Metric Paper

CGP Grey

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    1. Aldeeeb

      I felt like I was getting hypnotised

    2. Juan Alfonso Perez Estupinan

      Me watching the title of the video: seems boring, but I like paper planes. After: I am nothing and it's 2AM

    3. Cole Smith

      I need to watch this video in VR and also that was deep but I love the video I am going to subscribe and like.

    4. Nico Pootato

      I sneezed and missed the part when Cthulhu came and took the mic, can someone point me to it?

    5. Captain Sinclair

      Grey has showed us how far Fibanacci curves can go in reverse, but not how far they can go forward. That is what is so scary. We know the bottom of the curve, but we don't know if there is a top to the curve.

    6. GoomEevee

      ...are you okay?

    7. Oliver Cerezo

      These kinds of videos where you observe the universe at different scales, have made me believe that at different scales there is something like a parallel universes. In other words, if we had the power to observe a quark at its scale, it's really just another universe like ours. At the same time, our universe is a quark in a whole other universe that we're too small to perceive. And the cycle continues both ways...

    8. MaximalGamingNL

      I got you at infinite nothing

    9. raytonlin1

      5:40 I guess this is what Grey meant in 'Re: Which Planet is the Closest?' when he said that for a future video (this one), he originally wrote on the script that Venus was the closest planet to Earth, and it was what led to him making 'Which Planet is the Closest?'

    10. MaximalGamingNL

      Getting the feeling that this video is not just about paper

    11. jade_oreo


    12. Person Personson


    13. FirstName LastName

      An explanation of Antman with paper. Thanks.

    14. Dek the Decidueye

      Take my like and get the heck out of here my social anxiety has been quadrupled

    15. Demery James

      Who else broke their brain on this

    16. Juan Carlos Romero Jimenez

      Que cojones

    17. Jordan Smith

      Has v-sauce copy right claimed this yet?

    18. weezer blue album

      wish I watched this while I was high ill be back next time I am

    19. Kategari

      Come for a solid and quick explanation of metric paper, stay for the existential crisis and inner turmoil of not really knowing what we don't actually know...

    20. Paweł

      I wanted to watch something nice about idk bestagons or something to acompany me with my dinner and now im left with exisential crisis

    21. vbddfy euuyt

      Thanks guys omg :>

    22. Masacle

      What I got from this video is that everything is mostly nothing

    23. Ethan Stoehr

      whats on basinghall st?

    24. SteveMan75

      and there, i saw the light...

    25. muscip Daiymo

      so how many squares does that make then

      1. muscip Daiymo

        instead of folding which causes loss in width , you could cut, stack and cut again and repeat until its a pillar of nothing yet something

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        but you cant fold paper that many times

    26. Japheth Yang

      CGP Grey has folded this paper so much that it basically doesn't exist anymore

    27. quitpayload

      I only just noticed that this video is 8 minutes long. I assumed that ot was, like, 4 minutes. This is such a well placed video

    28. FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle

      Metric paper is the bestagons.

    29. Noobguy 360

      For some reason, this video reminds me of Jojo part 7.

    30. justandy333

      I thought he was gonna talk about how the A size of paper came about. Instead he goes down the existential rabbit hole!

    31. DJ ALo

      ... i have nothing

    32. Tom Slack

      Watch this in fullscreen. Amazing.

    33. Julie Farrell

      Yes.... lord grey.... give... give it to me... as the reality dissolves.... give it to me....

    34. Peypey

      I feel violated. That is not what I expected when I clicked.

    35. spoonlift

      There is no your mom at the end

    36. Der Elopfarrer

      thanks, i just wanted to sleep but...

    37. Merc at Arms

      Anyone else notice that the papers expanding in the end look line a Fibonacci spiral?

    38. eni is here

      but you cant fold paper that many times

    39. Sørensen

      What if the earth is just a small cell in a unfathomably large organism, and we, the animals, are the micro bacteria who keep it going? What if our earth is the cell causing cancer, by pollution?

    40. Fnutarf

      yet it can only be folded 7 times

    41. nothing

      This. Is. Hypnotizing.

    42. Bob li

      2:43 This is not true. quantum fluctations happen

    43. jianjun Wong


    44. The Godzilla

      After folding the paper 42 times it also can reach the moon.

    45. くろいムース

      I love the homage to the Eames office’s “Powers of Ten” education film, just with more feelings of existential crisis

    46. InfoBlues

      This was such a heavenly experience....the animations were awesome and your voice is so smooth!! Great work man

    47. Mr KKC

      So it's all just A4

    48. BMambeE 123

      Mathmagical is a blessed word

    49. Guy who Watches science videos

      Golden ratio but slightly different ennit

    50. RobiePAX

      So this is now Vcauce Grey channel. I don't mind.

    51. twomeydd

      Google Maps copyright really sucks doesn't it? Couldn't have solved it better myself

    52. Richard

      TL;DR: exponents hold extreme power

    53. Noah Ingram

      Is this a jojo reference?

    54. Andrew Brown

      Is it only me that realised this entire scale is happening in a real office building, specifically 60 Basinghall Street, London EC2? Why CGP Grey? WHY?

    55. dawood siddique

      Man, that felt like roller coster!

    56. Frederick wilssman

      so that's why printers is still so slow .

    57. logan simonson

      1:03: march 2021 "metric man" incident (Not the best joke ever but its the best i got :/)

    58. someone

      As a European this video is nothing new to me No existential crisis, no nothing Everything is normal

    59. Seu Pai

      POV: a planck is made of galactic filaments

    60. ayporos

      If there can be a minimum size you can zoom in to, there must also be a maximum. It's either neither exist, or both exist. You either have a lower and an upper bound, or you have none.

    61. Smoklen 53

      I came wanting to watch something as I ate my waffle... ..I still haven’t taken a single bite.

    62. Loser Only Club

      I now respect Metric Paper

    63. Waseem Elbishari

      The only video on youtube to break my brain

    64. Agent B0771E

      We might be one of the only chances of the universe to get full of life, but here we are messing up with memes and destroying ourselves

    65. 13lackhood86

      Kinda creepy, how we as humans seem to think ourselves the masters of our world, when the galaxy we live in if so far greater not to mention the entire universe as we know it, makes you realise just how small and fragile we are as a species. BTW love the vid so here is my like and comment

    66. BlyatMan Poland

      everyone gangsta until A-1 paper gets invented

    67. TimeWisely

      well, i am nothing so i'm fine with that ✔

    68. transittoronto

      I think the National Film Board of Canada did a similar cartoon to this. Didn't do the Metric Paper, or the existential monologue, but the two share a similar inspiration. Thanks for this: it brings back memories. :-)

    69. Kid Grit

      Best video on paper I've watched this week.

    70. Anirudh Panguluri

      Reminds me of the film orders of magnitude. A brilliant work indeed!

    71. Deon Mara

      This is a video about paper right?

    72. Vilver II

      I’m nothing but a sheet of paper in the infinity of space.

    73. Alexandra Winastwan

      ?????????? What is this video

      1. Alexandra Winastwan

        I mean, I'm surprised but certainly not disappointed

    74. Jacob Yinger

      This man gave me an early life crisis Edit, over a peice of paper

    75. Wren Lewis

      this video does something that has been done before, enforcing a sense of scale on the brain that goes from the smallest to the largest, but, this video does it in a way that is, so hypnotizing, this ever repeating pattern, your calm, slow speech, it just does something that makes the reality of all of it hit in a way that not a lot of other things attempting the same goal do. thank you

    76. WintermintP

      That's a whole new way to bring the concept of 1.618 to the table...

      1. Gooscar

        Golden ratio doesn't come into this at all

    77. Maximilian Kunzmann

      ok cool

    78. Unready Jam

      we're insignificant in this universe

    79. OptimusPhillip

      I find it interesting that this is considered metric paper, considering it uses binary increments instead of decimal.

    80. Julius

      The video got from interesting to wtf this is depressing

    81. Entity52

      Mind Blown

    82. Yusha Bakker


    83. Tank 3557

      Only Grey can make a sheet of paper give me an existential crisis

    84. Flydrop88

      I was expecting this to be a rant to the imperial units system

    85. The lagger

      will A-1 ever exist

    86. raymondlynx

      what a ride

    87. Christopher Gallop

      What’s bigger than a0 is it a-1 or a01 or something else also what is the plank length in paper a204?

    88. VeeAyyDee

      Yeah, his address is 55 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5AF, UK

    89. Mr Master

      I feel like I did drugs... except i didn't ever lmao

    90. Stephen Temple

      Yet he still uses fahrenheit

    91. Diogo R

      This video got so weird so quickly!

    92. kian weeb

      I came hear for paper but I got the meaning of life

    93. William

      The Observable universe is plank size. The existable universe is the size of universe.

      1. kian weeb


    94. sayswithoutgoing

      I see why you were looking for an animator ;) Great video!

    95. LeviaRiosh

      Do you live by any chance in the city of London not to be confused with London the city?

    96. Brixter Lixter

      Technically we don’t know what the speed of light is

    97. NoName. NoName.

      and i have homework

    98. FuyGawkes

      When Kurzgesagt meets Tool you get Grey. Thanks for the existential crisis!

    99. Brett Biederman

      I’m so numb to FIblock videos being dramatic about the heat death of the universe that my only take away is that printers can operate on almost 0 wastage with metric print stock.