Let's Play: Bar Billiards

Tom Scott

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    Bar billiards is a little-known British pub game. And in the tradition of video game "let's plays" -- only in the real world -- I got some folks together for a match.

    THE RULES: Pot the balls in the holes. Each hole's worth some points. Red ball's worth double. Don't knock over the pegs. And you only score those points when you play a legal shot that doesn't pot anything. Don't worry, you'll work it out soon enough.

    MATT: standupmaths.com - @standupmaths
    IZZY: @izkirk
    JIM: singingbanana.com - @jamesgrime
    TOM: tomscott.com - @tomscott

    MATT GRAY on camera: mattg.co.uk - @unnamedculprit
    MICHELLE MARTIN editing: fiblock.info/green/CQrk... - @mrsmmartin

    THE PEMBURY TAVERN in Hackney. (They accept Bitcoin.)

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    1. Zeuseus6609

      MCU: The greatest crossover event in history. Tom: Hold my calculator

    2. bertrach

      You put in the money and then you're on a timer... so I'll put the money in and THEN explain the rules to everyone :P

    3. HiddenWindshield

      So... if you're supposed to stop the balls from going in the 30-point holes, why didn't they just make the little foldey-downey thing cover those holes up like it did the 10 and 20 point holes?

    4. Dai 大

      Sadly, the audio quality is GARBAGE.

    5. Kevin Smith

      Pinball meets pool! That's super interesting.

    6. Integral Souls

      Too much brains in one room.

    7. Eli Farmer

      Strategic GoPros

    8. Mark London

      I'm watching 'pub games' during a pandemic featuring FIblock royalty. Damn.

    9. Tornado Taylor

      Its been 7 years and tom hasn't changed

    10. cxvxcbcxn

      That looks like fun! Too bad I've never seen it anywhere, would love to try it...

    11. owen lee

      I'm surprised I haven't been recommended this before. A bunch of youtubers I'm subscribed to all together. It took 7 years for this to reach my feed

    12. Filthy Wubz

      Oh my god, I have literally had this exact interaction over 20 times, every time we get a new visitor in the brewery, this makes me feel right at home☺️...

    13. Albert Batfinder

      Everyone, and by “everyone” I mean Tom Scott, wants to be the smartest person in the room.

    14. gerrabath

      Beer over the table? Bad form.

    15. TheDutchmanUK

      6:58 what an amazing accidental roast


      I'm so glad YT recommended me this video from 7 years ago. Great game. Never knew it existed.

    17. Darragh O'Brien

      If the red ball happens to be the one ball in the endgame, is it then potentially worth 400 points? Or still 200

    18. Alex Glennie

      Ah a pub I remember these

    19. Sam Gu

      "The balls will drop..."

    20. Sheng Han

      This game is so confusing

    21. mike hunter

      im like come on tom dont laugh at 'the balls will drop' and 5 second later im loling

    22. Raua

      Didn't know Matt had a clone but i guess you learn something new every day 9:11

    23. James Weldon

      Wow never heard of that, I wish we had that in the states

    24. Fujtajblus

      SPOILER: Of course the Numberphile would win with all the algorythms and vectors in his head going bzzt bzzt :)

    25. Marko Juric

      Oh hey, it's Mat and Replace Mat :)

    26. billyjoe parker

      10:36 is nobody gonna talk about how there seems to be two Matts in the background

      1. Tejvir

        No because using common sense would say they are different people

    27. Omri Niri

      Three of my favorite youtube personas in one video. Delightful

    28. Bammens Raf

      Awsome game, love to see this video, over 6 years afther it was posted. Love to play it one day myself.

    29. John Jeffrey

      Poor Matt, filming everything.

    30. jan kees

      Anybody see the little text on the end "(they accept bitcoin)".

    31. Oscar McKenzie

      It was nice to see Matt again in the background from chess clock jenga

    32. MrFungal Toe

      i miss pubs...

    33. Thomas Neumann

      Thias looks fun, i want one!

    34. Mayan

      15:41 "I don't know if i'll get anything" *pots all the balls in one go*

    35. jebb p

      Thumbnail looks like a tv show poster or something.

    36. treespunk

      I'm always giddy when James Grime says numbers

    37. really reasso

      The lonely wasp holoprosencephaly empty because notify relatively applaud vice a groovy disgust. lopsided, spiritual patch

    38. Macho Fantastico

      I remember playing this as a kid, never seen it anywhere since. Would love to play it again.

    39. John Smith

      I would gladly take Izzy into the walk-in fridge and seed her womb for days.

    40. Honor MacDonald

      Tom Scott travels seven years into the future and makes me build something you can hardly buy in the US... >.>;;

    41. Jeff Sadowski

      Yall should do that again sometime.

    42. Krystian Doss

      Wish I could find a table here in the States, so I could become the American “Taffy John.”

    43. Stumpyspark

      Didn’t expect Tom Scott to do let’s plays

    44. Jyoti Prakash

      "they accept Bitcoin", but did they hold on to their Bitcoin 🤔

    45. Sebastian Harris - Aldred

      here I was thinking billiards was a fancy name for pool

    46. J eagles

      Tom: the person in the pub with the pint glass of water

    47. Victoria Eads

      I love how Tom Scott: walking TED talk (in the best sense,mind you) and Mad Cap'n Tom overlap in one human.

    48. Whine

      Tom Scott is obviously a paid actor

    49. Logan Page

      Idk why I keep coming back to watch and rewatch this video.

    50. Fisk MacTaggert

      ... jim threw that last shot looks like

    51. jonescrusher1

      Corking game, sadly disappearing

    52. xXxBladeStormxXx

      That's a lot of IQ in one small room.

    53. David James Henry

      The thumbnail looks like the cover of an AMAZING mixtape

    54. red beki

      Maybe would've been better , with such little time , to explain the rules before you put the £1 in...😀

    55. Flaffel

      7:12--the matrix is obviously breaking, given that there are 3 matts in one bar!

    56. jan de Munck

      11:54 is that your backup Matt in the background?

    57. Adrian Baker

      Obviously it was a very busy pub.

    58. Darren Murray

      I never thought that watching people play a billiards derivative on FIblock would be so entertaining. Bar Billiards looks amazing.

    59. The Fat Numpty

      I’ve always wanted to have a go at this game, I do think however after seeing this video I’ll make sure I’m not pissed as a newt when I do.

    60. Christopher Ellis

      I now know enough about this game that I would never want to play it.

    61. thefub101

      Weird recently found Tom, known the others for years from Numberphile 😜

    62. southerneruk south

      Not played Bar billards since 1982, then the run of pubs that closed down and the era of wine bars started, Bar billards is very old. a lot older than 1920s believe it go back to late 1700s

    63. ilikethebase

      wears red... forgets to use red smh

    64. Whitsoxrule1

      Hearing James Grime called "Jim" really threw me for a loop

    65. Robert Orr

      This seems like a game that only JK Rowling could invent.

    66. Dennis Schell

      I'd rather do the bird...

    67. Cooper Fruth

      Oh my gosh the avengers have assembled

    68. Ben Stallard

      Tom is easily startled

    69. DJ Peachy

      Start the clock and THEN explain the rules? Schoolboy error.

      1. DJ Peachy

        Have to use the red... "I forgot that", but you didn't remove your score...

    70. James L

      Tom giggling at the balls will drop proves why he's so enjoyable to watch.

    71. Phil Reynolds

      Been wanting to play this for years. Hopefully there will be a chance post-COVID.

      1. onehairybuddha

        You'll be lucky to find a table these days. I knew of three or four back in 2014, all now gone.

    72. Bruno Ribeiro

      my dream team

    73. Pikachulova7

      That 3 ball sink was brilliant

    74. Pikachulova7


    75. Grant Schowalter

      This thumb nail gets my brain stimulated

    76. 1daveyp

      Back when I was alive in the 1990s at least four of the pubs I used regularly had bar billiards. It's great fun and good pub game, it takes up much less space than pool. If you're not sure what pubs, (or indeed fun), were ask your parents.

    77. bonemarrowstew

      tom scott... james grime... matt parker... and someone else who also seems very competent who i haven’t been introduced to before... wow... the dream team

    78. Antoine FD

      "These tables are very rare, only one manufacturer still makes them" *passes a massive pint over the table*

      1. Tricky Trey Perfected

        I'm not an anxious person but wow did I start cringing when they did that.

    79. Mark

      They will crush your soul in mathematics then crush your liver in a drinking game

    80. Adrian Ridgway

      That one friend who asks a million questions instead of just playing the bloody game...

    81. Joshua Allen

      15:45 I am amazed at the flawless execution of a triple potted turn

    82. Shiro Surfer

      Al the earth gangsters

    83. Martin Henk Coetzee

      Much better than pool

    84. xgozulx

      awesome game :D

    85. gibbeldon

      This seems like fun. I would love to play this with my friends at the bar and the library.

    86. Mike

      You didn't have to speed it up

    87. David Huson

      This looks like a good bit of fun.

    88. Bodiapa

      Matt: "Let me explain why almost every number has 0 in it..."

    89. Gareth Martin

      Trouble with this game is if you play someone good they will get red ball in 200 hole from the break over and over again.. I know cos it happened to me. Greta game though

    90. julian shepherd

      Played it, in there, in the 1980s

    91. SpiralFirst

      We used to play this in Sussex pubs in the eighties, but I don't know a single pub with a bar billiards table now anywhere. Also I never knew the rules until I watched this video!

    92. Pete ASMR

      Is this what lead to the creation of skeeball?

    93. DarkLeviathan8

      15:42 that was hella satisfying lmao

    94. buttieboy666

      Remember, we have ten minutes once I put this quid in... Takes 2 minutes explaining the rules after putting in the quid.

    95. Glen Rea

      Being a Kentishman I grew up with this game. Still a league going in the east of the county.

    96. Brennon Moen

      This is the most british thing ive ever watched

    97. Alexis Ericson

      [A very manly scream from Tom]

    98. fuduzan5562

      This looks like a ton of fun!

    99. generic

      it's a shame the table's so long, then it could've been a proper parker square.

    100. billswifejo

      I struggled to listen to the explanation because I was so aware that the clock was ticking!