Machine Gun Kelly ft. CORPSE - DAYWALKER! (Official Music Video)

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    DAYWALKER! is available now!
    Directed by Machine Gun Kelly & Sam Cahill
    Featuring @Valkyrae
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    1. cl


    2. Alfie 10

      Isn’t a daywalker a ginger without freckles

    3. august c

      This is ass

    4. Jimmie Christy

      That moment when you realize that Corpse Husband literally is stealing Ghostmanes Flow and making it shit. Stop the copycats. MGK you ain't a dark rapper. You had a kid rock feature my dude lol. Washed.

      1. Hunter Zehnacker

        @Jimmie Christy ok i dissagre but u can have your opinion and have a great life

      2. Jimmie Christy

        @Hunter Zehnacker you obviously felt the need to reply so care somewhere else. Corpse is a Ghostmane rip off. I'm sure he knows that. Even the beats sound like ghosts.

      3. Hunter Zehnacker

        Nobody cares about your comment

    5. NAI


    6. Thlyi Mee

      Okk you need a therapist and the name of jesus get rid of of the demon and hate of them

    7. Tyrenn Russell

      Kidnaper-WHAT IS YOUR LAST WORDS Me-*sings this song*

    8. Christian C

      ty dqad dee

    9. vbddfy euuyt

      I have two taste in music Cute anime songs And this

    10. Fast Boi

      Does anyone else think there's a part in corpes' verse where he sounds like ghostmane?

    11. Prince Philips musty ashes

      You guys I just heard a thud I'm my mum's room 🙁 it's nearly midnight sos

    12. B B

      Cringe shit. Seriously. Garbage song.

    13. Alex Silva

      Um.............. WHAT THE HELL

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        tf is this LMAOO

    14. ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛ

      I would let corpse scream in my face 🖤🤍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    15. Jonathan Uribe

      Sounds about white

    16. Keegan Belanger

      this song doodoo

    17. Dead Eyes

      We NEED more!!! Such a sick duo! The aggression, realness and dedication is phenomenal! This is the song you play when you hate the world and everyone in it. Just a massive "fuck you, come at me. I dare you."

    18. Reema Kh

      Omg! Where is the report button 🤯

      1. Reema Kh

        @Tricia Hobbs good for you

      2. Tricia Hobbs

        @Reema Kh welp a lot of other people like it, so if you don't like it just don't listen to it!

      3. Reema Kh

        @Tricia Hobbs I have, still this is a different level, I think. I just didn't like it 😕

      4. Tricia Hobbs

        @Reema Kh have you not heard any of corpse or mgk's music before, cause this stuff isn't new

      5. Reema Kh

        @Tricia Hobbs you don't think the lyrics promote too much violence?! Maybe it's just me!

    19. Max69 Max69

      Where mgk rap

      1. -9NT-

        he left rap lol we all know the reason

    20. Wesam Alamri

      i like it😊😊😊

    21. Johnny Speedboat

      Okay, even though I don't typically like MGK's music that much, I fuck with this song *so* damn hard. Major props to Corpse and Rae for their work!

    22. Paul

      MGK is wack now smh...

    23. W. G

      i am so shocked that courpse showed his face

    24. Grace Zoe

      All Im saying is that the budget of this music video is really obvious

    25. Skye Skye

      Lol, imagine the plot twist, the guy at the beginning of the video fighting MGK is the real Corpse

    26. Avah weasley

      tf is this LMAOO

    27. Kusuo Saiki

      kelly: if i tell you a secret will you keep it? me: yes * in mind: no thanks * ;)

    28. Random Viewer


    29. Vocality

      Hype music right here

    30. Mohammed Amine

      العرب الكل هنا 👇👇

    31. Youtube made me change my name

      Mindless Self Indulgence vibes going on .......

    32. char


    33. Mohammed Muyeed

      Corpse going in on this

    34. pinkyshoes22

      [ imposter twerking ]

    35. Yellify

      *twerks so aggressively that his back breaks*

    36. artistic rat

      Man this is definitely the best music video of 2021. Rae looked SO cool! and i’m glad she got this opportunity! And MGK always doing the best 😌 It would’ve been so cool if Corpse could’ve made an appearance but this is just as good :)

    37. Blank

      This gives me El Diablo vibes

    38. Mya Banger

      Why is everyone twerking lmao

    39. Waiklo


    40. Gabriel Alexander

      So MGK doing Drum N Bass now. Interesting and good mix to be honest

    41. Meme Chan

      This is ass

    42. Fortnite Needs help

      Am I the only one who has seen this over and over about 10842048293729 times?

    43. József Szilágyi

      This is so corny wtf🤣 weak ass punches

    44. beth scarberry

      Love it!!!! Good job Rae! Corpse....amazing like always.

    45. Kristina Villegas

      If there wasn't an anthem for punching babies in the face, whelp there is now. 🤘

    46. Anthony DiBlasi

      [UwUly tweaking as chunky discharge spills from my pants

    47. JoeJrJr


    48. Don Flynn


    49. Elijah Cooper

      Who are u

    50. Goated R6

      This shits fire

    51. Also Skirtzz

      0.25x speed sounds scary


      Corpse and mgk doing very great in this song

    53. Mark Gregorski

      This shit get me to fuckin turnt up

    54. King Soule

      This gives me Chills 😍😈

    55. Alejandro Soto

      Wow bro. You go crazy hot song

    56. Michael Curtain

      i really want to like it

      1. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        It's not everyone's cup of tea, chill

    57. Hangelbum

      1:04 I was never that near at raes face...and i never want to be again

    58. gronderful com

      Yooo, this is just awesomeness.

    59. IT'S JUST ME WJ

      Damn that girl knows all the words by heart and here I am still trying to make out some word's. Props to Her and porps to Corpse. His voice is so damn cool and mgk always good 😎

    60. Darian Mcgue


    61. Harsimran Kaur


    62. Aarush Parikh

      valkraye got sharingan god damn

    63. Keonte Sarley

      It took Rae 8 hours to do this? Lol there is nothing in this video????

    64. GearPlayz

      The song is good, but the the video is gonna give me nightmares

    65. Fathan Ajja

      Rae is Corpse a whole time, we just never notice it.

    66. Lil GØD

      2:03 Yo is this spidergang?! 🕷 _____ / 🟥 \ q👁🔻👁p \ \___/ /

    67. Jacy Steven

      Nice man

    68. tommyinnit

      Who ever is watching this on the toilet hit the dab

    69. Zara's Daily Routine Work

      welcome to *CRD* Comment Reading Department😂😂

    70. davedave9

      Which one is corpse? i don’t get it, is the face reveal thing a joke?

      1. davedave9

        @Fathan Ajja oh 🥲

      2. Fathan Ajja

        Obviously, Corpse is not in the video. It's just the girl, Rae, who portrays him for the video.

    71. RyanLovesReds

      Keep listening to this song. Awesome video.

    72. AsumiLuna

      I like this new style, I’m glad he threw those tickets to his downfall in the trash.

    73. dcoog anml

      [ quietly twerking ]

    74. Jeremy Mestas

      is no one gonna talk abt how hawt it was when corspe said “the end”

    75. pickle rick has aids

      Ninja has fallen off

    76. Teresa

      love it

    77. Deadeye Duncan

      That fight in the beginning just killed it for me. looks like two meth addicts going at it, I could check this boy into the ground and leave him more brain dead than DMX. A night stocker at Hy-Vee is more physically fit than this man child.

      1. Through Hellfire • 20 years ago

        @dcoog anml he won't reveal his face and he shouldn't tbh

      2. dcoog anml

        Sheeeesh and I thought I was simpin for corpse before he’s face reveal 😰🥵

    78. Adrian Santacruz

      Machine gun kelly whack

    79. Chamomile

      Mans MGK be spittin fire all the while being a supportive dad

    80. unknown

      simply no..

    81. Tania Isabella Waspodo

      0:32 this is Eren's anthem.....

    82. Ch i

      timothee chalamet after not getting an oscar:

    83. dilip thapa chetri

      His downfall started when he made diss track about eminem

    84. WarriorOfTheSunlight-

      I thought that corpse husband revealed his face and has done many surgeries just like Michael Jackson lol

    85. n3v1ah _

      this is the most cringey thing i’ve seen this week

      1. Runu

        @Fathan Ajja keep making videos on hazbin hotel loser

      2. Fathan Ajja

        You're cringe

      3. Runu

        @dalaynee jo Theyre cringey though?

      4. dalaynee jo

        well they’re still more successful than you’ll ever be so they’re doing something right.

      5. Runu


    86. Herald Jorson

      1:05 Tatakae! Tatakae! TATAKAE!!!

    87. skoper

      I will never be the SAME!! 🔥

    88. Maximus

      Watching mgk get beat up is good

    89. The AmericanFook

      Didn't know Ninja could rap...

      1. Amelia

        He always rap

    90. User

      This is the worst mixing I've ever heard in a song.

    91. Gboy Gamer

      Sheeeesh and I thought I was simpin for corpse before he’s face reveal 😰🥵

    92. sapnap simp


    93. Tamara Daniels

      Rea!!! Yayyyyy

    94. kairo

      oh hell nah

    95. MisterPudd

      This legit feels like a fight club tribute ngl.

    96. Bern


    97. John

      Dude......good tune

    98. Lydia

      No because wtf is this