Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

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    Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

      Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

      1. mare nostrum

        @Seisiyan Vincent ah oui c est vrai 😆

      2. mare nostrum

        @CIA Central intelligence agency France has nothing To do with that. The journalist Who asked Damiano waq swedish. Dont make a mess with France with that. Congratulations from Nice (France ). Bravi 😎

      3. Rosaria Adinolfi

        @J - Wick PECCATO

      4. Andreea Maxim


      5. isalia tiitinen

        @CIA Central intelligence agency 11111111111111111111

    2. Maxon pro

      1 month later and still obsessed

    3. stealeX

      2:00 - 3:30 is the best part

    4. Lorena Pirrera

      Wow amazing 🤩 My son can sing it perfectly because we are ITALIAN 🇭🇺 bello 🤩 bello 🤩 My son listened to this 98 times and yes I counted how many times he listened keep up the great work maneskin and Damiano David

      1. Lorena Pirrera

        Oh sorry I eccidentally put the hungary 🇭🇺 flag

      2. Lorena Pirrera


      3. Lorena Pirrera

        Who agrees with me

    5. Дмитрий Новиков

      Eurovision: Do you know what sex is? The whole world: Now yes!

    6. Дмитрий Новиков

      Евровиденье: Ты знаешь что такое секс? Весь мир: Теперь да!

    7. Yiling patriarch


    8. olok1hardly

      у меня понос

    9. Chris

      not understanding a word but enjoying the music

    10. UgurTG

      Fena değill puanım 10/8

    11. Caroline Pallett

      Gosh that lead singer! If I was 40 years younger…..

    12. ewoud zimmermanns

      i love that its so a diverent from the song that won last year

    13. Eurovision Gamer

      1 month later and this still slaps. One of the best Eurovision winner

    14. Zac Smith

      He's on frugs

    15. Maria Eliodori

      Vi amo

    16. Ulf Pettersson

      Måneskin har gjort Sverige till ett punk land igen

    17. Billie G

      This song is so damn annoying jesus... And people calling this bullshit rock? This trash sounds like someone is dragging their nails over a chalkboard..

      1. Hashtagsandtapas

        Matteo Parodi sei convocato..

    18. funerals and weddings

      durduramıyorum kendimi

    19. Yegane

      His little bow at 00:36 kills me everytime...

    20. Black Burn

      I just want Poland to finally send one of our best singers..

    21. Yulia

      It's a month since Eurovision victory, 4 months from I ever know this band, there was no a single day I didn't check about them, I am too old to be such a "fan" but- I am!!

      1. Matteo Parodi

        Oh no, you are not too old to be " such a fan" 🙂 because you are not alone and you are not the first "too-much-old" fan. Maneskin are about to become the future worldwide band that will be loved all over the continents like Abba, Queens, etc. they will be much beloved like those great bands, they will be much loved by teenagers, by their parents, by their young grandparents in their sixties. Welcome aboard, many boomers of us already love them like you 😁

    22. peter hansen


    23. Ela

      Keske sizi daha once kesfetseydim 🛐😭💘

      1. solntsé

        değil mi😭🥵🛐

    24. kivi kiviloji

      Still here??

    25. Viki_li

      E ' fantastico!🥺😳

    26. Nora Bomber

      today it's been a month since the victory of this masterpiece

    27. Feyza Demir

      Woow it is so amazing love from turkey🇹🇷

    28. To&ma famili

      Me best song

    29. mbbodykits com

      easy win

    30. Oguzhan Torun

      Italy really deserved to win congrarulations italy an amazing song greetings from Turkey 🇹🇷❤🇮🇹

    31. Andra Maria

      I cannot believe that Roxen didn’t win...

    32. Teresa


    33. GʀᴇᴇN•FʟᴏW


    34. Eli.jk

      как же они пиздаты

    35. Тот самый холодок

      после этого выступления кол-во рокеров увеличилось..)

    36. JENNIE

      Ce oenike , hala oda seba Queen 👑❤

    37. Welcome

      Нефига позеры!

    38. Mishka Maheshwari

      I have zero clue as to what he's saying but I love it

    39. WeRtZ Official

      Германия: Выпускайте Рамштайна!

    40. Diego Ortega

      The singer is my dad friend

      1. Olivia Rodrigo Fan


    41. Vieuws NL

      cant stop

    42. Zeynep Ayça Candan

      maneskin is manga but this time they win

    43. Mad Mah

      I...Can't.....stop......replaying this.... over.....and over..... and. 57 million is cool and all be we can double that.

    44. Asya_lem0n

      Боже тоооп💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    45. Ajla Avdic


    46. J

      Can’t stop listening! 🇮🇹 💯 The song has been streamed over 4 million times here in Sweden 🇸🇪

      1. J

        @mare nostrum They were here in Sweden a few days ago and they got a ”gold record” handed over (which means over 4 million streams). You can see a picture of it on Sonymusicsweden’s instagram ☺️

      2. mare nostrum

        Were can you see this

    47. Егорова Лилия

      Как песня называется?

      1. Дидар Конакбайев

        Zitti e buoni

    48. Elton Murati

      I am really excited right now because i think that maneskin is going to be one of the most viewed winner in the eurovsision. Congratulaions Italy !

    49. רומי רוייניק

      im obssesed pls send help \


      İts not a maNga , though...

    51. Leon Augustsson

      Seriously, who cares about eurovision? Its just bad and no one takes it seriously! All the singers in eurovision thinks that they are special and good, its just ridiculous! I will never watch eurovision again👍

      1. Matteo Parodi

        You! what a jerk! 😂😂😝 "The winner of the Eurovision 1974 contest was Sweden with the song "Waterloo" which was performed by ABBA, who later went on to become one of the most popular global recording outcomes of all time". Maneskin are about to become the future worldwide band that will be loved all over the continents like Abba, Queens or... The Beatles, Maneskin will be much loved like those great bands, they will be much loved by the teenagers, by their parents, by their young grandparents in their 60s. edit: Oh, I was forgetting: "The 1988 Eurovision winner was Switzerland with the song "Ne partez pas sans moi", performed by Canadian singer Céline Dion. [...] Switzerland beat the United Kingdom by just one point in the last vote to win the title". CÉLINE DION, does this name mean something to you? 😂 YOU are ridiculous 🤣🤣😝

      2. Leon Augustsson


      3. Leon Augustsson


      4. Leon Augustsson


      5. Leon Augustsson


    52. Aliyah Faith

      Imagine listening this on 3am-

    53. Rika Kawai


    54. Ai Insomnia

      What a Great Show 🖤

    55. Evridiki Papachristou

      france thinking will win this year Maneskin: ciao bitches

    56. verydump • 27 years ago • edited

      This is that kind of song you listen when the homies aren’t around

    57. Ozan Kendirlik

      manga hak etti

    58. Екатерина Хомова

      Фигня полная.

    59. morello90

      How many times have you seen this video? Me: Yes!

    60. Жансұлу Сейдазим

      Жалықпай тыңдай бересің! Өте керемет 🤘

    61. Emiliano Bregolisse

      The Italy is the best

    62. STEFANO20P

      ecco il commento italiano che stavate cercando

    63. Kalle Inberg


    64. Liubov Popryhina

      My favorite moment is actually on 2:35 drummer is soooo coool

      1. No Name

        good for you.

    65. я

      Я одна русская

      1. Lizzaa Shamaro

        Нет, я тоже

    66. Jan Pavel

      Italian Rammstein looks pretty cool!

    67. Doom Henchman

      Eurovision: how much pyro do you want Måneskin: Sure

    68. Artur Witak

      To szum nie muzyka! Powinni ich wyp****


      I LIKE IT

    70. zeliha altun

      Listen to u non-stop

    71. Nihal Özkan

      Abi maNga nasıl birinci olamadı

    72. QueenSugil


    73. Edible Rubbish

      I'm here today for my daily dose.

    74. Yellow Aesthetic

      Damiano looks like Princess Diana's male version.. idk why ! Especially the EYES !

    75. Boombox92

      Dancing whilst playing a guitar looks really difficult. I'm amazed Thomas and Victoria manage to make it look decent.

    76. crio ilvero

      I 97.467 non mi piace sono i francesi

    77. Slava Rosandic

      Bubnjar je san snova. Svi su karizmatični. Autentični.

    78. Slava Rosandic


    79. kitty prety

      Есть ли здесь русские?

      1. Daria Fes

        Да есть

      2. Angelina_ Stars


    80. Huseyneli Eliyev

      İtaly no! Azerbaijan Love Tukey🇦🇿❤️🇹🇷❤️❤️

    81. Crazy 333

      We’re in love with your Italian songs❤️ They have another power from the English ones! 🛑Please,STAY AWAY FROM SIMON COWELL‼️

    82. MATURA

      Im big fan of this man who create this song he may get 1st i listen it all day wow

    83. Angli

      this is actually so gay

      1. Angli

        @G Whynne yaaas

      2. Snow Black Queen

        And we love it

      3. G Whynne

        @Sheev palpatine you wish. They're gays

      4. Angli

        @Sheev palpatine it looks gay

      5. Sheev palpatine

        He is no gay

    84. Danilo Zizic


    85. Natalie Yushchenko

      Кто тоже во время просмотра читает комменты?😩

    86. Selika Pansa

      Orgoglio italiano 🇮🇹

    87. joemama

      i have watched this one too many times…

    88. Marlen Alvarez


    89. gogzike


    90. gogzike


    91. Nicoletta Zenobini

      Can you believe it's already been a month? 😱

    92. Random User

      I just need to come back here every day

    93. beyda M


    94. NicMiracle

      Godo un botto fatevi sentire italianiiiii

    95. Валерия Ивентьева

      Я одна тут русская?

    96. biagio Catalano

      Grandi 🇮🇹

    97. дарованная

      жесть круто

    98. Wendy_lufu

      I became a big fan of Victoria, but all of them are amazing