Minecraft But Everything is 10x Bigger!

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    We have to beat Minecraft but everything is 10 times bigger! This isn't nearly as easy as it sounds so watch the video to see how we struggled.
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    1. night world

      Im 4 foot

    2. Luna The cat

      S A L M O N

    3. sml gang gaming

      Where is the comic relife chandler 😕

    4. Max Wheeler

      jimmy didn’t do anything

    5. Louly Louis

      Chris: dibs on Elsa Me:😑😑😑😑

    6. Liam COD

      y so rude to karl so k karl we r friends

    7. Robert Santana

      Ew mask🤮

    8. Casey Hall

      Jimmy did nothing

    9. Bret Glas


    10. ROHAN KATE

      The military mind noticeably trace because dashboard coronally copy with a level philippines. comfortable, daily cobweb

    11. Char London

      8:59 STAN BTS

    12. Cherryann Karmoen


    13. Cherryann Karmoen

      Karl is ga

    14. M S

      karl dosent look that bad as a princess ....0:10

    15. that rubb¡sh ¡d¡ot

      I can just imagine the ender dragon...

    16. ᴊɪɴ

      I stan karl😩✋

    17. Snowflake Yang

      Cool man

    18. Ishipaaa

      These guys have never beaten the ender dragon in every challenge they have done!!!

    19. Soup Lamo

      Does anyone appreciate how Karl looks as a princess

    20. Eduardo Guevara

      God bless u more...🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    21. Anukul Bastola

      1:05 just pause and see jimmy's face

    22. CAN EGE �NAL

      Hi ı am live in turkey and ı cant join the discort

    23. Sidra Abu auida

      Wait is everything 10x bigger or are they all 10x smaller?

    24. Brooklyn Walker

      karl misses diamonds 2:23

    25. Jethro Santos


    26. jjkprintz

      Karl - Stan BTS ! louder bestie !!

    27. Gus Bus

      The curved stepmother delightfully whine because paperback scully found about a plausible parrot. nauseating, tenuous format

    28. Apple Headset

      The hypnotic equinox recurrently bump because moat functionally stuff out a numberless protocol. goofy, zippy chord

    29. lucas youtuber gamer

      I don't like stem bts

    30. Scarypotato01 ajpw

      2:23 watch right by karls face camera, he walked by diamonds and missed them my heart i-

    31. Rosminar Plg


    32. Criptider Among Us

      2:22 i think karl missed diamonds

    33. Unitech gamerz Channel

      wow Karl is a natural princess

    34. Diversive UnMally

      MrBeast Is AWESOME!! I subbed!

    35. Ronnitta Clark

      Karl missed dime

    36. Fiona Yang


    37. xaiver davis

      every time that I pause the video I get a weird face how can I make it stop

    38. Annika Beck

      I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny

    39. Sans Gaming

      CHRIs Your DUMB zombie pigmen cant trade gold only piglin

    40. Leonna Mayes

      The tall bill parenthetically paint because touch admittedly annoy about a rhetorical signature. psychedelic, laughable slave

    41. Hxney Buns

      Anyone noticed at 2:24 Karl just skipped the diamonds lol

    42. Ylynne Baskerville


    43. Kristine Peterson

      The wise shock regretfully visit because ghost expectably judge amongst a harmonious zone. disgusted, shocking mother

    44. Jake Shorting

      But why is their 6 thousand dislikes

    45. Nathanael John

      I miss chandler

    46. Bubasor BUB

      XX xCxcxxcxx

    47. sayloxx.

      I feel like jimmy does nothing in these just tells the time

    48. CR

      This episode is good

    49. Jade Escamilla Yanez

      Who saw that karl past some diamonds 💎💎💎💎💎

    50. Ryleigh Morway

      Karl: *screams Me: Dang...he screams higher than me

    51. Aristides Mejia

      Mr beat missed the gold

    52. R Gazmair

      Karl sound like morthy

    53. Liam Nilsson

      Omg i saw Diamond in 2:23

    54. the not hobit

      ahem ahem elsa is a queen chris, anyways if you want to be a great frozen character u could be anna

    55. Clara Gustavsen - Sallerupskolan 6

      2:24 He missed a Diamond

    56. RYM Gaming TV


    57. Jermery Grug

      That's what she said x10000

    58. DoubleLegend TV


    59. Smita Biswanath Nayak

      If Karl says Stan BTS, then Stan BTS I speak FACTS😌

    60. Anya Durana

      Karl:stan bts Me: yas Karl

    61. venice rohama & jin

      there are like thre normal size in real life get it🤣🤣

    62. Amerika Asbel

      15 minutes could save you 15% or more

    63. Michael Carroll

      The detailed trade prospectively pass because carnation commercially scorch throughout a wanting underclothes. awful, festive bagpipe

    64. Isaiah Godard

      If everything’s 10x bigger, nothing is! 🤨

    65. Lava sketch gaming

      how was the mask made?

    66. mr petsington


    67. wassup man

      Why are they so shorter than Jimmy 🗿😂

    68. Vincenzo Bifero

      At the beginning of the vid Karl missed diamonds

    69. Cool Gamer the gun maker

      Karl is 10x but he is just short

    70. Rose Rogers

      The plain camera thankfully interest because neon extracellularly balance through a abrasive hexagon. disagreeable, shiny swamp

    71. Daxton Hubbard

      the nether looks weird on this video

    72. Mikayda Powell

      O:13 I'm telling you I can't stop laughing for when he said dibs on Else😂😂

    73. Janice Ann Juangco-Hermosura

      Everybody screams from lava Me he aint being damaged by lava

    74. randomgurl0910

      “FISH OUTTA WATER” -Karl 2021

    75. erwan mohd saini

      Me: *Trying To Beat Minecraft* Game: you lose! Me: THIS BISH!

    76. Kalani _ 123

      Anyone else realise that Karl misses diamonds at 2:25 as he was literally talking about diamonds or is it just me

    77. I’mDooDoo

      Kill them with an ax


      for some reason I laughed when Karl said I dident think that through very well

    79. Mason Holmes

      Can I have 10k

    80. Guinea pig News

      56 Rt Lkytfff Oh no 🤦🏻‍♂️ I just have L

    81. Aydn Playz

      Dream speedrun: like less than 30 min Karl, Chris, And Jimmy: Can’t beat minecraft in 1 hour

    82. Kristine Peterson

      The brave daisy routinely perform because plough italy bow against a ready dinghy. quick, troubled muscle

    83. Tamara Fernie

      Call your not 10 times bigger because you’re the smallest🤐

    84. WhiteCoconutMilk

      Karl:wait who killed him Chris:oh it was the skelly....AAAHHHH LOOK AT THIS GIANT SNIPER

    85. Preston Cole

      4:26 sheep volleyball then Salmon

    86. Lulu Castillo

      Jimmy do you know why Carl is not big because it’s 100x 50x 0x

    87. Glitchbuster 2009

      Karl did get bigger but not In size instead in fans

    88. Amy Gallagher

      Karl is only good at Minecraft because he’s in dream smp

    89. Hi_its_me_2day

      Karl: Stan BTS Me: I already do

    90. Nishant Sai

      Jimmy looks like gay

      1. ez Ez

        Well he is not gay and if he was why would you care?

    91. Shadow Playz


    92. Yizhou Liu

      The zombies look like giants

    93. rosie

      2:24 i see karl passing a diamond i didnt watch the video fully because i was at this point. so he might get it

    94. Luly Luly


    95. Colors of A Monster

      I wanna see a giant with this giant mod or command on

    96. TT M

      Me: Begging Mom For Minecraft Realms And Then Getting It And Joining This Very Server. You: Ok We Have A New Player. Karl: If I Lose, I’m Done For!

    97. Jami Scholz


    98. Scooby Snacks

      Why don't you put the mod or pack or whatever what you use in the video in the description ?

    99. Collateral Dmg

      @2:23 karl mined past diamonds

    100. UltimaSaurus

      Minecraft but every block you mine It mines the whole chunk