My 50 Cal Exploded

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    “Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
    In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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    1. Kentucky Ballistics

      Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

      1. Paul Alejandro

        I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

      2. theyetirulrs

        That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

      3. Fanie Smit

        Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

      4. Tim Meijerink

        We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

      5. Trogdordog04 Smith

        Kinda suspicious 2 of y’all having 50s mishaps . Glad you are still with us.

    2. Jonathan Duenas


    3. Officialmyywwrld

      We love youuu bro❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾 god is good

    4. MrElliptific

      Be well and take care of your family. That was a close one and glad you made it alive.

    5. FireFox-1968

      Hope you are fine

    6. NovaPlayzGames

      everyone wonders why i have a berrett not a serbu haha. thank god your still alive!!!!!!!

    7. Dennis Page

      Thank you for sharing brother! This was important to share. So glad your still with us and healing up.

    8. mokhtar bencherif

      Glad you're OK now sir

    9. JT

      That moment when you slowly and carefully assess your injuries, scared to look at your arm because it's numb from the blast, feeling your face repeatedly checking for blood...

    10. Yashodhan More

      Huge respect man!🙌🏻❤️

    11. Christopher Hernandez

      im glad you are still here, recover well!

    12. Alan Arzate

      Rewatching the video over and over and it is a miracle lucky man glad you're still here

    13. JT

      This reminds me of the "contaminated" AK rounds that were circulating around the middle east, causing people's guns to explode in their hands. Given this rounds age, perhaps it was also "contaminated".

    14. Freddy Wsn

      Get well asap my guy!

    15. Phil M

      No thanks. Guns are dangerous.

      1. Hobo4sail

        Cars are too, I bet you still use those.

    16. Pariah

      Never watched any of you videos before but im glad youre ok. Something tells me thr christmas story movie will a bit more merry with the whole “youll shoot your eye out” bit seeing how you nearly shot your eye out.

    17. Brandy Evans

      You most definitely had god and an angel looking out for you! Never seen your channel, but this was in my recommended videos. I watch a lot of demolition ranch and stuff so I think that’s why. Anyways, love your attitude and spirit! Thank god you’re okay and thanks for sharing your story! You definitely have a new subscriber!!

    18. tyberlong

      much love man.

    19. Tina Pitts

      Well, it was not your time to go.....

    20. Paid Actor

      Just imagining the pain you’ve been through gives me shivers, get well soon ❤️

    21. Slim Dood Dood

      Respect and love brother 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    22. The Duo Brothers - Shorts

      man thank god your good🙏🙏💓

    23. David Monk

      Why give a god the credit when it was your fast action and the awesome hospital staff that astrakhan saved you. Saying it was all because of something else really undermines their efforts.

    24. Nate Reeves

      "If it weren't for God I wouldn't be here", great way to dismiss the skills of the doctors who actually saved you.

    25. Carlos Hernandez

      Happy you are okay!

    26. Mehmet Alper

      so you learned to dont play weapons like a hobby hand of God

    27. clesleify

      Bro you are a machine !! Good recovery to you ! Greetings from Germany!

    28. Perfect Laughter

      Glad your OK xx

    29. o

      That sniper sounds like a halo sniper

    30. Marcus Moralee

      Glad ur okay, wish u a fast recovery

    31. MoparMan

      I'm not very squeamish, but your experience rattled me a bit. Man.. I am glad you came through! I'm relieved that God didn't call you home from your duties here on earth just yet. Bet coming home to your kids and wife feels better than ever. God bless you and yours.

    32. The Crooklynite


    33. The Duke

      I wonder how many of the thumbs down are from atheists. Yep, because of the Lord you're still walking and talking!

    34. Abe Froman

      Scott, I am glad to see you are ok. Salutations from Belfast Northern Ireland 🇬🇧

    35. Mister E

      what do you mean you can't know the load.. there's thousands of videos about loading ammo online - the accident sucks but advocate gun safety properly and don't use old rounds people

    36. a casual roblox player

      Pov: you use bfg50 in phantom forces

    37. Kenny Foord

      If it wasn't for god? I get you are religious, but come on man that's a slap in the face to all those doctors that helped you, and on top of that, all the medical research done in human history, just so that you could survive. Regardless, I'm glad you're alive to tell the tale.

    38. MeTube

      Ive been saying for a while this dudes being to careless. deny it if you want, make excuses, but I guarantee in the future he will be more careful. Does this help my chances of being able to go to a range in the future?

    39. Solo Skywalker

      I would still watch your videos if your dad was shooting as long as your narrating through it. Even if you never shoot again I'm glad you made it out of that! That would scare the living hell out of me!

    40. L M

      You are a strong person buddy, glad you survived that! I am honestly supper surprised by how much power that round packed. How is that even possible without completely changing the chemicals used for propellant? There is no way a normal round would “become” twice as hot over time right?

    41. KeepinItReal

      God is good god is great so glad he helped you through to see another day!! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    42. elhiku

      I want a T Shirt but I live in Europe:( You are such a beast

    43. Veritas Aequitas

      Thank god you made it!

    44. Sam Frank Brookes

      Glad you’re getting better. I love your faith in the Lord. I have subscribed... God bless!

    45. Jerry Bowers

    46. Sam Franklin

      Praying for you KtyB

    47. Clifford Williams

      I am praying for your recovery brother.. It’s pretty sad that it took you almost dying, for me to find your channel, but I’m glad I’m here and Subscribed!

    48. Jerry Bowers

    49. Randyolsson

      I think he just wanted to operate on his nose.

    50. Epic Spicy

      Your incident happened on my birthday, April 9. Keep recovering man.

    51. John Jimenea

      Great to hear you got out of that alive.. What a freak accident.

    52. Krisu P

      New Godly nickname earned: 50BMG. And thats number 1 in the world!! Get well:)

    53. Edwin Cagungun Manlucu


    54. Mike B


    55. Jan-Philipp Hammer

      Keep healing brother.... maybe get a ballistics west

    56. Alennn gtx

      Wish you all the best!

    57. Mudslingers_tv69

      God bless you, this is a proven miracle and a sign god is real! Get well soon brother

    58. welyn D

      Get well soon brother 👍

    59. Bhushan Surwade

      It could be the dumbest thing if I wouldn't be called you a man of steel.. Heal fast as Wolverine.

    60. Scally

      Glad your okay bro, wishing a speedy recovery, watching from 🇬🇧👍

    61. Slavic Dragovtev

      What did you mean by "hot round"? Were thouse tempered with - by adding more powder?

    62. Danny Stockdaile

      Scott Take Care of yourself, and may God bless you!!! You are the “ BOMB “ Just kidding May God bless you and keep you... Danny Stockdaile USAF, Retired

    63. Matt Sowards

      Very insane man I’m very glad your alive bro

    64. Easton Erskine

      God bless you man god is great!!!

    65. get lingo

      This gotta be his most viewed video.

    66. Glenn Saniel

      damn that is really painful to watch hope you recover soon

    67. Micheal Carr

      I wouldnt survive all that lol

    68. Jabari Covington

      Prayers Up to you brother!! God almighty himself was definitely out there with u that day!

    69. KYRILL

      There are no words I can write other than Amen & God bless !! Chilling but also very inspiring.

    70. ImNotVeryOOF

      I was shaking listening to this, but I'm glad your doing well. Stay strong

    71. hsvracer

      An amazing story and glad you're here to tell the story.

    72. Pastelo 115

      This teaches me the importance of safety glasses never did I know they could withhold an explosion and still be wearable

    73. Nick Erickson

      This man is invincible

    74. storminmormin14

      80,000psi is such an ungodly amount of force on that cap. The fact that the cap didn’t just go right through your head is nothing short of a miracle. Those pins shearing off probably absorbed enough of the energy that, even though one went in you, they saved you from the cap.

    75. xkeeionx._ 305

      Man has the most badass scar i ever seen thank god ur okay thoo

    76. H P

      Prayers for your recovery

    77. Kike Song

      What a insane scar well u gona get,tell that story i'll be "Pasadas de verga" to hear every time brother

    78. Tyler Natale

      What a champion

    79. A Nobody

      Thank god you’re alive man. Hope you make a speedy and full recovery.

    80. David Estrella

      Thank GOD🙏🙏🙏 You are alive brother...No more Slappers ok....Its so graphic how you explain this..

    81. Clem Doog

      Wow! What an amazing turn of events! Praise God you are still here!

    82. Davide Piccinotti

      Is the moment to buy a barret

    83. KrazyRabb1es

      Praise God you’re alive

    84. Chris Jackfavro

      So glad you are ok brother. This community wouldn't be the same with out you.

    85. nishixa _

      That medical bill must of made you bankrupt

    86. CL9 Thao

      Thank God you’re all right bro

    87. Meme Hub

      Scotts... Dad??? I THOUGHT MATT WAS HIS DAD?!?!?

    88. lucky boy


    89. MEGAFATG


    90. Dodger2king

      Who man what a story god bless you 🙏

    91. KrazyRabb1es

      Glad you’re alive I hope you have nice 👍 recovery man


      Built Different

    93. TheEndlessSea

      I seriously respect the fact that you gave credit to God for your recovery and I'm glad he made the decision to heal you dude, I'm glad I'll get to watch more of your videos!

    94. S C V

      That's called u bro.. Get well soon n keep rocking...👍♥️

    95. Daniel Pearse

      4:34 the gun has evolved from rifle to pistol.

    96. Leafy Watson

      Me&my wifey is so glad that God was with you all the way also take a good break&get some rest god bless your dad as well thanks.

    97. Seth

      I'm glad you're pulling through so well. You're a lucky man, because this could have gone much worse.

    98. Bris Ramos

      Glad your all good bro!

    99. Kelly Tourigny

      There is no god...thanks your dad wolverine.