lil uzi vert - xo tour life + p2 [best transition]


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    mashup between “xo tour life” and “p2” (xo tour life part two) mixed by VVSDerek

    - transition @ 2:53

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    Eternal Atake Tracklist

    Lil Uzi Vert - Baby Pluto (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Lo Mein (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Silly Watch (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Pop (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - You Better Move (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Homecoming (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - I'm Sorry (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Celebration Station (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Bigger Than Life (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Chrome Hearts Tags (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Bust Me (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Prices (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Urgency (Ft. Syd) (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Venetia (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Secure the Bag (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - P2 (The End) (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020 (Lyrics)
    Lil Uzi Vert - That Way (Lyrics)

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    1. VVSDerek

      plan on posting beats and mixes again soon, been busy irl, stay tuned

      1. Gavin Kopitzke

        I bet you were trippin when you got over 1 million views on this video let alone now 35 million. Well deserved for how dope this is 😎

      2. olly simpson

        @Tooth fairy 79 most popular video. lol

      3. Dom Toretto

        Alr bro

      4. prod. cielos

        @VVSDerek ong thas what i be doin lmao

      5. keybindr

        @Tooth fairy 79 it’s his most popular video dumbass

    2. TNT .l

      lol uzi vert is the best

    3. ̶Yunggest LennY̶

      P2 actually hits harder.

    4. Alex -_•

      This shit still fire bro 🙌🏽

    5. prince PJ


    6. Legends never Die

      Dis go so hard

    7. zvqh

      2016 summer was so fun

    8. the


    9. jacob

      the beat sounds like something x would use lmao but fr this goes hard af

    10. C Orna

      haha bad shit :|

    11. joe.mama47

      This fire

    12. Mădălin Dragotă


    13. Anurag J

      Id understand it but I feel it

    14. HEEL_caT666

      Holdup, these are two different songs? Ayo

    15. Sergio Infante

      .075 be hitting different tho

      1. Shxve

        Oh my god the beats amazing but uzi sounds like a robot😂😂

    16. No Name

      . 💎 👁 👃 👁 👄

    17. Julio Ochoa

      That’s lil uzi on the planet he bought. Looking back at earth. While wearing a helmet for oxygen wit 2 other people who don’t need it. And that the ufo flew em there. Is no one realizing this. He’s 27

    18. olly simpson

      My favourite part was the start, to the end.?

    19. Zinnun Ismail

      forever young

    20. lucas cline

      Not all hero’s were capes. Thanks pimp

    21. lil $kruvon

      Thought he was supposed to die yesterday 27 club bullshit i guess

      1. lil $kruvon

        @☆Zak☆ we were about to lose a legend

      2. ☆Zak☆

        He tweeted that hes actually 26 he found his birth certificate but it sounds like 🧢

    22. Joey Stanissich

      5.7 thousand dislikes look real dumb by now lmao

    23. Nicolas Sanchez

      This turn my cat into a lion

    24. flxsh

      Xo < p2 👀

    25. KorenFlex

      the transition have touched me the best part



    27. Kaler0


    28. Mr Crosh


    29. ༒☯︎︎Skilled_vIc a qt ☯︎︎༒

      “She said your the worst your the worst I say I cannot die cause this is my universe”

    30. Javk Hcj


    31. DJ Tony C

      New EP out now!

    32. Myasha Johnson


    33. The Roze

      Here before he dies

    34. Aviation lover

      This what’s me to comment sucide

    35. Thomas Smith

      The questionable recess naively precede because palm prenatally arrest about a abundant purchase. depressed, tangible curtain

    36. YasainT gfx

      bruhh "I DONT WANT TO GET OLDER IM STILL LIVING IN MY LAST YEAR" -2020, Its 2021 he said he is leaving us at 27

    37. чё закибербулили тебя?


    38. SameriLegend 21

      First song 4th grade Second song 7th grade Relistening to this going into 9th

    39. smokeyy

      Transition at 2:46 thank me later

    40. Alexander Gutierrez

      safe to say this guy just played god by mixing the 2 best song of lil uzi...

    41. CX_DRAWZ


    42. invula

      sheesh fire transition

    43. Yovani Diego

      Deadass, this audio has more likes than the official audio

    44. Mark Fenemore

      Bet God hates me

    45. Maddox Rakoueez

      2:50 thank me later

    46. myles

      transition @ 2:53

    47. Aesthetic Vibes

      I can’t speak just ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    48. ESKOBAR.02

      i make playboi carti remixes

    49. cozybru

      IM CREAMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Characterzman

      Captain price 0:40

    51. Haley Griffith

      It’s sad he only has a few days left😔

    52. Paimon

      Pov: You asked me if I missed you... I said How could I miss something.....that wasn't even there in the first place?

    53. lil_ choppa07

      u listened once now ur addicted

    54. Neelofar Mohib


    55. Maiz shoklo

      u know, i been listening this song some weeks and now i understand is a mashup lool

    56. JellyZondo

      P2 is better imo

    57. ☆Zak☆

      When lil uzi vert and lil uzi vert make a song together

    58. Slakl


    59. Hamood


    60. Savannah And Games

      Low key fi fi yk homie it’s like fire fire like fi fi ye ye boiiiiii

    61. cakeww

      goat tysm!

    62. TastierCandy28

      who's here after uzi bought himself a planet?

    63. iQPlays-

      If you still come back to this vid, your a legend.

      1. ૮αɱ ωαlรɦ!

        i remember the exact day this video dropped, i come back to it atleast every week bc of the nostalgia and how good the songs are

    64. johnny o

      RIP pop smoke... he was my favorite skater. :(

      1. Melina simic

        Bro what



    66. Joe Uzi


    67. Limeszy


    68. Bradley Combat

      this song is ass

    69. ✰ŴȪL̥̄Բ É̱ŦҾ𞤞𞥆ṄĀ̤Ĺ✞

      good combination of p2 and xo tour life I like you old 👍

    70. Zee

      please tell me THIS EXACT VERSION is on soundcloud

    71. jaredfla

      I don't really care cause I'm done. How many things this applies to...

    72. P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9

      Anyone get a lil emotional from this?

      1. Lil Sus Robert

        Fr been bumping this song for 3 years and it still hits 🔥

    73. Yudistira Putra Subianto

      push me to the edge

    74. NATANBOSS 123

      when 3:05 started playing i started floating

    75. Lukas Fälldin Beatz


    76. Alvarez KENNY

      The determined ptarmigan undesirably carve because goat informally clean aboard a square hurricane. cagey, damp point

    77. norm Tanguilan

      all my friends are gay

    78. CPmontanaPromo BlackHeartTarot


    79. DEYM BOI

      sir meme intro

    80. YTMFband ROBLOX

      thats perfect

    81. uhhh.sophie_ 🖤💯

      the transition is fire 🔥💯

    82. Tayga


    83. MyntSZN


    84. SheLuvFG


    85. PukinnOP

      I remember when the album dropped in 2020 and my first reaction when i heard xo tour in p2 was like if i had just seen the rarest pokemon in the nearby window in pokemon go

    86. Crispolo Juan

      oh this is Enrile's theme song for his friends way back 10000bc

    87. MeadowArrow

      nothing on

    88. Jaden

      Uzi aren’t you supposed to be with the crystal gems 🤨

      1. Justyn Murphy

        Lil Uzi Pearl.

    89. steakhouse

      With the transition this is MORE than the sum of its parts. Fucking fire

    90. Ohh Crtz

      these songs make my balls feel like theyre levitating

    91. Dep

      This a bop while geeked bro

    92. LTW Animations

      Wwe 2k15 had this song, hence why I looked this up, goes hard

    93. Poseidon5Aokiji

      Wii here for the ages

    94. Trep

      This hits harder then my dad

    95. Ericson Santos


    96. im homophobic


    97. Johnny Trive

      the best transition ive ever heard no cap *1600++ till the day I die

    98. DefinitelyDevv

      This has more views than P2

    99. Keith Thomas

      all my friends are dead :(

    100. TOP FOLK 83

      i don’t feel the same energy on p2 🤟 😞 💚