Making a Monowheel out of Wood

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    Making a Monowheel out of Wood
    Today's video shows how to make pedal powered monowheel bicycle out of wood. Maybe this thing would change the world... :) Maybe not 😅
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    1. Joseph Neguse

      Come on show us how to turn🤣

    2. Fouzia Abukar

      This things made out of wood are so creative and also mesmerising

    3. farjana parween

      Can you make a wooden car?

    4. Eysha Alee

      I 99

    5. Book of Mary

      Put a motor in it wtf

    6. Jatin J2

      Turn left

    7. jaka kaka

      amazing transitions

    8. Stephan Shandra

      vOutriders servers down

    9. earthstewardude

      Less than one minute of him riding it? It never fails...

    10. Jose Ignacio Astudillo Plaza

      Te quedó buena la moto del general Griveous

    11. Facebook Khalsa

      You make guitar From big Mattel

    12. Abel Magi


    13. Fun Garden

      Very nice video 👌🌹👃🌷

    14. Tumiso Ndondo

      Cool man but how do u steer

    15. Anastasia Lipinskiy

      it's a very cool vehicle but it's very slow

    16. Arsen Arsen

      Аи ко хелар тиру мер кунем очхар

    17. Tomoe Todosan

      yugio 5 ds

    18. Daniel GILLIBRAND


    19. Guillermo Murua


    20. Technical Usamio

      3:11 very amazing b

    21. you just got birbed

      he's like, I'll just make it.

    22. you just got birbed

      make it to unlock it XD


      We don't have wood factory

    24. Koen Vingerhoets

      Wat jou juist at de tiam 2.07 mij dad juist it voor mij room

    25. Rolondo Ray

      Can you make one for me

    26. Ilan Schertell

      i feel like it would be cooler without the front piece but i dont know if u really need it

    27. Gudduh 2017

      This guy is a genius !

    28. PhantomZero

      Someone get him a floor attachment for his vacuum out he can make one lol

    29. Shanice Hall

      Can it turn

    30. ANonsenseContent

      You know this guy is serious when he gets an idea.

    31. Connie Blakeman

      The unsuitable meteorology holly employ because ronald pharmacologically roll lest a thirsty printer. flagrant, sweet metal

    32. TIKTOK KIR

      burda nasıl dönmeyi düşünüyon

    33. poop man

      Becausr the whell on this is extremly thick its stable


      So creative!👍👏


      Kreatif bro

    36. keith ahgow

      Yggf century's

    37. Aku 1

      Nice video

    38. Fernando

      No mames este man edita bien chido

    39. TerrariaN_PLAY


    40. Nihal Mirji


    41. sami mikael naumanen

      hyvä tuotte, lisää kehittämistä, sitten myyntiin tuotte niin kyllä varmaan moni ostaa tuotteen

    42. Amy Koo

      Cool man Awesome 😎

    43. Rajon Kumar


    44. Yeabsetota Birru

      Wtf is this

    45. Roblox gaming


    46. Pedro Polanco

      This is the greatest... Editing I've ever seen And yeah, the wood thing is cool too

    47. Sanjukta Mahanty


    48. Ernst Fast

      Imagine walking through the forest and meeting this guy

    49. Modou Kanté


    50. Akash Kumar

      I think a wheel needed in front side to improve balance and speed up 🙏🏻🙏🏻 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    51. Erich Rhoemer

      Duel runner : phoenix whirlwind

    52. sumit sharan

      I was scrolling down nd suddenly i played it..don't know why

    53. حسين خالد


    54. gagan guru

      bund ch lali ehe

    55. steve plays

      it is asowome

    56. abhimanyu kumar

      Kya Bakchodi hai,

    57. Video Game Sanctuary

      Put rubber on the wheels, round off the wood supports and it would be even better. Good build.

    58. Limbo

      why there are no more tires in front

    59. RoboWorm

      Thank you

    60. Trab Bart

      That preview resembles South Park.

    61. asimuddin asimuddin

      Do you have time to do such stupid things

    62. Vishal Nandeshwar


    63. Чердак Чердаков

      Что не говори, а это конь педальный 🤣

    64. Xtreem Studios

      Hey man how much for it on Amazon😆

    65. loading ?

      If I had one of those if pull some tweaker magic and attach an engine

    66. T K

      I'm not sure what's worse - woodworkers who want to be film makers, or film makers who want to be woodworkers. Both should go watch Norm on the New Yankee Workshop to see how to make a video about woodworking. His work is simple, clean, precise, and succinct without being artsy or pretentious.

    67. kicot 32

      Cara mempersulit hidup 👍

    68. Jaber Alhaddad


    69. TheJoker

      Факт: На этом канале есть 5 Русских рублей :))))

    70. ARMY BTS

      N M

    71. Juan Ignacio Flores Salgado

      Sería mejor si corta las astas frontales y coloca un contrapeso, luciría aún más estético.

    72. Anggih Maris

      Like from Idonesia 👍

    73. MysticalPinecone

      The editing on this channel is insane

    74. Sanic

      Hmmm nice car

    75. Nolan Walsh

      It’s funny cause star wars already made this in 2005. LOL

    76. Стас АФанаська

      Я знаю что ты из России

    77. Roy Guo


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    79. TheKillBill31

      Why you not walk by the foot?

    80. J B

      A good work, but should be the most useless "bicycle" in the

    81. venkatesh s


    82. Richard Ched

      1980: We're gonna have flying cars in the future 2020: 5:50

    83. Richard Ched

      At last one step closer to Grievous's Wheel Bike lol

    84. Сашка

      Уехал в Казахстан 🗿

    85. 익명

      좋아요좀 ㅎ

    86. Élix_O

      3:10 hol' up

    87. Mason But A Kitsune

      Dude this man got a never ending wood supply

    88. Bub DeLong

      Looking to make one myself, but one question, what is the diameter of the wheel on the outside, and would it work better to put black plastic tubing on the wheels to protect the wood?

    89. Evil Dragon

      Well, you did this. Now turn left or right)

    90. Justin Orth

      can i get the wheel

    91. Baresi Yue

      Too difficult and riding hard, buy bicycle is better😂

    92. Zaph Na


    93. GodTom

      I wonder if he still rides that cycle

    94. singh gurpreet

      Wait I think the 3rd bicycle is the same as mine maybe?

    95. Yasar Ahmed


    96. Yasar Ahmed


    97. Pasaréti rózsafüzér Kör

      Wow, ist a good idea bro😎

    98. Aris Efstathiou

      😲 👏🙀OMG AMAZING

    99. Qnarik Nikolaeva