Minecraft, But Structures Are Random...


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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures randomly spawn everywhere! This makes playing Minecraft a completely different experience!

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    1. Prayton Mishra

      wow he had a shovel and use pickaxe to mine snow🤦‍♂️

    2. kacey ayers

      Sb:say good bye old friend pushes villager onto pressure plate Fred:😳😳😳😮😶😵

    3. kacey ayers

      Pour strider 🥺🥺🥺

    4. Jerry Tian

      thank you good "sir" for your milk male cows have milk, nice 10:22

    5. ggyt1.0

      15:05 Fun Fact: *water* can fertilize soil in up to 8 blocks in any direction

    6. Augustin Simard


    7. Kitty’s_Cakes Studios

      You use the same pic of you in the thumbnail for nearly every video lol

    8. Fredrick Dudley


    9. katienotfounddd

      i found an end city right next to spawn lmao

    10. Kushal bajpai

      Sb: Got sky is limit before stone age Me: Impossible

    11. sardel -a

      4:55 thats kinda sus bro look at the horses

    12. Dawn Waters

      All you have to do is click all of them all three levers down and there's don't be a block moved on top so you can go in and get the chest for desert temples

    13. Matthew Bodi

      Jus break into the chest in the jungle temple

    14. WaitThat'sCopyrighted

      Also am I the only one who noticed the floating tree at 12:39?

    15. WaitThat'sCopyrighted

      4:23 SB has turned MrBeast...

    16. Marek Levíček

      10:20 what the hack circle in minecraft naturlaly spawned?!

    17. George Henderson

      The simplistic diaphragm amazingly jump because pumpkin immunohistologically tie beyond a dashing stopsign. wary, abrupt trouble

    18. Dinab Balladares

      Me too

    19. Der typ.


    20. Nick Smith

      i have a huge lego minecraft world where i put almost every set together and this is pretty much how it looks🤣

    21. gmd pro gamer

      me seeing the villagers have water in the nether:wait thats illegal

    22. The Terminator

      Sky’s the limit before stone age

    23. TheGamingSlug

      What’s the seed for this?


      Is anyone else triggered because he had 16 obsidian and he made a portal with a lava pool I’m so triggered

    25. Ansh Account

      24:25 wait why is there is a netherite block in bottom left. idk

    26. Wriddhiman Nandi

      Sb is a great helper

    27. eliska Minecraft and more

      I subscribed to you like 8 minutes ago 😋

    28. Eren Yuce

      Him:guys I am borrowing it Him a second later:FREE FOOD

    29. unshaft gamer

      15:05 water in the nether!

    30. Rownak Bari

      18:18 imagine it had a notch

    31. Brazilknight3847

      He got “Hidden in the depths” before “Stone age” he is so good

    32. Кирилл Рыжевол

      The ambitious whale really mug because rose additionaly sack under a needy hedge. ludicrous, youthful library

    33. wingeun

      finds a gold block " i cant mine this gold block " but he has a iron pik?

    34. Denise Weeks

      Can we realize that sb found an end city and got an elytra before he whacked wood and made a WOOD pickaxe?

    35. WhiteNinjaLinus

      There was water in the nether

    36. hamkalink

      Wisp vs Silver vs Sb737 when they have 3 hearts.Wisp:AHHHHHH!!!Silver:NoNoNo!Sb737:*keeps calm and eats a notch apple

    37. think gaming

      a woodland mansion next to an ocean monument next to an end city.

    38. ChoyTV

      Looting Forever lol

    39. kawaii max ;)

      Can you tell me how you can do this challenges ??

    40. Parvati Shinge

      No matter which video no matter which cloth no matter which UHC Expression is always same

    41. charmaine rae veluz

      15:04 how is there wate- you know what, im not gonna question it.

    42. Xavier Valenzuela


    43. theyellowsausage s

      Hi missed a woodland mansion

    44. Brazilknight3847

      More alternative title: Minecraft, but the world is op

    45. Frequeez

      U are the best youtuber even better then pewdiepie

    46. TheKidUnderYourBed


    47. Qazi Tanzim Yasar Tahmid

      Imagine getting end portal in the end

    48. Moony playz

      i subed to you my fave youtuber

    49. thebossnhy

      ok did anyone see that in the 2nd end city there was a end ship but this idiot talked about getting an elytra 3 minuets after that end city

    50. Neelam Sharma

      Mad boy

    51. Jatavallabhula Sastry

      Water in nether

    52. Kenneth Rios

      Bruh I've been subed why can't I have the money now ????

    53. The_Fridge_Slayer

      If i could play on this mod i would loot a ton of end cities

    54. ssu

      20:08 he missed the gapple

    55. master plays

      beat minecraft and defeat the witherstorm

    56. master plays


    57. XS Z

      i download this package

    58. Bacon Banana

      Imagine the temple he made explode had a enchanted golden apple


      I just tried right now I get $1000

    60. gamersrcool21 Gamer

      Hi daddy😏

    61. Thomas Grant

      snow on a end city...hmmmmmmm...doesn't sound quite right for some reason LOL

    62. Thomas Grant

      you can't die from poison in minecraft I'm ur biggest fan by the way can I have a shoutout pls???

    63. Nick Tsim

      did enyone realise that there was water in the nether?

    64. ginger_biscuit65

      He literally said he cant take the gold from a ruined portal when he had an iron pic

      1. ginger_biscuit65

        @Karsten Wiersma oh i didnt see sorry

      2. Karsten Wiersma

        He had mening fatigue III

    65. Overgrind

      Is it just me that can see that structure behind the monument

      1. 1ts Myst1c

        mm mm y eg,.a _?6. ,

    66. kayla karts

      The yummy seal structurally grip because beat aetiologically hunt excluding a condemned retailer. classy, valuable secure

    67. Khalyx Matthew Flores

      Try tradeng op

    68. Leonardo Ramirez

      Wait he’s like Mr best


      Your videos are great tips for beating MC without mining😂

    70. Arinjay Savla

      I subscribed liked and post notifications on I di

    71. Ribbital

      they were already random

    72. jonki leshi

      The thinkable slice opportunely dam because venezuela postmeiotically increase notwithstanding a black-and-white viscose. shaky, thoughtful tortoise

    73. monke

      Can we all appreciate the fact that this village has a literal fountain of *water* flowing in the Nether

    74. Toeman

      “Let’s fix our elytra” Puts max elytra with broken elytra making him lose durability

    75. Abrar fahim Adib

      Will you play with me?

    76. Michael Preston

      10:19 does anyone notice the perfect circle lake?

    77. Nika Jabnidze

      Guys you were talking about village shipwreck but there was literally water in nether

    78. Adam Banik

      So no one is going to say that there is water in the nether

    79. The Terminator

      This dataoack is insane

    80. Paul Benstead

      He can get the gold

    81. Hawk

      He completely ignored water which was in the nether village 😂😂😂


      The water sbawn on the top of the nether in vellege

    83. Sir Enzo

      15:03 Wat, Why’s there water in there

    84. Anna Reynolds


    85. Matt Hayes

      And u said I’ll get 1 more blaze rod and u had 8-11 thats3 not 1

    86. Matt Hayes

      Play minecraft but structures are super awe full

    87. M Pete

      I like your videos

      1. M Pete

        How to get free battle pass xbox

      2. M Pete

        How to play split screen

    88. Cool Guy

      I subscribed

    89. Daisy Smith

      SB737 pouvez-vous parler français ou espagnol? Quoi qu'il en soit, vous êtes le meilleur youtubeur de tous les temps! Bonne journée.

    90. Eli Morse

      There was water on top of the nether in the village

    91. Amy Mishoe Smith

      imagine getting the end

    92. Swavify

      I liked and subscribed

    93. Austin Escudero

      This seed is insane

    94. Karen Kennedy

      And it’s bc I live in Belfast 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Karen Kennedy

      I started to laugh when you said you said “I will give 1000 dollars to some random subscriber” I use pounds no dollars 🤣

    96. Lucas Baker

      Did anyone notice that there was water in the nether?

    97. Airplane Logos


    98. Katie bady

      Did what was that

    99. Katie bady

      Did what was that

    100. Tim Schuurmans

      7:18 😶