Lava vs Iphone XS!

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    1. Jayden Chill

      How do u know what a Grinder looks like Chris 😳

    2. Siena Cameron

      Yeah the movie it’s probably older than I am because I’m 9😋

    3. BOOMEJ7

      Ever one is so cool.

    4. BOOMEJ7

      Lol Coke is like in every one ☝️.


      Perfect✔️Thank you ✔️❤️☀️☺️✌️

    6. baxter msft

      That red cake though

    7. Shema

      React to Harry Mack freestyle plzz!! 🙏

    8. Henry Goldt

      I thought chandler was gonna lose like he always does

    9. B.P.Y

      I wish i could take part on ur challange

    10. Gabriel Montoya

      I like the video editors input on this for sure! Covering up the spoilers and reacting to Chris's Minion reference hahaha


      Yes zathura and anime chis is so cool

    12. Tushar Tikar

      Subcribe Mr Beast Philanthropy..

    13. Pekka's Lair

      Chris this isn't art true art is an explosion

    14. Skate board Bros

      Zathura best movie

    15. Rajdeep Sandhu

      I think lava indian smart phone 😂

    16. Tanner Bodiford

      I love zathura

    17. Gabe Collins

      Hot ice is illegal

    18. Luve.

      Zethura Jumanji But in Space

    19. scavenger x

      left side of chris colosel titan

    20. Smart Choice

      6:09 This is what your are looking for IPhone vs Lava

    21. ultimate bender


    22. ultimate bender

      Escanor be like:6:35

    23. Swiss Country ball

      I'm just board cuz he dozens upload every day so I'm watching older vids lol!

    24. Jose Carrillo

      I watched zathura with my dad great movie 10/10

    25. Melandri Herselman


    26. BabyYoda Boy

      5:34 to 5:38 Jimmy clapping

    27. Ian Stewart

      I loved Zathura. It was basically space Jumanji.

    28. Awkward Animations

      Anybody see the phone zhc made Chris

    29. wyzztv

      Omg me growing up with inspector gadget

    30. Ilfranc Wensley

      I'm gonna watch🎞️, like👍🏽 and share♻️ all your videos Because i really love your them, they are very entertaining.🎊😊🎊😊

    31. Bone crusher

      Zathura was so good I like josh cause he played pita in hunger games

    32. Sloth Army

      I am a sloth idk how old I am

    33. stacey

      Why the other dude sound like dream 👀👀

    34. Umbreon Untamed

      when the hot ice came on did anyone else get flashbacks to LA Beast? just me?

    35. Lucas Daily

      That is an iPhone 11 pro

    36. Zues Does Stuff

      kinda weird i am watching dis exactly one year from when it was posted

    37. randomlego Contraption

      1 yearrrr

    38. Yasinator99

      you realize chrissis phone was the custom phone zhc gave him

    39. Antoinette


    40. D Michael

      So glad I found this channel!! So much fun

    41. POOP MONKE

      U can tell that jake is tired😂

    42. prishita shah

      I want to meet Mr beast

    43. Landre Sloan

      Hot ice is hot ice Chris

    44. Jorge S.

      Somebody clip it 8:09-8:11 and make it a gif

    45. Michael’s First channel

      Wow Chris watches mha

    46. • KyPies •

      A word from the editor😌

    47. Kristen Drehmer

      You guys should get Cris to get his wife to come on the Channel

    48. Alpha gamer

      Nice life hacks

    49. Atticus Bricknell


    50. cruzzyboy

      Does anyone know what microphone they use?

    51. Onions The Wolf

      Oooo wow

      1. spongebob


    52. Ulta Blade

      Good job on getting 5 million subs

    53. Bhagwani Rathore

      5 m

    54. Rocket League

      I was the 5 millionth sub 😁


        @Rocket League im a cap?

      2. Rocket League

        @MUSTAFA ADEM is what you are



      4. Rocket League

        You wanna bet

      5. spongebob


    55. farmerhumf Gaming

      Bruh, zathura is a good movie!👍

      1. spongebob


    56. Jordan Jones

      i love anime my hero academia my fav

      1. spongebob

        My fav anime is naruto

      2. Mᴀɢᴍᴀ_Oᴛᴀᴋᴜ•マグマ

        If u do, then you must know that s5 is now airing and ep1 is already out.


      4:24 omg hes holding the phone ZHC customized for him

      1. Ulta Blade

        the phone that Chris was holding

    58. Lashelle

      This was made on my birthday

      1. spongebob

        1 day before my birthday

    59. brianna RE

      :chris “hey whats UpPp gUyS tHis is SaFeTy cHriS”... . Lol.

    60. Dust!King Multiverse

      plot twist: he got that lava from lava girl

    61. MY AMV'S EP 1

      need a 1Gb ram phone...please bro😢😢😢..Thanks in advance ❤

    62. MY AMV'S EP 1

      need a 1Gb ram phone...please bro😢😢😢..Thanks in advance ❤

    63. Oneinamillion

      why though

    64. Summayah Hussain


    65. •HaruBear•


    66. miles engele

      Of course the I phone exploded it’s made of metal, and the Nokia melted because it’s made of plastic

      1. spongebob


    67. Joseph Burton

      Anyone else notice the puff bar

    68. Ray Mak

      I feel the pain

      1. spongebob

        Verified youtuber with 28 likes

      2. MRWORST


      3. Poolify

        The king of minecraft.

      4. Joshy I

        Lol hey

    69. Blackbluejay #1

      Bro im 12 and I even know what zathura is I love it. 9/10 movie

    70. Sujal Simaiya

      Whenever anybody doing experiments with mobile phone guess which mobile it is 🤦🏼 abviously I phone why...!?!!?? And with laptop it always is macbook🤦🏼

    71. Kasey Angel

      My dog aperantlly didn't like the other beast's react video I was watching and climbed onto me and accidentally changed the video to this one 😂😂

    72. Shagg Boldt

      Chris I love anime also bro


      I am your brother

    74. no u

      you came here for 6:08

    75. Iamducky


    76. Kennedy Richard

      chris you are one with the anime because you watched mha (my hero acedimia)

    77. Xuân Quang an bách

      I want 1 iphone

    78. TamkaO

      You have no money to lend me $ 1000

    79. Robert Brunsvold

      Hey I watched inspector gadget too!!!!

    80. James fan no.5 / Thomas

      1:17 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃😵😵😩😐 to be continued ssjdjkeeejdjfhfgfgdg

    81. Alice Fitzpatrick

      Yes Chris

    82. love Source

      a i phone

    83. Raj Singh

      Hey I am fan and subscriber from india and I think u should also give away stuff at different countries

    84. Kiano Dekoning

      Dude youre camera is autofocusing like crazy

    85. Daniela The Dreamer

      Like literally me putting lava on a phone Friend: ??

    86. Ethan Plays

      People: Mr. beast is amazing Infinite: How did he get so much money M EEEEEE EEEEEE EErrrreEeEeeeeeeeeee

      1. Ethan Plays

        9:06. : infinite. NOW I know yay

    87. iiSimplyAesthetic GamingxLol

      How did you even get lava

    88. kayla w

      ediotors:makes jake karen. me:CODE K I RePeT cOdE k

    89. Stephanie Burney

      Get me a juice box b!#*h

    90. Robin Stamper

      I am a 10 year old but love and know all the movies they talk about lol

      1. Zulham Efendi

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    91. Baby Bones

      Iife hack,i have no life

    92. Lanna Mercado

      Lol 😂

    93. _-_Bexican_-_


    94. Hemanth.R status

      Instead of wasting iphone ,if you would give it me I would play games bro!

    95. Moto Adi

      Glogges? No is goggles 6:17 ..

    96. LethalORK

      life hacks make life easyer defently

    97. Jade Vargas

      𝓦𝓱𝔂 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓻𝓾𝓲𝓷 𝓪 𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝓰𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓽𝓸 𝓶𝓮𝓮

    98. Mordecai & Rigby & Baby Ducks

      6:08 here is what you came for

    99. Mr Yoso TV

      I upload life hacks video too you can watch it here :

    100. Melanie Gordon

      But heat activated the activator which activated the ice to freeze