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    Logan Paul's complete post fight press conference for his fight with Floyd Mayweather as he speaks on what he felt about his performance against Mayweather, the strategy he employed in the fight and much more

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    1. raymart yambao

      The real winners are the ones who didn’t pay for this fight

      1. Josh Childz

        Logan Paul looks so dumb

      2. Tim Etter

        Amen brother

      3. Poop Stick

        Let’s get it man

      4. sean kelly

        @Heather Swanson ALL of us. 😂

      5. sean kelly

        But went online immediately after, hell even during to watch it somewhere or for free and be here to watch shit ABOUT the fight. Stop pretending. 😂

    2. anatole papafilippou

      "When you are fighting a guy like Floyd ....." Fighting is when both people try to win.

    3. boofogle

      Flood did beat his ass wtf. Look at his face. He dillusional. Fight somebody your size

    4. Joanna

      Respect ✊🏾 to Logan for making it to 8 arounds with the best fight in the world 🌍 and Kudos for bringing him out of retirement

    5. Joe Really

      Hella humble. Logan’s a beast.

    6. Gums.

      never got hurt but man was bleeding

      1. Joanna

        you have to know you’ll never get it. You didn’t earn it bro you just didn’t.

    7. Hey Bob-O

      This dude is a corn ball. I can’t wait to see him get knocked out.

    8. Prince Hollywood

      Logan paul sus. He’s probably trying to tell us something 🤔🤔

    9. bofooit gojo

      bro the Charizard chain Logan has on is the calmest flex I have seen...

    10. niduoe stre

      he knew he was lyin when he said Floyd didn’t hurt him 😭

    11. Ronith Raj

      Even though i hate the PAUL FAMILY i have huge repsect fro logan Paul....JAKE on the other hand needs a a fucking attitude change

      1. bofooit gojo

        Dude loses the fight badly and says who next…what an idiot he just wants a payday to get the shit kicked out of him. My dream is to get smashed and paid 😆 😂 😛

    12. GreatVidz

      They dont know Adrien Broner Lol!! Sorry AB your not that famous!

      1. niduoe stre

        Please, please, PLEASE let this moron fight Mike. Or his poodle.

    13. GreatVidz

      Logan is a smart fighter for using Floyd's strategy against him. Effective! Lol! Floyd really complaining Logan keep hugging him

    14. sean kelly

      He’s out of his mind. A real fighter in his prime. Same weight class. Guaranteed KO.

    15. sean kelly

      It’s scares him. Makes him question his humanity. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here. Couldn’t have made a douchier comment.

    16. sean kelly

      Did he just start a fight with Mike Tyson. Oh gawd please no.

    17. sean kelly

      He got hurt.

    18. sean kelly

      No haha. Going the “full” 8 rounds is NOT winning. Technically or otherwise. But of course he was always going to spin in that way.

    19. sobiesky Jimenez


    20. Brandon Condon

      Logan you did a great job and I don’t like you. But there are guys that have worked there entire life to get to a MW fight and might not even happend. Total disrespect to them and you have to know you’ll never get it. You didn’t earn it bro you just didn’t.

    21. Deyton longstreet

      Im a big fan but do u think u take my grandpa

    22. Ptao Tom

      He said “you can tell when he turned it on a lil bit” says it all

    23. Josh Huettl

      I say strap em up and fight Jones Bones so he can smash you into retirement

    24. Josh Huettl

      Dude loses the fight badly and says who next…what an idiot he just wants a payday to get the shit kicked out of him. My dream is to get smashed and paid 😆 😂 😛

      1. Ptao Tom

        Logan on alllll the coke. This guy has a drug problem.

    25. Toutai Palu


    26. Steve Damron

      Please, please, PLEASE let this moron fight Mike. Or his poodle.

    27. JJ Da Bucket

      Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

    28. fouoii gyhh

      I loveed how he mimicked Mike Tyson lmaooo

    29. Aveboy

      He delusional

    30. T D

      Why is it still being said he beat Floyd? There’s no official winner he just went the distance with Floyd. I think if the fight went on longer Logan would’ve gassed out

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Logan Paul better be thanking God it wasn't a 12 round fight, he barely!!!! Made it to the 8th round.

    31. Steelers Gang

      Broner would beat both the pauls

    32. Carson Murakami

      floyd hardly tried and still beat his ass and hes delusional thinking he won

    33. Team Foxx

      In his mind he thought he fought a 25 year old floyd .. Reality is u fought a 44 year old floyd that took it light on you because this is exibition and hes retired .. As floyd continues to rob u people ..lmao.. Good job floyd .. Rob them again again and again if u can... Im certainly not hatin my brotha

    34. Radu Andrei

      He made a sh*t-ton of money in 8 rounds off of Floyd's life-long dedication and hard work. He should be more respectful, more humble and definitely not curse during a press conference... and immitating Tyson's voice like that?! Tyson just had the Roy Jones Jr exhibition fight end of last year! This arrogant prick should end up in THAT fight, and get punched by Tyson until he swallows all that arrogance.

    35. numba one stunna

      Definitely on meth

    36. Natty Bonez

      prize fighterrrrrr, i wanna see that! lol

    37. res1492

      Has this grown ass man seriously got a pokemon card round his neck....yes, I know its worth shit loads but ffs, when is he gonna grow up?? Floyd went easy on you, don't dare deny it...he played with you, had you on the back foot running away after 2nd round.

    38. Yuuta Sai

      He had a 50 lb weight advantage and 6 inch height advantage but was surprised he wasn't scared

    39. Marcus Sebastian

      Logan on alllll the coke. This guy has a drug problem.

    40. nijuo joing

      I loveed how he mimicked Mike Tyson lmaooo

    41. Mujo Suljo

      So this kid is 0-3, he cant box for zhit (it was hilarious when he came at Floyd in one of the early rounds, looked like he never boxed a day in his life), his fights werent even actual boxers (he lost to foking KSI!!!) and here he is talking as if he is an up and coming 20-0 prospect with tons of attention on him. This world has truly gone nuts.

    42. T J


      1. nijuo joing

        TRASH BRUH!!

    43. serdy ximi


    44. Anthony Sanville

      *greatest boxer ever ….. at defense and was in his prime like 25 years ago* don’t let it get to your head or else someone actually in their prime will knock you the fuck out 😵🥴

    45. Dennis Bank

      Logan Paul better be thanking God it wasn't a 12 round fight, he barely!!!! Made it to the 8th round.

      1. serdy ximi


    46. Dennis Bank

      Yes he did beat your @ss, just look at your face and your condition in the fight, Vs Floyd Mayweather and how fresh he was after the fight.

    47. Mr Length

      Press is riding Logan hard asf... weight classes exist for a reason. If he was up against an opponent of the same size the same stature he would eat shit in the first three rounds

    48. Recon Blitz


    49. shani yan

      So happy for the young man. What a feeling he must of had at that moment at the end when he stood up and walked out.. Wow

    50. Duane Edrington

      Fake fight

    51. Oliver Dorsett

      The fight was a money making sceme and a load of waffle in there post interviews why are they talking the same.it was a lot of fun.logan definitely was knckout for a moment and Mayweather kept him in the fight.poor excuse for boxing.another fixed fight

      1. shani yan

        Another Circus Act, Blow-fly looses to the Mosquito, Mayweather turning into a Don King...........

    52. Thomas Marshall

      This boy is punch drunk.

    53. Ryan Sullivan

      I've never been a boxing fan, I don't even watch MMA. Its just never been my scene, but like Joe Rogan said (who admittedly isn't always my cup of tea either) that was a fascinating event. I was really into Vine when it was a thing, I thought Logan Paul was a funny guy, in short bursts its hard to get mad at anything. I think he got too big too fast at some point in my opinion, when he got on FIblock, I just didn't enjoy his content anymore, but this was some wild stuff. I've learned so much about both these men, I have so much respect for Mayweather and I just learned his story an hour ago. Its a brave thing for a 26 year old "punkass" to do, regardless of who you are. I have to say I respect all this in some way I can't really describe. I have hope for him I guess, I've been feeling more hopeful in life in general these days anyway. Thanks for the show. He just needs to meditate I think, get some patience.

    54. My Pal Hassler

      This is a good interview to listen to. Logan is a straight shooter and tells it how he sees it. That is what we need more of. Good on him!

    55. Hash TV

      I'd take him in time rounds I'm 41 an I'm boxing champion of Canada

    56. Kayland Denson

      TRASH BRUH!!


      floyd made 50% more contact on logan then logan did on floyd. logan may have the won the fight in his mind bc he lasted 8 rounds but really floyd won the fight literally

    58. cnmmd qiuoo

      I loveed how he mimicked Mike Tyson lmaooo

    59. Jeff Ludwick


    60. 2Stroke Tyson

      Jake said who? Adrian Broner? isn't he a actual boxer? nah no thanks Booooo

    61. 2Stroke Tyson

      I dont know what world u live in Logan but Floyd did ethactly what Mike said he would he dictated the whole fight & he beat ur aths we have video & pictures & ur face to prove it & Floyd didnt even try he went 10x harder at Conor than he did u he didnt even train the man was his heaviest hes ever weighed because he didnt train no sparring or training footage of Floyd for this event because there was NONE lol

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Logan lost

    62. 2Stroke Tyson

      Logan still hasn't realized with all the crap he talked & his sheer size & steroid use alone what? why did u think this was a exhibition & not a sanctioned fight like Conor was? duh Logan wouldn't of passed the drug test! sad part is he thinks making it to 8 rds with a guy half his size is a W for him lmao not much of a (Maverick) if you ask me thats not a maverick attitude lmao idc if it was Floyd Mayweather he's 44 & he stood there in the 1st rd & literally allowed you at ur size to hit him with everything u had & u didnt budge him! L


      Floyd races in and snatches his Pokémon necklace. “I got ya Pokémon necklace!

      1. 2Stroke Tyson

        Floyd is so rich he can just buy the other 2 cards lol


      Who’s next? We like to see Mike Tyson. Would do a lot - still.

    65. Elmo Fullbrook

      While people listen they will keep chatting absolute Bulls$$t he would fight his mother for air time

    66. Will MacLeod

      Another Circus Act, Blow-fly looses to the Mosquito, Mayweather turning into a Don King...........

    67. MrGrenaa

      OMG what a di..!

    68. Bobby Martinez

      Lol Floyd let you make it still a bitch

    69. Cobus Holtzhausen


    70. Andrew Augustine

      This was so much better than Floyd’s speech.

    71. Andrew Augustine

      Yeah buddy! Rooted for Paul even though I didn’t root for Mcgreggor. Why would Mayweather put his rep on the line? Wow.

      1. 2Stroke Tyson

        his rep? it was a sparring match for 80M dollars Floyd has done thousands of sparring matches for free

    72. cqvio doli

      He won by most hugs given and one of those hugs dude almost fell on the floor. Floyd kept him up...

    73. MoeLarryCurly

      Believe me , Floyd was trying everything to put him out ,, failed, also Manny beat floyd

      1. 2Stroke Tyson

        Floyd beat Manny 10 rounds to 2 or 9 rounds to 3 & ur as delusional as the Pauls Floyd gave 10x more effort to put Conor out than he did Logan if anything Floyd held Logan up for 5 rounds everyone knows Logan cant even box his shadow past 3 rounds by the 4th round just like with the KSI fight Logan was DONE! he should stop doing steroids & train naturally then maybe he can get a sanctioned fight like Jake & not a exhibition because Logan would never pass the VADA drug test

    74. Rob Koepnick

      Anyone see the clip of Floyd knocking him out and holding him up?

      1. cqvio doli

        He said “you can tell when he turned it on a lil bit” says it all

    75. Jacob Oliveros

      Logan lost

    76. Nuageux

      Nobody is talking about how he got knocked and Floyd prevented him from falling ?????

    77. Isaac Boaz

      To be honest, I was kind of expecting Floyd to completely rock the shit out of Logan during the fight, but Logan actually did better than I thought. I gotta give him props for surviving all 8 of those rounds against a boxing legend. Logan seems a lot more likeable than his obnoxious ass brother.

      1. 2Stroke Tyson

        Logan was over 200LBS of steroid muscle Floyd was 155 Lbs of out of shape didnt even train thats why there is no training footage of Floyd for this! its just Physics why Floyd cant just knock out Logan but im surprised Floyd just stood there in the 1st round & let someone as big as Logan just pound on him with everything he had & he couldnt even budge a man that small lol doesn't matter who it is or how good he is if someone as Big as Logan & on steroids cant drop someone as small as Floyd when he is just standing there letting him hit him when he is his freshest in the 1st rd then that says a lot about Logan & his lying work ethic! hes no Maverick! a Maverick wouldn't be happy with just surviving against a man that small let alone think he won because he survived lmao

    78. Raul Conde

      Logan is more humble meanwhile Jake isn't and that's why I don't like him its an opinion so respect that

    79. Chris The Flash

      What dumb arse said Floyd was Wobbled. Floyd Won every round apart from 1st

    80. Pjiggy

      Since he likes boxing old fighters he should Box Mike Tyson next in an exhibition.

    81. Alias

      Logan Paul trains with Japanese suicide victims as punching bags.

    82. Xavier Lee

      I somehow respect this guy! Logan has accomplished alot more than so many people. Good for him. X

    83. shadow westfelt

      I dont know was he wobbled.... Was he wobbled? NO No.

    84. Andy Hunt

      Tyson vs logan paul

    85. Terry Simmons TV

      NEW VIDEO!!! Smash the Like Button 🙌🏼 fiblock.info/face/videot/m4-NgoB5nGLIaHY.html

    86. Kyle Watkins

      He thinks he’s so special now. That fight didn’t consist of much

    87. John A.

      This is my first time actually listening to this guy and I actually like him. He's not as bad as people make him out to be.

      1. toijg avnnr

        I loveed how he mimicked Mike Tyson lmaooo

    88. Brandon Pham

      Logan is a fake fighter. Jake Paul is the real fighter

    89. Christine Strong

      He said “you can tell when he turned it on a lil bit” says it all

    90. Mike Banks


    91. Jesse Aguilar

      Stupid fight ! But he made money

    92. Carls T

      Poor Adrian broner. Still trying to stay relevant

    93. Derrick Thomas

      I'm 25 I'll fight you

    94. toijg avnnr

      Love the mutual respect they showed eachtoher after the fight. Great sportsmanship that's what it's all about

    95. meme

      Why he trying to be funny. You ain't funny

      1. Chris Gomez

        Realy just shut tf up at least give him some respect man a youtuber lasted all 8 rounds with one of the best boxers in the world

    96. Justin Klidzejs

      It’s hard to knockout someone 6 inches taller then you and I would love to see Tyson and Paul fight

      1. toijg avnnr

        mma is your sport

    97. SirLust

      How could he be salty after making as much as he did from this

    98. CosmaR6

      Trash ass fight

      1. CosmaR6

        @Chris Gomez lol that’s funny 0-1-2

      2. Chris Gomez

        It dont matter he atleast lasted all rounds with one of the best boxers in the world give him some respect

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    100. Neela Channel

      dudes only 26 but looks like he's in his mid 30's