Lateral Game 6: The Grand Final

Tom Scott

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    This is it: one of these teams is going home with the trophy. It'll come down to knowledge, wits, and a bit of sideways thinking. This is the Lateral Grand Final. Pull down the description for links to everyone's work:
    Simon Clark, @simonoxfphys
    Sally Le Page, @sallylepage
    Helen Arney, @helenarney
    Kat Arney, @Kat_Arney
    Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)
    This video has an error: at 3:59, "eastern" should read "western". For all corrections on this channel, see
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    1. John Whitten

      What a great game!

    2. bzqp2

      "Health insurance" as opposed to the "Health insurance"

    3. Sala Khaliff Jr

      7:12 Tom : It was close only a few points in it *Team has 26 point advantage*

    4. rewp234

      Btw that's not how you do double elimination tournaments, the unbeaten winners get to lose one in the finals

    5. Jeremy White

      Also: mow

    6. Da' Vane

      How does one get on this show? I found that I got a lot of the questions right, simply because they weren't your standard general knowledge questions which you either know or you don't...

    7. james james

      sos aswell

    8. Nicolas Montreuil

      Normally in a double elimination tournament a team has to lose twice before being out. Team Viva La Vida should have had the right to a rematch, since they lost only once.

    9. Sanj K

      Bangladesh? Me: I'm Bengali, I should know. Tom: Is not the correct- Me: Okay, I'm fine.

    10. Matthew Varona

      Please make more of these!!!

    11. Vojtěch Hájíček

      This is so unfair. I'm watching a high quality, high effort quiz show, which resembles the TV format in a heartwarming way, yet with a very novel twist, with only 268k views on FIblock - although this thing could be a colossal success, it's resting in the viewer-count gutters of this place... So maybe FIblock might not be the right platform, but Tom Scott surely is the right person to do this. I applaud and proclaim this channel my favourite form of procrastination.

    12. Flan

      Would "mow" not also work?

    13. Michael M

      I'm gutted the sisters won. The two most irritating people on the planet

    14. OK

      Doesn't land measurement use metric units?

    15. Renard Prower

      Right off the bat: "pod" I love thought experiments that turn one part of knowledge or memory into another, such as language into geometry. Such fun xD

    16. Bücher Wurm

      That finally really was grand

    17. MenloMarseilles

      They did say they'd be back!

    18. Gabriel cox


    19. James FARIA

      6:08 umm no one does that?

    20. Khush Wadhwa

      Pakistan does not consist of the region of Punjab, but no complaints on a great show.

    21. Emporio ACAB

      Depending on the font used, how about "mow"?

    22. Nyx

      pod? i thought it was mow

    23. ilRegulator

      9:02 lucky noone picked 11 and 12 haha

    24. Julia Weber

      Is it just me or are the clocks wrong in the final round

    25. Clar1nettist

      4:55 also a clue in there is that Tom said “eastern” Pakistan was in 2 parts. East and West. East Pakistan is now modern Bangladesh

    26. Abdul Haseeb

      technically pakistan also means "land of the pure" or "sanctified land", and also no one uses the term Afghania anymore.

    27. some duck

      Viva could've won if not for the mistake acknowledged in the description, they'd have 4 more points if they got Pakistan instead of Bangladesh and the others 3 less

    28. zsetrydtyguklvhi

      @Tom Scott More Please seriously one of the best Quiz shows I've ever seen. surly the BBC would fund this.

      1. xkyle privatex

        there’s a game show similar to this called ‘Only Connect’

    29. Patrick / Patch Miller

      1:49 I bet Tom says that deliberately just to piss off prescriptivists a.k.a. Grammar Nazis.

    30. Sir heXagenius

      the fact they almost pulled off the last round comeback twice is an achievement in itself honestly

    31. mytube001

      What's the reason for them pronouncing "viva" as "vye-va" instead of the normal "vee-va"? Is it a reference to some university thing?

    32. Ibrahim

      Is the 3 letter thing pod?

    33. gentuxable

      So it should be called either Paksitan or Pakastan.

    34. Elgoog

      "eastern regions of the British Raj"? But Pakistan is in the west?

    35. NamesForDogs

      Did Tom just take the "Pakistan is an acronym" question from one of his appearances on Only Connect? (Series 3)

    36. cheifwhat

      I've never heard the answer to the opening question at the end

    37. I Hate Your Dad

      The text at the top of the clues at 8:01 says "Julius Ceasar", but the Ceasar in Ceasar Salad refers to Caesar Cardini the chef who invented it.

    38. Peanut presenting

      Please make more of these!

    39. Max Deyes

      VIVA is pronounced 'Veeva'

    40. Sanghyun Kim

      The best quiz show ever. Please bring me a next season!!

    41. Fried Ricez

      "55 points, 7 seconds on your clock" no one noticed that?

    42. Benjamin

      Team Viva is the True winner.

    43. June Doggish

      Team terminator is so annoying

    44. SUPER Gordon

      Team viva la Vida more like team fallen kingdom

    45. kevoramma

      Tom would be a great replacement for the late Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!

    46. PerfectChaos7

      Team Terminator were true to their "We'll be back" comment from Game 1! And their team held the lead going into the final round for every single round, often by a lot, so they were consistently good. (The people that are commenting that they got "lucky" are just bitter. Don't take their success away like that, especially when they consistently performed well.) Team Viva la Vida clutched out the comeback during Game 1 and almost did it again in Game 6, so they were definitely the strongest in the Quick Thought round, IMO. Once again, just like in the Game On event held in 2016, since this is a double-elimination bracket, there should have been a bracket-reset and an extra round played, though, as Viva la Vida only lost one game... But I get that the people planning didn't want to have to prepare questions for a round that wasn't guaranteed to happen, but for professionalism and fairness, I think that an extra round should have been played.

    47. Suman Saini

      Bunny Ears for Sally lmao

    48. Lucas Shutt

      That 50 second swing on the Caesar question completely cost them the game lmao

    49. Jason Williams

      End of Round 1 thru Round 2 - I wonder how Tom Scott feels about being Tom Scotted

    50. Skyline HDTV

      9:03, why is ‘Health’ in the board twice?

    51. Micah lemmel-hay

      what about mow?

    52. Rini2g

      I need more!!! Please Tom I love this series so much. And you, of course, you're a really good host, very good

      1. Rini2g

        @Johannes Wikström +

      2. Johannes Wikström


    53. Yuval Nehemia

      "The problem with political jokes is they often get elected" Tom knows that one up close, don't you? @14:45

    54. elderberry666

      I don't want to be that guy, but the caesar salad isn't named after Julius Caesar. If I were in their shoes I would have discounted that as an answer.

    55. Samantha Fox

      I am really freakin' good at this game. I love it.

    56. elevenfourerin

      Did anyone else notice health was on the board twice? Would have been interesting to see what happened if they'd chosen both squares.

    57. Adiun Tesserande

      I have to contest the intro/outro question, because 'mow' works as an answer as well.

    58. maruftim

      *p o o p !*

    59. LHCreeper

      Simon kept missing the portmanteaus

    60. Fran R

      This is not how loser's bracket works. I'm bitter about this, really wanted Simon to win.

    61. B Chu

      I still want a season 2

    62. Jake S

      If the tournament was double elimination, then there should have been another game.

      1. Wiranta

        Exactly my thought, the Viva only lost once, they still have 1 life left.

    63. Maarten van Heek

      This is so great! Why are you not on Netflix with game shows?

    64. njclondon2009

      those sisters were utterly dominant, really smart siblings. great show.

    65. Kyle Chauvette

      I love this show, but there’s too much British trivia for this American to follow :(

    66. 戴怡宁

      To be fair the Caeser question becomes obvious after the Shakespeare hint, with only 'salad' would have been just a guess. The MP question becomes obvious after the green seat hint too. The proble,m I thought, with this game is, some hints are essentially useless and some are incredibly important. There was a writer question few rounds ago and the hint 'his works were made into movies' was just so pathetic.

    67. malenotyalc

      tot works too depending on the font, where a t is more like a cross.

    68. Krawna

      17:24 THAT NO-HUG WAS SO AWKWARD hahahahaha

    69. C. Ray

      There are 2: pod and mow

    70. Martin Stent

      what about oxo?

    71. Stephen Unsworth

      What happened with this how come they're aren't any more?

    72. Jungwoo Kim

      Health insurance was so important they had to put it up twice

    73. Christopher Cyr

      9:03 there’s 2 healths how funny would it be if they were the only 2 revealed

    74. Jurjen Bos

      One of the best quizzes ever, on any medium

    75. Charlie Manual

      I would love a season 2

    76. Rohit Ravindran

      What about NON

    77. sanbilge

      The word "mow" can also be written that way depending on the font :)

    78. Anatoly Dyatlov

      God damn it, I have no idea how I scored so high on the WAIS test ;.; I couldn't answer a single question in this one!

    79. Isaac Connor

      Please, please, PLEASE, make a season 2!!!

    80. Preston Elam

      bro literally the only people who I seriously disliked won the whole thing this deeply bothers me

    81. pendeyo

      Please make a new season!

    82. LighdarTheThird

      Music plz?

    83. ML255TV

      9:07 Health is so important, they used it twice! EDIT: Apparently I posted the same thing, without a comma, 8 months ago ... I've deleted it now.

      1. TauDudeBlobber

        it has now been 8 months since you posted the second one.

      2. lexikiq

        your comment was so important you posted it twice :)

    84. Denis Deniss

      9:07 11 and 12, they must have been out of ideas.

    85. Diamondrel

      Aaand the wheel spins and lands on France.

    86. Solar Pellets

      We just gonna sleep on the president of the U.S. bit? Not to get political. I don't think one way or the other, but that's funny.

    87. Wacking Cactus

      Terminators were my favourite from the start!!

    88. Wacking Cactus


    89. Jamie Rollinson

      I feel People loose this rather then Win

    90. DominateEye

      I think the card's not popping up at the right time

    91. Moje minifilmy

      I watched the whole series just because you wrote on your website that this mistake will be a spoiler

    92. Raffaele Piccini

      the team terminator is just terrible at the last round.. the best thing to do is to answer quickly and don't lose time in questions you are not sure about... they often spent 30/40 seconds on a single question when they could have just listened to 3/4 questions instead and probably get one

    93. Josh Girndt

      9:02 health on there twice?

    94. Erik Hobart

      doesn’t mow also work upside down. mow = mow

    95. Eric Taylor

      Well they ever have a season 2? This is a fun game show.

    96. Eric Taylor

      Caesar salad has nothing to do with a Roman dictator. It was named after the salad's inventor, Caesar Cardini.

    97. Max Peeples

      For the intro question I thought of the word mow, such as mowing a lawn

    98. Ren Yang

      coo is a 3 letter word that is the same when spun upside down

    99. Mr Jameson

      Never seen such cocky nerds in my life

    100. Tetraglot

      A question about my favorite acronym (Pakistan)!