Lateral: Game 1 with Kat Arney, Helen Arney, Simon Clark, and Sally Le Page

Tom Scott

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    It's been a long time since I've done a quiz or game show on this channel, but finally: introducing Lateral! Pull down this description for links to everyone's channels. Joining me are:
    Helen Arney, @helenarney
    Kat Arney, @Kat_Arney
    Simon Clark, @simonoxfphys
    Sally Le Page, @sallylepage
    QUESTION EDITOR David Bodycombe
    EDITED BY Michelle Martin @mrsmmartin
    GRAPHICS BY Support Class
    MUSIC BY Tobias Stich
    DIRECTED BY Matt Gray
    I'm at
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      Yep, it's an actual quiz show. This is the first of six episodes! And it was a huge team effort to pull this together, so do pull down the description and check out all the people who helped make this happen.

      1. JS 09


      2. Yonix06

        The show you have made is the exact same game as a French tv show runned by Julien Lepers on FR3. This show has been around for quite some times now. And I've seen it exported in many countries too. That said, I really like the concept and I wish to see more of it from you, you're great. Cheers from France, PS: I recently discovered you channel and it's truly awesome, as a tech enthusiast, your channel is a gold mine equivalent to some other major channel on YT. Congratulations.

      3. Ihraz Bhuiyan

        Reminds me of QI.

      4. TwilightWolfi

        Give us more lateral Please

      5. Zachery Jequinto

        This is exactly like only connect, the show you were on BBC 4.

    2. Parke Without Reverse

      What a wonderfully produced show! Tom Scott, you're a great game show host.

    3. Cash Nelson

      "Vye-vuh" la vida?

    4. toy1606

      Please tell me it's not just me twitching every time Viva is pronounced the way they do

    5. Arctis6349

      I got the Jupiter one right

    6. RyanHannaMusic

      that sabiro question... i had the same gasp...when my 'couldnt be' instinct was correct

    7. Wobbuffet

      "I would say I accept bribes... but, well, I do accept bribes."

    8. dog breath

      This show is really good. I'm back for another watch in 2021. I sure would hope you find the means and motivation to resurrect it.

    9. shiny jirachi

      what a twist!! did not expect that at all ..

    10. mink kinm

      Issa paperclip. I'm bilingual

    11. Sion's Media

      17:17 This is boring now, orange is obviously going to win. 19:57 No way!!!

    12. HeadCanon

      Is it just me or were they playing Viva la Vida by Coldplay right after after team Viva la Vida won (albeit pronounced differently)

    13. Khush Wadhwa

      Tom if you’re gonna rip off OnlyConnect this hard, at least change some of the lines.

    14. John Dangcil

      “I’ll see what I can do, But I literally have no control over any of this” 🤣

    15. THE RANDOM NERD 45

      Another series

    16. THE RANDOM NERD 45

      Another one

    17. disturb3df4n

      I've never felt more dumb.

    18. Rowan Ackerman

      18:00 love the Tom Lehrer reference.

    19. Johnny Griffin

      viva?? i thought it was pronounced viva??

    20. grugparty

      It's nice to see Sally.

    21. ikarikid

      Fun fact: Charlotte’s Web is still sold here

    22. Teh Penguin

      This is terrific. Although I do feel a little bit sad when I think about how everyone in this show is much much smarter than me.

    23. Errol Fellows

      Well, not bad, but it sure ain't no ONLY CONNECT.

    24. andrewwmunro

      "We're team Double Luge"... so quick, I love it!

    25. Jingle Ma

      Wow thought this was going to be the driest thing ever. Glad I stuck with it to the end!

    26. Someone You Don't Know

      Oh my gosh, I'm binging all of them because this was incredible but I dont see how after that final round things could get any better, not saying they will be bad

    27. Vicky Likes This

      I knew 6:16 because I read Stucky FanFics.

    28. Spektrik

      Who pronounces 'viva' as 'vaiva'

    29. DieWoutah

      When does this come back? i love it!

    30. KrugisaXD

      3:36 that face

    31. Rashid Ahmad

      I'm a speedcuber... The cube question flew by my head like a crow pooping on my head.

    32. Nate Brown

      Isn’t viva pronounced vee-vuh, not vie-vuh

    33. Haverja Marosi

      vAIva la vida ?!?!? is this how you say "viva la" in english ?!?! geeez

    34. i cant think of a name

      7:34 his tapping the table syncs with the transition music.

    35. Bigio, the Phoenix

      This. Was. INTENSE.


      I thought I was fluent in English but suddenly words mean squat

    37. Suman Saini

      Hey tom scott kinda did his own Only correct

    38. daniel kim

      lmao similar to the show tom was on years ago

    39. Jai Patel

      No one: FIblock algorithm at a half past midnight: ok but have you seen this quiz show from 2 years ago that you're about to get addicted to?

    40. guavagudetama :

      Tom, you need to get the old host of Only Connect on your show

    41. nomu

      2:48 oooooooooooooof 2:51 yeeeeeeeeeeeees

    42. Matthew Calladine

      this was terrible

    43. Jason Williams

      There should be an official ceremony where Alex Trebek hands the crown to Tom Scott.

      1. Jenezmy

        I mean, a UK revival of Jeopardy hosted by Tom? Yes please!

    44. Andrew Kasper

      That feb 29th answer... Ddddayyyym!

    45. Luxa Laney

      They won by 1.1 seconds.... Oh God/

    46. Shannon Gerry

      Team Terminator wasting time going through all the elements they know is very frustrating.

    47. The 5th Estate

      These people make me realize how magnitudinally insane intelligence can vary

    48. Last Fortune

      Top 10 anime combacks

    49. RealCheeseOnly

      I see his time on Only Connect really influenced him.

    50. Jayson Childs

      2:15 ?

    51. inkbotkowalski

      Can anyone recommend me similar shows to this? Can also be a podcast. Just loveable nerds doing trivia/lateral puzzles.

      1. TRiG (Ireland)

        Only Connect from the BBC; Two of These People Are Lying from Tom Scott and The Technical Difficulties; Citation Needed ditto. Also Futility Closet, which is mostly history but also has one lateral thinking puzzle per episode.

    52. Jhonel Ola • ᜇ᜔ᜌᜓᜈᜒᜎ᜔ ᜂᜎ

      It's kinda sad to think that I should have watched this way before... it's too much fun!

    53. Niccster10

      ok so when it said "created by an earl" i paused it and said "sandwich" aloud and then immediately said "the answer isn't sandwich you idiot".

    54. John Kodhek

      Honestly though..... How do you get this smart?

    55. Jamie Buckingham

      Tom reminiscing his time on only connect



    57. Charlie Bucket

      This is definitely revenge for when his team los OnlyConnect, tell me this isn't exactly the same game

    58. Charlie Bucket

      This is definitely revenge for when his team los OnlyConnect, tell me this isn't exactly the same game

      1. Franco Erno

        Still salty about it after years

    59. maruftim

      Simon going smoothly as the MVP

    60. Micah Leier

      Vayva la vida.

    61. Zeeshan Muhammad

      This was really fun to watch! Would love to see more episodes of this show Tom!

    62. Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia

      10:36 "Thunder and lightning" Gary and Matt: Oh, very very frightening

    63. Robin Groom

      10:28 perfectly synced head turn

    64. 111 111

      Tom went from being on Only Connect to hosting a very similar show in like a decade

    65. PãüLèÿ Mùthønî


    66. Anson Sieu

      the only question I got right, was the chicken nugget one.

    67. FlynnTheRedhead


    68. Yannizo.

      10:28 love how they turn their heads synchronically

      1. Faisal Al Zaabi

        AHAHAH I’m glad I read this comment

    69. Pikana

      I got thrown off by the Jupiter one because I forgot they killed my boy.

    70. Holy Crocs

      Watching these guys have so much fun makes it even more enjoyable to watch!

    71. vargsvansify

      Just discovered this and it’s SO GOOD!!!

    72. Vunga

      They are all british- i meant brit-ish. I like british people they talk funny.

    73. EmberTheShark

      Ah so thats why the algorithm sent me to the only connect Show ... So that i would watch this. Altough toms not as snarky as the presenter from that show sadly

    74. Maarten van Heek

      I was screaming sextant! Sextant! But it's easy to judge from the armchair.

    75. Klaus Baudelaire

      i got the jupiter one when they revelaed the "largest of 8" and now im here dying as they dont guess it

    76. HeadCanon

      This has almost as high a budget as game garage!

    77. cuckyoin

      Dr Simon Clark has a phd

    78. Zach Rodan

      and this is why you memorize tom lehrer's the elements. also greek roots

    79. Kasey Escape

      I feel really sad that 10 minutes in and I got Jupiter after the Fireman Sam clue and nothing else.

    80. floof_hair

      Of course the only question I know the answer to is chicken nuggets

    81. sh1sh1maru

      I'm shouting Xenon at the screen, but nothing is happening!

    82. catherine janicki

      hate that i knew the mcdonalds chicken nuggets question

    83. GSAU

      Great show. Please do more.

    84. big kid

      The way they prounounced viva really made me uncomfortable

    85. Samuel Prevost

      Uh, "What office item is called a 'trombone' in French ? The answer at the end of the show", french viewers either went "queskiladi ?" or "Paperclip, ah !"

    86. DaniellikesBTD5

      18:23 The Austrian Military Uniform involved a sideways Bicorne for every Staff officer and above during the Napoleonic wars. There were probably other countries with this as well.

    87. jamse666

      I hate that it's 4am and I just shouted "NUGGETS"

    88. Cliff Thornton

      Haha ... This is great 😂 would love this on a Sunday night at 10pm on BBC 2

    89. Wacking Cactus


    90. Wacking Cactus

      This was quite possibly the most amazing thing I have watched.

    91. Wacking Cactus

      Compared to Only Connect, the participants are so much more extroverted and enjoying themselves. OC in comparison feels like deliberate torture.

    92. Wacking Cactus

      Victoria would be so proud.

    93. M

      13:56 ItS a HoGiE

    94. Amadeusz Antyga

      I have never been to GB, never even watched a british vlog, and these lucky bastards got a question that even I know the answer to in such a crucial moment. That kind of bullsh*t luck just makes me mad.

    95. Richwell Chan Sim

      Did you guys know that Dr. Simon Clark is a doctor?

    96. A Rock

      Where’s the red t-shirt?

    97. stovap


    98. MintyKPt

      This slightly reminds me of Only Connect. I don't know why. It just does.

    99. The Subjugation UK

      4 clues, and each clue deducts a point? Taking inspiration from a BBC4 quiz show, Tom?

    100. James Agar

      Didn't think there was a middle ground between The Chase & University Challenge that needed to be filled... yet here we are.