24. Mr Pianist and drum Cover


      1. the awkward eshay

        Thank you

    25. Ghost

      He is now 70

    26. Mrbeast *clickbit*  I’m cool beast *mrbeast fan*

      this video is everywhere

    27. TheAverageFox

      posted in 2011 and REALLY good quality for this!

    28. Rihab Hasan

      maybe he is dead by now. Bless his soul.

    29. Typical Introvert

      Mr.Wells, you are getting Old!

    30. Purple Gamex

      His principal is so chill, if I did this to mine she be like "*ExCuSe Me?*"

    31. SimplySword

      gimme the song on spotify lol

    32. Aman Purwar

      this guy can sing

    33. Anqelic

      My principal would put me into detention for a year

    34. Raptor3Gamer


    35. Isaiah hall


    36. GalaxyGoop Designs

      FIblock: hey let’s recommend this 10 YEARS LATER.

    37. merrill philips

      Coolest principal ever. Period.

    38. Edit Name

      Why????? After 10 years!!!!

    39. Jelly jull

      Lyrics this took me a long time:60 year years today, a beautiful man was born he’s really a fine fellow, and that is why I’m torn I hope I don’t regret this I’m just doing what I’m told So mr.wills your getting old your so old your memory’s in black and white the key to you house was on ben franklins kite you lived through the ice age that must have been cold so mr.wells Hey! Your getting old your really a fine principal but what do you do for fun because your social security number is just the number one I heard you’ve babysat for jesus or so I’m told so mr.wills Hey! Your getting old now I’m sorry to be so mean and rude I’ve seen raisins with fewer wrinkles than you Yeah! You cant hark or remark your life’s a question mark you got your pets off of Noah’s ark hey mr.wills! Mr.wills you don’t fit the average mold because mr.wills yeah your getting mr.wills yeah! Your getting mr.wills NANA your getting your getting old

    40. DogLover

      😂 I wish I made this for my head or the ceo

    41. Kelly Roberts

      I was 5 days old when this was made lol

    42. Dean


    43. Chand ali Muhammad

      Hes 80 rn

      1. Chand ali Muhammad

        @Rick Astley mate look th date

      2. Rick Astley


    44. Sea men

      19,550 Comments Sea men Add a public comment... Josh Josh 1 year ago The ultimate teachers pet, we’ve found him fellas. 10K Just Some Guy without a Mustache Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 weeks ago (edited) Most of our principals would've ended our whole careers unlike this chill principal 732 Sussi 10 Sussi 10 1 month ago Fun fact: he is now 70 years old 3.2K That Rubik's guy That Rubik's guy 2 months ago (edited) When u realise this vid was posted almost 10 yrs ago and the teacher needs a song for turning 70 1.2K Garima Kapoor Garima Kapoor 2 months ago He : roasting his principal and his principal is enjoying it Me who can't even say one word in front of my principal 😌 2.1K • Asterin • • Asterin • 1 year ago you can’t lie to yourself, we all want to be this kid in school 13K Tik Tok Tingz Tik Tok Tingz 2 months ago Principles expressions: Smiling and laughing His inside thoughts: plotting a way to kill the student 361 Charlie Dearman Charlie Dearman 2 months ago See you all in another 10 years when this is recommended again. 749 D3adpo0l D3adpo0l 3 months ago Not that I can sing or play any instrument but if I sang such a song for my principal I would be dead 315

    45. Mohit Shetty

      For all those who might be interested, Mr. Jim Wells is fine and is as well as active on Facebook at jim.wells.9279, and had celebrated his 70th birthday on May 4 this year.

    46. Mia Viola

      One question? Did you get expelled after this?

    47. iseeyouoh yehy

      it is weird im jamming to this-

    48. iamthepaulrus

      I hear the kid's still working at Dunkin' Donuts and has been banned from every college across the USA for the past 10 years. Still, it was a good song.

    49. Waffle Gaming

      Right now he should be 70. If he's alive...

    50. Randflam official

      Mr wells: literally so calm Me if he did that: probably also calm, You know what nvm

    51. the awkward eshay

      POV: it’s not you singing it you are trying to showoff your voice. Edit: I unsubscribed

    52. lavurella

      can we all agree his teacher is standing by an SNL actor?

    53. [Neito Monama]

      He found the perfect timing for the ukulele to make it sound like it’s beat boxing

    54. Mamadu Jallah

      The song reminds me of how Steven from Steven Universe makes his song

    55. Seohyun Kim

      Me did it

    56. Parna Desai

      i share a birthday with this fine fellow Mr Wells lmao

    57. Joshua9875 Gaming

      Kid Rickrolls his principal

    58. Ethan Rose


    59. stxrrymidnight

      Sorry I’m late. Lol.

    60. Benge36

      This is the nicest principle

    61. Lukas Noack

      If he's alive

    62. E & 3 Gaming

      He’s 70 now lol

    63. E & 3 Gaming

      I’m surprised he wasn’t mad lol

    64. arjunimates

      This got me crying in nastalgia

      1. arjunimates

        Nastalgia lol

    65. MAHIR

      Unironically I like the song.

    66. RNFblaze


    67. Eron

      its impossible to do the ukulele and the song my hands plays the song not the tune

    68. Breanna Villanueva


    69. Joseph Munoz

      You're getting old Mr. Wells.

    70. Rhi Rhi


    71. Eron

      who was ignoring this video from few day's and found this is awsome

    72. Omkar Chavan

      Now pls send the after clip 🙏🤣🤣😂😂

    73. Garcello

      Looks like espresso wont cure Wells depresso anymore

    74. TikTok Repost Nation

    75. TikTok Repost Nation

    76. house tutorial vlogs

      this is older than me lol

    77. iiKxmTaeii

      Happy 70th Mr. Wells!

    78. Nᴏʀᴍᴀɴ♡︎㋛𓃱

      Fun fact: he got detention after this

    79. Moony Da Man

      May 18, 1951 Mr. Wells (a baby) was born

    80. Gamerdude 122

      This kid was probably either given a great recommendation for college or expelled for roasting this dude

    81. Jasper Lines

      Oh yeah

    82. ina อี้นะ

      that man singing is lowkey fine-

    83. Anurag Bhave

      Well principal knows genz humor

    84. Blxssful_Bxba

      who else got recommended this 10 years later

    85. Uun Colby



      this was made in 2011 and im born in 2011

    87. Anime Beast

      now hes 70

    88. avbansalable


    89. STYLO


    90. Murshy Zareer

      I feel bad for his principal

    91. Freshy boy

      The Arsenal (spit spit spit)

    92. RomanSans 1

      Everyone is talking about how their principals would murder them if they sung a song like those for them. I’m pretty sure my principal would write a song like this for some of us if we were the ones getting old.

    93. Wyatt Jansen

      I want this on spotify

    94. Junk Nguyển Bão

      lần 2

    95. Alpha Trends70

      The fact we're still here watching this

    96. Existential Crisis

      We all want to do the same thing Just that we won't be recieving the same reacting in the end

    97. MagicGames

      funfact: i did this...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... expelled (jk)

      1. Daniel Ortega

        @MagicGames I know I saw the jk

      2. MagicGames

        @Daniel Ortega of course it’s cap it’s a joke

      3. Daniel Ortega


    98. Diwakar Chettri

      the principal in our school fines us for having chewing gum

      1. Potato  Chip

        oof that must suck

    99. あい

      its supprising that this was posted 10 years ago

    100. DJean Hall

      Thought this video was made recently from the quality, ahead of its time.