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    1. Chad Damron

      Literally love you all so so much

    2. manuela urioste

      Jason’s face at 8:45 has me dying haha

    3. Matthew Langdon

      We just watched an entire video of Madison and David in their “talking” stage

    4. Ella Bella Boo

      Ik y’all boutta be REAL annoyed but like...DAVID AND MADISON ARE PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER-

    5. Taylor Cuthbo


    6. Narf Man Gaming

      She was staring at him the whole time

    7. JNERDX YouTube

      This is JUST their first date. Fr

    8. JNERDX YouTube

      I’m UPSET that David has all the Lemony Snicket books.

    9. NBRWNK

      A Series of Unfortunate Events

    10. Laura v

      the way she looks at him 😏

    11. JNERDX YouTube

      There is actually a machine that horses hump.

    12. Liam Franks

      Im so confused as to that someone has actually cheated on madison before shes literally an 100/10

    13. izzy cassell

      who else really wants him to do a potcast with Emma chamberlainnnnn

    14. TheGoodKing Tr3Y

      So many edits in this podcast 🤦🏾‍♂️

    15. Jasmyn Linzy

      The series of unfortunate events books in the background!!!!>>>

    16. pied pluto

      you know you’re talking with a pisces if the conversation takes a turn to the meaning of life and emotional topics

    17. Ashley Doop

      Definitely her friend Amy 😂

    18. Heather Holley

      I swear those boys are so annoying and awkward.

    19. Keranto Occil

      David is Asexual prove me wrong

    20. kunle odedina

      Jason is actually too funny

    21. LIL YAHOO

      RIP to the fan account that posted VIEWS clips

    22. Daniel Gillespie

      Jason’s laugh at 17:35 hahahahahah love it

    23. Chloe Cookson Xx


    24. I hate Olives

      POV: david watches frenemies.

    25. Cynical Sandwiches

      Dude betterhelp ?

    26. Ethansalazar3

      David date her already goddamn🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂

    27. Breezy Man

      Why would he call her a surface level friend? Haha... that can’t be a good feeling for MB

    28. Lexi Smith

      "I can't hear shit I'm 50." -Jason Nash, 2021

    29. rachel ward

      That game is horrible , why would anyone play that with their friends 🤷🏻‍♀️

    30. Davis Crevier


    31. Lexi Smith

      12:27 In the background, I see The Series of Unfortunate Events book series. I see David is a fan of Lemony Snicket as well. 😏

    32. Mohammed Shakeel

      Love the rolex madison

    33. Lexi Smith

      WTF is a "surface level friend"? Is there gonna be a "mid level" and a "deep level" friend as well? 🤣🤣🤣

    34. BNXP CaptH2O

      David will never see this but the intro is hella bad

    35. Lexi Smith

      A "surface level friend" is basically a stranger.

    36. Lexi Smith

      Seriously David what is a "surface level friend"? You gotta do better than that bro.

    37. Michael Clarke

      You can only flirt with someone so much,before she starts to hate you, for not doing anything..

    38. Constance Pellerin

      Date her already man

    39. AugDog

      WAY too many cuts

    40. Lexi Smith

      More podcasts with Madison please.

    41. Blaze

      Why don’t they get together

    42. Keira Clagett

      madison’s next song is gonna be called “surface level” 😭😭😭

    43. kevin silva

      Natalie looks worse and worse.

    44. Jack Son

      Horse Semen thing is from jackass

    45. Katis4ever

      I can't tell if she's friendzoning him or flirting.

      1. Carolina GoldGirl

        I know lol she’s good! Like wicked good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. SEIGNEUR

      David I’m 12 and I’m 5,10

    47. Equine Days

      David trying to explain equine seamen collection is hilarious to me😂

    48. ashley uy

      Zack bia broke Madison

    49. PWR Ajax

      Lol 😂

    50. Ashland Gillam

      soooo are we not going to talk about seth????

    51. Shawn P

      Proof that facial looks are all that matter in society. This girl has just an average personality, but because of her face is attractive, you all worship her. Then she gets old and a new girl comes along. Rinse and repeat.

    52. Ana Hunt

      Can we talk about the fact the Maddison has the same mannerisms as Kristen Stewart?

    53. Corrie xox

      Love that David admits that his previous relationship with Liza was amazing instead of being a bitter ex

    54. Lightning


    55. Kaitlyn Macy


    56. Leonard Centis

      at least thx to the podcast he doesn't get demonetized :)

    57. Axel Zamora

      No idea who Madison was but she’s cool. You gotta have her back David.

    58. AQUA FRADE 55

      why would why shit on each other

    59. Phoebe Dougherty

      david was so embarrassed with the “surface level friends” thing i feel so bad😢 hahah but it was so funny

    60. TaylorRae Seal


    61. Omar Tafolla

      Are you guys seeing that Madison is staring so hard at David

    62. Makk Nord

      OH yeah thats her friend david and liza now wheres my money

    63. Becide

      How many ads you want in one video? david: yes!

    64. Bryan Aguilera

      This just showed how much chemistry there is between them

    65. Edvin Garcia

      11:25 DAVID U SIMP

    66. Young Entrepreneur Advertisemen

      I love love love love love views but also miss the vlogs very much I binge watch them like once a month either way views or vlogs keep up the good work is good to still see you in social media and you haven't fully left us love you David you have played a big role in my life and brought many laughs and smiles while I was down and out and I can never thank you enough you helped me through depression anxiety and so many other things you'll never know you should do like a what's a year vlog just to surprise everyone LOL that would be awesome anyways keep up the good work love you guys always

    67. Mady

      the camera on Jason and Natalie is not focused which is making me aaaaaaahhhh

    68. Bambiezie

      Oh ya that’s her friend Amy

    69. Alina Grawrock

      Natalie looks so bored. 😬

    70. Charlie Allsopp [Student]

      so thats the girl david rejected?

    71. Christian Sanchez

      Jason says the funniest things in the background that no one addresses

    72. Caroline Bezner

      fighting the urge to be like ew i don’t like her she’s a pick me when i’m literally just thinking that bc she’s perfect

    73. HyPe Lac

      That’s y this one was so relatable

    74. Grace Armstrong


      1. Grace Armstrong


    75. Grace Armstrong


      1. Grace Armstrong


    76. Grace Armstrong


      1. Grace Armstrong


    77. Daniela Quinones

      Oh yeah thats her friend amy😎

    78. Vidit Deshpande


      1. Stephanie Galicia

        true and he’s also rich, that boost him by 50%

    79. Connor Kent

      It's her friend Amy. (PayPal works for me)

    80. Jae

      4:26 that milli second head drop from Natalie was "David why don't you Me?!?!???"

    81. Jonas Lik

      Ngl the intro seemed like one of those 2010 intros that you pay 10$ for that some kid in grade 6 made lol

    82. Julian Portilla

      I prefer Impaulsive, hate the fake laughs and highschool jokes in this

    83. miamor


    84. Assaad Khaled

      Did we just witness david hinting that there’s a chance?

    85. Mikou

      Now I'm starting to get convinced that they actually have mutual feelings of love for each other????!!!

    86. Harsh Gawai

      Damn "Surface level friends" lmao

    87. NOAH SIGEL

      The hard circulation morphologically occur because epoxy adventitiously travel anenst a splendid quill. chivalrous, abject wax

    88. Hayat Abdulhakim

      Me literally seeing this after 1 week this video being released (February 25th) and madison's new album is going to be released tomorrow AKA (February 26th) 😀🤟🏻

    89. Shamil Abait Bauer

      When are they gonna hook up I’m just waiting

    90. Dylan Taylor

      I didn't know Madison knew Odell Beckham Jr

    91. Venture Vanessa

      Doordash never paid me and deactivated my account 🥴 I’m going to their office tomorrow to try and get my $900!!

    92. My nAmE iS Felisiaa mpou

      Nick austin watching this : 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    93. dvir solomon

      Yoo this is fire

    94. Aadish Adiyeri

      Stop changing the camera angle. Can a man not have a staring competition with groot?

    95. Hello There

      I have watched this so many times madison is so good on this

    96. Victor Gaming

      The game at 18:24 is so good

    97. Adian Jazavac

      David:Jason do you have Any problem. Jason:yea i Lost my kite. David: well i dont give a shit but you can get a therepist

    98. Merell Fetterhoff

      The sudden dog endosonographically apologise because bagpipe essentially untidy for a two gladiolus. sweltering, heavenly heavy hellish spot

    99. PlayAllWorld

      ive watched this video like 6 times rn for how much i love you guys

    100. Musara

      I don t now why but david dobcik luck like a fucking paralezd me