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    Two business women (Carey Mulligan, Aidy Bryant) infiltrate an after-school group’s meeting to promote their hosiery brand.
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    1. skinnyu01

      I miss making wave caps out of these 😂

    2. ellaisplotting

      Oh my god I thought this was going to be a bizarre boiled egg travelling salesperson sketch not about tights, and this was a real brand?! Really?!

    3. Hannah Stadel

      Middle aged women pretending to be teenagers to sell hosiery to kids is an insane and brilliant idea who wrote this

    4. Pablo

      L’eggo my eggo

    5. Fish Lips

      I guess the word "funny" has officially been canceled on SNL.

    6. Jeffery Williams

      Spectacular acting. I'm just kidding

    7. keroke

      I keep thinking that the new guy is Drew Gooden and I can’t see him as anyone else

      1. Bella McCord


    8. Aleksandrs Kuzmins


    9. AJ Is On The Highway

      So they traveled all the way from the 90s just to promote clothing brand to the class of 2021?!

    10. F P

      Who the hell are they letting into the audience now? The laughs are DISTRACTING

    11. Eli S


    12. Jon Brown

      Gilly and Keeves. The new SNL

    13. Jay Dupree

      Dem legs tho lol 😂

    14. Hadley's Happies


    15. Linda Christiansen

      What did the voice over guy say at the end? “Please teens..something something” 😅 I couldn’t not hear it lol

    16. Upside Down Creative Media

      SNL paying for views and stealing material.

    17. A K

      Classy Women .. Leggs actually do look good & she isn't wrong about the HO generation

    18. Liheng Wang

      ummm not funny

    19. Jason Austin


    20. BL Best way to raise life's morality


    21. John Kretsky

      SNL is officially MadTv

    22. Alexander James

      Is this a statement on how young rappers coming from a good place are put into commercialized positions to sell a product? Or rather the music industry as a whole?

    23. Riff Wizard 666

      So which of you little unfunny hacks are going to cowering in the safe space room when Elon comes?

    24. Starclast

      "1M views" 1k comments XD seems legit

    25. The Twig

      I just got the joke that this is a pyramid scheme.

    26. Horror Bethyname

      I remember wearing these to church in the 90’s , ah good times

    27. Jessica Artau

      This is working for me

    28. Zak Coulson

      Is this what Americans find funny?

    29. Florida Cracka

      I remember my mother would send me to the store to get her pantyhose. legs sheer to the waist I even remember what type 🤪 haha

    30. Hᛖᛚᛚᛒᛟᚢᚾᛞ

      I love Aidy🤩🤩🤩

    31. Fatima Ali

      Does anyone else hear that annoying fake laugh in the audience that’s literally a HA HA HA LMAOOO like lady enjoy yourself but please

    32. Andrew Stalker

      This was like a fever dream. Who wrote this?

    33. Katherene Wedic

      Voted by peers😂

    34. LeoLawliet


    35. Fionna Faulk

      When I was about 12 years old, I began boycotting pantyhose. At the same time, across the US, other little girls in my generation also began speaking up and boycotting this awful creation. Now, we have this satirical skit to prove it. 🤩 💖 You’re welcome for our contribution to society. 😄😇😎

    36. otherwords 1

      The fuck, this is a real product? I thought it was an off-color absurdist concept piece. I don't know what to believe anymore.

      1. Florida Cracka

        Yes, it's legit lol I think they still make them but idk anyone who wears them.

    37. alicia cabrera-thomas

      My Leggs Light Weight Black Tights are saying "Wait WHAT????" ~~~ Come On Now !

    38. Elizabeth Bennet

      i still love fishnets tho

    39. Elle Hogg

      the tape on the floor for marks 😭

    40. Kirin Greene

      Wtf is this lmao

    41. Igor Schmidlapp

      Who wrote this crap? Should've been another Kyle "Cut For Time"...

    42. Billy Sullivan

      Nice reading

    43. Billy Sullivan


    44. Ella Z

      Am I the only one who heard the voice in the end :plz teens it's just us legs, we are begging you That's the value

    45. Josh Black

      Just found out that the L'eggs were bought from Part Time Pickers' youtube channel ebay store.

    46. Tesla Investor


    47. Spike

      I don't even want to work since women don't wear pantyhose to work anymore.

    48. George Pantello

      Fun fact: The actor for Robin in Batman 1966 actually had to wear pantyhose as a way to mask his adult-like legs while portraying a teenager.

    49. brenna johnson

      as a former debate kid, they are definitely targeting the wrong after school activity

    50. Morgan McManus

      I recently wore a knee-length dress with a blazer for a business headshot. By all accounts I looked super professional...to everyone except my grandmother, who shook her head because I wasn’t wearing hose. Why on earth would I waste money on hose when it rips after a wear or two? Unless it’s freezing out, I don’t see the point. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    51. jerk fudgewater

      This is how i feel when i talk to anyone that isn’t my age

    52. Rachel Rachel

      Wait this is an actual name of a real company? Omg lol

    53. Dan Garcia

      My grandfather used to get all the women the same Christmas gift every year for many years, and part of that gift was a pair of L’eggs pantyhose 😂. Like clockwork, every Christmas, everyone knew what he was going to get them. I miss him. I miss him wrapping the eggs in Christmas paper...

    54. Nicholas Erdody

      That was surreal also pantyhose are not terrible why do people still use those it is kind of thing that's he's old-fashioned now

    55. grammy leah

      what has happened to SNL, not funny at all anymore...I think new writers

    56. R Word

      Sales narcs

    57. Sin Archer

      I can type and repeat dialogue. What an amazing skill.

    58. SithBunny1

      Patti Hogg sells pantyhose.

    59. Steven Vargas


    60. Micheal Hargrove

      I like it how they let saleswoman in school.

    61. Yusef Endure

      Gen X kids of the 70s and Boomers are the only ones that'll get this skit.

    62. DJ Surferdude

      All these years later I just realized why they’re called Leggs omg because they’re in an egg. The power of SNL marketing lol

    63. Navy Porpoises

      Nightmare where trends


      I remember having to wear them as a back in the day for all formal occasions. LOL

    65. Becky Cook

      Oh yes. I remember buying these and wearing them! 😂

    66. Rodrigo Garcia

      Who’s here from part time flips 😂

    67. Amanda Harris

      Deer hunting season.

    68. Amanda Harris

      Slitty eyes.

    69. atrain84

      This show gets worse week by week.

    70. Amanda Harris

      ) look its an Asian

      1. Noah Bullock

        @Rat an Asian person I guess. Amanda listen... you’re just not funny

      2. Rat

        Who hurt you

      3. Amanda Harris

        He's a preppy.

      4. Amanda Harris

        He's a preppy.

      5. Amanda Harris

        Peter, now available at subway sandwiches .

    71. D. C.

      I want to know how this supposed to be an after-school event yet it's like 1 in the afternoon according to the clock...

    72. mightymite

      That's right. Bring it back!

    73. Abe_Froman

      "That is a good deal" "It just is!"

    74. Rob Hinyngr

      now filters are the l'eggs for women's faces

    75. Matt Butler

      Man I forgot that women used to wear stockings and didn't even notice when they stopped. I'm getting old

    76. gg

      Wolford, Fogal, Falke, and other European brands are better, though more costly.

    77. me mo

      Honestly this week's snl episode was amazing.

    78. Jason Snider

      Who's here because they follow Part Time Pickers?

    79. chevon1920

      I never stopped wearing pantyhose, 😬

    80. Zaphod Beeblebrox


    81. Rare Posts

      This just reminds me to short the stock

    82. Sarah Rosario

      How did they even find a l'eggs container? Lol 😆🤣😂

    83. Juliette Qureshi

      Who else watched this whole sketch thinking it was Katie Holmes?

    84. Chris Robot

      The end of the night sketches are my favorite.

    85. 𝓐𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪🌹

      Was this supposed to be funny?

    86. Son New

      My mom worked for leggs. For over 20 years. We had so many stocking. All colors

    87. Ikhwan Wae

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    88. Chuck Wortman

      Okay, I just wanted ten minutes of my life that. I will never get back watching that not very funny video. I miss Key & Peele.

    89. uacbpa

      Weird skectch but funny.

    90. Georg M

      Oh yes. Nothing like them beige, _sheer_ columns. PS Nothing more titillating than 03:15, right?

    91. Yvonne Yvonne

      Go ahead and work that wiggle, Aidy! My sistergirl!

    92. fazyt86

      I miss pantyhose and slips

    93. Flowerdoodle2

      Why do they insist on forcing non funny ppl (Carey Muligan) into SNL skits? Its painful

    94. Cory Lombard

      Who would wear them...holy suffocation!

    95. Traci Berry

      Omg. My mother LOVED L’eggs.

    96. Mark Schisler


    97. Brian Sounalath

      carey mulligan is really good at comedy. she should do more!

    98. pnyc1969

      I thought women stopped wearing pantyhose around 1995, well before 2000.

    99. joe Aza

      I love seeing a lady wear nylon stockings-classy and sexy! Unfortunately, more rare than a unicorn in the US.

    100. Markeysha Davis

      I didn’t expect to love this.