Making transparent wood


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    A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
    I finally decided to try it again though!
    Old video:
    Procedure that I followed:
    Procedure that went viral recently:
    CBC article on it:
    Nile talks about lab safety:
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    1. NileRed

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      1. Sarah Chen

        Cool mate

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    2. Dat Path is Fd

      Balsa'c' wood

    3. Jake Stockton

      You should make a transparent skateboard.

    4. Vian Nugraha

      Please do transparan metal

    5. CPatwal

      "for sure"

    6. Chalk Eater

      It’s pretty cool that wood can be clarified and plasticized, however I don’t think this will ever be a viable replacement for glass windows.

    7. tree tree

      I'm not saying this as a mean comment but nerd level 9000% and plus nerds are smart so I'm complementing you technically

    8. AstralStorm

      Adding some of my own experience with plastics and silicone: - Indeed gravity is a problem combined with shrinkage. If you want a perfect smooth surface, it must not be subject to gravity and pressure. Therefore, placing the plates vertically would be superior. - You did not vacuum treat the whole assembly with glass, potentially trapping some air inside. - The activator you used is sensitive to moisture and was not dried, which affected reaction time unpredictably. - Cold cure PMMA resins have much better dimensional stability and shrinkage, which is important for this use. Cold cure resin can also be polymerized under vacuum for even finer surface. It still gets to be heat treated but after the resin has cured. - UV cured resins are even better, but more expensive.

    9. French Toad

      What's the refraction index of cellulose ? for more transparency you should look for a binder that match the index, no ?

    10. French Toad

      what the's stretching so far the definition of "wood". 1. Take a piece of wood, and a PMMA solution. 2. Discard the wood, pour the solution in a mold. 3. Enjoy a clear sheet. "Revolutionary patent". Just add "Ecofriendly wood based clear sheet", and it's sold.

    11. noko59

      Subscribed, your great. 43 min and it was better than 95% of the junk on TV.

    12. Untracker

      Why did he stop wrapping the larger pieces of wood in aluminum? He only used aluminum tape on the sides. Also, does anyone know why they even did that in the first place?

    13. Isabelle Effendy

      *this must be illegal in some countries and states*

    14. Bernardo

      Hey Nile great video but i think that maybe you should try a different name, this video came up many times this week in my feed and I didn't click it because I thought it was the old video again

    15. Bug

      i’ve learned more in this video then i’ve ever learned in a science class

    16. Eszaiah Killby

      Anybody else learn more from this than any science class ever?

    17. Vickylance

      I am curious to know what those 2 men are doing in the bottom right figure @39:43


      Nile red makes videos about cool stuff but the way he alters his pitch/inflection at the end of sentences actually drives me fucking insane

    19. The Folding Chair Nate

      make a time machine

    20. xXCrossXx

      *Thats like glass but with extra steps*

    21. Berry Reading

      You definitely did better than AvE's attempt from a few years back, but often his subject matter has little to do with the actual lessons taught 🤣👍

    22. Dayneee

      He is so cute. Like everytime he smiles i can't help but smile too! AHHHHHHH!!!!

    23. Army’s paintbrush :3


    24. African Heat


    25. Basement Dweller

      Clear wood.

    26. D G

      This was awesome . (Not 1 ad while i watched also)

    27. Atomic Shadow

      Hey NileRed admire the work but wouldn't taking the wood and putting it a mold that has it positioned so the grain of the wood is up and down so the air pockets that are stuck in the wood will get help due to gravity to come out as well as when you are decompressing it.

    28. alexsander471

      Now make a lens!

    29. MrSpace Gaming

      Him: Makes Transparent wood.. Also him: **_Smashes_** **_Cracks glass_** **_REPEATs_**

    30. Youtube person

      I had zero interest in this subject but I just watched a 45 minute video on it. I want to see him succeed! Edit: this would make a good frosted shower door.

    31. Nathan Skupowski

      What's the difference between the channels Nile red and Nile blue

    32. MrSpace Gaming

      23:40 it finally happens.

    33. skyson b pei

      When you run out of sand in skyblock

    34. Jameela Kamlian

      wait i thought u cant cure autism

    35. ChumpyChicken2

      I’ll subscribe once you have created Transparent Aluminium like in Start Trek🤩

    36. Andrew Nebiolo

      The pay off on this was incredible, amazing video

    37. RGAV Phoenix

      Wood glass on a car?

    38. Virtuoso

      there'e ligma inside a tree?

    39. Ian McPherson

      That is definitely transparent wood!

    40. Ryryguy36


    41. Kyle

      I'd bet part of the problem with the top coming out worse than the bottom is that ridiculous tungsten block acting as a massive heatsink

    42. Bunz

      How to but transparent wood:buy clear paper

    43. king lee

      He waoches bobby duke arts I see they wewd sheert

    44. WhatLuck 150

      it has a cool concept and could be a good alternative to glass but, i do think it could use more testing before it is actually used on different items

    45. Dr. Dave

      Now generate transparent aluminum.

    46. Xuan Bach Lai

      floats on water but not ethanol :) 7:20

    47. Nico The Hero

      My dad in the background of him saying the sides aren't working on each side: "why didn't he flip it halfway through?"

    48. isi

      I'm completely missing the point of taking a piece of wood and trying to replace as much wood as possible with transparent acrylic.. At what point it is not wood anymore but just acrylic? The more transparent it is the less we can call it "wood"

    49. Jake Mol

      make the ukelele transparent... for a clearer sound

    50. hxneey

      I really just watched all that through

    51. Michelle Michelle

      Where was this video when Evan and Katelyn needed it!?!?

    52. MavoN

      So the result was clear like glass, but bendable... kind of like plain acrylic? 😅 What's the benefit of having cellulose in acrylic?

    53. Bryant

      Loved this vid

    54. Kazumi Sakurai

      After seeing how finicky this whole process of making transparent wood is, I gotta ask, why are people trying so hard to come up with a replacement for glass? I mean, it looks great, but transparent wood still isn't nearly as clear as normal glass, and also apparently impractical to mass produce.

    55. Srinivas Tatachar

      You randomly buy tungsten cubes? =====================================================

    56. ChrisCarGuy -

      Everybody ever: Nail Red: It’s kinda similar to drinking bleach Edit: 4:09

    57. Evan Coleman

      26:32 Is it polarizing the light that passes through it?

    58. Hudson Hill

      Finally I’ve been waiting for a video.

    59. SDJ ROCKS

      U r gay

    60. Bugsy

      Please Nile you sound so handsome 😫

    61. Jay Sauer

      FYI walmart sells MMS under the name "CloSys"

    62. Bunky Don

      It's cute how Nile doesn't realise he's definitely already on that list . . . lol.. where are the likes?

    63. NotSoViolent J

      Hey, Nile I’ve been watching your channel for a month or so, and I just want to say you are amazing. I know nothing about what your saying since I’m only in 7nth grade, but I’ve learned more about chemistry watching your channel than I have doing anything else. I have a few questions about equipment and stuff and if you can answer them I’m going to put them in the replies. But anyway I appreciate the effort you put into explaining your experiments and observations. Thank you

      1. NotSoViolent J

        1)how does the magnetic stirring thing work? 2) where did you go to college? 3)when did you find out that you liked chemistry


      What could you do with this kind of material? Anything Etsy worthy? Asking for friend.

    65. OnSlaught37

      Could you put it through a planer to get to the depth where it was soaked all the way through?

    66. Jane Zhi

      lignin? more like ligma

      1. When When

        Ligma balls

    67. MrTiger1489

      i was curious if you used some kind of dam out of silicone or a soft rubber that could compress with the shrinking but still hold most of the resin in place during the incubation, this might let the resin stay on top of the piece as it cures and give it a better finish on the top layer as well as the bottom one.

    68. NotSoViolent J that a Bobby Duke Arts shirt?

    69. 9lb6ld7afw

      i like your videos a lot, because when i'm awake, they're very interesting. i love watching them and trying to figure out what any of this means. but, when i'm tired, these videos put me right to sleep. they're very good for everything and i binge them every day

    70. Aggro Gator

      "I wrapped it all up with aluminum foil. I wasn't exactly sure what the aluminum foil was for, but the paper said to use it.. so I just did what it said" -*Nile, making transparent wood* -*me, making a baked potato*

    71. JAEY 360


    72. Ross Flack

      So it seems that the wood should be sanded before the vacuum stage as wood is swelling up unevenly.

    73. Mechanical Whale Productions

      All you have to do is grab a normal plank of wood and paint it clear!

    74. Glaciam

      well i just learned that you can use the shit i used to disinfect cuts to make bombs

    75. Not_beans

      nice bobby duke shirt

    76. Michael Hooper

      next video can you cook meth

    77. Gsshja Ricku

      The top is probably a little messy because of gravity; maybe squeezing it with some sort of clamp and rotating it semi-frequently (in the beginning) while in the oven would help the finished product. Edit: He said that it's probably due to gravity. Edit#2: That's amazing. Looks beautiful. It's incredibly clear, seeing as it came from a piece of wood.

    78. Jacket

      We see that Wewd shirt

    79. Wethepeople97% Uniteorperish

      I cant speak to the chemical process but as a carpenter i see a possible reason for your trouble with the translucency. The original pieces look to be end cuts from a piece of dimensional lumber. The balsa you used appears to be layered ply and not dimensional lumber.. ply is pressed layers with glue spread between them. 1 the glue might cause problems.. and 2 the transparency effect would seem easier to accomplish looking through or with the grains as opposed to crossing the grains.. think of looking down on a 2x4 that fell on the ground as opposed to looking at it end on like a telescope. The telescope perspective would be looking with the fibers like fiber optics. This would also be very similar in warping because the grains have strength long ways but not so much on a short cross cut.

    80. Kevin Guiterrez

      how about you use bamboo because it grows faster

    81. HunterCat1

      Omh! Yessss I love the Wewd shirt!! Bobby Duke is amazing and I find it hilarious you wore his merch for the wood video!

    82. Utopss AKA PJ

      I saw your first video on the transparent wood I'm impressed how it turned out

    83. Joshua Meyer

      This was absolutely amazing to watch!

    84. Alomos YT

      Now make invisible iron

    85. Troll Time


    86. Hardened Nipps

      It would be sick to make a bass out of this

    87. RoyalB33

      Fine youtube I’ll “finally” watch this... *one watch later* wow that was cool thanks youtube.

    88. sumedalpaca123 456

      is it just me that wached the whole vid?

    89. Lamtipul

      Canada permitted H2O2 over 30% while me being a student here can buy it with 50% concentration

    90. Gary Cook

      Don't know if it would work but maybe sanding before you apply the acrylic compound?

    91. Random kid On YouTube

      I wouldn’t have the patience to do this. Mad respect ✊

    92. Aicirt Kciub

      I love the journey. You sure put alot of work into your videos. Thanks.

    93. Zachary Hatch

      I say fuck it. Make the list longer. You need this for chemistry videos, that’s a good enough excuse

    94. Analysis Melendez

      I screamed when you dropped it the last time on the reading and saw it was the most transparent it has been!!! I was so excited!!

    95. jayden hopkins

      Ah yes perfect for bathroom stalls to see if the boys packing

    96. Reveluv Edy

      Wanted to carefully level the glass to make sure everything was even *AGRESSIVELY SHUTS OVEN DOOR*

    97. TheDingo

      Yo this man sounds like O’Brien from days gone

    98. Tim Cox

      Only true art fans will recognize that shirt in the beginning of the video

    99. Tim Harrison

      My useless skill I gained from watching this video: I can now identify a ThermoFisher Scientific oven purely by the sound of it's door closing.

      1. selfademus

        Tim Harrison that may prove valuable.

    100. Christin Alcantar

      I can’t believe I sat through a forty minute video about wood.