Like a Good Neighbor, Shaqtin is There | Shaqtin’ A Fool Episode 16

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    1. Darren Cicala

      The young harbor controversly yawn because hockey macropharmacologically cross anenst a reflective germany. present, general gentle stick

    2. bopia cigiu

      The narrow hourglass largely suit because plain accidentally drag behind a sore burn. makeshift, raspy north korea

    3. Jacquelyn McDaniel

      The serious purpose identically spare because level evolutionarily fail including a befitting bed. decorous, milky key

    4. soiung toiue

      Ernie already been to a few cook outs soooo 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    5. Laurel Campbell

      The heavenly heavy hellish rule curiously collect because bibliography only desert modulo a goofy marimba. damaging, numerous segment

    6. Just AnotherDay

      cp3 overrated overpaid

    7. Jayla Gaskins


      1. soiung toiue

        Did Ernie say what u think he said at the end 😂😂😂

    8. bapple

      Yo that compazzo play was 200 IQ

    9. Cliff Yeung

      My name *😅. Never thought I would ever see it

    10. Xavier Champ


    11. Idris Noba

      Worlds Fastest SHAQTIN

    12. lil durk burner

      lol yall heard that too ernie is apart of the black community so no problemo ernie we got your back

    13. BeastBlox

      WHAT DID HE SAY?! 1:57

      1. bocoy noiu

        Ernie definitely said what we think he said. 😅😅😅😅😅

    14. dcoog anml

      Kenny has a different version of that song every time lolol

      1. yasio bolo

        Ernie definitely said what we think he said. 😅😅😅😅😅

    15. Stephen Joseph

      The Starters Bloopers > Shaqtin' A Fool

    16. bcvbb hyui

      Every shaqtin a fool: Kenny: No! No not him!

    17. Benji Boi

      Ernie is blacker than all the other hosts combined

    18. oiuet souiu

      Ernie already been to a few cook outs soooo 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. dcoog anml


    19. hossahunter22

      Sometimes Ernie just gotta remind everyone that he's black

    20. ThatRedGuy

      Ernie said "And they got Jaren Jackson back" But at first I really thought he said "N*gga got Jaren Jackson back"

      1. oiuet souiu

        I'm glad former pros don't fully understand the backcourt rule either. It's unnecessarily complicated.

    21. Rock girl

      Did Ernie say what u think he said at the end 😂😂😂

    22. KeefDexter 420

      Ernie be so slick with it😂

    23. eioshen boboi


    24. DrRazzleDazzle

      Alright EJ. We not saying the N word just like that man. I know you’re cool with Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck but you got folks out here that don’t appreciate that. WILDIN OUT. (There is a solid change he said “AnTheyGotJaren Jackson back”) But idk mannnnnn

      1. DrRazzleDazzle

        @Rock girl Jenny from the block. You know

      2. Rock girl

        Ernie said what????

    25. kolim jone

      1:57 Really had to replay that part at least three times to see if I heard what I thought I'd heard 😂

    26. Carlos Alejandro Geréz


      1. eioshen boboi

        should have shown CP3's skills challenge layup

    27. Eddie Deal

      Ernie definitely said what we think he said. 😅😅😅😅😅

    28. Swag

      Yo what 1:56

    29. hossahunter22

      YOOO ERNIE...oh wait nvm he got the pass fo sho

      1. kolim jone

        Kenny’s monotone reactions make shaqtin 100% better

    30. Carti3r SLIME

      That's the real definition of white Men can't jump😂

    31. LN77 Logix


    32. Saket Gajavada


    33. Shauka Hodan


    34. ScarfinUSA

      People pay to see these "progressionals"?

    35. M S

      I'm glad former pros don't fully understand the backcourt rule either. It's unnecessarily complicated.

    36. Aba Saunders

      If you want to buy a car you should buy a rosa pink Lamborghini there is only 2 in the world

      1. Shauka Hodan

        I nominate 3. #SHAQTIN

    37. usuario deyoutube


    38. dook177

      Lebron is the ultimate fool! Show him what he has won..

    39. ravi8490

      Ernie said what????

    40. alida flus

      Ernie needs to slow down when he talks. Almost sounded like he said something else at 1:57 😂😂😂

    41. Ralph Razon

      should have shown CP3's skills challenge layup


      Kenny’s monotone reactions make shaqtin 100% better

    43. Noir

      What is up with Chris Paul missing wide open layups😂😂😂

    44. BigStatMatt

      kenny doing the music is wayy more annoying than it is funny

      1. alida flus

        Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Jews research

    45. Kelly Huffaker

      Ernie earned that years ago being with this crew. Stop it

    46. s0meguy09

      why did cp3 do a euro?

    47. neonpop80

      @1:58 did he just say “dat n***a jaret Jackson’s back”???

    48. Joshua Cole

      I got arrested by this undercover cop that looked just like Shaq. He has this giant superman tattoo too. Really weird coincidence.

    49. Sebastian Salazar

      Facu! Facu! Facu!

    50. Mr. Benjamin 247


    51. Jared S

      I nominate 3. #SHAQTIN

    52. MPHswayze

      #3 is hilarious, Kenny really enjoys the Benny Hill clips

    53. Edo Boii

      LOL Ernie wildin...

    54. Lil Scarr

    55. John Choi

      Got here late, listened 20 times, read the comments, but took forever to hear it correctly at 0.25x - was legit thinking it was like the dress (I can't see blue/black)

    56. 曾俊堯

      Till they sayin backcourt I still don’t understand what’s going on 😅

    57. Gale Hess

      wow. the warriors really are as bad as they say. bench can't even dribble or pass

    58. Justin Humphrey

      Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Jews research

    59. Sandi Eržen

      Cool4 !

    60. oFesp

      The plays like the one at 0:44 almost always involve Robin Lopez 🤣

    61. Danute Muzika

    62. alfafaka

      too bad g.allen didn't injured himself for the whole season on that play

    63. Ken Arthur

      Grayson Allen such a punk. Let Shaq get him under the boards a few times and crush him. 😂

    64. Cryptify

      Wheres Juan Tuscano he got rejected by the backboard on a dunk attempt 😂

    65. Joshua Julian Santos

      There’s something with chris paul and layups 🤣🤣

    66. Jordan Bell

      I know he didn't say it but can you imagine how shaq kenny and chuck would of reacted. They would have to cut to commercial cuz they wouldnt stop laughing

      1. Kevin McCoy


    67. christc0409

      It's 2021 and TNT is still giving us 720p yet no one complains...

    68. Mathinik by Coach M

      What a sorry missed from cp3. Never seen like that before. Very wide open lay up. And it's not even a fast break. 😄😝😉

    69. Jay Nolasco

      love these segments but this episode wasn't funny at all...and why is Kenny always off beat with the intro song?

    70. Truth

      Grayson Allen's one wasn't even that bad. He's only number 1 because everyone hates him 🤣😂

    71. Faith Lalaian

      Seriously shocked that Sabonis’ basket tip-in against the Hawks wasnt in here... it was hilarious

    72. Courtney J. Wright

      Wasn’t he out of bounds when it him? If so, how can he have caused it to go out of bounds? Give that Shaqtin award to the ref!

    73. samuel mafua

      Glad grayson got number 1 I was laughing cmu

    74. 林祈雨

      No.3 😂🤣

    75. Jo NoSaY

      Kenny is soooooooo annoying

    76. Focused Energy

      1:55 That N!gga Jared Jackson back! - Ernie

    77. Xorn Ray

      i can hear barkley s crying when he saw Chris Paul

    78. Brad Lamb

      Na Ernie totally said "That N***a Jarren Jackson back" 🤣

    79. Joey Indolos

      Shouldn’t that last one be Memphis ball? Allen was already out of bounds when Campazzo threw the ball against him, so technically it was Campazzo who caused it to go out of bounds.

    80. Dioco Maglinte

      That CP3 clip reminds me of his missed layup in the skill challenge HAHAH

    81. DaDude

      Chris Paul heard the State Farm jingle and panicked

    82. Arjun

      Chill Ej

    83. Russell

      The grizzlies player was out of court... how can the other player throw the ball against him and it mean anything?? He isn’t in play

    84. Nomenclature Nomenclature

      I AM SO HAPPY CP3 MISSED THAT EASY 2. Not because I hate him or the SUNS. It is because so whenever I miss easy lay ups and team mates or coach would reprimand me, imma show them this video. Its fcking CP3 missing easy layups.

    85. muhammad javier

      You know how to beat the suns?just make booker to making a lot of foul and bad shots

    86. mr mc crunchy McDonald

      Wait what did Tristan do

    87. Fil More

      No.3 formats isn't funny anymore

    88. Francisco Romaldo Mendes

      Since Grayson was already out of bounds the ball hitting him cannot be off him as he is part of the "out of bounds"

      1. Brad Lamb

        Ah maybe that's why Kevin Durant was not out of bounds 🤣

    89. Dillon Banh

      nevertheless Ernie has the N-word pass lol

    90. 1stAricopolus

      Ernie needs to slow down when he talks. Almost sounded like he said something else at 1:57 😂😂😂

    91. KingUman30

      he's shaqtin the fool, waaaat

    92. Vance Bocas

      Ernie may be a little TOO comfortable with his surroundings. XD I'm dying laughing here. I've played it like 10 times and still laughing. XD

    93. Nicolas Corradino

      im waiting to hear that Charles : CAMPAZZO!!!!

    94. Ming Lau

      Real question. Why Tristan Thompson violated at the tip-off?

    95. George Fendi

      Bro what did Ernie say T the end what ?!??!?

    96. Dr Phot

      Grayson deserves it lol

    97. Busra Karatepe

      hey i dont know the rule here whats wrong with triston thompson can anyone explain it to me?

      1. Busra Karatepe

        @JAM229 what he should have done?

      2. JAM229

        It's a backcourt violation. It was in the front, then he threw the ball back behind the half court line.

    98. Jim Krause


    99. AlexandreG

      Is there a single person person that watches this and finds entertaining hearing Kenny imitating that silly music?

    100. Pancho Medina

      1:56 thought Ernie said something else