Magnus Carlsen is NOT Unhappy That Ian Nepomniachtchi Win The Candidates 2021


231 t. näkymät72

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    1. Valentin B.

      Extremely articulate person... He's got my respect!

    2. Sirius Leigh

      That's how a man answers the "Happily Married?" question. He's well prepped.

    3. Lokesh Zoom

      Magnus wanted giri to win

    4. Ujwal Bharti

      Ahh its very interest aa... In short he DOESN'TCare

    5. zcherryzz zee

      Not sure why so many people saying Magnus doesn't care, does that mean you think Magnus just thinks he is going to win whoever it is? The last 2 world championship matches have been even after 12 games, both going to rapid play to decide the winner. Carlson hasn't been winning everything lately, Nepo could be a very tough person for Magnus to play. Magnus cares I would say, he just can't do anything about who is his next challenger lol.

    6. kshiteesh bijjula

      Sheldon cooper

    7. Uzair Chudhary

      I think there will be a lot of decisive games and less draws than usual (in comparison to previous WC). Nepo obviously can set up some genius attacks, but on the other hand Magnus is brilliant at finding the best move so it won't be tiny positional advantage vs tiny positional advantage at every move (No offense to Karpov :)

    8. Liem group

      Nepo always bring high quality games against Magnus, BUT those games where Ian seems to be winning are the one where Ian makes daring risky moves. In WC many players suddenly become Mr Solidus Solid, which means Magnus will be in his comfort zone and also comfortable championship, while Ian will be out of his elements and new to the championship. This could be the most intersting WC where Carlsen is the champ or the one where Ian just crash and burn early on.. or he plays solid and my bet is he lost 2 games against Magnus.


      Really looking forward to this match. Magnus is obviously the man, but Nepo also plays some of the most fun chess to watch. Expecting a great game

    10. Ken Lowe

      if Nepo can’t beat MC in the championship - no one might be able to at least for the next 10 years

    11. gremglee

      Please don't butcher Ian's last name with the wrong stress placement. Ask any Russian-speaking chess player for the right pronunciation or just call him by the first name only.

    12. Nishant Kumar Bundela

      I bet he wouldn't have said what he said if it was Giri going against him. One of the life's greatest pleasure would be to see Anish and Magnus getting into a twitter war leading to the World Championship.

    13. Masoom Shafi

      Magnus: Ian plays aggressively and give his opponent chances Also Magnus: Blunders the queen just so he can for the two rooks

      1. Samiksha Maurya

        That's not blundering That's like winning a pawn lol

    14. Aruna Kanchana

      worst interviewer ever lol

    15. A SKill

      "...very good oppo-"

    16. muffemod

      Nepo beat him and he's pissed.

    17. Amado Dominguez Amaro

      fisher vs karpov 2.0? my bet is on ian

    18. andres vera

      En los últimos matches por el título mundial gana, llevándolos al desempate en bitz. Si eso le pasa con firouzja puede despedirse del titulo.

    19. Shroom Lol

      It's gonna be a banger for sure

    20. Heat Pete

      *BREAKING NEWS* Magnus Carlsen will be playing a game(s) of chess within the next 24 hours!

    21. абдул магомедовидович

      Ez win by russian

    22. Shohbat Ahsan Pranto

      Magnus' Choice of words is Always Great and professional and savage at the same time..just love it

    23. Thomas Feinherb


    24. TCM3Gaming

      Magnus wants Ding Liren , Anish Giri or Wesley So in World Chess Championship. Nepo is a garbage... Easy business for world champion...easy million dollar prize...

    25. Mordecai Peter

      Clickbait title lul

    26. Dongardzz Lacnayz

      Magnus wants Giri so that he could beat him badly..

    27. DarrickShanks

      Magnus is going to win.

    28. Moshe Inoyatov

      That's his attitude with everything in life. We are trying to match your brilliance champion!

    29. Dan winters

      He’s probably happy for Jan

    30. Al Ex

      Magnus looks unconcerned.. not unhappy

    31. ChromaticTempest

      Stylistically, Ian's screwed. His kind of game is centered on dynamism at the cost of sound play, while Magnus is all about sound play. BUT, I bet we have less draws this time around and the potential for some brilliancies.

    32. Andrew White

      "Chat. Don't be weird chat."

    33. Vinay

      He's gonna win the WCC again bro. He literally doesn't care.

    34. jahonten5

      Magnus is draining to listen to.

    35. João Victor Martines

      It's not that he doesnt care. It's about respect. If he had said that he was happy this could be a offense calling a easy match.

    36. Alejo Lingua

      La pregunta no fue buena, no tiene por que estar feliz y le contesto en forma inteligente as ussual. Una pregunta poco inteligente.

    37. Profile Name


    38. SunGod97

      Doesn’t Nepo have one of the best records against Carlsen

    39. Julius Kageni

      not unhappy looked like not happy before playing the video

    40. Иван Грозный

      neponyachiy xD

    41. Rizki Akbar

      stats magnus vs ian clasic 1-4. . ian 🔥

    42. Fatih Carlsen

      magnus aaaaaa yan nepomniatchi win aaaaaaa candi aaaaa canditates aaaaa

    43. Ragheb Orfali

      Rip Anish

    44. Андрей Зоренко


    45. Brian Bernstein

      Chef: "Is the food good Magnus?" Magnus: "It doesn't taste like shit whatsoever."

      1. SuPeRfRoG99


    46. Ulrich N'zi

      Can someone tell me what the name of this journalist ? Please I just know Maria

    47. Raúl RLS

      The kid who defeated Magnus played very aggressively. I think that the championship is going to give exciting matches.

    48. Alexis

      should have been mvl

    49. chessten

      "ahh ... it's really .. ahhh ... very interesting ... ahh ...", then went on with a yawn face. Classic Magnus :)

    50. Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi

      I feel bad for Anish and Caruana. I think this year is the best chance for them to challenge Magnus because, in 2023, the new era will begin. Alireza will dominate the candidates. Pragg will follow soin after. So, yeah!

    51. arrowghost

      I wish the championship got to be updated on its format, it should cover all 3 levels, not always 12 classical matches to determine the winner while faster time ones only to break the ties

    52. Jesús Rodríguez

      Pongan subtitulos njd😩

    53. thenicesven

      those "i literally don't care" comments ruin evey single comment section when it comes to chess videos

    54. Albin Nilsson

      7.5 to magnus and 3.5 to nepo. Calling it.

    55. Kaan ö

      Magnus Carlsen does something Commentator: *breath heavily* 'Brilliant move by Magnus!' Chess is the most exciting sport in the universe , for sure.

    56. kritmukh shukla

      I read not happy and clicked. Then I realised.......

    57. G.O.D game of the day

      0:14 never seen someone said the word ' interesting' with this much disinterest.

    58. Bilal Enes Kosar

      Another one for magnus to beat.

    59. Guillaume Huet

      I agree with Magnus. It will be an exciting match.

    60. Good Man

      Three man i see them like machine ‘ magnus and carauana and ding

    61. zan

      the most difficult game for magnus to play is coming up with scripts for interviews

    62. Tuna On A Stick

      He probably was cheering for Anish and was disappointed that he didn't win it

    63. Evan Clark

      Literally no one in the candidates has a chance of beating Magnus. At least Nepo will make it interesting.

    64. Juann

      Alguien me lo quiere traducir? 👉👈

    65. Ajay kumar

      I don't care what magnus thinks but I want to see an upset so I am rooting for Ian..

    66. depriveable

      The way he speak not unhappy is just like he playing chess which confuses the opponent.

    67. Spawn

      Why should Magnus be happy?

    68. NotificationsTurnedOff

      The question is quite tricky. "Are you happy that Nepo is your challenger?" If he says he is happy, it's insulting to Nepo and kinda implying Magnus thinks Nepo will be a pushover. If he says he is not happy, it shows Mangus is "afraid" of Nepo. Not Unhappy is the correct answer because it shows he literally doesn't even care, lol jk.

    69. Steve Brown

      This may be a weird observation, but do you notice how Nepo and Naka delicately finger their pieces in an effeminate manner and Magnus doesn't? He'd rather be out playing soccer.


      Wait for Jeffery Xiong, Alireza, Nihal Sarin, Gukesh, Praggnanandhaa, & Awonder Liang to challenge Magnus Carlsen

    71. Chess Domatio

      Magnus was in nerves now in terms of a garrison his title to WC..

    72. Rith


    73. Brian Tep

      kind of a dumb question, magnus answered it perfectly

    74. Michael Stephen Vargas

      Oh boy, magnus vs. nepo will be an internet war for sure

    75. Boam

      wish it would have been ding, but he just didn't perform in the first half of the candidates for some reason

    76. Fernando Vega

      Ojo con Nepo

    77. Conor Fox

      I have a feeling Magnus will dominate. Sure Nepo has a plus score, but playing someone 14 times in a row is completely different. Magnus should slowly, but surely exploit his weaknesses. I mean Spassky had a plus score against Fischer. I think he was undefeated, actually.

    78. Getis Realis

      Interviewer: So Magnus, the 4000+ rated computer won the candidates and will challenge you for world champion, how do you feel about that? Magnus: Yeah, compy played well, but I'll be sitting next to the electrical outlet, so I get this feeling I'll be in control of the matches and ultimately the championship!

    79. Mostafa Hammadi

      This man is not just a great chess GM hes also a decent man with delicate way of answering tough questions ❤️

    80. Brian T

      The statement by Magnus that "He is a very aggressive player and gives his opponent chances" is, in part, psychological preparation. I am unaware of Nepos Endgame skills so my bet is on Magnus.

    81. Haz1 Bro

      Who else had to pick apart that double negative title for a good 30 seconds to finally figure out that ‘Not unhappy’ means happy 🤯

    82. keylor

      How often do they play the world tournament?

    83. Cesar Mendez

      Siiiiu la humildad del bicho carlsennn siiiuuuuuuu

    84. AGT0M

      The Champ would have been unhappy if Anish Giri won the tournament.

    85. muhamad muhaimin

      Ahhhh first words is everything

    86. ADC Yuumi

      You have to read between the lines a bit here. Magnus is NOT happy that's it's Nepo. He can see the silver lining -- the match will be "exciting for viewers", because Nepo has legitimate chances to win the title away from Magnus. In fact Nepo might even be the favorite here -- he has a positive win rate in classical format against Magnus. When Magnus says that he is "not unhappy", he is merely phrasing his words to say that he respects Nepo and thinks he can give Nepo a fight. If he said he was unhappy, he would be saying either that Nepo will 100% crush him or that he will 100% crush Nepo -- and Magnus doesn't believe either of those things. If Magnus's opponent had been Carlos Magnusen, Magnus would have said he was unhappy about it.

    87. Kelana Gembira

      What was the jurnalist expected while asking this dumb unnecessary question?

    88. Grant Reid

      Alternative title: Magnus isn't not happy

    89. David Ross

      At least this time it's highly unlikely we will have another boring draw-fest

    90. WECORE BR


    91. Charles Kennedy

      What it means is , He is happy that it is not Fabi because Magnus has as very hard time getting any advantage against Fabi . Fabi calculates so well . Sadly , Fabi played poorly in the candidates . Nepo is a well deserved candidates champion and if he can create some wild positions he may have a chance against Magnus but getting those positions are very hard against Magnus . Magnus will win the 3rd game and coast to the victory !

    92. Sharkck

      Nepo czytał agresywne szachy

    93. Ghoul Rafael

      F for Giri :/

    94. Ausar

      He doesnt care chat... he literally doesnt care...

    95. tolis bergidis

      Nepo is not stable how u can be not happy that u dont face a machine like Caruana or Ding

    96. urano1988

      PFFFFFFT typical SILLY question coming from a SILLY journalist. What else should have he said? Could the answer have been any different if it was not Nepo, but someone else?

    97. panda4247

      That shirt covered with logos is disgusting. It loses the point of a shirt being a nice formal piece of clothing. Furthermore, it's quite poorly executed. The 《○》and the RS on the other side make the fabric wrinkle quite a lot.


      Ian will stop magnus era and become the new world champ

    99. Rombizio

      People say he doesn't care. Not true. He doesn't give a flying fuck is a better term.. Having said that Nepo can be a surprising tough pkayer to play against. He has a positive score against Magnus in Classical Chess.