Mean Girls On TikTok Shame Mom, They Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    - Mean Girls Reject Teen From TikTok Dance Group, They Live To Regret Their Decision:
    - Life Tips:


    00:00 Mean Girls On TikTok Shame Mom
    06:29 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    #LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hey #DharMannFam! SHOP NOW! My latest limited edition merch is available now and everything is on SALE! New colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

      1. Love Teddy

        @DharMann a great idea would be to do the same type of video but instead of old people being stopped it should be younger people being stop because they “can’t do it because there too young”

      2. AkiraI am your biggest fan and I’m really Morris

        Your videos are amazing and I want to talk about it maybe you should make some more and maybe even me I’m just a kid I’m just a kid my name is Keira and I love the

      3. iah squad

        I LOVE Y OU😗😙😚😘🥰❤️💓💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤩😍🤩😍😍😗😙😙😚😚😚😘😘😆😆😆

      4. Myami Shoaf

        I'm sorry that your daughter won't let you do a Tik Tok but girls got to be

      5. snj1705

        HERE BEFORE Max Comments

    2. Spice Of The Rice

      Allison Day 🤣

    3. jazzy j

      I wish i would those wouldve been my last words


      If I was her I was about to whoop the living whoopty out of that girl and said do your dance now

    5. Silver Rane

      If I talked to my mom like that I would be 6ft under ground 😂😂😂😂

    6. Mahia Rimu

      🤩 wow

    7. BLINKSÈ

      Her mother looks so young and beautiful

    8. Tully Westmoreland

      Allison day? Who is that honestly I don't know im not hating

    9. spiritsnake-_-yt

      I thought this was not life

    10. Shyla Peek

      I follow you on tiktok

    11. D.Q. Edits

      Bruh this main girl is MEAN I would let my mom be in any of my FIblock videos, but she doesn't want to. What a mean girl the main one is.

    12. D.Q. Edits

      Most of the Dhar Mahn videos that the main girl is in, she is being mean to someone.

    13. L S.F

      I really liked the moms mom`s painting it reminded me of my childhood

    14. Crazy Crazy

      My mom has Tik tok and she is 42 I support her I even help her with tik toks

    15. Sara Oseguera Bonilla

      she is not to old to be a ticktock

    16. Melodie Meyers

      My mom does tiktoks and idc she’s awesome and btw loves ur videos thank you for spreading kindness and little girl be nice to ur mom she try’s hard let her do it help her

    17. im german gut guy

      If that was my mom she would have get the shahata

    18. vivienne morgan

      you're never too old to do tiktoks.

    19. luis Baeza

      I just rewatch this and I no she not talking she too young to even have tik tok it's for teens

    20. TalkTime with Laura

      This is just a act! Not really video!

    21. Adelaida Ramirez

      Shut up doter

    22. Geneva Jones

      I like your videos I watch 10 million of them I love them

    23. Angel Ford

      Oh my gosh that is so sad

    24. Cam’s Fun world

      I don’t like her acting but she is a good acter

    25. Green Rifters

      It is always happy ending I want another ending

    26. Sarah Cornell

      I still hate those girls

    27. Savage Savie

      *Only* 3,000?

    28. Camila Salmeron

      She is so mean😐😣😑

    29. Sakota Jessen

      Who’s Allison day

    30. elsoccer7

      haha Allison Day

    31. flips and parkour

      If her moms to old then shes to young.

    32. Inka Juřenová

      i never had the guts to yell at my mom, i was so heckin sorry when i a bit yelled at her lol-

    33. Cloudxx

      Is just me or do yall want smack this girls face

    34. TheBaguetteGirl

      Wow if I have that lively, positive and energetic mom, I would be so happy but it's okay my mom is amazing ❤️

    35. Maria Lolis

      The Mom is sooo sooo nice

    36. Aftab Khan

      i'm sorry but 1:34 her faceeeee i cannnn't 😂😂😂😂

    37. Ibrahim Aaly

      Tbh dancing tiktoks are cringe


      6:13 Who is holding the camera

    39. Cal bomb9631

      Man I would love to have 3000 likes

    40. Pablo the Roblox Adventurer

      k i d s t h e s e d a y s

    41. Ella Zamanpour

      The girl is lucky I would love my mum to do tik toks with me

    42. Javeann Mcdougall

      Dhar mann

    43. Javeann Mcdougall

      I love that video nice Char mann

    44. Mariam sajid

      Your the best youtuber you make so good viedios and I really love your viedios big fan✨

    45. Kale G.

      I watched this video in 2x speed does anyone else feel like you’re thoughts are slower

    46. JoeyLikes Oreos


    47. Ivan Malonass

      Sucks cuz this basically every kid now

    48. Nan Dougherty

      Um in a movie an old lady was doing Tiktok

    49. Sarah Hernandez

      dang yo too goooooooooooood

    50. Sarah Hernandez

      i wod be good too her

    51. Sarah Hernandez

      i fell bad for the mom

    52. i dont need college, i need monke.

      "sorry ms jackson"

    53. Toxic Kyle

      It’s Addison Rae crazy

    54. Adrynah Scott

      If I talked to my mom with that much attitude. 😳 She would be 😤

    55. Easton Miller

      I would ground her if I was the mom

    56. Rman Nayr


    57. Rman Nayr


    58. banjo_ player2000

      1:51 If i were her i would get the wooden spoon

    59. romel de la rue

      She:it would boost our followers Also me: she a golddigger

    60. Starlight Wolf

      geez her daughter is really rude

    61. sakura_rain

      She's lucky to have a mum...

    62. Akina Morris

      You are not too old to go after your dreams

    63. Delta Cat Force

      I would also love if my family plays game together with me

    64. Fruity Idiot

      The girls friend were like "Uhhh... Can I still have the lemonade...?" "Yo chill-" "Why girlie so mad 😃" "Thats a good ide-" "Little harsh-"

    65. Jacob Knowles

      She should of smacked her back to detroit

    66. Amy Martinez

      I quit TikTok because people made fun of me and said ew to my vids..... and said quit so I did:) so I can make the haters happy! :3

      1. Amy Martinez

        And because I was nine- :{{

    67. 30Isabel Canady

      You can be how old you want to have tiktok

    68. rebecca owen

      could i have a shoutout

    69. Ben Moody

      If my child spoke to me like that let me tell you that she would getting a good snack and her tiktok deleted. Also... Alison Day🤣

    70. Natasha Rampaul

      I feel bad for the mom😥

    71. Galactic Wolfie

      Make part 2

    72. rsalgado619

      Why are u so rude with your mom will u be happy when she is so rude to u be nice to her

    73. Simon Esquivel

      Im a big fan of dhar man

    74. Simon Esquivel

      Well hi

    75. zScopzPlayzRBLX

      music is copyright

    76. DxgeXXI

      If I was like this to my mom I would getta big whoopin

    77. zScopzPlayzRBLX

      if i said one sentence to my mom like that my life wouldve been ruined xd

    78. ZEROFUN57

      just buy a hous

    79. Miraculous_and_more

      " You are never to old to go after your dreams." That is so true. Thats a life lesson right there.

    80. Redserpenknight

      no one is too old for tiktoks

    81. Thomas Parrett


    82. Loki ez

      The daughter was yelling at the mom I said we’re the belt

    83. Nnue

      clout chasers smh, only doing with her after the fame. what fakes dude. drop them mom

    84. Among Toons

      DAAAAANG the grandma is 60?! She looks like she is 32!

    85. Tiffany Klavekoske

      Make a movie plz

    86. The Giraffacorn Plays

      This is what happens when u say people are to old for this app..

    87. Cosmic Gamingz

      Me : Mom your are too old to do this Mom : So you choose death

    88. Nayalie Romero

      Your the best youtuber

    89. {moonlight babe}

      Oh that little b-

    90. Just Go Play

      her mom looks 20 just saying.

    91. Iteshri Mishra

      Age Is number٫ Your dream is forever. AND THE GRANDMAS VIBES 👁👄👁🖐

    92. Mr. Panda

      Desiree n her friends be like:I wish we were famous like Addison Day I do be like:Shut ur bubble gum dum dum mouth its Addison Rae 😑

    93. Gamer Girl 11

      That’s grandma tho

    94. Gamer Girl 11

      Heartbroken when she yelled at her mom

    95. عائلة هولنديه بنكهة عربيهNatan family

      ‏"إن الشَّدائِد لتهُون ‏بكثرةِ الصَّلاةِ على النَّبيِّ ﷺ"

    96. Addison Pleskac

      Her mom is so pretty

    97. Dusty Skies /Fiery Skies

      Gordon Ramsay has a Tiktok account

    98. Elizabeth Roach

      I don't get any


      I have a great mom like this and I am so happy that I have a mom like this and bless u all