Mr Olds’ Remarkable Elevator

Tom Scott

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    Olds Engineering, a traditional workshop and foundry, sits in Maryborough, Australia. It's not the sort of place you'd expect to find a new industrial invention in the 21st century: and yet the Olds Elevator, patented by Peter Olds, is just that.
    More about Olds Engineering:
    and the Olds Elevator:
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    1. Tom Scott

      I had absolutely no idea what to title this video. I think this is one of the most interesting stories that's been on this channel, but trying to sum it up in a few words, for a medium that needs must-click titles, was really difficult!

      1. Nibbly Bits

        Would this work for fans to move air? or even pumps for water?

      2. Melthornal

        @Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin no, the principle is not the same. sometimes you have to admit youre wrong.

      3. Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin

        @Melthornal the principle is exactly the same. As I said in another comment, it's as if everybody already knew this was possible but nobody ever tried it until recently.

      4. Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin

        @SuperElectricmonk unless you already knew that nobody thought of this until recently. I mean... Everybody knows how a screw works. There were people trying to use them in replacement for tank treads a long time ago. It's almost as if everybody knew it was possible but nobody had the idea to actually try it. That's what I learnt in this video anyways...

      5. mahina1963

        I'm pleased that I feel the same as you, Tom! After the video, I sat for 15 minutes, thinking of all the advantages... reduced fatigue of the inner screw, reduced amount of break-off material from the screw...more stability ind steady rotation along the full length of the outer pipe... amazing.

    2. Juan Rial

      Actually, you don't need the screw at all if you taper the tube outwards towards the top. Although it would require a faster spinning rate.

    3. Richard Temby

      I operated an Old’s Oil Fired brick kiln in a couple of brick yards in South Australia whilst working for Golden Fleece Petroleum back in the late 60’s. Quite an experience however not totally successful.

    4. CabanaCaseda

      With all the bewildering progress of technology in the last few years, it's important to remember that there's no substitute for good old fashioned human ingenuity and inventive spirit.

    5. Mulzar

      This is incredible. I had no idea this was a thing.

    6. Twinstick Wizard

      And the main advantage seems to be you can add as many bearings to the rotating part as you want and none of them can be contaminated by the product. Try that on the screw conveyor.

    7. Daniel Sharp

      You could use this to make a sand battery. Wow

    8. Glen McGillivray

      Relativity teaches us that all motion is relative. And this demonstrates rotation of the outside is no different to rotation of the core. So easy to function. And the forces within encourage material to grab the sides.

    9. Gazr Gazr

      Amazing, draw it, sleep on it, make it and now it's used globally. A true inventor well done Mr Olds Gaz UK.

    10. Dirty Monty

      I love how this demonstrated Einsteins theory of general relativity. The universe doesn't know or care which piece is actually moving, they are moving the exact same relative to each other

    11. Ricky 2000

      This is a very clever modification, but it wouldn't work without the 2 open flaps at the bottom of the tube, and the fact that the tube makes contact with the bottom of the barrel or is otherwise sealed at the bottom. When you rotate the tube, the flaps direct the flow of corn so that its pushed against the screw as if the screw was rotating. If there really was just a normal tube rotating around the screw, no part of it would apply a force to the corn and the tube would just rotate in the still corn. If you span this tube very fast in a water bucket even without the screw it would act like a normal pump

    12. Opecuted

      Olds elevator: Hey look i’m new technology no one ever thought of this before 6 years old me at the beach: *Are you sure about that?*

    13. WX Hosting

      Wasn't this type of lift used in marble toys 30-40 years ago ?

    14. Paulo De Oliveira

      How many people have thought of this and went to their boss or mentor only to be told nah that won't work?

    15. Hank Pikuni

      He's talking about the Imperial sugar refinery at 3:18

    16. elbob086

      king sennacherib hanging gardens watered the gardens in this way

    17. sebastian zúñiga

      what sorcery is this?

    18. José Gallo

      What I don't understand, is why is it better to rotate the casing instead of the screw? Which problem is solved by the Olds elevator that a screw-rotating elevator doesn't?

    19. Katie Kelley

      Would this work to move water?

    20. Chris Cloo

      The screw bears the weight of the material so it’s heavier then the casing making it cheaper and more efficient to spin the casing...surprised no one tried it on accident

    21. Civilised Zombie

      2:45 Vatican city?

    22. Chris Bradbury

      Olds make a small hand cranked single cylinder marine engine.

    23. 812GUITARS Chavez

      Wow. Love it!

    24. Nashtark 111

      I bet you 10 bucks that the olds elevator was formulated before but it’s been suppressed by corporate greed comparable to light bulb cartel.

    25. Pedro Pompeu

      How is this better than rotating the screw?

    26. Todd Silimperi

      Very interesting! But I don't understand why this is better than spending the screw. Did I miss something in the video?

    27. Foxtrot Delta

      Why reinvent the wel heel when you can reinvent the screw

    28. James Harding

      Partially off topic, but that workshop reminds me a lot of my uncle's workshop - wood/metalworking with turn-of-the-century tools. Very cool stuff.

    29. Beebz

      is this not just an Archimedes screw?

    30. Forine

      Did you really need 4 cameras to film yourself turning a tube?

    31. Francisco Schwarz

      It's a terrific invention, but.. I think the the premises were not explained entirely. Namely it's not only a cylinder. It's a cylinder with a shovel at it's bottom. I'm convinced without that "detail" absolutely nothing would happen, just as everybody certainly assumed.

    32. Caroline Parsons

      Fckin Mr. *Old* What a name

    33. TheQuyman

      But why is it better than rotating the screw? This may have been explained but im still not clear?

    34. Néstor Abreu Jiménez

      That invention got screwed

    35. Derek Elliott

      A good look at the bottom of the cylinder before you put it to work would have helped.

    36. ok ok

      What a nice fella.

    37. Molags Balls

      It's crazy to think nobody thought of this

    38. Vickie Sanders

      The secretive probation geographically flower because swallow analogically drain up a immense bank. aquatic, irate population

    39. DC Various Vids

      Cool beans!

    40. Arch Caff

      I wish I knew about this before visiting Maryborough a few months ago.

    41. Truck Taxi

      I don't see why it would be counterintuitive

    42. Crawford Wice


    43. Star

      I wonder if the Egyptians used some similar tech to build the pyramids Something so simple elegant and effective but it got lost to history

    44. ReconHI

      I'm surprised Tom didn't immediately understand how that machine was feasible. There is very little friction between shells of bird feed and what looks like glossy plastic. When you turn the cylinder, which has scoops to push the mass up the elevator.

    45. Your Average Spelunker

      Tom scotts least viewed video

    46. Luis Mendoza

      This is called the Archimide's screw, invented around A THOUSAND YEARS AGO!!! come on people!! Read some books!!!

      1. Luis Mendoza

        @Your Average Spelunker so it's a modified Archimide's screw!?!? Are we discussing semantics here?? Is that why you're so bent out of shape??

      2. Your Average Spelunker

        @Luis Mendoza i meant the device is literally a reverse Archimedes screw. You should actually watch the video. Instead of the screw turning it's the cylinder. That's the whole point of the video. And i meant your name, i recognize that And no, I'm not a troll. Just because you're wrong that doesn't mean I'm a troll

      3. Luis Mendoza

        @Your Average Spelunker are you mad because I know the device?? Or the name Arquímides?? Or you're just a troll..,...

      4. Your Average Spelunker

        Shut up, it's a reverse archimide's screw Also i recognize that name. How old are you?

    47. Hugh Glassey

      you know the rules and so do I

    48. DesertPunk

      Welp, no surprise there, another Australian making a world changing invention, that no one bothers to know was made by an Australian, wifi, the rotating clothesline, ect, ect, no one ever gives us praise

    49. Aidan Vichinsky

      Naughty scott spilling the grains

    50. Oliver Watts

      Why is this better than just using a screw again?

    51. Gurgle Jug

      Well that's lovely, but what is the advantage over turning the screw?

    52. Jess

      Honestly, maybe the reason why no one else tried it was the adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - the old method worked fine, so no one stopped to consider if there was a better version of the old method

    53. Faire Play

      I've been on a personal thinking quest to know some scientific achievement that I can bring 100 years into the past to change the world. Knowing how computers, cars, and stuff completely work is hard. But this is something so obvious that it's almost unbelievable none has found it out yet until the Olds! Now for a time machine

    54. Trueblue 862

      Hey that’s my home town.

    55. rickysmyth

      Grandpa Mr Olds likes 16 year olds

    56. P R

      Great! Let's apply this to Egyptian pyramids...

    57. Marco Giampa

      But what if we rotated both?????

    58. Phillip Turner

      The loose algeria systemically spill because jeff synchronously wriggle till a exciting exclusive spain. handsome, puzzling trunk

    59. James Albrecht

      Just shows how many ideas are still yet to be recovered and have been lost

    60. Paul Dooley

      Another great video from a great Vlogger

    61. king james488

      I was slightly confused until you said "a couple of scoops on the bottom"... then it made perfect sense. it's essentially the same thing, but there's less friction overall I suppose... rather than the screw moving against all the material it's just the outside slipping against it and the bits at the bottom shoving it up... but does it really end up being better?

    62. Mk. Col.

      Just a thought, but are there any spiral elevators for humans ? Seems like you could make a very safe elevator using one of the spiral lift methods mentioned in the vid.

    63. SteamrunnerTTT

      I love the contrast between the end of this video (How come no-one thought of it before?) and the Rotating Jail one which came up next (Sometimes there’s a reason why no-one’s thought of it before).

    64. cupid

      The deadpan produce biologically challenge because reason modestly x-ray athwart a spiteful geranium. squealing, vacuous tulip

    65. Grigor Mortis

      Isnt rotating the screw easier?

    66. nijnij

      What happens when you turn it the other way?

    67. Zener Stanfill

      I found the solution to how the rotating cylinder works to be very self evident. The system only needs rotation to work. So even if only rotating the sleeve, it is still mechanically exactly the same as rotating the screw. Another way to think of it is this. Lets say I want to drive a screw into a piece of wood. So I start out with a screwdriver to drive the screw into the wood. Then, after the screw is part way into wood, I stop screwing. At that point, I decide to put the screw into a vise. I then rotate the block of wood. As I do this, obviously in the proper direction, the screw is driven further into the wood. Why this sort of thing baffles people is a mystery to me.

    68. supaste

      Does it work with liquid? Could you apply this same principle to water?

    69. Angry Ted

      Born in 1930? That makes him 91...

    70. derpion derpson

      I would assume it’s one of those things that have been invented several times but seems so basic nobody really spends the time to write it down, so it just keeps getting forgotten... because yes it is extremely simple, we just weren’t doing it...

    71. Coal Creek Defense

      So.. would this work without an auger in the center at all? It seems like the scoops at the bottom are doing all the work.

    72. Trafulgoth

      Does this work with liquids or only bulk solids?

    73. Kobayashi's Ego

      shu gah

    74. Clancy O'shannessy

      Makes you wonder what other relatively simple ideas haven't occured to anyone yet...

    75. Egor Kalennik

      But when you turn it the other way it goes down, what is pushing it, air?

    76. Holzwurm _HD

      Well i know this channel but I only found the video that led me to this video because I wanted to know if someone had already invented it.

    77. Solomon Rex Hardy

      I just has to resubscribe cus FIblock don't like you I guess 🙄

    78. Pala Va

      Even Archimedes would be screwed by that.

    79. takumi168

      @tom, I think you should have compared this to the normal screw and why one is better than the other. I heard what was said but sometime you just have to see it

    80. Bairn O' Nessie

      It's not a town, it's a city &) Been past Olds Engineering many times. Haven't been in there yet.

    81. James Dean

      Love this. Seen this a couple of years ago. Still brilliant

    82. Shane Threlfall

      What an absolute legend! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    83. Attila Tóth

      I am sorry but I cannot see the revolution (pun intended) here. Of course you have the same effect because instead of rotating the middle to the left, you rotate the case to the right. If you attach the camera (hence a local coordinate system) to one of the two, the movement and effect will and must be the same.

    84. FilterYT

      I wish you had explained why it is more efficient or why it makes less dust to 'turn the pipe' rather than a traditional 'turn the screw' elevator.

    85. Snocrash

      The internal side-wall friction of the tube is critical. If you make the interior wall of the tube very low friction, say a coating of PTFE, this particular device ceases to work properly. The notion that it is "injecting" particles into the base and that is the primary force is not completely correct.

    86. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      3:35 You might think in the odd ~ 2200 years since the Archimedes screw was round someone tried it before...

    87. Samld1200

      What’s stopping the grain from pouring out the bottom again?

    88. Aspen Johnson

      an Aussie discovered an elevator! that's neat

    89. Sam van Hoytema

      Ye Old elevator

    90. obesefrogman

      The title for this video sounds as if it's out of a Roald Dahl novel.

    91. Carrie Parsons

      Mr. Olds' is so humble about his brilliant idea.

    92. Siilan

      Oh hey, I was born in Maryborough!

    93. Angle Woden

      Do you mean a lift?

    94. Ruiluth

      I would _love_ to apprentice under that guy...

    95. I.C. Wiener

      Well done cobba

    96. Necwo

      Isn't this what they also use on chocolate fountains?

    97. Anon

      If you scale this, what would require less power to drive? the pipe itself or the corkscrew inside?

    98. Revert FPV

      But why not rotate spiral inside?

    99. Leo Foenerro

      1:00 Finally, I feel slightly smarter then Tom

    100. Hapi Djus

      This story never gets Old