Luke TheNotable's Hardcore Minecraft Fireworks Show

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    1. Luke TheNotable

      I love you all

      1. Jhyne dhaniel Valdez

        i will edit this vid for tiktok

      2. yo boy ju

        That’s kind of sus tho

      3. GuyThe Guy

        I’m 1#

      4. A Positive cactus


      5. RPHorse

        Love you too Luke! Keep up the good work!

    2. Jakub Mrozewski

      We all came here just for the satisfying sound

    3. Xxogy memes

      Fun fact: nobody ever finished watching this video totally

    4. Hernan Hernandez

      So so satisfying

    5. Thekollarfamily

      I loved the show it’s show pretty get it?

    6. Diamond Rogal


    7. Gracia Livie

      Wow so pwetty

    8. jayne oerton


    9. Kaleb Yeagee


    10. Anisticia Moonsammy

      Great videos notable

    11. comptreyes

      His game is a slide show now

    12. annie nipuii

      Why can't luke stop

    13. driphella

      There are two types of people: Those that hate phantoms and Those that never even see them

    14. NoobyCubey

      sub to NoobyCubey Pls

    15. Malex AnimatesStuff

      Imagine if this didn’t work

    16. Gabe Plays


    17. Alex Schettino

      This just came on auto play while I was sleeping. I was so confused

    18. Matthew Ho

      Loudest thing

    19. Herobrinetube124

      Great to see this in the new year

    20. Nathan Vo


    21. ThankJah Henry

      Its Beautiful!

    22. M. Error

      This is so loud that when I put my finger on the speaker I almost thought the explosions were coming through

    23. Aivis Cirulis

      Allot of saund

    24. Train #4

      Quite the show. A perfect show fit for all the achievements you made in this world

    25. Kirby Griffin


    26. Apolyptic

      Me putting my quality to max (1080p)

    27. xLeo4k

      I woke up to this i was like is it 4th of July already?!😂

    28. Rwc Dragon

      Is the sound turned down in this one?

    29. Aarav the alpha Wolf

      TO THE VILLAGERS WHO LOST THEIR LIVES OF RAID 873263741274512734513461723412734782347126481236481327426438123746812648127341346812374618234612837461287461289731278462819374612783461928436218734682137469812346

      1. Aarav the alpha Wolf


    30. BiscuitGod legendary


    31. GeorgePickles is the best Pickles

      I love it 🥰

    32. CoolInternet

      Gg on 1000 days. I watched the entire video start to finish and the amount of work you put into the series is amazing. I have yet to watch 2000 days, I'm truly impressed!

    33. Daniel Harwood

      far lands survival!

    34. David Grime


    35. dimitra staikos

      Ahhhh That Hurts So Bad Ahhhhhhh Plzzzz Stop Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      1. dimitra staikos

        It Still Hurts

    36. Music And Songs


    37. Zachary Boyd

      Hurry! Type AJTHEBOLD into the search bar! They killed his Minecraft dog. Twice.

    38. Takamura Yuki Kametsu



      That firework show at the end was insane

    40. Usememadly

      It’s magnificent

    41. Dalena K

      AWESOME I want to build that I got lame stuff thx for makeing that

    42. jjhooch

      This is a long firework show

    43. Leo Yutzler

      It's beautiful. I've been looking at it for 5 hours now.

    44. Sabastian Villarreal

      I fell asleep and woke up to Minecraft fire work sounds

    45. Sam Cai

      I survived90000

    46. Wilfred

      Day 999 is actually how screen burned into my phone 😂

    47. polandball

      You deserve 7.5 Bilion subs

    48. BIackNdgga

      This will never end

    49. Davidas Putrimas

      When u killed the ender drangon for the first time :

    50. Johnny Compton

      Luke: Makes Cool Firework Show In Minecraft Phantoms: Imma end this man's whole career

    51. Zach Playz

      Phantoms: We will kill you. LukeTheNotable: Stop killing and let us enjoy the show.

    52. Tashu Javed

      Can anyone tell me how to make this

    53. Samuel King

      that's a lot of fireworks

    54. Bill Cipher

      My friend liked it so much he’s on the floor screaming it’s not a joke and wiggling around idk keep up the good work

    55. Robin Wagner

      That is loud

    56. Alfie

      It’s funny how this is better than most real life displays

    57. Miguel Beaumont

      Happy new year 🎆 you guys

    58. Gartos Fartos

      these are the only new years fireworks i'll need

    59. Lasoon Beetl

      Me: Oh, This is just wonderful. Also Me: It's 4:00 Long

    60. cusor

      me on the toilet after eating a taco

    61. Samiluvponies COOKIES!?

      Please go to 3k days luke! (even though I never get replied to) -_- :3 :) :(

    62. Kord Nicholson

      This is amazing!!!!!!!

    63. Sweet Chilli

      So notable

    64. Kanishak 01

      That's a lot of gun powder damn

    65. Daisy Gaudette

      IM so bad at hardcore id have to play with you to beat the game

    66. Juan Hernandez

      The offbeat south africa optimally paste because fan pragmatically force notwithstanding a small range. racial, different afghanistan

    67. oofboss 18

      lol i accidentally left these on over night and now i've watched every single one of your vids...ill watch again for real though

    68. Alawetube علاوي

      Will I just wasted 5 minutes of my life right there

    69. BALD MARIO

      No one: That phantom: SCREEEEEEEEECH

    70. Lisa Boyd


    71. / Breaker

      The phantoms are proof this isnt looping

    72. Cool Potato

      Who else turned their sound off lol

    73. nelvia gustina


    74. SJ PLAYS

      Imagine if he forgot to record

      1. Council 666

        I love that people still comment on older videos

    75. iconic


    76. Dylan Galt

      Watching this before the stream boyssssss

    77. TheOrdinaryBoy !

      It sounds like a v8 engine revving with a VERY loud turbo

    78. Donavon DeVerney

      Hey luck go to 4000 days in hardcore Minecraft please

    79. Legendary Memes

      lol the phantom at 1:13 be like oh sorry i will not disturb the show

    80. humprey cadano

      can you do 3000 days

    81. Petter Larsson

      This firework show was pretty *hardcore*

    82. sEbastian E

      the dislikes are from the phantoms that are scared from cats

    83. L

      Hey man I don’t know if your gonna see this but I can’t seem to get your world downloads on Dropbox is there a tutorial or is there something you need to fix?

    84. MinerMaster

      4:05 luke uses the force

    85. Masks

      I love hardcore

    86. Mikayla Lau

      Wow that was pure beauty.

    87. Kira Yamommy

      The firework sound is so annoying and someone needs to make a remix of it or a song with the noise in the background

    88. Minecraft Speler

      Imagin if he had a mod that made 1 firework infenite

    89. Turquoise Screen

      When the new year comes,I would have survived 366 days!my next upload would be how I survived 731 days of 2020

    90. CODE

      When will 2000 day come

      1. ryeboy2011

        Dec 19

    91. stxrrybub

      Only notable fans watched the whole video

    92. Lily Good

      I’m only 1 minute into this and I’m surprised it’s still going

    93. Seth Dupuis

      Lov it

    94. Mystic Shadow

      A 4 minute show of dedication, will and sheer awesomeness.

    95. Dimpy Deka

      Happy new year

    96. Zghoast37

      Shout out to the phantoms in this video

    97. Ray drawz

      This is beautiful, i looked at this for five hours now

    98. Rigel Prior

      I bout each Luke the notable shirt 100 times and this what happened

    99. McPlayerGamer

      You should put pigstep dude

    100. The Nintendo Squad

      The phantoms just wanna see the show but they have no where to sit so they want luke to move